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  1. Chuck, You are a man full of accumulated knowledge and modelling wisdom. I think I'm going to create a folder just for stuff you've written. Gaz
  2. Holy Smokes, Jay!!! That pylon looks awesome! That is some impressive shaping. Gaz
  3. I know I don't know copyright law... but it seems silly to me that a company could be sued for making models of somebody's gear. I mean... they're obviously not Goodyear tires. Just like your plastic P&W engine isn't a real P&W engine. But in this crazy world... you can be sued for anything! Those coolers look so much better than what was available in the past! Nice work! Gaz
  4. I would hate to see them go too... but if you must... Gaz
  5. Those tires look great, John. I'm a it confused: Good Yearn? Gaz
  6. I was going to do this then I realized my lap was covered with tiny green flecks of scotch pad. No way I was going to blow that into my paint. How do your avoid that? Gaz
  7. Love that chute, John! Engine looks great, too. Gaz
  8. I can appreciate that some people may already have pencils that will do the job. I however do not. So, this is a timely invention or reinvention. My wife's waxy set isn't much use.
  9. In the video the narrator actually says to use a standard pencil sharpener. Doesn't even offer an AK sharpener. Gaz
  10. Well... they do have to be shipped from Spain after all. I don't think any fine tip would survive much jiggling about in the back of a truck. I just ordered 13 single pencils from the AK Site for a Euro each. Shipping was double the cost of the pencils. The complete set is out of stock at AK, and buying sets of five would have been more expensive still. Buying them from BNA Model World where they are still on 'preorder' status would still have been more expensive as BNA is not offering any savings. Sometimes the best option is to buy direct. Gaz
  11. I do like that they have more useful names than "Taupe" or "Cerise". Light, medium, and dark rust. Dust/rainmarks. Chipping color, Concrete marks. Definitely worth the buy, I think. Gaz
  12. I hate pre-order, or ordering stuff that is not in stock. I like that I can order from BNA and have in in a few days... it suits my impatient nature. Gaz
  13. One of my biggest problems is that I feel that marks made with a paint brush to simulate chipping appear too round. I just don't feel that I have that exact control of those bristles. So I too am interested. My wife has a set of colored pencils that I've raided on occasion. But I can only use a handful of the large set. Not much use for "chartreuse" for me. And with colors suited to my modelling needs... looks like a win-win to me. But I have seen these blasted on other sites and even by members of my own modelling club. But I'll buy some nevertheless. I was handy with a pencil when I was younger, decent at sketching. I just need to find someone selling them. Gaz
  14. I've gone through my IS account front to back looking for them. They're just gone. On the thread here at non-LSP, all of the images have been replaced by strings of letters and numbers. Gaz
  15. Two years for me, too. I had no idea they'd gone until an old blog popped up on another forum asking to see the pictures. The strange thing is, it's not just the RFI pics, but all of the build images, too. And nothing seems to be missing from builds around it in the imageshack photo album. Do you suppose Meng has the power to have my pics pulled? Gaz
  16. I had a whole build log's worth of photos disappear from Imageshack. Anybody had that happen before? Is there any recourse? Thanks for your thoughts! Gaz
  17. I love the look of this! Everything looks perfect and crisp! Gaz
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