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  1. I ordered my kit today from the Ukraine. Looking forward to starting on this. Now, will aftermarket decal makers do other markings. The set for the Silverwings kit looks interesting. I’m sure the normandie- Nieman kit will have some of those aircraft on that sheet.
  2. Viggen is a great looking aircraft. This build doesn’t let it down
  3. Has anyone ordered their kit from the Ukraine? Thinking of ordering one off eBay.
  4. Thank you for all your work on this. I’ll surely be a customer for one of these stations. Doing a Mk VI nightfighter that has been on hold since you announced this. Used the cockpit set- beautiful.
  5. I saw this kit on sale on e-bay. Is this for real?
  6. Alley-cat did a conversion set for the -Tei. Look for that site or maybe look on ebay
  7. I have used the pilots station already for this bird. Wonderful work. Had the fuselage together when the observers station was announced-of course! I think I will be able to use my modeling skills- don’t laugh y’all- to incorporate this addition when it is released. This aircraft deserves these additions. It has sadly been underserved over the years. Thanks to Model Monkey.
  8. Thank for your input on this. Would like to look at 3d printing, but have some reluctance in tackling this technology. I think it would be helpful for the intake trunking.
  9. Hello. I have recently been re-reading your work description on the Tigger/ID Banshee here. I just got this kit from Tigger, but there were no plans included-I am a veteran vacuform builder. Not complaining, but need a set if possible from some means. I would blow up 1/72 or 1/48 plans if there are some. Are there any of you out there have a set from the old ID days? Also, what wheels did you use- if you can remember? I see that several potential candidates may be out there. I have been a fan of this bird since my youth, and did up a 1/48th vacuform kit- I don't know who the maker was- back in the 80's. Your buildup has gotten the juices flowing to do this 1/32nd scale Banshee. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Has anyone heard about any release dates? I would assume they will be delayed due to the issues in the Ukraine, but hopefully the crew is doing well.
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