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  1. Fascinating project Kev. First foray back into modelling for a while? You’re brave to consider major modifications. In your shoes I’d be inclined to keep it simple but your mileage may vary. I shall follow along to see which path you take. Cheers.
  2. Lovely job Max. She’s looking superb. I hope you find a solution to your canopy crisis. It would be great to see the contrast between two of your British icons. This with either your Tigermoth or Gladiator. Cheers
  3. Hi Jason, Another alternative could be iridescent film. Many craft and hobby stores carry it and it is available in many colours. There are plenty online too. HTH
  4. Sorry to see that you’ve had this issue so late in the day. It’s a pain for sure but not irretrievable. If you can be bothered you could use Micromesh products to polish out the damage. Even the paint could be easily removed. It might be hard work and you’d still have the canopy detonation chord to create but it is possible.
  5. Both good ideas Roy. Lots of choices for schemes amongst those aircraft and tons of options on weathering. Honestly, I think Airfix are missing a trick by not bringing out either the dH Vampire or Folland Gnat in 1/24th scale. I know LSP is predominantly biased towards props but either of these little jets could provide plenty of choice on schemes plus, for the Gnat the perfect option would be the Red Arrows. They've recently released both airframes in 1/72nd scale so much of the research might have been done already and neither aircraft is particularly large. It'll never happ
  6. Did you glue the intake bullet together already Max? Plenty of room in there.
  7. Hi Pete, Nothing illustrates your passion for detail and realism more than the transmission drip tube you made earlier. Beautifully crafted using an ingenious technique it looks real. Then, you cover it with the stretcher! That's above and beyond man. Loving it Very much looking forward to seeing the cockpit come together. Cheers. (What were your eventual thoughts on the boot print? It looks good on my monitor.....)
  8. Hi Max, Did you add any nose weight? Cheers
  9. Modelling like this brings a smile to my face. Superb plasma bags, so inventive. This is worthy of another book. Plus, there are plenty of 'copter maestro's on here to include too. You know you wanna I'll be tuning in at every opportunity to see what you come up with next. Keep well buddy.
  10. I'm using a tablet to view this so I was scrolling down looking at the pictures thinking "this is nice" when I got to the above photo which made me think, "oh, Timmy!'s included a reference photo to show us all the effects he's been aiming for". It was only when I scrolled further that I realised that it was still the model Absolutely marvellous results Timmy!
  11. This goes from strength to strength Pete. I am very impressed by the wear to the cabin floor, in particular the metal tread on the outer edge. The chipped paint is hugely realistic and shows that restraint often yields a better result. Beautiful work buddy.
  12. You're making great progress on your big cat Marcel and she looks superb. If I were to send you a large box of bits, would you finish mine off for me please? This is a treat to see, keep it up
  13. Smashing video Torben, thanks for sharing. Many interesting visual effects on display as the light changes over the airframe. I'm very interested to see how Peter will replicate the arc of heat staining from the hot exhaust. The anti-glare panel demarcation is also interesting. It looks to be asymetrical from the front three quarter view although I'm sure it is n't. Plenty to enjoy about that video. Cheers.
  14. Very neat work so far. Just a brief heads-up on the kit's dihedral. It might be worth comparing the kit parts to references. When I built the Mk IIa the dihedral seemed somewhat shallow when compared to photos. It was possibly my construction technique but I thought it might be of interest. Cheers.
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