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  1. Does a donkey like strawberries? Does a bear s**t in the woods? You bet! I'm champing at the bit for this release - two on preorder with Hannants.
  2. You've got my attention.
  3. A little ray of light in this most dreary of times. Will be most welcome in this particular part of lockdown Somerset.
  4. Tim's stuff is first rate, excellent detail. I've a number of his bombs/mines.
  5. It's an inevitable thing - we've recently undergone a loft conversion and my stash space has been reduced a tad. Good bye 1:48 stuff courtesy of ebay. Though I've hung on to my FAA types unlikely to appear in LSP form - currently!
  6. The very Mossie I had in mind, watched it in awe several times at Duxford. Such a terrible loss.
  7. Spitfire yes, but anyone privileged enough to have seen a Mosquito flying - just jaw dropping!
  8. Does the 'D' version use the same prop?
  9. Ferzactly! Hence my dilema, though I don't think the old man (almost 10 at the time) would have given a monkeys what colour it was - the only colour certainty would've been that of his underpants!
  10. Ah Tim, I'm gonna do it green & grey I think as that's my preference, but as I've two on order, I'll do the other green & brown with Dad's initials as a fictitious code - sorted! ...unless a photo crops up of P6968 proving otherwise.
  11. I'm in a terrible quandary! The Whirlwind that almost landed on my Dad's nut 9th October 1941 - was it green & brown or green & grey? Bugger!
  12. Art Deco hot rod! - what's not to like? True, not a great success but looks great. Dad had a close encounter with one when they were stationed locally near Bath. I've two on pre order - can barely control myself.
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