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  1. Thanks ... I'll get onto the book thing - I've had the suggestion thrown my way a couple of times now - I wanted to make sure I could get all of the bits required before utilising a reference. Rog
  2. Ahhhh ... ok ... Thanks Dave ... but the way I read it is that two sets of IP's are provided, yeah? ... so from what my research and others tell me so far is that the IP's for the early RAAF B were both the same as it was a trainer ... and these are essentially the same as an early D?? Rog
  3. Thanks as always Andy ... I think I might be able to decipher what's going on in that link?? ... Still not sure after reading through it 3 times!! SMH Kev ... SMH ... I believe the American vernacular for my response is: "Lame!" Rog
  4. To build an RAAF twin holer ... I have a spare A kit - so theoretically the vertical stabilisers are covered ... my question is more cockpit related ... Can I utilise the kit parts to make the B cockpit or do I have to shell out for the resin conversion?? Also is there any notable external differences between the B and the D that will be glaringly obvious in '32 scale?? Thanks in advance Rog
  5. The Hs.129B-2 Finally arrived at one of my local (Australian) hobby stores ... So ... having it sent, along with a couple of other ZM kits they held back for me - It arrived at the post office a day or two ago. I'd like to say that I'm now up to date with the entire 1/32 ZM collection ... except they sneakily tucked another couple of Skyraider kits in before the first of the Hs.129 kits. Never mind ... as soon as those rock up to one of my other suppliers ... I'll be sorted ... Rog
  6. Lubbly Jumblies?! ... Rog
  7. I think Dragon milked their cow dry with their Bf.109E and 110.C-E kits!! ... and Tamiya milked their Mustangs, Spitfires and Corsairs ... but you're right ... for the main part we tend to see one variant and repop! Rog
  8. There has definitely been a "Shift" in the market since I started back into the hobby in about 2007-8 ... I remember when things slowed down a little - post GFC - and there were doom and gloom posts everywhere about every company pulling out of anything Large scale and that the Hobby was dead and/or in the process of dying. In reality nothing could have been further from the truth ... The amount of product released in the years 2008 - 2015 is staggering. Most people forget to include the Chinese market in their calculations also - at nearly 20% of world population. Dragon were the primary producer of LSA's chuffing out about 3-6 new releases per MONTH ... while either Trumpeter or Hobbyboss dominated LSP production (among other things) at that time releasing several new LSP kits per year ... averaging at least 1 per month at one point. China has been the last of the world markets to slow down economically and it shows ... It has to remembered that the primary reason for any cut back in production - from anywhere - will be a waning of demand (measured through sales statistics) ... Also the larger the company - the greater demand will have an influence on economies of scale. I believe this is why the smaller to medium newer companies - birthed around that post GFC time - are doing reasonably well now (Zoukei-Mura, Wingnut Wings, Hong Kong Models, Takom, Meng, Rye Field Model) etc ... Trumpeter, Hobbyboss, Dragon, Revell, Tamiya etc have still been pumping out product ... yet it's been in less quantities over time - as the pipeline (development to production) has dried out ... The bigger the modelling wing of the company ... the sharper the decline - especially as company rationalisation kicks in ... although it's interesting to note that they haven't given up completely ... Tamiya is releasing a (re-box?) of a Mustang this year ... Revell is releasing re-pops of their own and other companies products, the Chinese based companies are releasing new moulded kits (just a LOT less of them) ... They're just holding off on development at the moment. I think that when worldwide demand increases again, you'll find these bigger companies will reemerge with something new. Rog
  9. Everything there is Super Hornets (E/F) ... no A/B/C/D on a search? Rog
  10. I wouldn't at all be surprised if HpH head down that road with them at some point ... they're doing the SB2C that way and they kitted that one up in resin 1st. Rog
  11. ... Not for everyone, believe me ... I love building - and I don't mind dealing with the odd fitment issue ... but there is a point where frustration wins out ... and something like that Tigercat wing is WAY beyond my limit. Exactly ... so if you enjoy that sort of thing ... awesome for you! ... just bear in mind that for some - less fiddling and more productivity with time gives a better feeling of accomplishment! Rog
  12. ... Or you could buy a new one ... I assume you're talking about the 1/32 Academy F/A-18.D?? ... Spruebrothers had them in stock last I checked. Rog
  13. Me.410 .... They screwed up the panel line alignment on one of the Tigercat's wings - if your definition of a "challenge" is to fill and re-scribe and re-rivet panel lines - then, ok! Rog
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