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  1. Like it! This aircraft has been a favorite over the years.
  2. Steve Eagle

    1/24 scale and 1/32 scale SCR-522-A radio now available

    I just started on an old Lodela kit. Trying to get an interior going on this is daunting. Just have a floor and spars in place, but I will HAPPILY wait on one of your interiors. PLEASE do the observers area also. The Beau in this scale has been sadly underserved. Still debating between a night fighter or TF X.
  3. Steve Eagle

    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Simply awestruck I thought this would be a good kit from them, but I was absolutely impressed after opening the box yesterday. I think I will dismantle the vacuform kit I built to use the interior in it to make an inflight bird from the clear parts included. I have been proud of the build I did on the ID kit, but the ZM kit supercedes all my efforts on it. There are 4 engines in the kit, with nacelles- so that wont present a problem coming up with extras. If someone does some landing gear, making one setting on tires could potentially be done from the extra parts. I would have liked a few more decal options, but maybe someone will work on that. My initial impression of this kit is very positive. I am sure you will need to be very careful about test fitting all the sub assemblies before the final assembly of parts. I don't anticipate problems, but there are A LOT of parts to go together. THANK YOU, Zoukei-Mura. This has been on my wish list since I was a kid and a neighbor had one of the old WW II black ID models.
  4. Steve Eagle

    1/24 Royal Navy Sea Mosquito TR33

    Well done. Wings had to be difficult to get correct.
  5. Steve Eagle

    ZM Ki-45 arrival

    Thanks for the correction- I kind didn't use all my fingers too count all the parts Just perused the sprues too quickly. Ok I hope we are all straight on this everyone-my bad
  6. Steve Eagle

    Thank you !

    Paul, I haven't put my 2 cents in until now. I know things have been difficult to deal with. I just want to say thank you for all your efforts in the past. I hope the future will be sunny. After personally talking to you over some years, you were immeasurable help to me. Good luck on the future. My Skyray and Wyvern thank you.
  7. Steve Eagle

    Beaufighter wheels and tires

    Did the Beaufighter use the same tires and wheels as the Mosquito? Building a Revell Beaufighter and noticed on some pictures, that later Beaufighters appeared to have similar-if not the same- wheels as Mosquitos. Seeking verification either yes or no.
  8. Steve Eagle

    Zoukei Mura Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Tei (Late)

    Really looking forward to more of this build. The instruction booklet that is online looks very complex. I have one on order and want to do this kit up right.
  9. Steve Eagle

    Westland Whirlwind ?

    I was wondering if there is any news at all about the Special Hobby kit? I haven't seen anything on this for some time. Just curious
  10. Steve Eagle

    ZM Ki-45 Nick Acquired!

    Have one on order!! Built the vacuform many moons ago, and I am really looking forward to this kit to see how bad I did. This aircraft has such great lines. May not have been the best but one of the most attractive IMHO.
  11. Steve Eagle

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    Paul,so glad to hear your wife, the pets, and you are safe. Godspeed. Steve Oakson
  12. Steve Eagle

    Ki-45 pre orders are being taken by Volks USA...

    Yes,mine is ordered. Told my Christmas elf that she has successfully got my Christmas gift handled
  13. Steve Eagle


    I see Silverwings is releasing their Yak-9 kit. Does anyone know how much the kit is going to cost? Kind of interested in one. The color schemes look very nice.
  14. Steve Eagle

    swedish number decals

    Does anyone make white number decals for WW II aircraft?
  15. Steve Eagle

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    Of course- I just completed the ID vacuform kit of this aircraft. That's one way to guarantee that one will be done by another better entity!!!
  16. Steve Eagle

    Swedish AF decals

    I am looking for 1/32 decals to do an EP-1(P-35). I thought I saw some Swedish decals somewhere.
  17. Steve Eagle

    I-153 color scheme question

    I have acquired the new ICM kit; which, by the way, is very nice in my opinion. A number of years ago I built the CA 1/48 kit in the scheme that has a red cowl and a red flash along the fuselage, silver rudder, white 4 and blue bar also on the rudder. Other than the scheme CA had illustrated for the kit, I have not seen a picture of this aircraft. Can anyone refer me to a picture involving this aircraft?
  18. Steve Eagle

    Ta 152C-1 W.Nr.110028, Stab JG 301

    Nice job. I am working on one and this gives an idea of where it can end up. Steve Oakson
  19. Steve Eagle

    Contact Resine

    Are they still in business? Looking for a Dewoitine D-520 detail set.
  20. Steve Eagle

    Contact Resine

    Thanks. I just looked at the site- not on their offerings.
  21. Steve Eagle

    P-51D decal inquiry

    just fishing in the dark..... Anybody planning on doing any 1/32nd decals for 354th FG or the 15thAF groups. there a number of good possibilities in the 354h-both with and without the filet. How about Freddie Ohrs's Marie of the 52nd FG?
  22. I have seen illustrations of several of the Mk.47's from this squadron and have a question about the spinner color. I have seen it depicted in EDSG, black, and red. I have seen one color photo that seems to show EDSG. I would appreciate any input on this matter.
  23. Steve Eagle

    Seafire Mk.47 800 Sqn. question

    Thanks for your input. That is what i was leaning toward. Getting ready to paint the exterior on a conversion that had been on my SOD for several years.
  24. Steve Eagle

    New Revell I-16 (ICM reboxing)

    i hope I get to see this kit in the store. I haven't seen the 190-A8 or P-51 yet!!! (Live in the Kansas City area)
  25. Steve Eagle

    Revell P-51D release

    Does anyone have an idea when the kit will arrive with the US distributors? I know- "When they get here"!!! from those with a devious soul. Just trying to get an idea so that I may appropriately fund some business with my donation