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New Kotare kit for late 2024 announced


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On the Spitfire front, it would be nice if they could complete the set of ‘baby spits’.


Yes, Hobbyboss do a 1/32 Vb, but it is not in the same league as the Mk.I that Kotare released, and as previously stated, there is no Vc.

I’m not bothered about the 4-blade Merlin 6x/70 family as Tamiya have got that covered rather well!

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25 minutes ago, mozart said:

Look fellas, there’s one of these just up/down the road from Kotare:




so speculate no further…….it’s Faithful Annie……hurrah!!!


VERY interesting pic, Max… even in skimpier scales :rolleyes:

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There’s not much single engined British stuff left that has not been done or planned by others if it’s ww2. Roc, Skua, Battle,Albacore, Defiant, Barracuda. The Typhoon is planned by others, as is the Sea Fury IIRC. 109E would sell of course, but there is competition.

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40 minutes ago, DrDave said:

It has to make money, so I think a  Hurricane 1 early rag wing.. personally I’d prefer a Defiant or Battle, as I like the goofy birds. 
There needs to be a Kiwi option in there… Kane?

That's a very good thought Dave, one of "Cobber" Kane's Hurricanes from the Battle of France era would be fantastic:





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20 hours ago, Dpgsbody55 said:


Sorry.  Should have been clearer.  By early Spitfire I meant Mk's I to V.  My foggy memory is that Kotare were going to do an early MkI which is about to be released, a late Mk1 and a MkV as well.  I've got the early MKI on order when it is released, and want a MkV, especially if it's a MkVc.  I want to do a 1943 Defense of Darwin job.



:lol:.  Quite right.  My first wish would be for a top notch Griffon Spitfire.  You can't have enough of WW2's best fighter.






To be able to build a complete (accurate) evolution from the earliest production, through to the last Mk to fly would be awesome! I certainly look forward to a decent Mk.Vb One look in the Hobby Boss kit made me cringe (and I'm usually pretty tolerant with mild shape issues - building a Trumpeter Bf.109E-3 and 4 and enjoying every minute of it) ... even HPH's turd polishing kit really isn't enough remedy for it, sadly.


Until these guys came along I thought I was going to be stuck with Tamiya Mk.IXc's or VIII's ... Or hopeful that maybe ZM would end up tackling the elliptical winged wonder.


I got 2 of the first release, the Brian Lane as a collectable, the early is on backorder - and will consider buying anything they put together. The engineering choices made in tooling the parts to get the smooth transition in shapes right is sublime ... It looks so good in the box, I'm almost scared to put together the first kit in case I bodge it!


I'd like to see a Battle or an early Hurricane ... but the Defiant had a very useful transition role as a night fighter and I'd love to see these done at some point.


Rog :)


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I believe it will be a 109E or a Hurricane, I believe they will cover a significant aircraft used in the BOB as a fighter for this next release.  Anyway I look foreword to the official announcement.  For those concerned they have already announced the I-V series and while they have announced an all new kit coming, that does not mean we won't see something else out in 2024 as well like that desired VB.  We know the Va is coming and announced and the Early Mk I is imminent.  So we will see the Va in 24 then the question is really not what all new kit we get but whether we also get another unannounced Spitfire Variant in addition to complete that line up.  

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