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  1. Very nice job on the paint. I bought this kit a couple of months ago, and now have inspiration for trying this paint scheme.
  2. Yippee, the Whirlwind will be coming!!!! Release announced
  3. I'm so ready for this to show up. I know not many were produced, but it is a neat looking aircraft.
  4. Building Kansas Tornado 2Z-D and was interested as to whether the P-47s from this squadron/group carried these.
  5. This is an amazing project.
  6. I built the Cooper Details kit, and unfortunately it was broken beyond repair in a move. I got the CA kit ,but it has been on the SOD for some time now. It seems to have parts from the CD kit, but just haven't finished it. However, the 1/32 kit will be DONE! Looking forward to it.
  7. Nice work. Very good lessons for us all. I've never tried it, but how long of a working time is there with the CA/talc mixture. We all know, that as soon as you complete this nice bit of work, somebody will issue a new kit of this version of the mustang- Finally
  8. see the link above posted by alain11 to view the pictures Thanks, Alain.
  9. Yes, I built this kit a couple of years ago. The outline isn't too bad. But, a good deal of work is needed. I used a modified True Details Hunter cockpit interior, made a new canopy, used aluminum tubing to make the exhausts, had to rework and cast new prop blades (the casting was done by a friend),modified Fisher Sea Fury landing gear, modified Fisher Sea Fury drop tanks- the Wyvern tanks were bigger. The wings and horizontal tail take care to get the dihedral squared away. I also used Fisher Meteor rockets. Ken Fisher was very helpful during the project until his business was destroyed in th
  10. Well done. Nice job on the paint scheme. Always been a favorite. Ok, ICM, WE need Mc202/205 to go along with this nice kit!!!!
  11. I would love to see a Lagg-3, La-5, 5F,and 5FN. Have a HpH La-7. It needs FRIENDs !!!! Also, have a nice Yak-3.
  12. Where do I start? But, to put a final stamp on it, the HpH Me-410 is my number one.
  13. in Mcdowell's "Thunderbolt- the Republic P-47 thunderbolt in the Pacific Theater" by Squadron/ Signal, there is a picture of a nose of a P-47N with Miss Kansas on it. I am wondering if anyone can possibly tell me what the in-.squadron number might be. I am planning to do a razorback- Kansas Tornado. I would also like to do P-47N- Miss Kansas if possible. I have both the Trumpeter D razorback and the N. I'm Kansan to the core! Thanks much if you can fill in the info.
  14. I am working on the Revell kit to do this aircraft. I'm nearing getting the paint on, but I haven't been able to find the width measurements for the black bands. The Tamiya kit instructions and the instructions for the Lifelike Decals sheet, neither one show the widths of these bands. I haven't had success on the internet finding this info. either. Input would be greatly appreciated.
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