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  1. I am building this aircraft from the Revell kit. I will be using the Hamilton-Standard prop rather than C-E type. I have the Life-Like decals ,that in their instructions, show this aircraft having the pad in place for a DF loop antenna with whip antenna, no loop in place, in this position posterior to the normal mast. Also the Tamiya P-51K kit instructions show this. Is there any proof for this fitment? They also have lighter colored fuselage star and bars on the decal sheet. I have looked at what color pictures I have access to, and I suspect they should be normal colored star an bars
  2. Where can I find this announcement? Or, Is it in writing or just a vague announcement?
  3. Definitely want to see the the LaGG-3, LaG-5, La-5FN, and -7.
  4. Oh, you are quite welcome. I sent some pictures off my cell phone to the editor a few minutes ago. He may dane to put them up- we will see . Paul Fisher and I had several phone calls to work out some details- landing gear, rockets, drop tanks. Darren Roberts of Steel Beach helped with the prop blades. One of my favorite aircraft!!! I won't steal anymore from Infinity's thunder. I'll likely have to get one. Steve
  5. Never fails. The one way to guarantee an IM kit is to build a vacuform. I completed an ID vac Wyvern last year
  6. Just received this kit yesterday. I am very impressed ,after looking at the sprues, with the overall engineering, and I am already beginning to assemble some parts. Fit is very good ,but be careful with the engine covers. They will take careful trimming to allow them to come together properly around the cylinder heads. Haven't gotten any further with any parts, but it looks to be well designed and generally easy to assemble. It will be a simple camo scheme, and no difficult decal positioning. In other words, it shouldn't take months to get this kit finished.
  7. Thanks for answers about ordering this kit. Tried to order from here in the states, but had issues with trying complete order. Got frustrated with the sight, and I have ordered from them in the past. Got one ordered from overseas. Looking forward to arrival. The extra parts mentioned above look very nice. May have to get several after assessing the kit.
  8. Definitely waiting for this to arrive. Have always liked the lines of this aircraft.
  9. I am interested in getting one of these. Does anyone in the US carry any? Have looked at e-Bay and saw some reasonable sales offers. Big question is this this- are these valid vendors? And, there is fine print about possible customs charges. Just trying to dot i's and cross t's before diving in.
  10. Thank you for the information. Exactly what I was looking for. Guess I will need more Archer rivets after sanding things down and trying to represent the laps. Hasegawa does a decent job, but I have ruined many of the lines while sanding. In the process of mounting the Trumpeter wings to the Hasegawa fuselage.
  11. Did the -3 Hellcat have lapped fuselage panels or were they flush riveted? I am doing a -3 version Hellcat and want to try to simulate the lapping if they were.
  12. has anyone seen this being offered for sale? I suspect this Covid stuff is interferring with distribution.
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