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  1. Sequins - the type stitched onto dresses etc - can also make a very good mirror face. PR
  2. I have used their decals in 1/48. Very thin and need to be used with care but very good results. The red was a little opaque - it was applied on a PRU Blue Spitfire and did darken a little, but still very acceptable. In fact, to my eye the red looked a little bright but much better on the model. I am quite happy to recommend them.
  3. Spitfire Mk I - upscaled version of their 1/48 kit, due in time for Chritsmas. Thanks Santa. Need to get my medication now......
  4. Nice detective work Thierry. One small correction - IFF was introduced late September/early October so some BoB aircraft would have been so equipped. We are seeing out winter at the moment - looking forward to 30 degrees + !
  5. According to the pilot I spoke to, it was rubber and you squeezed it to release the canopy. He recalled it was a dull red colour.
  6. Spoke to a Spitfire pilot many years ago who flew reconnaissance out of North Africa. He recalled the little red rubber ball for use where a quick exit was required, but he also recalled that most of them had deteriorated and were inoperable (!)
  7. Wow, so many options! Thanks Graham - your process looks amazing. Is it idiot proof? Or I should say, are there any catches for a newby using it for the first time? What happens if you load too much adhesive?
  8. I recall reading that they held parts from John Cocks Hurricane, after they were dragged up from the Channel. John was apparently one of Wicks victims, shot down during the Battle of Britain, but survived and returned to watch bits of his Hurricane being recovered. I would be interested to know if that is the case, if you are able to enquire?
  9. Thank you gentlemen, most appreciated. It looks like I have some experimenting to do to see which one I am most confident with.
  10. Thanks Dennis - another option. Did you have excess to clean up? If so , how did you do that? TIA
  11. Doing a wonderful job Thierry! You have convinced me to choose something else for this GB - I want to incorporate this sort of detail too but would never get it done in time! I'll perhaps do a WIP later. Looking forward to your next installment.
  12. Thanks guys. I was considering future but was concerned that a goodly amount would be needed to get a consistent bond across the screen and was worried about the excess. Hadn't thought to clean it off. Um, der! Brain was in neutral there. I have also used ammonia with good results when it comes to removing Future. I have ordered some UV cement, so I will give both a trial. Thank you for the guidance guys.
  13. Thank you for the lead. Mixed reviews though which leave me a bit wary. I haven't used UV setting glue before; one to consider.
  14. Looking at joining the Battle of Britain GB with a 1/32 Fly Hurricane Mk I but I am a bit put off by the windscreen armour plate being a separate part. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a clean join to the windscreen? Or is there another option?
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