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  1. Bugger! Just double checked my order history @ Hannants - Nope, no mistake. Must be the West Country pound exchange rate.
  2. Odd, £35.63 is a 19% discount on the Hannants asking price. I was only ever aware of a 10% preorder discount. I must of missed a trick there somewhere!
  3. Wrong there chum, pre order price of £39.59 paid.
  4. Sod waiting for the invoice, gone straight in and paid! See if I can twist the arm of an unsuspecting family member to buy it for me for Chrimbo.
  5. Thanks Dave, I agree with your observations, I'll probably leave it as is, but by the time I get round to doing this someone might have brought out a replacement. Total respect to our cousins across the pond regards this airframe and this kit's issues. I'm going to reserve my anal retentiveness for such things like Hurricanes, Spitfires & Lancasters. It's going to look impressive I've no doubt any way.
  6. Okay? From what I've read on the interweb the IIIA was a lend lease machine with U.S. armament, as opposed to the III which had .303s and the BP rear turret? Clarification would be much appreciated - don't want to bugger around with this project any more than I have to. Thanks in advance.
  7. Blimey, almost fell of my bar stool when I saw that - but the real deal photo has restored my equilibrium! I've just invested a considerable amount of dosh on AM bits and pieces for this kit (pre ordered with Hannants). I'm over it now- the lovely barmaid is pouring me another pint.
  8. That's it, the interesting one. You can also get FAA ones in boring blue too!
  9. This entry piqued my interest, and do you know what?... ...I thought 'ooh look, a Liberator'! Very nice, so much opinion has been posted here about this kit with very little experience of its reality. I have a D on preorder and started to question the virtue of this, so thanks for putting my mind at rest. I guess others hold a more purist view of this aircraft, but I agree with your take, it's about the art rather than the detail. I'm a Brit, so I'm probably a bit more relaxed about this plane than our chums across the pond. If it were a new large scale Halifax I would likely be getting a bit more anal about it. Respect to all opinions.
  10. S.A.B.L.E. = Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!
  11. Bring it on! Two on pre-order with Hannants.
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