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  1. There's no announced date ... for now we'll just need to be content that the projects are being worked on and that they are more than just 'wishful thinking' Rog
  2. Artful69

    Do 17

    Plenty of (Ficticious??????) Detail too ... wonder how they made this kit design without a surviving aircraft?? Rog
  3. Artful69

    Do 17

    Don’t forget the ICM 1/48 scales!!
  4. Artful69

    Do 17

    Actually ... the biggest problem was that it broke apart a fair bit when lifting it ... I remember watching the whole process over the course of days. ... HOWEVER ... with what’s available in predictive computer modelling these days it would be Reasonably easy to get a halfway decent rendition all of the internal framing (skeleton), is available to check. They have undercarriage and wheels ... available. And quite a bit of the internals ... couple that together with old internal photographs and you could work out a reasonable design ... the front end of the fuse is basically similar to a Ju.88. Rog
  5. Artful69

    Do 17

    That was my thought ages ago ... the perfect kit for Trumpeter or Hobby Boss - No one can pick the crap out what they can’t verify ... meanwhile - kits sell. Rog
  6. Artful69

    Do 17

    My biggest dream ... along with the Ju.52 ... Unfortunately there is no sign of it happening anywhere in the near future. HKM appear to have a Ju.52 In some stage of production .... and since they are the only company next to Hobby Boss and Trumpeter willing to take on larger birds at the moment - they would be the most likely company to take up the challenge. Revell missed a golden opportunity after the Ju.88 and He.111 projects ... and due to their change of management ... we’re unlikely to see anything like this from them Rog
  7. Decent kit too ... for what it is ... which is not mainstream unfortunately ... limited run - which implies Engineering, detail, fit, finish flaws ... Although the PCM kit does reasonably well in avoiding most of them it’s still not as good as a new tool Hasegawa, Revell etc. personally ... I don’t give a rats what comes when ... I’m buying ‘em all. Rog
  8. I have a boxing of 08210 ... In box review including available markings: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/76528-messerschmitt-bf-109f-2/ Rog
  9. Nick ... Some solid observations ... though personally I tend to take the more 'glass half full' approach ... The world economy (overall) seems to be in a contracted phase at present ... while not a full blown recession everywhere, it definitely seems that there was a period of significantly less 'recreational' spending inside the last 5 years. China's economy had recorded some negative growth figures of late and from memory across a few successive quarters ... that would put a HUGE dent in the sales figures of the likes of Dragon, Trumpeter, Hobby Boss etc ... even their other scales have taken a dive in new kit production. Dragon were pumping out 3-6 new 1/35 kits PER MONTH at one stage ... they've been backing off for last 4 years or so ... Takom, Meng and RFM seem to be making merry on multiple boxings of the German big "Cats" ... always popular ... and sticking to the less risky subjects for now! I fear that, with all the unrest in Europe and various economies taking a dive there, a similar situation has developed for Revell - especially with the internal upheavals as well. It may be quite some time before their "New Tooling" in 1/32 gets cracking again While Tamiya seems to have indeed given 1/32 a rest for now ... I doubt they'll be gone forever ... It's not like they're chuffing out huge amounts in 1/48 or 1/35 either! ZM appear to have accelerated development and production ... this year we get 1 changed tooling of the Ki-45 from last year, 2 new boxings of the Skyraiders and 1 new tool kit of the Hs.129 ... Their tooling - once seen by a lot of modellers to be a little on the clunky side - now seems to be developing a Tamiya-esque quality in detail to go with their interesting kit style ... 2 more boxings of the Hs.129 are on the way ... and there's been a series of Fw.190's in development for a while now - from early to late ... a P.51B, Ar.234 and a Bf.109G-6 have recently been announced as in development (in how many boxings?) ... Lord only knows what else he has lined up, as yet unannounced!! ... and while some of those subjects are esoteric - a lot aren't ... I know a few of us are hoping we finally get a "definitive" 109G-6 ... HKM seem to be diversifying into 1/48 ... and thats a good thing ... diversification means increased sales potential ... Remember Tamiya and ZM have already gone there!! It means a healthier product and profitability portfolio - downsizing the B-17 was a genius move ... the existing products on the market were well worn and the "glaring errors" oft bemoaned in '32 are not anywhere near as noticeable in that scale to all but the most fastidious ... I honestly hope they do the same with the Lanc as the now long-in-the-tooth and inaccurate Tamiya kit means there's some money to be made there as well!! ... I think their next complete new tool release in 1/32 is scheduled to be the Spey engined Phantoms (something for the hair dryer heads!!) ... But there's a Ju.52 in pipeline ... and I hope someone can con Neil into seriously looking at a Do.17z and a Wellington Mk.III We're supposed to be getting a Havoc from HGW ... and I'm hoping they've got their noggin screwed on right in the engineering and tooling... because there are multiple variants to be made out of THAT kit!! It looks like were still due for at least 5-10 new subjects a year. I think that we're in a period of "lull" at the moment ... the market has definitely backed off ... but soon demand will begin to tug on the market once again and a whole host of new stuff will begin to appear. Rog
  10. Mate ... onto one of these already?!?!? Crikey ... the box would still be warm wouldn't it? Anyway ... will watch this one with interest!! Rog
  11. Very Phil-o-sophical I had a bout of disappointment a few years back when Revell announced the He-219 after the Ju.88 and He.111 ... instead of a Do.17z. I all feels quite silly now ... but at the time I had a right old sook ... wanted to tell Revell to shove the He.219 right up the - well ... you can guess. I don't recall WNW saying they were branching off into anything in particular ... and the Lanc was certainly a shock to me. It would be nice if Ol' PJ got excited about a Mk.I Spitfire at some sort of airshow and thought about doing a Battle of Britain remake to go with his Dambusters one. Or started drooling over a Wimpy while researching Dr.BW. Just sayin' Rog
  12. I would like to see a '32 Wellington Mk.III... and a Do.17z Rog
  13. Sweet ... I'm waiting on a confirmed RRP for the Wingnut Lanc ... then I'll budget for a tractor and an Upkeep mine with trailer to replace the shonky HKM job. Now all I need is figurines for it Rog
  14. Is this the vehicle to be used in front of the munitions trailers? Rog
  15. WNW comes to mind ... but again ... who said anything about scraping tooling? It’s not originating anywhere in this thread apart from you ... Ridiculous comment having nothing to do with the subject J ... maybe you’re posting on the wrong thread?? ... Rog
  16. Imagining ... is about the only thing we're ever likely going to do here J... I can't see myself getting into mass producing kits - can you? Im wondering how you'd know that ZM didn't make a profit (or even break even) out of what they produced and sold so far? ... Are you a shareholder? ... Do you have a prospectus, perhaps, for the next share issue? ... Or some other secret insider knowledge that no-one else has? (including the owners ... apparently!!) SO ... On the basis that they are continuing to design, manufacture and sell kits ... I'd suggest that a healthy profit is being made and would be necessary for them to remain in business. Or a least thats how a "going concern" remains that way ... to my limited accounting knowledge. Who ever mentioned about throwing tooling into a dumpster? ... What modelling company would ever do that, for heavens sake? Out of all the ridiculous remarks made here... that one takes the trophy. Nevertheless ... I agree wholeheartedly with the premise that throwing away an investment is the least likely way of seeing any return ... Likely or not ... It's been posted on media - from the source - for all the public to read ... So in all honesty ... who do you think I'm more likely to believe ... forum scuttlebutt or the manufacturer? Therefore ... The OP ... who is wanting to buy 'A' ZM Ta-152H ... would be best advised to get one when they are available, where they are available from and while they are still available. Holding off on a purchase in the hope of a re-pop here doesn't appear to be the wisest option - given the manufacturers declaration. NOW ... Some of the tooling was improved/changed (and the variant) ... Between SWS-02 and SWS-11 ... So while we might not see either of these - in their present guise - released again ... There seems to be no good reason why we may not get, say ... a Ta-152C-1 (as maybe an SWS-25 or something) in the future ... or a future jet propelled version of the Shinden I can go along with the new variant/new boxing concept ... or new markings/special edition concept as way of re-utilising the tooling. But SWS-01 - SWS-14? ... get them while you can! Rog
  17. It was confirmed in a recent edition of the Old Man Blog that once a kit has been sold out - that's it! For this reason I've been collecting the 'back-issues' and ensuring that I get the new ones as they are released. HOWEVER ... The prices are only really hiking on the original boxings ... The original Ta.152 kit was re-released in an anime boxing. The idea was to generate more sales in the anime fan community (same was done with the Shinden). The boxing contains everything that the original did (including decals) ... along with some new painting instructions and decals to create the anime version. I don't think the idea really took off ... at any rate the anime boxings of both SWS-01 and SWS-02 can be bought online for standard RRP. New boxings of previous kits MAY be released into the distant future ... The Ta.152 was re-released as a different variant with some part upgrades. But it's not something I'll gamble on. Rog
  18. Oh dear ... As much as I hate to admit it ... it might be a Trumpeter issue! They mix and match their sprues ... eg: Centreline bomb and cradle in for the B in the D kit and vice versa ... It will be weekend before I can dig my kit out ... but happy to have a gander then if you're still stuck. Rog
  19. Ok ... so this stuff arrived a couple of weeks ago ... Unfortunately at about the same time ... or maybe a few days earlier ... I had a couple of software updates ... They usually go off without a hitch ... but this time with the Catalina update and the iOS 13 one - something went wrong with photo sync. Good thing about the internet is ... you just type the issue into Google and find out that everyone else has the same problem ... There's still an issue with the new "Music" app ... it switches off the equaliser/pre-amp after every track ... but at least I can download the photos off my phone now! A LARGE box arrived from Frontline with some goodies for RAAF builds: With large kit boxes inside ... An EA.18G ... A couple of F/A.18A's With Australian Markings included ... The pilot is damned Collingwood supporter!!! And an F.35 model ... of which we're getting the real deal here someday. And meanwhile this came from Metro's ... cleverly disguised with the wrong box art for the ad ... That makes Just 2 SWS kits short of the entire 1/32 collection now ... The Navy Spad ... and the Do.335A-12 Rog
  20. It's possible ... But the A-20G had the Martin turret on both the perspex and solid nosed variants ... The G also had a rear canopy (sans turret) on both perspex and solid nosed variants ... Some G's were issued with the perspex nose and converted to solid nose in the field ... At either rate ... the rear fuselage was widened to accomodate the Martin turret ...on those block numbers where it was installed. Rog
  21. Final box from Booktopia ... This book looked interesting ... Pretty chunky with pic's and text ... Rog
  22. ... That IS just a normal purchase ... some nice variety in that lot though ... b I've been thinking about some of those Hasegawa Japanese kits lately ... Rog
  23. ... you say that like the flying pillbox looks beautiful!! At least I know there was a 128 now ... Rog
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