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  1. Brian was working on an F-117 model and a replacement intake grill set in 1/32 but nothing has happened so far
  2. Think I read this in an F-117 manual somewhere.... still the chute bay evades us. Tried asking the USAF museum if they had any pictures of theirs but they are not interested in replying to modellers. Probably too many requests and not sufficient resources to handle them all?
  3. Hee Hee, ever seen the number of stencils on an F-4 Phantom?
  4. The photos are pretty rare. You are correct the central cutout appears where the chute is anchorred but if you look closely there are two arms - the lighter areas on either side of the bay further aft- are they something to help the chute deploy correctly without compromising the controllability of the ruddervators?
  5. Nice work.....keep going.... My own F-117 build has been stalled for several years now waiting for a decent picture or schematic of the parachute bay ( open configuration) to become available so as to model the interior structure and chute deployment cradle. Can anyone help here please?
  6. Jennings and LSP-Ron, thanks for the info, don’t know why I didn’t think to look at the IWM example? I wondered if there were any Air Ministry directives, which explained the spec or not? Anybody have a WW2 image of the trestle markings for a Mk IX please? tia P-T
  7. Very nice recreation of the real aircraft, 3D historical art at it’s best.
  8. Keep up the great work, looking very nice. yahu make really nice instrument panels for the spitfire. Wish Tamiya would do a PR Spitfire....it looks like they considered it at some stage for a possible future project as the inside of the underwing panels have moulded recesses to accommodate the PR cameras. The big challenge is getting the canopy with the enlarged teardrop blisters to look correct. Watching your build with interest, all the best, P-T
  9. Please can anyone tell me which way round the wing trestle markings would normally appear on the underside of the wings? I am seeing different orientations shown by different kit manufacturers and wonder what is correct? Some can be read from only one direction ie left wing tip looking to right wing tip, others the text is inverted from one side of the underwing roundel to the other side so they can be read easily wherever a maintainer/fitter looks from when working underneath the wing. I don’t trust modern existing spitfire restorations as which is correct?.....variations are seen. thanks for any help on this topic, P-T
  10. Airfix 1/24 E E Lightning Airfix 1/24 Sepecat Jaguar Airfix 1/24 Blackburn Buccaneer Airfix 1/24 Jet Provost Mk V Airfix 1/24 BAe Hawk Airfix 1/24 Tuccano Airfix 1/24 Bulldog right lads, get to it!.....
  11. CruZz, if you have already seen photographs of your subject is it not possible to find photos of the relevant panels open separately from the photos of the engine removal and whatever, and form a montage of what you are trying to acheive or am I missing the point here?
  12. Lovely work Quang, really enjoying seeing your progress on this build and also nice to see you are going to build a silver finished Gladiator too. You might be aware of this already but full size aircraft are not covered in ‘canvas’ as the material is too heavy for aeronautical purposes and the weave not resilient enough. The fabric used during WW2 was ‘Irish Linen ’ but of course modern contemporary aircraft are finished in more modern fabrics developed for the aviation industry. Keep up the good work to the finish line. P-t
  13. Also F-16.net might have the images you are looking for, always lots of interesting stuff on there...
  14. Errrr, a quick search of F-16 engine change brought up quite a lot of images. Maybe that may help? Best of luck with the project.
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