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  1. Or have the floats received a treatment of some sort, similar to that applied to Catalina hulls?
  2. Nice to see you back with this model - have you put the final clear coat on yet? The RAF aircraft at the start of the war had quite a flat finish but as I understand it, this was replaced by the use of what were called 'smooth' paints which had a very slight slight sheen to them when new. Of course wear and tear and weather took their toll! Edit - looked back through this build and saw the pics of the real thing on page 6 - not super matt but not satin either so your thoughts of mixing satin and matt should work well me thinks
  3. WOW! Great subject, wonderful work, well done. That is looking brilliant.
  4. Airfix have just re-released their 1/24 Spitfire Mk I which though older and perhaps less detailed seems to be considered a bit more accurate. It too has it's issues - lack of wheel well detail, basic cockpit detail, and the wings will likely need a spar to maintain dihedral. It is of course a different Mark as well if you are set on a Mk VI.
  5. Second that - a great read. The ATA were an amazing group of people who did a wonderful job, and have received very little recognition for their work. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Agree - have a close starting point, then throw in some wear and tear, and weathering (subject depending of course). Hard to challenge that.
  7. Why not the Revell kit? How would you compare this kit to Tamiya and Trumpeter?
  8. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your travels with this one, have a couple to build myself so appreciate you posting progress. Nice start!
  9. Looking great! What SMS and Mr Hobby greens did you use - they look the part to my eyes. Have the same subject to build so following with great interest.
  10. 1/32 Spitfire Mk I - just a bit late for the BoB Anniversary......
  11. Excellent! If you are doing YB-E, you'll need to crop those props!
  12. The 352nd used two different blues for the noses of their Mustangs. There are several discussions on this; a google of '352nd FG blue' will bring up several, including this: https://bbs.hitechcreations.com/smf/index.php/topic,392648.15.html?PHPSESSID=u02sea9hpln9s7jhp5627g13s7 I think Mason's a/c would have had the later blue.
  13. Hasegawa have done a Vb in 1/32 - IMHO perhaps the best available shape wise in 1/32 for a Vb but has raised panel lines. Plenty of AM for it too including cockpit sets, etc HTH
  14. The Mk IX went through a few changes during production. You might find this site useful: http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-mk-ix-xi-and-xvi-variants-much-varied.html This is for the Mk IX/XI/XVI but there is a lot of useful info in other areas of the site on Spitfires in general, so worth spending a bit of time exploring. Happy researching! PR
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