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HpH news - 1/32 Kate, Marauder, Ventura and 1/48 B-47


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14 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

My new HpH Avia B.534 arrived today, and it is great. The corrected wing really helps matters, but I haven't gone through everything else to see what else they improved upon. The instructions look a lot like an Eduard booklet, and it's got 4 schemes in it









How have they improved the wing, I have the original release?

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HpH has just posted a new update about the Kate on its Facebook page:




The text:



Plastic parts for new model Kate, other parts will be from resin.


And the photos:

























Good to see the clear parts will be injection-moulded. But oh the irony of injection-moulded detail parts being made for a set of resin wings and fuselage!



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1 hour ago, Markjames1968 said:

The problem here is that like the helldiver, the resin parts wont work well with the injected components, HPH’s biggest failing was designing an injected helldiver and then selling bits of their resin one to detail it, due to resin shrinkage and thicknesses , its like they were designed for a different scale


... A classic case of straddling the fence giving you splinters (in an area you don't want 'em!!). The thing about the SB2C is: The whole original kit was resin ... The IM kit was a ground up design - and to be fair, also their first attempt ... Bit's designed to go with one kit will not necessarily work on another ...


... In comparison - reviews on the Vamp and Val appear to be fairly decent in the main and there appears to be no bad reviews on the resin parts either with only the odd complaint about the usual fit issues experienced in fitting AM resin upgrades to an IM kit ...


Hopefully this Kate will be more of the same ... I certainly hope so ... It's the only one in 1/32!


Rog :)


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I believe the Helldiver issue may be a very convoluted one, not easily explained.  For example, some builders reported the rear canopy not only fit poorly, it was woefully inaccurate.  Yet the canopy for the *resin* version of the kit was accurate, and - just to top it all - apparently fits with no problems on the plastic version! :huh:

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I probably would not buy the HpH Kate as their resin kits have such bad reputations and would probably cost a lot more that an injection kit.

As to the Border kit it would look odd beside the 1/32 Infinity Val so that is a no no as well.

Mind you if Border fetched out a 1/35 BP Defiant, Fairey Battle,  Fulmar or Barracuda at a reasonable price I would be sorely tempted.





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I’m still happily holding out for this HPH 1/32 scale Kate— resin or not. The 1/35 Border Kate simply has no appeal for me. Yes, it looks like it will be nice, but I’m not willing to get started in a new scale at my age. I have the Tamiya A6M2 and the Infiniti Val in the stash (not to mention their early-war USN Pacific adversaries), and I don’t feel like adding an off-scale Kate to the mix. 

Just me— others no doubt have a different view…

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