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  1. Thanks for answers about ordering this kit. Tried to order from here in the states, but had issues with trying complete order. Got frustrated with the sight, and I have ordered from them in the past. Got one ordered from overseas. Looking forward to arrival. The extra parts mentioned above look very nice. May have to get several after assessing the kit.
  2. Definitely waiting for this to arrive. Have always liked the lines of this aircraft.
  3. I am interested in getting one of these. Does anyone in the US carry any? Have looked at e-Bay and saw some reasonable sales offers. Big question is this this- are these valid vendors? And, there is fine print about possible customs charges. Just trying to dot i's and cross t's before diving in.
  4. Thank you for the information. Exactly what I was looking for. Guess I will need more Archer rivets after sanding things down and trying to represent the laps. Hasegawa does a decent job, but I have ruined many of the lines while sanding. In the process of mounting the Trumpeter wings to the Hasegawa fuselage.
  5. Did the -3 Hellcat have lapped fuselage panels or were they flush riveted? I am doing a -3 version Hellcat and want to try to simulate the lapping if they were.
  6. has anyone seen this being offered for sale? I suspect this Covid stuff is interferring with distribution.
  7. i think that looks like it. It would be nice to see some pictures, but I think I can ultimately get it done . It would be nice to have a new better kit all around.
  8. I saw a mention somewhere that someone had accomplished this feat. However, I haven't been able to find the article that discusses this effort to do this. Anyone know where I might find it?
  9. In light of the winter setting, I have always thought this is snow or slush thrown up by the mainwheels. I had looked for info. about whether there was any equipment mounted over the years . The only thing I could postulate was some sort of frozen material .
  10. Just sitting here in the house while the weather is hot outside- musing about a kit for these aircraft. Any idea if the PCM dies have survived, and if so, what are the chances for someone to release them. I built both in the past. They were somewhat of a challenge to build, but they still looked good when done. My problem now is the -205 took a nosedive off the shelf Need I say more. I thought being in quarantine was bad enough, but this really adds to it. I WANT ANOTHER -205- come on all you model companies, PLEASE
  11. Don't worry about this. I bit the bullet. The decals are opaque. I've been working with mine this afternoon, and are working fairly well. Fuselage ones have to be played with for fit, can be easily trimmed for alignment
  12. Jerry Rutman had one in his resin -51B. Don't know if you might be able to locate one on ebay. But, that's the only I know of.
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