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  1. Yes. I was looking through my material last night, and I found what I was looking for. Plus LSP Ray made a post that showed a picture and written info also. Thanks for checking in on this
  2. Cut the tail off both fuselage halves. Then used styrene rod sections glued to the inside of the two sections of each fuselage to get the correct length. Once the interior was complete and in place , the halves were glued together and much filler was used to even the contour out. ... the work then continued on. Rescribing the panel lines now. Still have much to do. Any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer.
  3. I’m doing a conversion of the Williams Brothers P-35 to a J.9 in Swedish service. Will be using decals that have the diving eagle for the 8 squadron. The diving eagle squadron features red, yellow, and blue circles. However, I remember seeing somewhere that had the number ranges for each of these circles within the squadron. Help would be appreciated in solving this issue.
  4. Thank you. Just ordered it.
  5. Is this kit available any longer?
  6. Any release date or cost information out yet for this. Always have liked the looks of this AC
  7. No. The “pennant” and artwork are on the wheel cover spat. Not holding out much hope for learning what it looks like. Thanks
  8. Supposed to be “being led by Falconi “
  9. Working on the Silverwings Falco and have a question. There is photo of several 96 Squadriglia Falcos being lead by- I think- Falcons. The question is, what is the design on the wheel spats. The Osprey aces book shows 96-5 with white “ flashes”. On looking at picture closely, it appears that this design might be a pennant instead-with some design in it. Any ideas what this might look like. I know it is very difficult to tell, but thought I’ll give it a chance with an expert on the RA.
  10. You might experiment on the white snow with a cotton bud damp with isopropyl alcohol. I have used this on several models with good effect- only with acrylic paint. Gently rub over the paint and with time it should begin to weather. Can give a nice appearance on painted snow. It really helped when I did weathering on Japanese aircraft to produce paint chipping also. Each technique takes practice and one version of use is not applicable on every model.
  11. Would love for them to do the Lavochkin 5,5N,and 5FN series. Have the HpH La-7 and it turned out fairly well. Also Yak 1 and 9’s. These have been sorely ignored.
  12. After this came out there was a discussion about extra parts and differences in the different blocks. It discussed what parts did or didn’t get used on the different blocks. Can anyone recall this? If so, where might I locate it. Haven’t had any luck finding the info.
  13. They just keep coming- Gladiator, Cr-42, and now this. Yippee
  14. You might know that I got the Silverwings resin kit before the holidays. However, I’m not badmouthing SW kit- very good and complete; just was more expensive. Hope now we get some good decal sheets.
  15. Thanks for the input. Planning on doing this bird at some point and needed a few things clarified. Going to use the Revell kit.
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