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  1. Fantastic looking build, Tom! Quite an exceptional looking model. Gaz
  2. Rescribing. Hate it. I hate it because I'm never happy with the result. There's a lot of panel lines on that fuselage... I think I'd just live with what's there. BUt that's just my opinion. Gaz
  3. Dang, Matt!! That is a TREMENDOUS effort!! Sweet As! Gaz
  4. Your NMF spray came out quite nicely, Chris!
  5. I have seen some errors at shows on large scale 109's. There was also an F or G where the MG troughs looked wayyy to close together. But I didn't really look further once I saw that.
  6. Bikes are cool... so, congratulations. My wife just got her first bike 5-months ago. Me... I have no interest.
  7. Thanks for those color swatches! You've really helped fill in this gap in my knowledge. Jerry, Thank you for posting the image of the sample. It definitely defines those colors. Gaz
  8. Thanks! I didn't know this. It's funny that they started with green planes and finished with green planes. Color pics of weather worn 70/71 aircraft are pretty rare. Here is the fading of which you Speak, I believe. Kesselring used this as his runabout for quite some time. I modelled this aircraft but didn't have faith in the image itself, so my Dornier was green over which I applied a fade-coat. Gaz
  9. Joe, Those gear look great despite the colours. i agree with you about landing gear. I really think they should always tie on after the majors have been assembled. My recent ICM Mig 25 build had lg that had to go in early. What a pain! Gaz
  10. Excellent work Angelo! What a beauty!
  11. So which colour is the lighter red brown I’m seeing on so many late war 109’s and Ta 152’s?
  12. Needing this color for a future build, I set to find it. I've seen it from gray to blue to greenish to barely... and I mean barely... brown. What a modeller's conundrum.
  13. Revell Bf109G6. About fifty for for the kit, and about 100 for AM.
  14. Well... Let's not fight about terminology. No kit is perfectly accurate. I've just heard about kits where the gun troughs are too close together... too far apart... nose is too pointy... spinner is way off... Prop blades too thin... stuff like that. Some little things are easily fixed, and those I don't mind. But big things where it looks like your 109 is digesting a water buffalo and you have to rework the entire area between the cockpit and empennage... those are deal killers.
  15. It's amazing how man spinner variations there are in all kinds of kits. Even WNW's Albatros is cursed with it. I'm not above backfilling and then sanding. I wish I had a lathe I could stick it in then spin off the shape difference.
  16. At a show once I saw a model of an E that had a really disturbing looking area right in front of the rudder... the horizontal stab?... is it the Hase E?
  17. I understand how you feel. But It's rarely an area I worry about because nobody, including me will ever look there once it's built.
  18. That's a very helpful in-box review! Thanks!
  19. Hi everyone, With HLJ having a sale, the big scale Hasegawa 109's are calling me. Seems I've been bitten by the large scale bug while my 1/48 get less interesting. I've built their smaller scale versions without being disappointed. I've read reviews online, but they're not picture heavy and don't say anything negative. How do you guys that have built em feel? Thanks for your thoughts! Gaz
  20. What a thrilling process to see! Great stuff, Alex! Gaz
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