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  1. Most people turn off after 2 mins with just music / text ... voice over or on-camera are the best for engagement Rog
  2. Ok ... so you don't have a voice for radio!! So borrow someone to do your voiceover from a script then! ... a bit of music in the background occasionally ... but vocal description of what is visibly going on in front of me helps keep me focused on what is being done ... the robotic IA ones turn me off straight away ... Speed up the cutting and sanding bits for sure - but always show your technique first - because everyone does it differently!! ... Take your time to show how the end result should look, the possible pitfalls at various stages and how to avoid them etc ... remembering
  3. Two Words ... You Tube ... Make your kit alteration ... demo it ... then do a build conversion to demonstrate how easy it all is ... "if you enjoyed todays video, please like and subscribe - and for purchases click on the link to the web store in the comments section below" ... Title of the vid should have all the buzz-words too: "converting the 1/32 HK Lancaster into a 617 XYZ special - with a 10T Tallboy" etc etc ... ... there are a metric crap-ton of modelling videos out there with heaps of subscribers and regular viewers ... if you don't like being on camera - keep the camera f
  4. Dunno how you missed the news for the Val ... It's been around for a while. But the Kate is news to me??? ... Where did you hear that??? ... I know a lot of us are WISHING that someone would do a Kate at the same time to complete the Pearl Harbour / Midway trio ... but I haven't seen the announcement anywhere. Rog
  5. While I don't agree completely with ALL of the comments ... (Tamiya are good - but others just as much so in their own ways) ... I DO agree that the Tamiya cars are very well designed and fairly easy to build ... I built the Texaco Edinberger Ford Cosworth Sierras (each box had markings for car numbers 1 & 2) - after I saw them Race at Bathurst one year ... Senna's/Nakajima's F.1 Lotus Honda ... Senna/Prost McLaren Honda ... Mansell's/Berger's Ferrari ... Alesandro Nanini's Beneton Ford ... all excellent fun to build ... Rog
  6. Now all you need to do is get to work on the Kate Rog
  7. Now we have an A6M2b Zero and a Val ... where's the Kate? Rog
  8. Well that explains a lot! ... Ok why not the A6M2b?? Given all the reviews I read and seen? ... I seriously doubt it! All of the ZM kits are on a scale of: very good -to- exceptional ... With the Skyraider: you're thinking of the first couple of releases: SWS-03 and SWS-07 . The recent boxings: SWS-15 and SWS-16 contain a full complement of the appropriate weapons. So obviously SWS-15 and 16 Well I suppose he listed his top 3 of each ... but both Ki-45 kits are something else ... every release they just ke
  9. Can’t speak for the jets, but Tamiya prop kits are always a safe bet ... so if you don’t want any of the Spitfires, Mustangs or Corsairs (or that beautiful Mosquito kit) ... go the A6M5. The Hs.129 is the latest kit from ZM ... and each successive kit from them has been better and more refined than the last ... I haven’t heard anything legitimately bad about any of those that you mention - I like them all, but the Hs.129 is the latest and greatest. Rog
  10. A couple of sets arrived for the 2 Classy Hobby "Luchs" tanks ... the 20mm and an Mg.34 ... x2 Rog
  11. I know ZM have one in development in '32 ... How do we know this is Tamiya? ... or '32?? Rog
  12. There's a dedicated thread already underway for that one. I know there's been some discussions about a Do.17 but I haven't heard anything further. Rog
  13. Nice .... didn’t they decide to do a Do.17z at some point?!?! ... any further word on that one?!? Rog
  14. The last box of the recent spate of orders arrived today ... A small one ... With a massive turned metal barrel (for the Tiger) and bits to put it together. ... and a couple of turned metal machine gun barrels for the Pz.38(t) Now I have to pick a kit for a WIP I can't build the Luch's because they don't come with the metal barrel and I can't find anywhere with 2 in stock at the moment So that leaves the Pz.IV.H, the Tiger, the Panther and the Pz.38(t) ... decisions, decisions! Rog
  15. All in good time, I'm sure ... There are quite a few 32' scale projects in their pipeline at the moment - With at least 2 other Hs.129 kits planned that I'm aware of ... I'd imagine if the great COVID toilet paper crisis hadn't held them up, then we'd probably already have at least one of them out. Rog
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