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  1. It's possible ... But the A-20G had the Martin turret on both the perspex and solid nosed variants ... The G also had a rear canopy (sans turret) on both perspex and solid nosed variants ... Some G's were issued with the perspex nose and converted to solid nose in the field ... At either rate ... the rear fuselage was widened to accomodate the Martin turret ...on those block numbers where it was installed. Rog
  2. Final box from Booktopia ... This book looked interesting ... Pretty chunky with pic's and text ... Rog
  3. ... That IS just a normal purchase ... some nice variety in that lot though ... b I've been thinking about some of those Hasegawa Japanese kits lately ... Rog
  4. ... you say that like the flying pillbox looks beautiful!! At least I know there was a 128 now ... Rog
  5. I don't ... even if vertically challenged! Rog
  6. A fair whack of my final book order arrived today with a surprise ... I rang Booktopia the day after the mysterious "lost" parcel from Amazon arrived ... and I cancelled the 2 books on the B.25 and on the Bf.110, Me.210 and 410 I was given a PayPal refund ... Heres todays deliveries ... And ... a free inclusion ... The books are well filled out ... So now I have 2 books on the Mitchell !!! Rog
  7. Need a hug mate? ... Knowing HpH though ... they'll still be asking for drug money prices. So the hurt might not be THAT bad Rog
  8. I hope you actually get a Hs.129 instead!! ... dunno what a 128 looks like Rog
  9. Well .... I almost didn't waste the time with the one word answer ... it really is an annoying question - why buy ANY kit at all - if we should all just scratch build?! But ... if HGW haven't designed a modular build ... this presents an excellent opportunity for the AM cut-n-shunt resin heads ... OR mr Model Monkey!! The first problem is that rear turret area ... on the real deal the fuselage was widened a fair bit to fit the Martin turret assembly in. Now ... that could be just the fairings etc that are obvious to the eye ... but ... it also could be a widening of the entire fuselage in that place ... I just don't know ... Assuming the former version ... then it's a straight swap of two "plugs" ... Same with the nose assembly ... but building that - especially the clear sections ... is likely to involve skills I'll never develop ... like vac forming or resin casting. Don't ever get me wrong ... I'm not bagging the HGW release ... I love the G with the Martin turret and solid front end ... 20mm's or .50 cals poking out ... it looks super mean. But HGW could have probably made so much more out of it than the one variant ... I would've happily grabbed a 3 or 4. I don't think people realise just how prolifically used this aircraft was. Rog
  10. Again ... REALLY nice work ... this printing lark is really coming of age!! So many corrections /detail issues look to become minor problems with this sort of stuff employed. Rog
  11. Well ... this thread was a train wreck waiting to happen ... Rog
  12. So true ... Yet with the conversion at least there IS a way in! ... With no Do.17z in sight I'm Bummed!! Rog
  13. I notice the seam around the nose .... and I was hoping that it was a join seam ... So that HGW could release glazed nose variants in the future. But then I noticed that the mid-fuselage dorsal section with the Martin turret is part of the main fuse ... bummer ... If they do go for further releases they'll need new moulds. Rog
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