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  1. I’d disagree - I think that’s related to its usage - few understand its origin, but its meaning has now evolved As to the use of irregardless - that’s only when I’m joking around with my Wife or friends - it’s right up there with asking for details of something and requesting ‘the pacifics’ lol unless i know someone is taking the p*ss, it’s typically a massive no no to use stuff like that unless one wants to sound uneducated here in England (doesn’t mean it’s not uncommon of course!)
  2. ok i see what you mean it's not that these Corsairs weren't chipped to hell, but that just looks quite 'clumsy' the amount of chipped area is too great, but for me the killer is that it's basically one or two giant chips that just look like a map Westeros over the wing the trick is to aim for lots and lots of mini chips, albeit some are just quite close together if that was me i would indeed do over - the wing bend line is a natural starting point for a complete repaint, and that way you keep the rest of the model intact i would also use hairspray rather than chipping fluid, but that's just me best of luck!
  3. @Radub thank you for your insight, pictures and explanation - much appreciated i still think the Z-m kit will look 'a bit funny' but that's because we've been brought up on models which are, well, basically wrong but have assumed they are correct I believe the separation *could* have been modelled better / more accurately, even with retaining the one piece tailplane (which I really like btw!), but it would have taken Tamiya-like greatness in terms of ingenuity and more importantly fit but overall, I'm a relieved man - so thank you! @Antonio Argudo in case you haven't see this
  4. Good going Dennis! I must say I don’t know how how you summon up the will power to build this old kit?!
  5. that looks just about respectable - a bit 'clunky' and oversize, but it's difficult to say without pics of the real thing in direct comparison
  6. it would be easier to understand with some pictures these things did get very beat up so providing it looks right, and is in the right areas, you'd be surprised with what will pass
  7. stunning as always - it's great to see this coming together. Alaclad have nice finishes but are just too delicate and unpredictable for me - I can't be doing with the tape lift / paint lift combo! For those interested, I can vouch for MRP metallics and say they won't lift with Tamiya tape (I always spray on a Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 primer btw)
  8. thanks for the step by step Ade. it seems like we are going to an awful lot of trouble to get to a £20 Revell 109 I remain wholly unimpressed with Z-m on this so far. I know it's only one area but it's also highly prominent and such a joy killer for me, especially as I have made a concerted effort in the past year or so to stop building sh*t kits; if i was 20 years younger it may be a different story, but for me life's just too short to slog through it just because you can, when there are a Tamiya 1/32 kits out there, AND Kotare just coming onto the scene. PS I tried to look at all the pre-release marketing shots of the tail area and couldn't really find any close ups so cannot say whether or not the builders for Z-m had this issue.
  9. waiting to see the fit of the tail / horizontal stabs...
  10. Nice Rahul!! good to get some more SMCG cross-pollination here in LSP if you are who I think you are? kind regards Nick
  11. I am in two minds over the tail issue… 1) snip parts of sprues in my kit and do some dry fitting myself 2) contact Z-m asking to return my kit I was really looking forward to this but am completely deflated seeing this, especially as I am making Tamiya’s P-51 at the moment where you just don’t have this kind of sh*t not happy
  12. He’s up there smiling at this one I’m sure
  13. what actually is a 'late" Mk I?? this kit should enable you to build a "regular" Mk I afaiac - unless some of those changes are associated with the Mk II? also, is anyone else having issues entering their address / trying to order? I saw some guys on SMCG having probs, but they were using their phones; I was having trouble on Mac using Chrome, but have no issues with any other shopping sites etc.
  14. the market for that version has to be tiny just my 2pence worth, but if I’m Kotare I’m not touching that next variant is a Vb, and then the grail… the Vc
  15. Interesting having to use a physical card by “sticking it in” (if you’ll pardon the expression!) is pretty Stone Age these days - I would be astounded if the merchants / venues you mentioned don’t do contactless…and if they do contactless, it means you can use ApplePay, because from the merchant’s perspective you’re still paying by card, it’s just that your card is held virtually in your phone.
  16. err they're not that new - i have had mine sitting on my shelf for must be 2 months now? and before that they were touted around for quite a while with Miloslav here on LSP using samples I believe, just to get us all worked up but yes I understand Nick Milman has made the holy sign of approval over them, so if he's happy then that's more than good enough for me
  17. sorry I'm confused - I was saying that using an Apple Pay wallet on your phone stops EXACTLY the sort of problems you have encountered. Anyway, sorry it's been a PITA for you and hope you get reimbursed quickly.
  18. Check out Doogs Models on YouTube he did a full build of the F i think it's a useful series to understand how the kit goes together, and also has some great tutorials on weathering
  19. I am not an expert in cyber security, but I believe Apple Pay on your phone knocks so much of this on the head - no idea if Android has something similar. I don't know how many cards you can have in you AP wallet, but I imagine enough for most people's use. The only time I use my 'physical' cards is at home if I am buying online and cannot use PayPal, and then usually get some sort of 2FA request via a text with a one time pass code to prove it's me. I hope you get your money back quickly with as little aggro as possible.
  20. you could spend $75 on aftermarket on the Revell kit and it still won't even be close to this. I've built the Revell kit and in a world where there are no other new tool Spit Mk Is or IIs, it's still only just about 'ok'. if you don't want it then of course don't buy it, but I think your concerns as to its value proposition compared to Revell Spit, Z-m Bf109 and GWH P-40 don't stack up very well.
  21. this is just going to be awesome and whoever was "sad" at the price tag, what on earth were you expecting? A tamiya quality (and perhaps more) kit for the price of a Revell kit??
  22. Pretty much instantly provided you don’t hose it on i was doing invasion stripes last night and taped over them as soon as I had changed the colour in my airbrush from white to black etc - could have been no more than a minute or two
  23. Nice when I built this kit a while back I looked and I looked and for the life of me couldn’t find definitively where that plumbing went into the fuselage - I even registered on some subscription plans / technical drawings site and couldn’t find it there either (although there was probably too much info there rather than not enough). anyway, I like what you have done with it
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