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  1. Andreas Beck


    Hallo, hab´heute mal wieder mit Jiri Hodan, Eigentümer von HpH, geplaudert: für alle, denen die B-52 in 1/48 zu klein ist, würde er sie auch in 1/32 bringen. Mich persönlich würde das freuen. Der Preis würde bei wohlfeilen €1.250,- liegen. Er müsste aber 100 Stück davon an den Mann bringen. Für die, die noch krampfhaft überlegen, wie sie ihre 1/32 X-15 präsentieren sollen, ist das ja die perfekte Lösung. LG, Heinz source: German FFMC forums; in short: a 1/32 B-52 is in consideration by HPH; MSRP would be around € 1,250; condition for production would be a minimum 100 kits. Regards Andreas Beck
  2. Andreas Beck


    I do not know if this has been posted here before. The photo is taken from German ffmc: https://www.flugzeugforum.de/threads/hph-models.59605/page-6 The posting says HPH and Fly will be going into coop as it was the case with the Hurricane. Also the A-20 Havoc will be released as an injection kit.
  3. There are rumours of an Allison Mustang on track-link.com which are perpetuated on BM. No scale given.
  4. Hi Ralph, the instruction is a completely new design: clarifying and as far as I could notice mistakes are eliminated resp. not shown parts (in the DML variant) added. Andreas
  5. A hint: On German ebay a retailer offered single sprues of later variants. I had the luck to get the supplement parts for the "D" with the complete sprue for something around € 7.- or so. The Revell kit does not have these extras (longer tail, bigger tailwheel and tailwheel strut). It only contains parts of the original C-7 boxing. A retailer from Poland offered the D/E Nightfighter for a VERY good price.
  6. There is a V in the pipeline but I do not know if it is a B or C wing, nor do I have the slightest idea when it will be out. My hope is that the 109 G-2/4 (the "best" of the kit series) and the P-51s with filet will come in 2020. While the mass of investment under the new ownership is more or less unchanged the emphasis is clearly heading to the toy sector and in consequence to the disadvantage of the modelling sector. This instantly causes heavy impact not only to the production management but also to the surrounding industries (design, tooling etc.). This shock can be (limited) absorbed by this or that variant which is still in reserve and by implementing kits from other brands (ICM etc.). Comment: The strategic outlook of the new owners is not to make the modelling world happy but to resell the brand with a good profit. Changing to new product lines gives good chance to improve the performance (over certain initial distance) of the brand. The fate of the modelling sector does not count in this strategy. It is my fear that after reselling the brand to some interested side the hindsight that the modelling sector was the stabile core might be too late.
  7. F/A-18 Not as an excuse, just an explanation. The change of the tool shop was just an economic decision due to the massive increase of parts against the earlier estimation. The designer made several hundred (literally) amendments after the first ts. Only some were followed, new mistakes introduced. After two years of delay, more than half a dozen not satisfying ts´ and a lot of extra costs the alternative of cancellation had driven away. My personal hope is that this kit will be torn oop asap. Regards Andreas Beck
  8. Revellation The first instruction sheet I have ever seen advising the modeler to remove flash (in several construction steps) before glueing!
  9. An engine which is to scale will dictate overscaled covers. So there are the following choices: - exposed engines without covers can be done to scale -covers to scale will dictate an underscaled engine (or this is left away) -compromise on both allow for a slightly underscaled engine and a slightly overscaled cover (Revell 190 series ???)
  10. We shouldn´t dig out the RevG 109G story again with all the things which went wrong and lead to much frustration. I am pretty sure that ZM has the resources to iron out all shortcomings of the existing 109 as there are missing items, wrong shapes, missing detail and suboptimal molding quality. My only hope is that they will offer a "mainstream taste" kit with a decent cockpit and a well done cockpit and wheel bay but leaving out the engine and all the invisible interior (which was fairly done with Revell´s P-51). With a price target of 50 - 60 this kit can become a real bummer. But please, P-51B/C first, then 109 and FW 190 in the later future. Regards Andreas Beck
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