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New Kotare kit for late 2024 announced


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4 hours ago, DrDave said:

It has to make money, so I think a  Hurricane 1 early rag wing.. personally I’d prefer a Defiant or Battle, as I like the goofy birds. 
There needs to be a Kiwi option in there… Kane?

Remember the post by Mark Robson (Owner of Kotare) where he had looked Matchbox's cadence of releases? His summary was that they released five 'money makers' to every one 'off the beaten track'. So, my read is the next few will be 'money makers'.  If that means the next non-Spitfire release is a Bf109E, a Hurricane Mk1 or a P-51B that should neither surprise any of us and a move we should probably applaud as smart business to help put Kotare on the firmest business footing possible. My guess is that it will only be when they have put out the obvious choices that bring in their cashflow, only then will they do something more surprising.


Kind regards,


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I dont' know if this helps but there might be some clue in another topic in our forum – Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Ia (Mid), with Mk.I (Early) and Mk.Va announced 


Here are some comments from e.g. RIchard Alexander


Possibly time for any Spitfire opponent?



On 10/31/2022 at 9:12 PM, Archimedes said:

Hi All


I checked out some of the comments Kotare have been putting online regarding future plans. Here they are for your interest:


Q. Will there be a Spitfire Vb?

Richard Alexander: We've certainly designed it to accommodate future versions so it's almost certain a Mk.V would follow sometime in the future. Early Mk.Va/b needs a new oil cooler, cockpit sidewalls, instrument board, control column (Vb/Vc), seat, engine cowlings, spinner & airscrew, (for wooden blade Rotol), wings (Vb or Vc), canopy, wheels, undercarriage (Vc), tailplane (Vc). So, potentially quite a few extra parts, but nothing beyond our abilities. No promises though. Richard.


Q. Will Kotare stick to WWI Props?

Mark Robson (owner): At the start of this venture I sent Richard a list of over 80 subjects in 5 scales for him to consider. Interestingly, the Spitfire Mk 1 was not one of them! He has his own wish list so basically no modelling genre is off the table.


Q: Is a BoB Bf-109E also one of possible future releases, or is it complete no way when there are multiple Emil already out there (Eduard, Trumpeter, HGW...)?

RIchard Alexander: Wouldn't rule anything out for the future at this stage. The Spitfire does need something to shoot down.


Q. What about earlier Bf109: A/B/C/D?

Mark Robson: Noted.


Q. Do Kotare have plans for the next release be after the Spitfire Mk1a?

Richard Alexander: Absolutely! To be fair, it'd probably be reasonably disingenuous to suggest it would be anything other than some other sort of Spitfire. But after that.. We're not really saying. But hopefully whatever we do next after the Spitfire would be domething to compliment our first kitset. 


Q. Any chance of a Beaufighter in 1/32. Why nobody, apart from the old Revell offering, has done one is beyond belief.

Mark Robson: We love the Beaufighter! But it’s a biiiig project. Maybe in a little while when momentum builds


Q. have you considered a Siemens-Schuckert D.III/IV? The one model that WNW missed.

Kotare Models: An SSW D.III or D.IV is not in our immediate plans but who knows what the future holds. In the meantime, a very nice 1/32 D.III can be built from the nice Roden kitset with a little extra work.


I hope that answers some of the questions this group may have! I also noticed one guy asked about a series of McLaren cars in 1/24 and that certainly was not dismissed out of hand. Maybe a nice big M8B in orange….


Best regards,

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7 hours ago, mozart said:

Look fellas, there’s one of these just up/down the road from Kotare:




so speculate no further…….it’s Faithful Annie……hurrah!!!

Hello Max! I'd love it to be an Anson, I want it to be an Anson but even more than that I want Kotare to thrive so I hope their release schedule features a Hurricane, P-51B, Bf109 and and Fw190 A series first. Then Anson, Lysander...you name it. 


Kind regards,

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Whatever it is, it will be terrific.

Personally, I hope it isn't the Hurricane route...

...I have in the stash 7 Fly kits (various marks), a rag wing PCM, a Revell IIb, and an Airfix 1:24.

Yeh, I like Hurricanes!

The Spitfires are in hand, a P-51B would do it for me. :please:

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