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  1. I would love to see a Lagg-3, La-5, 5F,and 5FN. Have a HpH La-7. It needs FRIENDs !!!! Also, have a nice Yak-3.
  2. Where do I start? But, to put a final stamp on it, the HpH Me-410 is my number one.
  3. in Mcdowell's "Thunderbolt- the Republic P-47 thunderbolt in the Pacific Theater" by Squadron/ Signal, there is a picture of a nose of a P-47N with Miss Kansas on it. I am wondering if anyone can possibly tell me what the in-.squadron number might be. I am planning to do a razorback- Kansas Tornado. I would also like to do P-47N- Miss Kansas if possible. I have both the Trumpeter D razorback and the N. I'm Kansan to the core! Thanks much if you can fill in the info.
  4. I am working on the Revell kit to do this aircraft. I'm nearing getting the paint on, but I haven't been able to find the width measurements for the black bands. The Tamiya kit instructions and the instructions for the Lifelike Decals sheet, neither one show the widths of these bands. I haven't had success on the internet finding this info. either. Input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am planning on doing mine with the Mercury engine.
  6. I have a Silver Wings D XXI on order , and I want to build it as a Finnish bird. I want to determine what differences there were between the Dutch and Finnish series. Not interested in the last series with the 1830 engine. I know the bumps on the engine nacelle, wing tip lights , wing tip hand holds, and landing light on the wing were differences. Just trying to ascertain if their were other changes. Thanks for any help i nn is
  7. I am building this aircraft from the Revell kit. I will be using the Hamilton-Standard prop rather than C-E type. I have the Life-Like decals ,that in their instructions, show this aircraft having the pad in place for a DF loop antenna with whip antenna, no loop in place, in this position posterior to the normal mast. Also the Tamiya P-51K kit instructions show this. Is there any proof for this fitment? They also have lighter colored fuselage star and bars on the decal sheet. I have looked at what color pictures I have access to, and I suspect they should be normal colored star an bars
  8. Where can I find this announcement? Or, Is it in writing or just a vague announcement?
  9. Definitely want to see the the LaGG-3, LaG-5, La-5FN, and -7.
  10. Oh, you are quite welcome. I sent some pictures off my cell phone to the editor a few minutes ago. He may dane to put them up- we will see . Paul Fisher and I had several phone calls to work out some details- landing gear, rockets, drop tanks. Darren Roberts of Steel Beach helped with the prop blades. One of my favorite aircraft!!! I won't steal anymore from Infinity's thunder. I'll likely have to get one. Steve
  11. Never fails. The one way to guarantee an IM kit is to build a vacuform. I completed an ID vac Wyvern last year
  12. Just received this kit yesterday. I am very impressed ,after looking at the sprues, with the overall engineering, and I am already beginning to assemble some parts. Fit is very good ,but be careful with the engine covers. They will take careful trimming to allow them to come together properly around the cylinder heads. Haven't gotten any further with any parts, but it looks to be well designed and generally easy to assemble. It will be a simple camo scheme, and no difficult decal positioning. In other words, it shouldn't take months to get this kit finished.
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