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  1. Comparing completed models here on LSP the tails look different from the Su-27UB and the Su-30 MKK
  2. Beautiful work Piero The depth that you’ve created on the ordnance is spectacular. Great job.
  3. What an excellent result Max. Your custom windscreens are so much better than the kit parts and definitely enhance the overall finish. Will you reinstate those fuselage elements designed to suit the thicker kit parts?
  4. Superb job Max. I think there's a market for them.
  5. Hi discus, thanks for the link. The guy makes it look very easy and the finish that you've achieved looks quite realistic. May I ask, how durable is the finish? Does it come off on your fingers if you pick the model up? Did you have to do anything special to get the decals to adhere? Thankyou.
  6. The skill and patience it must take to create a smooth silver finish of this quality is admirable discus Well done indeed. I hope your move goes without a hitch Cheers
  7. Crikey! 200mm.....that’s about 8” in old money isn’t it? So how long will the finished jet be? Is this going to be a commercial venture in resin Iain? I know it’s probably rude to ask but what does each section cost roughly in materials? This should be fascinating to see come together particularly since Waddo is gearing up to receive their Poseidon’s at some point in the future. Good luck with the project. Cheers
  8. Interesting. Could the Hawk be a re-boxed Kinetic kit? I like the idea of a mainstream IM Gladiator. It might fall short of the lovely ICM kit (unless Revell have bought the ICM molds) but it's likely to be a bit more affordable too. Thanks for the heads-up Mike.
  9. Interesting to see this come together. The peek down the intake trunking looks good. It's not easy to tell from your second to last image but do the exhaust nozzles have the turkey feathers modelled? Also, a bit late for you now, but the real aircraft has a step from the end of the nacelles to the engine doughnut. Possibly something to consider if you should ever make another. I'm eager to see this all in place. Keep at it.
  10. Hi John. I enlarged that last photo a bit to get a better look and I have to compliment you on those exhausts. Everything is looking superb but the exhausts really caught my eye. Splendid job
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