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  1. No upper wing stiffeners initially on Mk !'s, but they may have been fitted later on surviving aircraft. I haven't seen any photos of Mk I's with these but they were fitted later to Mk II's so I would presume Mk I's would have got the same update. This may have led to their presence on the drawings (?)
  2. For a Spitfire with one upper surface colour, off the top of my head, you could go for an RAAF Mk VIII - some were finished in Foliage Green upper surfaces, usually over RAAF Sky Blue. Another option is some of the Mk V's sent to Malta, apparently repainted with a blue over all upper surfaces. Some controversy here though around what Blue was used. There are also the High Altitude Scheme Spitfires with PRU Blue upper surfaces. Perhaps easiest of all are the overall PRU Blue Spitfires but this will involve conversion to a PRU Type.
  3. See Post below - forgot to add the 'Quote' ! Doh!
  4. Nice work Thierry. I always thought those holes were jacking points and had a small stencil beside them "JACK" (?)
  5. Nice work with the wells Thierry! How does it go with the upper wing?
  6. Nice work here Thierry. I'm using sprue for some areas of fuselage joining on my kit. I've recently joined Imageshack so will post soon. Have a couple of works in progress on another forum to finish first. Interested to see your radio mast platform - hadn't considered that detail before but makes sense.
  7. Thanks John. Yes, I am keeping an eye on the Kittyhawk possibility. I have a 1/24 build planned with decals for an RAAF Long Tan Huey but an up-to-date kit is tempting. Recessed divots would be a problem - more work filling etc, but the prospect of some decent detail sets may off set that. Let's see. As they say, 'a bird in the hand.....'
  8. Hmm, thanks guys. Doesn't sound promising does it. I'll let you know what Alec says.
  9. Just found Alley Cat bought them - hopefully they have the Huey set, email sent
  10. I found this while researching UH-1B cockpits. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296260-124-huey-cockpit-bits-from-kiwi-resin/ Is kiwi resin still around? Is this set still around? Know where I can get one please? TIA PR
  11. I'm planning a build of a UH-1B and have found several photos of cockpits that show BOTH grey and black instrument panels. My build is of a Vietnam War era UH-1B - which would be correct? I presume black, or could it be either? I would really like some confirmation please if possible. TIA PR
  12. Nice work Thierry, really looking the part. Nice clean work on the card additions there, and love that flare tube! One more issue I have just noticed with this kit is the lack of deflection armour over the fuel tank - that panel between the cowling and the windscreen that sits slightly proud of the fuselage. I'm contemplating stretching some heated plastic card over the area, or possibly use paper hardened with superglue. Or just ignore it....
  13. Some good finds Thierry, but I am still not convinced. (I couldn't find the pic of K4541) Walk around photos on Britmodeller and ARC that look up into the wells are more suggestive of perpendicular walls but is this a trick of the lense or angle of the photo? I will be happier when I see with my own eyes, but have to wait for travel to resume as we are still in lock down. I have had the chance to examine a VC wheel well and it has sloped walls. I at first thought this was due to the change in undercarriage geometry with the C wing, but am now wondering if this was the modification made to strengthen the wing after issues were found with wing failure around the wells. (Hence the strengthening strips on the upper wing surfaces, seen on Vbs and retro fitted to earlier Mks)
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