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  1. I try to get a grip with my index finger and thumb. One placed on the front where spinner would be placed and one in the cockpit space. This can be switched around if you are careful. I also do basically the same with a jet exhaust and cockpit. Another method with a jet is to place a dowel in the exhaust and hold it nose up and slowly rotate it as I paint.
  2. Thanks. Much clearer than the pics I had been able to bring up. The dark flags don’t quite match the bomb illustration- black no doubt. Flags may be red. Probably over thinking this.
  3. I am working on the early P-51D Short Fuse Sallee. There are two different scoreboards demonstrated for this aircraft. I am seeking details for the smaller scoreboard (later version) that was further back under the canopy. Small black flags\ white swastikas or white circles with black swastikas??? Very unclear in the pictures I have looked at. Your assistance would be appreciated.
  4. I looked around a good deal for NF conversions for doing my Mk.XXX from the Revell kit. To no avail. I finally decided to use the Grey Matter two stage nacelles and an old Paragon interior and canopy set to start with. I had to scratch build the bull-nose. Upsized the plan for this from the Modelers Datafile No.1 Mosquito- good for other detail issues as well. A lot of work ,but it got there. Still cheaper than using the Tamiya as the base kit. However, the Tamiya probably would have produced a nicer result ultimately. Still good with what I ended up with though.
  5. I just obtained this kit. The interior and wheel wells need, as they say, some modeling skills required. I saw some sets on the internet, but I would appreciate input if you have some Will the Eduard wheel well set work on this bird? Who still does an interior for this model? Thanks Steve Oakson
  6. Has Special Hobby announced anything about the Whirlwind or Typhoon lately? I haven’t seen anything myself.
  7. My wife works in a quilt store. I was talking about the Silhouette cutters to make paint masks. I am interested in possibly getting one. She was talking about the Janome Edge that they have on hand- can get at a discount. Has anyone used one of these for cutting paint masks? What is the opinion of it if so? If so, what do I need to be aware of? Input is appreciated. Oh, did I mention that she might also have an interest for using it to cut fabric applicques.
  8. As I have seen several times: "some modeling skills required". Nice job. Not easy. Ask me how I know? Where did the decals come from?
  9. Oh Boy, I just pulled out the books I have that have pictures and information on this aircraft. There are a great variety of fitments on this plane, and choices of nose art. I will be looking forward to this release. I wonder if they will release it with both types of canopies.
  10. Thank you for the information. I have already changed the D to O.
  11. No, I have modified the Revell 1/32 kit with Paragon parts that I have gleaned from several good souls. Hopefully I can get some pictures of this posted sometime, but I am not overly confident in my abilities. Have a few kits posted on the site. Thank you for the information. That helps.
  12. I am somewhat confused with the fuselage codes on this aircraft. I have seen in print that MM767 could be either RA-O or RA-D. The one picture that I have seen of this aircraft is rather inconclusive. I am about to wrap up this build and would like some input from the members. I have got RA-D decals on it now, but this can easily be changed. Thanks. Steve O.
  13. Looks very nice. This is such neat kit. Built one some time ago.
  14. In all honesty, I don't mind the cost. and work to get the old bird built. Many of us have been waiting- how many decades -for a new issue by someone- but that ain't happening. Besides the cost would probably be 200-300 dollars in cost. I'll do it this way. Thanks Model Monkey.
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