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  1. yes, i have removed the backing tape (!) but thank you the Fw190 belts look sweet!
  2. ironically Jennings that may actually be worth investigating!
  3. hi all, I am using HGW's seatbelts for the first time and although they are fiddly to make, the detail is better than anything i have seen in photo-etch or resin however... the belts are still quite springy and, unlike photo-etch, if you bend them into shape they just tend to spring back any ideas on how to get around this? the belts are glued together with PVA / Gator Grip glue, so anything water-based will be a no go. Kind regards, Nick
  4. can you do a set just with decals 5, 6 and 7? they are about the only ones big enough to see and be able to lay down on the oleo!
  5. and if it's all in the quest for accuracy, the builder has forgotten that the MkI wheel wells and angle of landing gear are different from the universal wing...
  6. funny - I like the Revell / trumpy hold my beer analogy i can assure you there is no 109 grail out there either, of any marque, in 1/32 or 1/24 some nice ones eg Hassy Fs, but nothing that even approaches a Tamiya Spitfire / Corsair etc i still think this comes down to modelling skill at cutting / filling / re-scribing though if you can perform those tasks to a level where it is impossible to differentiate your work from standard injection mould plastic, then sure use a kit from 1873 as a basis for your project but most people can't, and don't even come close so whilst the result may be 1mm more accurate or have the correct profile etc etc, it will still look pretty mediocre because its Frankenstein nature is immediately apparent and i say that as someone who is exasperated by no Vc in 1/32, and contemplating kit bashing to get there
  7. ah thank you unfortunately i am looking for 32072 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zotz-decals-32072-p-47d-thunderbolt-razorbacks--1006176
  8. the pictures of the TSR.2 show a hollow cockpit so i am assuming there will be something, and it won't be 'desktop' i sooooo want this to be good, but i think in my heart of hearts I would prefer a Hobbyboss effort - warts and all - at say £150 rather than £350 or whatever on something that I simply don't have the skill to do justice to
  9. I would just go for building the new-ish Revell kit and be done with unless you are highly skilled at filling, rescribing and wotnot, I don’t think you are going to achieve a surface finish that looks well, any good really any shape advantages the old kits have will be lost as soon as someone looks the surface details just my 2p of course
  10. I think unless anything has changed their kits may be solid cockpit? i had an exchange with the guy on here / Facebook and because of cost they were looking at ‘desktop’ style models like airliners etc I guess? i don’t know if this has changed? its great news Jennings is doing the TSR.2 decals - high quality product, high quality research - but the kit it is anything like what I have seen of the Buccaneer, I’ll pass. the standard was just not good enough for me I’m afraid. yours, ever the assembler, Nick
  11. Looks fantastic! 2 questions: where did you source the Eduard interior for this kit? I cannot find it anywhere - Eduard have discontinued it. also, the Zotz decals sheet: is this the one with ‘Josephine / My Flying Machine’ on it? I am looking for these specific decals and again cannot find them anywhere. thanks again for sharing. Nick
  12. hi, i can't remember did this ever get finished? Nick
  13. i don't think there is anything American they could *realistically* do unless they could do a P-51 B / C Corsair? Better kit in 1/32 than they could ever produce P-51 D... as above P-47 - already done in 1/24 beyond that there's nothing that i could see selling in 1/24 I think they are *really* missing a trick not doing a complete re-tool of the subjects that will sell the best for them, and that's Spitfires and 109s. But Hornby is basically broke, so I don't think the company has 2p to rub together for anything, much less a 1/24 monster
  14. Beautiful! but did this aircraft not have the famous lips / mouth with the cigarette just in front of the oil cooler? ignore me - I was thinking of Hans Ilner's aircraft
  15. thank you Chad. the Silhouette Cameo (or similar) is going to be my next purchase i think codes and insignia as decals in 1/32 and above are going to be pretty redundant once people realise they can do this at home and after a little work get results that are just as good as paid for services i cringe when i think how much money i have blown on custom masks over the past 2-3 years! thanks again Nick
  16. i have some of the AMUR sets and they are cast well and offer a significant upgrade in terms of accuracy i would not recommend using them if you are just beginning in modelling or, like many on here, returning to the hobby after a break I would suggest making something 'out of the box' first to hone your basic skills, get comfortable, and then work your way up In that regard, and if 109s are your thing, I would go for any of the 109 F-2 / F-4 kits, in fact any of the Hassy 109s; they are not necessarily 'better' than the Revell ones where they overlap, but they certainly build easier If you do want to dive in, you can do no better than follow Thunnus' builds on here - they are simply excellent in every respect Nick
  17. in the same way it's always funny to hear Americans talk of 'history' and things being 'old'... everything is relative old chap
  18. Thanks for the update Kind regards Nick
  19. Hi has the P-47 gear for the Trumpeter kit dropped off the radar?
  20. and further to this, I have looked at some albeit rather grainy pics of 190s where they have had the gear covers removed or cropped and they actually look much closer to the kit / synth ord works legs, rather than the Brassin ones so I stand corrected
  21. hi, can you post a proper side by side of the synth works legs and the brassin ones? all the talk was that the kit legs were too long / the extension was too great and simulated an aircraft suspended - not even bearing its own weight - when the kit came out I seem to remember, and by their own admission synth works have copied the kit parts in terms of dimensions beautiful work by the way!!
  22. No PayPal, no buy. they need to sort that out if they want overseas customers
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