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  1. I have several Fly Hurricanes in the stash, I've built the PCM MK.1 - needs bit of effort, but the final result is great. The Fly kit has pretty similar engineering, but with better detailed plastic. Don't be so quick to dismiss these kits - they are very good, but not necessarily to everyone's taste. The Revell will be an easier project certainly, but whether it's better is to be seen.
  2. Agreed, I like my planes to look ready for scramble - great cockpit detail and unblemished aesthetics i.e. no bloody panels off. Each to their own ofcourse.
  3. So true - Decimalisation, metrication, the death of Elvis, George & John, Bowie, Joe Strummer; so many other icons of our time gone; not just musically - now this... ...this hurts.
  4. Just scan/photo copy the inside front page of the instruction booklet, there is an illustration of the sprues with corresponding parts numbers, saves all the faffing around - simples.
  5. I've been up close and personal with the one in the Yeovilton museum, it's a real brute of a machine and looks absolutely fantastic. Shame it's service record didn't match the plane's aesthetics. I've got a Dynovector 1:48 vac kit in the stash somewhere, this would be a certainty for me as an LSP.
  6. Tim's stuff is top notch - very well printed with great detail.
  7. No problem mate, loft conversion with stairs and a door.
  8. Likewise, I seem to be developing a bias towards Allied stuff of late, so a number of Hasegawa 109's and 190's etc., will be hitting ebay sometime soon to fund this wonder (on preorder with Hannants). The WNW collection is also under scrutiny, some of the German stuff may have to go! A painful process certainly, BUT - the biggest problem is how to get such a bloody gert box into the attic room without SWMBO noticing! Currently scripting plausible rebuttals.
  9. Your loss, I've had the great fortune to crawl over every square inch of the BBMF Lanc, experienced the Just Jane 'taxi ride', watched the amazing spectacle of the Canadian Lanc in formation with the aforementioned. I've ran into the back garden like a little kid when it's flown over, shouting "It's the Lanc." - my kids get that. 4 Merlins! It's in the 'British' DNA. Love it!
  10. Just checked my Hannants account, definitely 10% off £619.99 I'm afraid.
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