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  1. still some available with original pricing from a most reliable dealer. Also fair international shipping rates : https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/Hersteller/Wingnut-Wings?fbclid=IwAR1TzDi2w0gVkSG6E4uZhbKzVhSVg6RQvLOkFUHrJyNNVYB-7on8XsnyIFc
  2. If not Dinah,Blenheim or Ju 388 then it will be what all are waiting for: a Dual Combo :one0ninejeefive with spitmarkseven
  3. The molds are done for the early Gs. They consist of cowling (this time with correct spacing for the guns) spoked main wheels and the early landing gear legs small tailwheel and fork inner top wing w/o bulge Not done are the tropical filter and the underwing gondolas (still do not know why this had happened). This sincerely limits the color options. It surely will be released.
  4. Q: Please, can somebody with knowledge make a list of WNW kits that were not tooled in China but in Southkorea (like the W.29) ? be
  5. some stuff can be puchased here (Juri Dukwin, Kall, Germany, most reliabel): https://dukmodell.com/advanced_search_result.php?categories_id=&inc_subcat=1&keywords=quinta
  6. Not very prominent but clearly existing: the "kink" in the fuselage cross section. My question to the experts: Has this feature been respected with the big Tamiya Corsair?
  7. The kit has some downsides. The rather heavy orange peel surface can be flattened on the big surfaces but it destroys detail on smaller things esp. when they are dominant and visible. The purchase of Eduard`s BRASSIN wheels for the kit is strongly recommended. Here some pictures: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/messerschmitt-bf-108-taifun-in-132-von-eduard-3006/ and this one as a warning
  8. Although I wished Revell had had a chance to buy the DR.1 or even the Lanc it´s true, Quantum ,the owner of RevG , sees the future of their brand in different subjects than plastic modelling. My (realistic) fear is that the SR 71 will be their last own development for quite a while. be
  9. + meshed fwd cockpit deck, turned brass pitot (modification from Mirage III possible??), Eduard BRONZE undercarriage legs (as I understand they are not cast but 3D printed??), we already have very nice Resi Cast wheels.
  10. Well, you get an incomplete, slightly damaged and glued show model from the Nuremberg Fair. What will you do with that scrap if in two, three or four months you will have the chance to get an undamaged, complete and not glued model together with an instruction sheet and some decals in a nice and sturdy box, even if it is seriously higher priced ??
  11. What is the verdict about the pitot? Good enough? Waiting for a turned metal one from Dream Models or Master? Make an own one ?? This kit is a little revolution as slide molding was used on every sprue. Andreas Beck
  12. Hi Jennings, there is something in the pipeline, maybe announced in the usual way at the end of the year or latest at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Please, avoid questions. HARRIER: London Bus, Beaufighter, Landrover III, in a way the Spits, reissue of the Hasegawa FGR Phantoms, Gannet, Lynx, reissue of the 32nd Harrier e.a. wouldn´t have come up without urging from the Revell UK side. The UK is still a corner stone in Revell´s marketing and their wishes and suggestions are respected (at a rate of max. one a year). So iconic British subjects (vehicles, aircraft, vessels) can still be
  13. new toolings are heavily restricted, but there will be some-at last.
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