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  1. Well ... It took a while that seemed like forever ... but I finally got my RAAF markings for the F/A-18.F and G Rog
  2. Not to forget the MDC ones ... which are a little short ... from memory?! Rog
  3. Hey Kev ... Hope this is just stepping back and not disappearing from the community? "You done a real fine job here man" ... Rog
  4. Apparently the RAN G was a special F build for Aus ... without the camel hump up top and a bent up refiller probe... dunno if the IP's were different tho?? Got an E because someone else has already done a RAN G build off an E ... and no hump! Rog
  5. Hey bud ... will this stuff work on a Trumpy A-4E to A-4G conversion?? Or does the K have even more weird stuff ?? Rog
  6. I’d be interested in this also having grabbed a Trumpy E and some decals for an RAN G Rog :)
  7. I have the kit - I think? (Bf.109E ??) ... but I'll need a few days to drag it out of the stash and scan the sheet for you ... If you get them before the weekend please post here otherwise I'll try to scan ASAP Rog
  8. A toilet bomb? ... I haven't looked at sprues yet ... but I'm going guess at "no' ? Rog
  9. I just bought 32' scale F/A-18 intakes for my Academy (3 sets) and Trumpeter (2 sets) kits ... and they are awesome! ... Such a pity there's very little else in AM for the Trumpeter kits - but at least there's these Rog
  10. Last package of the latest batch in ... First ... An A-4E Skyhawk kit - to be repurposed as an RAAF A-4G ... I know there's a bent up fuel probe to be attached but other than that I think all externals are the same. Next ... the latest couple of Skyraiders from ZM ... Now I'm up to date with the entire collection Rog
  11. If it was that long it must have been about 1/100 scale ... A 1/200 Bismark is about 1.25m long ... so a Panzerschiff would probably be about 90cm-1m long with the Scharnhorst somewhere in between that. Rog
  12. Ok ... More stuff for the RAAF Project(s) ... On Thursday the "Hornets Down Under" book turned up ... It looks like it might be ok as a reference but I haven't investigated it enough yet to be able to tell if theres any pointers to variant differences ... Dunno why they'd include a cutaway of a 'C' ... since we didn't use 'em???? Yesterday my order from Spruebrothers turned up ... An Academy F/A-18D to be converted to an RAAF B It has be pointed out to me that a "Must Have" in terms of AM for jets is seamless intakes where you can get 'em ... most of which are corrected if there are dimensional or shape issues ... so I grabbed this GT Resin gear in the order ... for the 3 "Legacy Hornets" and the F and G kits in my possession. Rog
  13. Shut. Up. And. Take. My. Money!!! 1/200 Bismarck ... Check! 1/200 Scharnhorst ... Check! Now all I need is a 1/200 Panzerschiff ... Graf Spee will do nicely thanks!! Rog
  14. So I'm beginning to realise!! Rog
  15. These two don't look THAT far off, thanks ... I'll need to see an actual bottle of XF-83 ... I'm getting several different colour swatches on google for that colour ... one has a light blue tinge to it and that one seems to be almost a direct match ... I've had the suggestion thrown my way elsewhere that Mr.Hobby Aqueous acrylic's provide a better range and some better direct colour matches - there are direct FS colours and a couple of BS colours (just not the ones I'm after at present) ... the bonus is supposed to be that Mr.Hobby shoots better than Tamiya also! Rog
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