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  1. Beautiful work, just love those Rexx exhausts. The Dzus fasteners, could they be coloured with ‘burnishing fluid’ as I am not sure they would be made from brass in full size?
  2. http://spitfiresite.com/2010/07/anatomy-of-spitfire-cockpit.html/04n_15_025 http://spitfiresite.com/2010/07/anatomy-of-spitfire-cockpit.html/04n_15_026 a couple of pictures of the control column gust locks fitted from the spitfiresite.com
  3. Last time I sat in a spitfire, the contol column was very light to the touch about all axes but was not spring loaded in any way to return to neutral. A gust of wind could displace the ailerons if the gust locks were not installed. From the Spitfire Mk V pilot’s notes... “Aeroplane Controls 7. (a) .....Control locking struts are stowed on the right hand side of the cockpit , behind the seat. (b). To lock the control column, the longer strut should be clamped to the control column at one end and the other inserted in a key hole slot in the right hand side of the seat. The fixed pin on the free end of the arm attached to this strut at the control column end should then be inserted in a lug (64) on the starboard datum longeron, thus forming a rigid triangle between the column,the seat and the longeron. (c). To lock the rudder pedals, a short bar with a pin at each end is attached to the other struts by a cable.The longer of the two pins should be inserted in a hole in the starboard star wheel bearing (82) and the shorter in an eyebolt (89) on the fuselage frame directly below the front of the seat. The controls should be locked with the seat in it’s highest position. “
  4. DH-4 Halberstadt CL.IV/V Hansa Brandenberg CC seaplane ( Gottfried Banfield)
  5. Have had no problems with quality control, damaged parts, or crushed boxes despite having 20 kits now, and they have been sent half way across the planet. Returning to the original question, -are they nearing the end of the run? No way in my humble opinion. I believe they have a few more tricks up their sleeves yet. We still have not seen the long awaited figures either, apart from the Easter-eggs in the recent Aces editions, Triplane, Albatros, Eindcker,DH-2. As to the subject of scale, I love 1/32 but if they re-issued some of the kits in 1/24rth, they certainly would be tempting.
  6. Well, the internet is going to be alight for some time over this news. A total surprise out of stage left. Could WNW be testing our appetite for ultra large model kits perhaps? If so, maybe a 1/32 zeppelin is not so far removed from fantasy afterall? Back to the Dambusters Lanc for a second though......wonder if it will come with a 1/32nd scale labrador complete with censorred name tag?
  7. Gaz, Flugzeugwerke aka Bo Monroe produces 1/32 replacement spinners plus fuel tank, wheels and wing radiator parts via shapeways 3d printers. I have all these replacement parts and they are verrrry nice. Especially the wing radiator which has all the louvres moulded integrally, and you can see through the air vents. Give them a go if you want some well researched accurate replacement parts for your albatros. Just go to flugzeugwerke1917.com PS- I have no affiliation but just a satisfied customer.
  8. You might also note the bullet-proof glass as provided in the kit for the rear Cheyenne turret is too thin and undersize, compared with contemporary photographs. I have replaced this with a thicker piece cut from Tamiya clear plastic sheet. Have fun with the rest of the build. P-t
  9. Hi, I am also building this kit. I echo Paul and reckon Alclad is the way to go. Try experimenting first on an old model or a credit card ( expired) to get the finish you are looking for before you commit to your expensive model. You can also get gloss grey and white undercoats from Alclad before you spray the nmf on top. This will affect the tone of the various panels. It's all in the preparation. Take your time and give the undercoat plenty of time to cure and harden to minimise any issues with the top coat. Good luck with the build. You might also be interested that the G-model had both the turret you have used from the E/F model and the other style included with the kit. Note when the O2 bottles are fitted the turret won't rotate inside the turret well without fouling the O2 bottles. Not really a problem unless you are intending to show the turret guns pointing off to one side. The guns in the nose turrets are almost always seen pointing 90° to direction of flight when on the ground or before takeoff- it was standard operating procedure to prevent any accidents!
  10. This kit looks great, I hope some company will do a set of accurate Royal Saudi Air Force markings? I went to school at the end of the runway at Dhahran Air Base and recall watching many F-5's and English Electric Lightnings whizzing overhead in the 197o's.
  11. I really hope they do not release a Dr 1 cos it has already been kitted by other manufacturers. Would rather see other WW1 subjects that have not been released in 1/32 before ,which apart from the Sopwith Camel, was pretty much what WNW said they would do all along. The kits are to such a standard that they pretty much sell themselves to most of us anyway.
  12. Palm-tree


    How about a WNW Zeppelin control car , and the engine pods?
  13. Presumably the tail-gunner survived? The story you recount is certainly plausible, there is a well known photograph of a B-24 that has had the tail section chopped off after an attack by a Me-262. Whether anyone survived from this aircraft is unknown.
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