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New Kotare kit for late 2024 announced


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23 hours ago, BarryWilliams said:

But Kotare are in a different league, Revell are no competition.  We still need that definitive Hurricane. 

I get that, but we are a niche bunch. The Revell is a pretty decent kit, and I think the wider modelling market's preference would likely be for a £40 Hurricane.

Just my musings down the local (which my dog dragged me into), I trust the folk at Kotare to make the right choices. 



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10 hours ago, Artful69 said:


Sensibly ... It's the most logical selection given other manufacturers have the market cornered with the other major marques.


... And before anyone states the obvious - "Kotare don't make money from Cyber-Hobby sales" - bear this in mind ... Hobby 2000 just re-popped some Cyber Hobby kits a while back. These Cyber Hobby kits are very detail heavy (more than Kotare's Spitfires), superbly accurate, have no real vices (apart from the cowl fit over the engine - which takes a little patience and work to accomplish) and these can be purchased for about 60% of the retail of those current Kotare kits. Unless you're a complete brand snob (or a collector like me :D ) ... it's a no brainer decision for the majority of the population! So a Bf.109E-3 or 4 might seem like a great idea, but may take a long time to sell!


The odd one out (mass-produced) would be the E-1 - with Eduard kits becoming scarce and no conversion available for the Cyber-Hobby E series.


A - thru - D would be obvious choices ... as well as perhaps giving the 'T' a look at?


But that's if they ARE indeed, looking at an opponent in the short term ... Realistically, the only information we have is that it's a mainstream release (not a Special Ed) it's number is 32009 and it's not a Spitfire ... on a Venn Diagram it's a subset that's about as vague as you can get!! We only have 'kitsets' numbered 32001 (Mk.Ia Mid) and 32601 (Mk.Ia Mid SE) released at present, 32004 (Mk.Ia early) is nearly due and 32002 (Mk.Va) is slated as next on the production run ... That leaves 32003 and 32005-8 unannounced ... 5 out of 9 kits ... I'd think we've got a better chance of guessing what Spitfires are on the planned run for the next releases, quite frankly ...


Since the Mk.Va is on the way and the Mk.V was the most produced variant - surely a Mk.Vb must be on the cards now? ... If not kit 32003 then surely 5-8??


Rog :)

I like your logic. 


When it comes to Spitfires I'd argue that 1a, Vb, IX, XVI and Mk 22/24 are the most significant. If I were Kotare I'd leave the IX alone as Tamiya nailed it but a Mk22/24 would be welcomed by many so that we have a state-of-the-art Griffon engined machine. 


Kind regards,


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19 hours ago, Kagemusha said:


Maybe not, they might have intended to announce it last month, see second paragraph below, might do so at Telford..?






“…maybe something else as well.”


They are teasing this out!


Anyone going?



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8 minutes ago, Paul in Napier said:

Quite a few Kiwis flew Mustangs in the RAF (Mks I, II and III)


Just sayin'



Yes they most certainly did and I would be very receptive to a Mustang than another Bf-109[ and I'm a -109 nut]. Cyberhobby has the -109E pretty well covered and it is a nice kit [built 2 of 'em]. I want to see Kotare break  into a new routine. I 'd like to see them do a Lysander, now that would be breaking into a new routine!

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I'm past guessing at this point.    I can't see them going twin engined.  A stand-out Hurricane I makes the most sense to me.  Revell's is a II.    I would buy one...   Much more interesting than the II to me.


Do I need another 109?  You always need another 109.


But you know...   we really, really need a good Razorback.

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12 hours ago, quang said:

Indeed. The Revell Hurri costs 40 EUR. Just ask yourself what Kotare would give you for 40 EUR. The wings and the wheels? 

I quite like these speculation threads, and this was one of the funniest one liners I’ve read in them! Really made me chuckle! :lol:


Whilst I have a list of maybe 10 or so MkIs and IIs that interest me, there is only so far that birds looking basically the same in same and outline can be stretched, both from a modelling and therefore a commercial perspective.


To that end, I hope that we soon get a “proper” MkV from Kotare - a Va isn’t that; indeed most people would glance and think it’s a MkI/II. A “proper” MkV has sticky-out things from the wings!!


Commercially, if I am Kotare, my next non-Spitfire airframe is Bf109 Emil; a second to this would be P-51 B/C. I have built Cyberhobby’s 109 and it’s decent, but a challenging build in some critical areas. Comparing this to the Kotare Spitfire well, there is no comparison. If it is the P-51, I want Laminar Flow Designs to sell a few of their conversions first, as they seem such a great outfit.


As to the less commercial but probably still in Kotare’s wheelhouse, I can indeed see the Defiant; I would buy one (absolutely only one, but definitely would buy it), but it’s appeal compared to the Spitfire, Hurricane, and 109 is minuscule despite what some ‘expert’ authors who ‘have been in the industry for over 20 years’ would tell you in a most condescending fashion (yes Dilip Sarkar, looking in your direction).


I found the interview excerpt interesting in that the Matchbox release schedule of 5 winners to 1 quirky was referenced; makes complete sense, and gives us all hope that some of the less popular but nonetheless historically significant subjects (and I’m not even sure the Defiant can even be called that, but I still like it) will eventually be brought to market by Kotare.


I await @quang’s next quip :)






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1 hour ago, Palm-tree said:

It's obvious, it has to be a Dornier-17.....something for the spitfires to shoot down.


As unlikely as this is ... it's not completely bonkers! :blink: ...

We lack this Iconic BoB bomber from the 1/32 line up ... and also an accurate Ju.87B/R

Both of these fall under the "... something to shoot down" banner.


Rog :)

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Given that Kotare described the Beaufighter as too biiiiig at this stage, I doubt if it isn't a single-engined prop.

A Hurricane seems logical to me: seems to fit the Allied shape of Kotare, the way Z-M are producing mostly Axis planes.

№5 quirky intrigues me: I'll go absurdly big and suggest a Vickers Wellington.




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I would pre-order a Hurricane Mk I immediately if Kotare put one up for future release, would also put my money down on a Kotare 109E, or 1st-51B.  I won:t say I would buy absolutely any kit that parties above want, there is a lot of diversity, and I am not very original in my model desires, I tend to go for 1/32 single engine fighters.  I just am not that into some of the other options out there.  I could see Kotare doing a Beaufighter someday, I would not mind building one of those I think.  I could also see them doing some of the other iconic German and British planes.  They could do a lot though in the BOB erra for years though.  Considering their first four releases are Spitfire Mk I and a V, they have a lot of room to play in that time frame for the next 5 years.  

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