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  1. Well, I'm happy for all of you that want it. I hope it's affordable, and that hopefully you get to them before the speculators. The retailers here want $100AUD for the 1/35 109. I hate to imagine what they'd want for the lanc.
  2. Just went back and read the entire thread... I'm just very impressed with every finished bit.
  3. Someone told me if I put ziploc bags full of water around my doors, that it would keep the flies from coming in.
  4. The spiral prop spinner, it was hoped, would throw off the aim of bomber gunners. On many 109's fresh from the factory, the spinner would have a white quarter or third (often un-masked) so you could tell it was spinning. My knowledge of 190 factory painting techniques is even more limited.
  5. Kev, Congrats! I'd appreciate learning from your experience as I've never been involved in an online auction before.
  6. You all will be glad to know that Dale's Family will be pleased with the result. Many bids went above and beyond retail. And everything got bid on. AS for me, I had eyes on two LSP's but was outbid a couple days ago. They ended up going for close to retail so since I didn't see any savings and have plenty of kits to build... I didn't get anything.
  7. Hey Kotare.... we really need a good MiG 15. ... I just don't have room for the massive modern jets.
  8. I haven't done much to the plane except put on all the stencils. But I did build, paint, and decal my first deck chair. This is actually the third construct. The first two were out of unsuitable materials. I should do a fourth... but patience is a virtue I rarely have. Happy Modelling!
  9. What you guys think will sell well in Commonwealth countries will be snoozers in the important markets: China and Japan. As for Roden... they just had a chance to do a WNW to the Spad... But they just released the same old stuff with a couple new sprues. They've obviously no interest in raising the bar.
  10. That is an amazing amount of detail.
  11. Whatever they do... I hope it goes well and they prosper.
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