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  1. Same here - the Viggen will be only the second jet kit in my stash (after the HK Meteor)
  2. I'm in - confirmation email recieved!
  3. It certainly wasn't. There are recorded cases of pilots shooting at men in parachutes from all sides of the conflict.
  4. Would you build, say, a Spitfire or Hurricane in the markings of Douglas Bader then?
  5. Wear a mask and wet sand. Problem solved.
  6. They were compared to what WNW kits are selling for on Ebay right now!
  7. The Fokker E.V/D.VIII was a re-pop of the Avis kit, so I'm interested to see how the Magister compares.
  8. The timing of the crash was unfortunate, to say the least. Hannants put a load of WNW kits up for sale (all with damaged boxes) but I couldn't log on to tell anyone - they're all gone now, they all sold within a couple of hours.
  9. vince14


    I heard that Rover were only paying Tata £900 for each vehicle, yet they were selling them in the UK for nearly £7k. It might not have been so bad if the Rover management had sold them for a more realistic price.
  10. vince14


    You sure Vauxhall and Rover can be classed as great car companies? Vauxhall has made nothing but dire crap since 1945 (the only good Vauxhalls were re-badged Opals) and has constantly been on the verge of collapse since the 1980's. Whereas Rover made a car - the CityRover, a re-badged Tata Indica - that was so bad they refused to lend one to Top Gear for them to review, and it actually hastened the demise of the company just two years after it was released.
  11. Ah, but you see a WNW thread that goes drifting off in other directions is not exactly, shall we say, unwelcome for the mods. They have their reasons why they don't want endless WNW speculation, but equally they don't want to lock every WNW thread as soon as it pops up lest it be viewed by some members as heavy-handed moderation. Closing or re-naming this thread is only going to encourage a new WNW thread to appear, so a little thread drift occuring does no harm...no criticism of the mods here (and I'm not suggesting it's some sort of official policy), but whether it's muscle cars or your tipple of choice, there does seem to be a pattern to WNW threads goin' a'driftin. So let's do the mods a favour and enjoy the odd bit of thread drift. If you're keen on discussing what's happening with WNW I can highly recommend the forums at http://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com or http://forum.largescalemodeller.com, or the Wingnut Wings Fans group on Facebook.
  12. Also 85% of the UK's annual rainfall...
  13. Sounds pretty much like they're going to sell off the remaining stock at some point then. I have 72 WNW kits in the stash, so I should be OK for a while - although I'd be tempted to get another Gotha G.IV and SE.5a, when the Ebay prices eventually drop.
  14. And my house is older than your country!
  15. Well, it gets to 25 degree C in the UK on at least seven days of the year. Anything over 10 and people are out in t-shirts and shorts - well, that it until it rains again.
  16. For good access to aviation-related locations, you're primarily looking at the East Midlands, Lincolnshire, Norfolk or Suffolk - essentially anywhere that's South of Lincoln, East of Leicester and North of London. The pins are for a few aviation museums, but it's by no means comprehensive (Duxford is in Cambridgeshire, Newark Air Museum is in Nottinghamshire etc. and they're both missing off this map). These places can be cheaper to live in than London (although Cambridge is expensive), but they're also a lot more - shall we say - rural than the rest of the country.
  17. vince14

    HPH DC-3

    So it looks like it might be on the way then. It's HPH so it'll need a bit of modelling elbow grease, but it'll look spectacular when completed.
  18. vince14

    HPH DC-3

    Does anyone know whether HPH is still planning to release their 1/32 DC-3? The C-47 is available on their site, but no mention of the DC-3 version.
  19. just think, if the boundless energy applied to the ongoing complaints about the ongoing circular discussion of what may or may not be the future of WingNut Wings were applied to *actually* building the things - we’d have double the surge of really wonderful builds to follow!
  20. Indeed, if there is a positive to WNW closing it's that other kit manufacturers can (A) see there is indeed a market for 1/32 WWI kits, and (B) not be put off entering that market because it's dominated by one manufacturer.
  21. Same here. Arrived in SF on the 25th March, then didn't leave there until 18th April. Now on it's way to the UK via Japan...and it's only a decal sheet!
  22. He’s worth over $250m, and WNW was essentially a vanity project that we all got to share in. I seriously doubt he’ll be heading down the food bank if he doesn’t sell the molds.
  23. You're assuming that PJ will be forced to dispose of the molds but it appears that this is a voluntary company closure (not bankruptcy or liquidation), which if so would mean it's down to the Company Director what he wants to do with the remaining assets. He might want to sell the molds, but he also might want to leave them gathering dust because he plans to re-launch WNW in future. He might even have them destroyed to prevent another company cashing in on them and diluting the WNW legacy. Hell, he might have them shipped to NZ to sit rusting on his front lawn for the next 50 years - he can certainly afford to do so. No-one knows what will happen with WNW or the molds right now, so we can't just assume the kits will re-appear again in future under a different name.
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