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  1. Well that explains a lot! ... Ok why not the A6M2b?? Given all the reviews I read and seen? ... I seriously doubt it! All of the ZM kits are on a scale of: very good -to- exceptional ... With the Skyraider: you're thinking of the first couple of releases: SWS-03 and SWS-07 . The recent boxings: SWS-15 and SWS-16 contain a full complement of the appropriate weapons. So obviously SWS-15 and 16 Well I suppose he listed his top 3 of each ... but both Ki-45 kits are something else ... every release they just ke
  2. Can’t speak for the jets, but Tamiya prop kits are always a safe bet ... so if you don’t want any of the Spitfires, Mustangs or Corsairs (or that beautiful Mosquito kit) ... go the A6M5. The Hs.129 is the latest kit from ZM ... and each successive kit from them has been better and more refined than the last ... I haven’t heard anything legitimately bad about any of those that you mention - I like them all, but the Hs.129 is the latest and greatest. Rog
  3. A couple of sets arrived for the 2 Classy Hobby "Luchs" tanks ... the 20mm and an Mg.34 ... x2 Rog
  4. I know ZM have one in development in '32 ... How do we know this is Tamiya? ... or '32?? Rog
  5. There's a dedicated thread already underway for that one. I know there's been some discussions about a Do.17 but I haven't heard anything further. Rog
  6. Nice .... didn’t they decide to do a Do.17z at some point?!?! ... any further word on that one?!? Rog
  7. The last box of the recent spate of orders arrived today ... A small one ... With a massive turned metal barrel (for the Tiger) and bits to put it together. ... and a couple of turned metal machine gun barrels for the Pz.38(t) Now I have to pick a kit for a WIP I can't build the Luch's because they don't come with the metal barrel and I can't find anywhere with 2 in stock at the moment So that leaves the Pz.IV.H, the Tiger, the Panther and the Pz.38(t) ... decisions, decisions! Rog
  8. All in good time, I'm sure ... There are quite a few 32' scale projects in their pipeline at the moment - With at least 2 other Hs.129 kits planned that I'm aware of ... I'd imagine if the great COVID toilet paper crisis hadn't held them up, then we'd probably already have at least one of them out. Rog
  9. Theres a seller based in USA on eBay with some in stock ... but the pricing point PLUS shipping to Aus was a deal breaker ... As fortune would have it a fellow forum attendee had one he was willing to part with. I'm currently waiting for AM mg barrels to arrive ... I'm actually keen to start on this one ... Or the Panther ... still haven't made my mind up!! Rog
  10. Today my next BIG Tank arrived ... Supplied by Gazza via trade ... If anyone seeks to trade with him at any point - do so with confidence ... the way this thing was packaged, it would've survived Hiroshima!! This discontinued Pz.38(t) by Panda could have probably had the tooling maximised by creating an early war boxing (Ausf.B) ... or the later Panzerjäger 38(t) 'Hetzer'. And ... of course there's the customary turret shot Rog
  11. Tamiya uses 24th scale for their cars etc - it’s a pretty common scale for domestic style motor vehicles. He is, of course, referring to a Ford Mustang ... and the details/tooling of that new kit are insane!! Most everyday people out there refer to the “Mustang” as either a horse or the Ford fastback coupe. Rog
  12. On the weekend, I picked up a couple of books I had on backorder at my local ... And then today ... this big box arrived ... It's my BIG 1/16 Panther Ausf.G Late ... And for scale ... the customary turret shot ... I have another BIG Tank inbound ... and some metal barrels ... and then I'll decide which of these suckers I'm going to try to build. Rog
  13. Not quite ... HKM DOES have one in development (unless the project has been canned!!) ... Even if the supplied artwork doesn't originate from them ... I think this photo originates from the Telford stand at sometime in the past ... Rog
  14. You can try going back to your original post on the issue - back in July 2013 ... Dave posted there as well ... Also Steve - who did at least one build that I am aware of, has listed fairly comprehensively some changes for consideration in the above post. As well as a build example: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=1267 Although some of the notations were a little confusing to me as I started work on mine - he's essentially right in his conclusion ... In the process of making their usual weird and
  15. You have it right there Kev ... looking at the bits in the box its obvious that the Tiger was originally designed to be built as an RC kit. There are no interior details and it lacks a metal barrel (something that all kits this large will need) and it cost me about 2/3 of the kit price to order one. BUT with even with some moulded on exterior details - which are reasonably crisp, a quick Google search gives you a list of errors that don't appear to be much at all ... I agree, It should build up into a nice static display! It's obvious that the Trumpeter units are designed from the
  16. Ok ... So the latest batch of stuff arrived and ... A really big box at my front door today ... Not LSP's ... but ... A BIG Tiger and a BIG Pz.IV Ausf.H Pulled the turret out of both for an idea of the scale ... Conclusion: 1/16 Scale is freaking HUGE I have a couple more on the way ... Once I have a look through the kits and see what AM needs I have for each, I'll pick one to do a WIP. It seems it's unlikely to be the Tiger - I've ordered a metal barrel already, knowing
  17. Yeppers .... and the rear ventral turret is missing .... and the nacelles are off ... definitely NOT an 'A Team' effort. Still ... there are that many enthusiasts out there that someone will get onto the AM gravy train at some point, I'm sure. And if not ... I'll hide it at the back of the display cabinet Rog
  18. It's been a while since I had anything to post here ... This book arrived a couple of weeks ago - another great book from Rich at Chandos Publications: But I knew this box was on the way so I thought I'd wait ... Because its a bulk purchase they sent one of these ... TBH I'd rather a $50 voucher for Dan Murphys so I can grab a carton of Crownies and watch the footy. 1/35 scale is good for dioramas .... But I've decided that bigger is better for stand alone displays and so this is my first foray in 1/16 with
  19. waitaminute ... There’s a Ju.52 in development and originally it was due for release later this year. We know that timeframe is obviously not going to happen ... but the only part of that listing (ostensibly) that is incorrect is that product code. so while the product code is incorrect - there will be a 1/32 Ju.52 by HKM - at some point. Rog
  20. Short answer: yes and has been for some time ... however a 2020 release date might be considered a little ambitious considering the gestation period from CAD to Kit. Rog
  21. Thank you all Very busy last couple of days ... Rog
  22. Kev ... The Pz.III (L or M) is due out shortly (AT LAST!!!!!!) ... a StuG was announced at the same time as the Pz.Kfpw ... I'm hoping for a re-release of the Panda 38(t) and that someone does a Pz.II A-F ... Meanwhile I have a couple of Classy Model Luchs on the way (one of each) ... and I'll probably go for the Hobby Boss Tiger next. But that Pz.III with the big 50mm is the holy grail for me Rog
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