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Border 1/35 Kate


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13 hours ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

I seem to remember reading that ICM were planning to produce their new AH-1G kits in both 1/32nd and 1/35th scales. For very obvious reasons, that plan might well be on hold at the moment. 



If ICM had originally released the Cobra in 1/35, it probably still would have sold well.  People have come to accept helicopters (grudgingly or not) in 1/35 scale, but releasing it in 1/32 and then later 1/35 never made a lot of sense.  All of those people who already spent the money on the 1/32 kits, plus all the aftermarket for it, are unlikely to spend again on a 1/35 release.  If the plan is actually on hold, it’s probably because common sense creeped in for releasing in both scales, not because people wouldn’t have wanted a 1/35 Cobra.


Aircraft in 1/35 scale are different.  1/32 has become by far the defacto large scale for airplanes, and few people are interested in a 10% smaller scale version.  Border Model making a few kits in 1/35 isn’t going to change 1/32’s dominance for aircraft.

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I’ve been waiting for a nice 1/32 Jeep and other light vehicles to go with my 1/32 kits.

Looks like I am actually more likely to be getting 1/35 aircraft that will fit with the available 1/35 vehicles I have already…

I thought the 1/35 aircraft kits were heresy at first, but if they keep it, there is potential there in the future.


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2 hours ago, Thunnus said:

Just curious… if someone were to build one of Border’s 1/35 scale aircraft, could it be posted on the Works In Progress board or would it go on the Non-LSP forum?


Aircraft and helicopters, 1/35 and larger. Good to go (apart from the heresy that is 1/35 scale aircraft).



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Since (IMO) the only "decent" IJN airplane from Pearl Harbor, available in large scale, is the A6M2, I'm pretty happy that I'll soon be able to build both a Val and a Kate . I guess I'm unique I that I'm not wrapped around the axle by the scale. Having said that-I am curious as to why Border picked 1/35th. Maybe their market research guy didn't do his homework :)


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It looks like it’s going to be a great kit and it’s not another messyspitwolfstang!


The scale is fine with me, I don’t have a 1/1 example in the garage to measure so I’m not concerned, perhaps they could have made it in 1/32 to appease the scale junkies and therefore made a few more sales, but as I tried to drunkenly intimate, for me it’s the subject, not the scale.

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2 hours ago, Smokeyforgothispassword said:

for me it’s the subject, not the scale.

So true! Unless you’re exposing your model side-by-side with others or in a diorama, it doesn’t make sense to know that it’s 1/32 or 1/33.5.
Especially when it’s a model you’ve waited all your lifetime to happen.

Keep in mind that one only needs his own eyes to assess a scale model. No need for a micrometer, a spectroscope or a Wood’s lamp to tell if a model is good or not… despite what the judges in model shows say. :rolleyes:



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Im disapointed Whit 1/35 scale, It would be in 1/32 scale I built one


We can do pressure towards the maker Border for listen  the modelers


We could choose one day, and together sends hundres or thousands of email request them donin 1/32 scale


Maybe It do anything. If the sales in 1/35 scale do not work maybe they think about 1/32 scale 



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