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  1. Art Deco hot rod! - what's not to like? True, not a great success but looks great. Dad had a close encounter with one when they were stationed locally near Bath. I've two on pre order - can barely control myself.
  2. All a matter of opinion mate - each to their own.
  3. How about some of the more Interesting Fleet Air Arm subjects? Skua Fulmar Firefly Barracuda Albacore
  4. SO excited, I need to lie down and have a calming beer.
  5. Bought some of these last year from Tim, they are of top notch quality - quite outstanding detail. Do heed his warning about the slightly brittle nature of the material, no real problem just use a new blade or very sharp side cutters.
  6. Bugger! Just double checked my order history @ Hannants - Nope, no mistake. Must be the West Country pound exchange rate.
  7. Odd, £35.63 is a 19% discount on the Hannants asking price. I was only ever aware of a 10% preorder discount. I must of missed a trick there somewhere!
  8. Wrong there chum, pre order price of £39.59 paid.
  9. Sod waiting for the invoice, gone straight in and paid! See if I can twist the arm of an unsuspecting family member to buy it for me for Chrimbo.
  10. Thanks Dave, I agree with your observations, I'll probably leave it as is, but by the time I get round to doing this someone might have brought out a replacement. Total respect to our cousins across the pond regards this airframe and this kit's issues. I'm going to reserve my anal retentiveness for such things like Hurricanes, Spitfires & Lancasters. It's going to look impressive I've no doubt any way.
  11. Okay? From what I've read on the interweb the IIIA was a lend lease machine with U.S. armament, as opposed to the III which had .303s and the BP rear turret? Clarification would be much appreciated - don't want to bugger around with this project any more than I have to. Thanks in advance.
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