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  1. Yeppers .... and the rear ventral turret is missing .... and the nacelles are off ... definitely NOT an 'A Team' effort. Still ... there are that many enthusiasts out there that someone will get onto the AM gravy train at some point, I'm sure. And if not ... I'll hide it at the back of the display cabinet Rog
  2. It's been a while since I had anything to post here ... This book arrived a couple of weeks ago - another great book from Rich at Chandos Publications: But I knew this box was on the way so I thought I'd wait ... Because its a bulk purchase they sent one of these ... TBH I'd rather a $50 voucher for Dan Murphys so I can grab a carton of Crownies and watch the footy. 1/35 scale is good for dioramas .... But I've decided that bigger is better for stand alone displays and so this is my first foray in 1/16 with more on the way ... And ... I know, I KNOW it's a turd ... but all those nose guns ... and someone is bound to make some AM corrections. Rog
  3. waitaminute ... There’s a Ju.52 in development and originally it was due for release later this year. We know that timeframe is obviously not going to happen ... but the only part of that listing (ostensibly) that is incorrect is that product code. so while the product code is incorrect - there will be a 1/32 Ju.52 by HKM - at some point. Rog
  4. Short answer: yes and has been for some time ... however a 2020 release date might be considered a little ambitious considering the gestation period from CAD to Kit. Rog
  5. Thank you all Very busy last couple of days ... Rog
  6. Kev ... The Pz.III (L or M) is due out shortly (AT LAST!!!!!!) ... a StuG was announced at the same time as the Pz.Kfpw ... I'm hoping for a re-release of the Panda 38(t) and that someone does a Pz.II A-F ... Meanwhile I have a couple of Classy Model Luchs on the way (one of each) ... and I'll probably go for the Hobby Boss Tiger next. But that Pz.III with the big 50mm is the holy grail for me Rog
  7. The only "Fun" I see on this thread is people bagging the 32' scale Ju-52 ... I understand if not everyones cuppa ... but personally, I can't wait!!! - It's one of my two Holy Grail kits. This and the Do.17z (looking likely to be popped by Infinity now) ... So, no, I never thought this was the mystery kit - especially since K1 said it was nothing mentioned on the other thread (and the Ju.52 was) ... But I'm sure glad to see that they're following through with it!! Rog
  8. This is old news - unless we’re talking imminent kit release ... But judging by the lack of corrugations, I would suggest the CAD has a ways to go before tool up. Rog
  9. OR ... Maybe it's the outrageous price tag - Triple the price you'd expect to pay for a highly detailed IM kit - I don't care how many guns it has!! ... Coupled with the medium being resin instead of basic, easy to work with plastic - that would prove to be dissuasive ... or perhaps the way that the parts are cast ... recent issues with fit etc?? ... Rog
  10. TBH .... I've always thought that's his best bet - let the cottage industry go to town on the super detailing. Mind you - easier said than done isn't it?? ... To include just enough detail for Joe Average - without causing cost blow outs for over tooling. Rog
  11. If that's the case ... Given that the gestation period for these things is quite a while - I was thinking it might be a bit early for the Ju-52 still - I just didn't want to jinx it in case it arrived earlier than expected . I'd be expecting more CAD and a few test shot sprues before release on that one ... Interesting that it's an all new kit of something that hasn't been publicly acknowledged by Neil before?! He's done well to keep it under wraps for the 5+ years that it take's to design and pop these out. I wonder if he's managed to get some "expert" input on the aircraft (to avoid any obvious design errors) ... He's SENDING it Monday?? ... enjoy the 3-4 week postal period due to Virus Panic Syndrome ... My Ar-234 book from Rich just landed in Melbourne on July 2 - after leaving the UK on June 13 and given the lockdown situation over there atm I'm expecting it'll be a while before it gets here!! ... Crazy. I hope he'll let you do the big reveal .... but if not ... I'll be ready when it hits the shelves - Metros just restocked with HKM stuff last week and demand for our hobby has increased due to home-time ... strange that he was advised against releasing?! Rog
  12. What intrigues me is that it occupies number #33 ... The most recent Flying Fortress was #30 ... There's also another bunch of numbers missing .... wonder what they're allocated to??? Also ... The Meteor is an F.4 - so I'm sure it's Cold War and not WWII (which is why I didn't get one) Rog
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