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    used to hunt/fish Been building models since I was 6years old. My grandparents ran a hardware store, and started with Aurora kits. Primarily 1/32 builds these days. Also, like to build some vacuforms.

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  1. Anyone notice the tropical filter on the sprue in those shots. North Africa build here I come. This will complete my Hurricane needs. As an aside, I did a IIC with Grey Matters conversion out of the PCM kit a number of years ago in SEA camo.
  2. Eduard P-38 external set includes I think six of them.
  3. I have started mine, and I am very impressed. Pretty simple build in my opinion. Have only added seatbelts to this point. Paint is on, but on hold with doing markings. Waiting, hopefully, for some aftermarket decals.
  4. Pardon me if this has already been mentioned, but what will be the cost be here in US?
  5. Waiting to judge when the kit is released. As with any kit “some modeling skills required”. Some have more than others. Just saying.
  6. Man, SeaFury, Mc-202, Hornet, and now this. I swear I haven’t passed on. It seems so many dreams are coming true. Now, if we could also get a good P-51B
  7. I built the Hobbycraft kit with some Fisher details added some time ago. Doesn’t look too bad, BUUUT I could perhaps be convinced by this kit to move on. Bring it on !!
  8. Lotsa great color schemes for this bird!!!
  9. I doubt it would be resin for £67. I’m sure someone will find out soon. Not me- just to clarify.
  10. Does anyone have any idea whether someone will be doing an aftermarket sheet for the ICM YAK-9 kits?
  11. I built one of some time ago. If I remember correctly, correcting the fit of spinner to nose contour was the worst issue. Fairly easily corrected.
  12. Many of the Folgores had tan with green mottle/ squiggles on them or vice versa- much easier to paint. Access to Ali d’Italia book will help with camo schemes.
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