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  1. Well true! But, as GazzaS and others have said; I hope they sell enough to keep their company going. So, in addition to the Spitfire Mk1a (which I am certain will be a great revenue earner), I hope they do all of the other cash-cows first to put them on a sound financial footing. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and pre-ordered a Spitfire Mk1a. I’m now working out which markings I want on it. Best regards, Paul
  2. Thoughts… I agree Michael. If they don’t I’ll use Hasegawa’s offering of the P-40E for Neville Duke’s aircraft which, despite the challenge the tail represents, Brian (Out2gtcha) has shown can be turned into an astonishing model. So I agree with Pete in RI. As for a simple to build but accurate Butcher Bird; Is the still-available Hasegawa offering not tempting enough? For me a Mk1 ragwing Hurricane would be the perfect bookend to the Spitfire if early WWII is Kotare’s chosen space for now. I cannot say anyone has really done the definitive kit of this version. The Messerschmitt Bf109 E3 is a crowded market to break into but there may be room for one more? On reflection, outside of anything with a black cross on it the P-51B/C might be a good gap to fill in the pantheon of single engined fighters. Cheers Paul
  3. I really like that idea Pete. It is massively wide ranging and let’s us all experiment with a skill.
  4. I would buy that in a heartbeat in 1/32. I have done the prototype in 1/48 (I used the Tamiya kit). That was where I discovered that the K5054 prototype and even the Mk1 had entirely different panel lines - this is particularly true on the wings. Jennings Heilig also very kindly did a set of markings for it! So though I would be thrilled for Kotare to do a prototype boxing, unless they do a completely different set of panel lines (i.e. a new mold) this would involve a full rescribe....
  5. Spot on Adam. If we want 1/32 aircraft and Tamiys really do listen to the market, we do need to make our voices heard.
  6. Kate, Val, P-38, Me262 are my votes. I would buy any one of them (and probably all). Let's keep a steady stream of requests coming from us. If Tamiya don't hear from our interest group we only have ourselves to blame.
  7. Hi SSculptor I see Tamiya differently. Japan is a deeply conservative country and most companies including Tamiya and Hasegawa exhibit this in how they do business. If you look at any of the Tamiya ranges of kits they tend to model machines that one would truly consider iconic. In 1/32 aircraft this is particularly true. I would imagine the first question any of the Japanese manufacturers ask is 'Will this do well in our home market?'. This would be the same question that Airfix ask of their home market in the UK or Revell do in Germany. Tamiya's choices are mostly not a surprise therefore and I do not feel Hasegawa's were particularly 'brave' either consisting almost of entirely of single engine fighter aircraft. I would agree, given my point above, that the lack of a 1/32 Kate or Val from either of them does seem odd given they were willing to produce a Kanonvogel Stuka and Fieseler Storch. Tamiya have tended to be more 'progressive' in other scales (e.g. the fabulous 1/48 Fairey Swordfish Floatplane) but it has been demonstrated on this site many times that 1/32 aircraft will always represent a significant investment for any model company and generally conservatism reigns. I am very glad of what Tamiya offer. They almost always produce an accurate, well engineered and precisely fitting product of iconic aircraft. They tend to be slow in releasing new products but that is probably a reflection of their clear commitment to accuracy, high quality products and the need to service other scales and market sectors. If forced to choose: I would rather have the smaller number of accurate 1/32 kits that Tamiya produce than the high volume of less accurate kits that Trumpeter offer (though they too have produced the odd diamond!). But then I have only built a small number of 1/32 kits in my lifetime and I am sure that someone who has built a great many may have an entirely different view. Kind regards, Paul
  8. AEC Matador truck and refueler Bedford QL Refueler Austin K2Y Ambulance Willys Jeep Kettenkraftrad GMC Deuce and a half Opel Blitz truck and Fire Engine Hucks Starter Queen Mary Transporter Class B Liberty Truck
  9. What about a Jennings tribute build entitled 'It's just too Big!'? No? He always amused me with that stuff. But more seriously I am actually sad he's no longer around here. About a decade ago he made me a full set of custom made decals for a 1/48 Spitfire prototype I built (Now sadly lost during a house move) and swore me to secrecy on the website we both frequented at the time that he provided them without charge. It was a lovely gesture. Best regards, Paul
  10. Ooh ooh ooh, post apocalyptic sounds a tremendous idea!
  11. I am not a Facebook person myself either. But hey, if Lukgraph choose to get their comms out that way that's fine by me!
  12. Great to see Lukgraph release of another floatplane! https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid026bamfBBHgQqP8cc7gejay7anj3dWn2HUcwtEdqhKtqDteTqAqSBMbxeMPCmrp63Zl&id=100063475961264&eav=AfaGoK9nIf_x4OIziS3pcdLD5joR2Fwvb1KndhexzEHgw8Df-UpIPcXqCC5lpbcAAsM&m_entstream_source=feed_mobile&paipv=0
  13. I agree on the Hurricanes but the last Lancasters left RAF service in December 1953, RCAF Maritime Patrol Lancaster carried on well into the late 1950s... Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 and was head of the Commonwealth so that puts a lot of aircraft up for fair game....
  14. I have been thinking about this and maybe Border's 1/35 decision is not so crazy after all: I'm mentally filing all of Border's and other manufacturer's 1/35 offerings under 'Diorama Scale' because they can be put into an airfield or crash scene diorama without any gnashing of teeth about mismatching scales when comparing any vehicles or figures in the scene with the aircraft. What tends to drive us scale obsessives mad is putting two scales next to each other that are close but noticeably mismatched (Obviously I am coming out in hives just typing this). But now I don't have to cogitate over where I can find a 1/32 Kubelwagen to put next to a Fw-190 because now I can use the wonderful Tamiya 1/35 Kubel with a Border 1/35 Fw-190 parked next to it, I no longer have to ruminate over putting a 1/32 Storch next to a 1/35 SdKfz 'Greif' half-track because I know that Tristar make a 1/35 Storch and, as I am certain Border will do all of the obvious single seat WWII airframes in 1/35, I can look forward to having a Spitfire MkIX in 1/35 that will be getting gassed up by IBG Models lovely 1/35 Bedford QL. So, rest easy fellow OCD modellers; The world is now a richer place. Now I would much prefer that the 'matching scale' were 1/32 for dioramas as slightly bigger airfield vehicles would be great to pose with the vast range of 1/32 aircraft that we have available. But, no matter; all I need is for Border to make a 1/35 series of WWI two seaters to go with the excellent 1/35 Roden Rolls Royce Armoured car and I can do a wonderful Lawrence of Arabia diorama. They must be contemplating that right? Border?........Border?......Anybody?..........Anyone at all? Cheers Paul
  15. Step out of the comfort zone....scratch-build something?.... a) modifying a kit with a scratch-built element b) follow Tom Probert's stellar example by scratching the details for a vacform c) go old school and scratch-build an entire airframe ...and Panzerwomble, the only potential LSP candidate I know of that has tracks and a gun is that crazy Russian flying tank thing; the Antonov A-40 крылья танка. Now that would have to be scratch-built! Cheers P.
  16. Both Brad and Dave are quite right: there are only a few Matchbox kits to choose from so Dave’s suggestion of ‘Gone but not forgotten’ is the better call. A few ‘out of the box suggestions: - Scratchbuild Something (anything) - it can be an LSP or a part of one or to convert something. - ‘Top of the Pile’. - what is the one kit that just went straight to the top of the build stack for you? - Since it will be 2023; “Aces with more than 23 victories” - “Alternate Uses” = aircraft that were repurposed for the one they were designed for (e.g. Tiger Moths with bomb racks, Ground attack Hurricanes, Cessna A-37 light attack that was developed from the T-37 Tweet. Just a thought. Cheers P.
  17. My two penneth... 1. Matchbox Kits (Low cost, high fun, skill builder of a group build - I totally recognise Dave Williams suggestion of kits more than 30 years old is in the same ballpark) 2. Civilian Aircraft (of any era or country; all eligible as long as they are in civilian markings: racers, converted warbirds, gliders, purpose-built civilian aircraft) 3. Nightfighters (of any era). This would give massive range to pick from. 4. Twins and Heavies (c'mon there are enough to choose from now): The Entire HK range, Tamiya Mosquito, Phantom, Tomcat, WNW Gothas, AEG, many Trumpeter offerings including the 262 and P-38, the Border Lanc', the HobbyBoss twins) and run it for an extended period given that these subjects tend to take longer to build). We could run it over let's say 3 lifetimes? These are humbly submitted given my abject record of 0/1 finish in a group build! Best regards, Paul
  18. Tante Ju gets my money too...
  19. Well, being long past any desire to have guns on all of my models, I for one am thrilled by this despite the engine modification requirement to the Stearman. I wondered if someone would do an 'English Patient' diorama from two of the previous ICM boxings but never imagined ICM itself would do this as a double boxing. I am thrilled ICM came up with this combination and I will be buying it. Though I do like WWI aircraft I am also a big fan of civil aviation and gliders in particular. So, despite the fact that I still buy warbirds it is always refreshing to build something with colour that was designed purely for the joy of flying rather than belligerent purposes (e.g. the Revell gliders). Bravo to ICM for this one!
  20. ...Oh and of course a 1/32 P-38 to the standards we anticipate from this team surely could not miss?
  21. You know...you're right Rick. Good call. Spectacular callout Super B! You honestly made me snort tea with the Nixon comment. But you are correct, the Hasegawa kit is old, good for its time but old.
  22. I honestly hope they do all of the big sellers first. The vast majority of modellers and Kotare will win from that: Kotare will hopefully be on a sound financial footing from the sales of the big sellers (Spitfire, Bf109, P51D Mustang, Fw190) and we will also hopefully have more state of the art kit choice. that may seem boring but Tamiya have made a business model out of choosing the safe bets. Then Kotare can do what they want! Just my tuppence-worth.
  23. Thank you! I was a bit boggled when I saw resin Dunflops in one of the photos but was in a hurry so had not probably understood what they were.
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