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  1. Hi Spook, thanks for changing your photo host. I could n't view these before and now I can. Great looking Mirage. The colours look spot on and the details are so crisp. Lovely job.
  2. Those ReXx exhausts are something else and fit right in with the work you're doing Mike. Lovely stuff as usual
  3. Fascinating to see these two. It looks like one might be a license built version of the other? Also interesting to see similarities to the TigerMoth in layout and construction. Good job.
  4. Nice one Max. I really like the look of that engine but can't justify it for what can be seen behind closed panels. Maybe I'll have to build a second TigerMoth
  5. Beautiful 3D rendering Bekim. You appear to have really captured the unusual, complicated shape and lines of the Berkut. Good job. I read that you are planning to print this so it will be fascinating to see if everything translates into the real 3D representation. Is this a unique one-off or do you plan on marketing a kit of the aircraft? I am eager to see the first parts printed. Good luck.
  6. That's a good question. I believe it's about using tonal value to create the appearance of volume rather than breaking up a solid area with a subtle mottled look. The underlying mottling gives a very subtle variation to the overlying layer of colour which imperceptibly alters the appearance making the part less toy like hopefully conveying a sense of mass. A similar effect can be gained by the use of dot filters over the top colour, a technique popular with armour modellers for a while. Tonal mapping might give it's best results on a figure rather than a m
  7. Brilliant references Max. Those will come in extremely handy. Many thanks. Cheers
  8. Tremendous result Mike. A lovely rendition and charming vignette. Brilliant modelling Cheers
  9. Congratulations on finishing this absolute gem Mike. Can't wait to nip over to RFI and have a peep. Cheers.
  10. Super comparisons again Max, great job. Perhaps the gloss of the decals will blend with an application of varnish? Another omission are the DH logos on the struts. They can be seen in that smashing image of G-ACDA that you shared about half way up each strut. As an aside, if anyone fancies creating some custom decals of those logos I'd be in for a set. It's sad that you've come to the end of this topic Max but I sincerely hope that everyone can keep it alive by adding in photos of their built TigerMoths. May I say thank you on
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