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  1. Hi Mike, exemplary work as usual. although your photography is first rate it's a little difficult to see how you integrate the Gaspatch turnbuckles into the line. It appears as though you thread your line through the tube then loop it through the tiny eyelet in the end of the 3D printed turnbuckle then miraculously pass it back into the tube and adhere it some way? That must take enormous patience not to mention a very steady hand? Also, how do you tension the whole line between struts please? Brilliant modelling, keep it up.
  2. Good grief I'm lost for words. In other news, my first copy of "Crocheting for Beginners" arrived in the post so I'm looking forward to getting into that.
  3. Wait,...........is that your model or a real chopper?
  4. This is just so,.....................beautiful.
  5. Looking very smart Max. Did you spay a clear coat under the roundel mask before adding the white?
  6. Tremendous attention to detail Mike. The fidelity you achieve in this scale is remarkable.
  7. Nice job Tim. Always a pleasure to see one of these big kits finished and congratulations for sticking with it. Just an observation for anyone else building one of these. It's worth checking references for the exhaust staining over the top of the wing. Some aircraft don't show much staining on the most outboard exhaust as the wingtip dihedral could often carry it under the wing instead. She'll look great next to the B-17. It would be fascinating to see a side by side to compare relative sizes if you ever get a chance Tim.
  8. Hi Anders, I hope all is well with you and yours. This is probably a decision that many will face since these new 3D decals surfaced. There's little doubt that the printed versions are crisp and relatively easy to apply but they are also often quite uniform and artificially bright when compared to a real aircraft cockpit. Of course it comes down to personal choice but if I were commissioning you to build me a model, having seen the quality that you are capable of, I'd prefer a beautifully painted resin pit over the quick, easy but less realistic looking decal version.
  9. I think you've possibly just explained why your stuff always looks so good and realistic Pete. Where some of us would simply paint the rotor head all black with maybe a dry brush you go the extra mile and spend the time picking out those other subtle nuances. Magical work sir.
  10. That's what I'm talking about! Magnificent. Nice work on the wheels too. Do you save the brass shavings for casting?
  11. If you cropped that labelled image a little tighter on the left hand side to remove the white plastruct from view I'd defy anyone to tell it from a real warbird restoration thread. Ultra realistic Jay.
  12. Hard to tell Max but from those images, perhaps not as much as the real article?
  13. We can all collectively keep our fingers crossed. At the very least I would relish the opportunity to get a peep at Peter's latest creations in the flesh. Here's hoping.
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