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    Tamiya A6M2 Ready for Inspection!

    Very nice.
  2. coogrfan

    Make the others jealous

    Santa left this under the tree...
  3. coogrfan

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  4. coogrfan

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I would like to be entered into the raffle, and I will donate a Special Hobby Yakovlev Yak-3 " Normandie-Niemen".
  5. coogrfan

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    And one more... An excellent photo of two BoB veteran Buchons, one of which still has the clipped wingtips.
  6. coogrfan

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    I received my 1/32 WWII carrier deck yesterday. In a word - beautiful. Any chance you might do a 1/18 version someday?
  7. You might also take a look at the Pegasus 1/48 E Z Snap kits. Not overly complicated, and with a little TLC they build up in into respectable shelf sitters. http://pegasushobbies.net/catalog/Models-Aircaft-Model-Kits/c107_150/index.html?osCsid=ha2fr7l3eeo8j6l5coldhgfib0
  8. Ask and ye shall receive: Squadron currently has a 24 hour sale going on novice kits. https://www.squadron.com/category-s/4077.htm
  9. coogrfan

    P-47N wheels

  10. coogrfan

    1/18 Fw 190a8

    FYI: Squadron is having a 24 hour sale on HobbyBoss items. The 190A8 can be had for under $100... https://www.squadron.com/Focke-Wulf-Fw-190A-8-p/hy81803.htm?CartID=1
  11. Just looking at pictures it seems pretty good, but I think a better question would be "how necessary is it?". The kit interior is pretty good and you really can't see much of it anyway...
  12. coogrfan

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    I'm in for one WWII deck, please. Shipping would be to Houston TX 77007.
  13. coogrfan

    SAC Landing Gear / ARC Reviews

    Their set for the GWH 1/48 TBD Devastator corrected the kit's extended oleos.
  14. coogrfan

    P-51 Warbird down

    Prayers for the victims.
  15. coogrfan

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    Sprue pics: https://imodeler.com/2018/11/telford-kit-news-airfix-1-24-grumman-f6f-hellcat-review/
  16. coogrfan

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    Ditto. One USN and one FAA for me.
  17. coogrfan

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    Speaking as a long time Pacific War buff, this is incredible news. I'm in!
  18. coogrfan

    Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III

    My expectation for a P-51B kit is that it should, at a minimum, accurately replicate the basic shapes of the P-51B. Trumpy's kit does not. If you're ok with that, great. Have fun. That's what the hobby is about.