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  1. Prop, L1049G Super Connie (gorgeous just sitting on the ramp); Jet, Dassault Mirage III (sorry, the Six Pack just can’t match those lines).
  2. Yet another museum piece in search of a museum!
  3. How many out there won’t buy a Kate or a Val no matter what the scale? Yes, I’m one of those heretics. . .
  4. Hobbyworld USA and its owner’s (Matt Bole)lack of response have been discussed at length on Hyperscale. In short, unless you can get a refund from your payment source, you’re probably Sierra Oscar Lima.
  5. At least there are no F9F carrier crashes to stand in for F4F’s at Midway. I’m just looking forward to a comfy theatre seat, a bag of popcorn, a hot dog, a beer, and no one next to me (my Better Half has no interest in seeing it) for some time away from the shite going on IRW. What’s really worth seeing, in the US, is the Applebees commercial spoofing the original Ghostrider flyby sequences: it’s a hoot!!
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334451403117 One on ebay at the moment. . .
  7. Yes, in this case there’s a GLARING inaccuracy: the top wing’s “inverse taper.” The top surface of the wing should be flat, NOT the bottom as the kit wing halves are molded.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234548313701 https://www.ebay.com/itm/334438023171 1/28 D.VII & Dr.I Builder/Parts models
  9. Stupendous! Now, are you going to go back and turn that 1/32 Tiger Moth into a Blue Max movie Pfalz??????
  10. Oh, c’mon John, really?It’s quite obvious to all that you brought back a Star Fleet Mk. LXXII Portable Replicator from a temporal sojourn to accomplish this. Seriously, how did you have any digits left after hollowing out the exhaust stubs???
  11. This belongs in a well-trafficked museum so it can be appreciated by people who aren’t modelers!
  12. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/fs-wingnut-wings-kits-t529896.html And here’s another recent sampling.
  13. But, was the Revell Ju-88 success due to the “balance” you cite, or wide appeal of the subject?
  14. Dibs on Willy Coppens’ Hanriot!!!!
  15. It matters little whether you list them all at once, or in groups, but it DOES matter from WHERE you’re selling (from your posts, I gather from the US) and which kits you’re offering. Ironically, WnW kits command a high price in Australia (so relatively close to WnW’s birthplace), but shipping from the US to Oz (and/or NZ) won’t be remotely reasonable until USPS First Class Parcel shipping to those countries is resumed. You’re unlikely to find a buyer with deep enough pockets to buy the lot (especially given the upcoming New Economic Reality), and even listing them in groups you’ll find that not all are equally desirable, so you may list your first 5 kits and find none sell because potential buyers are waiting to see what’s in the subsequent lots. In the mean time, you may be inundated with “Do you have XYZ?” requests, and “Well, I’d like A,B, & C, but if B’s not available, I don’t want A or C, ‘cuz I was just looking for a shipping discount.” And finally, you’ll get some whose response is “But, I’ve got LOTS to trade. . .” Best of fortune in your sales. https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=12637.msg235861#msg235861 This is a sample list of what others are selling.
  16. You’re correct, except that GALE IS a male name (Gale Sayers, Gale Gordon); GAIL is female.
  17. A stained, chipped, carved up cutting mat is a sign of of a proficient, prodigious modeler! Mine’s clean & pristine
  18. “I know many modelers are waiting PATIENTLY. . .” It seems doubtful that the good folks at MikroMir actually know any modelers!!
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