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  1. Hasegawa has a few late model type 52 Zero kits Tamiya has their first on and the type 21, would love to see a type 22 and type 32 in 1/32 Would also love a Ki 60 to compliment Hasegawa's Ki 61
  2. One of my friends said he found news on new aftermarket parts for a yet to be announced Ki 61 by Tamiya. Not having seen the source he was referring to I can't vouch for how accurate that is but I would love a Tamiya Ki 61 if the rumor is true.
  3. Please add me to the list of recipients. Ilm in the process of moving so I will be unable to donate this year as everything is still packed
  4. do335b6


    I am finishing the WNW Taube and I was wondering for the control wires in the wings do they have or do not have turn buckles attaching them to the wings? I have not found a good picture that shows if they do or do not have turnbuckles where the wire meets the wing. Thanks
  5. do335b6


    Anyone know what other kits used the Argus engine? The Taube has a wonderful Argus engine maybe WNW will do another Argus powered aircraft
  6. Has anyone had a chance to try these WWI paints? I want to find a decent linen color and stumbled upon them, are they any good worth buying?Thanks
  7. It's stunning, I just finished one and the fit is superb, cockpit comes close to Tamiya in quality, Just make sure you don't use the kit decals.
  8. I think the French one was an A-6 not a B-6 based on the A frame not the B
  9. I've been using them. They do have an oder not sure if its acrylic I use their own thinner. They have a number of modern colors so I would be surprised if they don't have the colors needed. The inks are designed for airbrushing with no thinning required. I love using these paints and have almost completely changed over to using them exclusively.
  10. Yes I built the KH Mig 25 and it was a nightmare I am looking forward to the AMK ones they have announced especially if they are as good as the Mig 31
  11. Yep they will be way better than the kittyhawk one I built last year
  12. First build after having my office and the rest of the downstairs taken out by a flood. So far these kits are a dream to build
  13. I second that I have one of ea boxing
  14. do335b6

    Yak 28 PP

    Thankyou its a great kit very fun to build
  15. Thankyou I agree 1/32 would be lovely
  16. Personally both kits are great , they both have nice features and not so nice features. The Fine Molds kit is easier to build but the Wingsy has a better finish with more detail. The Wingsy kits biggest problem is the PE parts that are needed but on a fret that is so small your PE scissors won't work. I like the Fine Molds but I think the Wingsy kit is defiantly worth building. I'm looking forward to the Ki 51 they are planning.
  17. They are done Fine Molds Wingsy Both
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