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  1. A decent MiG-17 in 1/32 would be a godsend - we only have the pretty awful Trumpeter kit. Not only that, it served in over 40 different air forces around the world. Think of all the unusual colour schemes!
  2. From the Kotare Facebook page: Just in case you were wondering, K32001 Kotare 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Ia (Mid) is still on schedule for release later in 2022. Unfortunately, considering the numerous current worldwide supply chain etc disruptions it would be foolhardy of us to try and be any more specific right now, but more information will be forthcoming quite soon.
  3. I think the problem manufacturers might have with kitting the Jenny is that, outside of North America, it's a fairly obscure aircraft - certainly less well-known than the Avro 504. However, if Roden do indeed produce the Avro 504 that they've indicated is in their pipeline and it sells well then a Jenny might be worth them considering (although I hear that sales of their SPAD XIII were disappointing).
  4. I don't see any bitching about it, all that's happening is that people are expressing what they hope will come in future from them. I won't be buying one of their Spitfires as I'm not interested in the subject at all, but I still hope they sell a ton of them as that'll mean they will have money to do other subjects in future.
  5. Thanks both! Now I just need to find someone who can make some custom decals as well..!
  6. If anyone is going to do a Jenny in 1/32 it'll either be ICM, Copper State, or maybe Roden.
  7. Does anyone know of any sites (or even books?) that provide detail photos of the Chengdu J-7/F-7 series? I'm looking to build the Trumpeter kit, but all I've found online thus far is not that useful (i.e. no cockpit or undercart views etc.).
  8. I'm not bothered by Spitfires at all, but a new Ki-43 would be nice so we can finally retire the ancient Hasegawa kit - and a LaGG-3 would be most welcome.
  9. Aside from the Dr.I and Lancaster (both of which were under development but not released by WNW) there is no news on the remaining moulds. As WNW simply closed and didn’t go bankrupt, it’s down to Peter Jackson to decide what happens to them.
  10. Pretty sure that no-one would ever have produced decals for a WHIF Nimrod, that would have been a sure-fire way to lose money. I think your best bet is to see what you can use from this decal sheet and whatever spare decals you have.
  11. I have a spare set of sprue C2 (which is the second sprue, Scott has C1) as mine had a cracked upper portion of the front turret which was replaced by Albion Alloys. If you want it, you're more than welcome to it.
  12. I think the only one which is truly rare nowadays is the Gotha G.IV
  13. I had an email from Albion Alloys (the UK importer for the kit) offering to send me a new sprue free of charge, so hopefully all will be well!
  14. Got mine - in spite of the careful wrapping up of the clear parts, I had a badly cracked part on sprue C2. Have emailed Hannants for a replacement...
  15. Wow, three pages already for what is essentially a 'I know a bloke down the pub who knows the Queen' story. Kotare are truly the heirs to WNW.
  16. Except that Boeing itself convinced the FAA and the airlines that additional training on the MAX wasn’t required because Boeing wanted to save costs. Even experienced US pilot’s couldn’t react in time to the MCAS problem in the simulator. Ethiopian Airlines, in fact, has one of the best training programmes in the world.
  17. I highly recommend the book ‘Flying Blind’ by Peter Robison, it shows how far Boeing had fallen from an engineer-led business to a ‘profit above all else’ corporation which led directly to the MAX accidents.
  18. There are a couple of books from Osprey that cover Japanese Naval airmen that might be of use: https://ospreypublishing.com/japanese-naval-aviation-uniforms-and-equipment-1937-45 https://ospreypublishing.com/imperial-japanese-naval-aviator-1937-45
  19. Looks like Lukgraph are progressing with the Wapiti that was first mooted five or six years ago...
  20. These look excellent - any chance of a replacement canopy for the Trumpeter MiG-17? The kit one is awful...
  21. It depends on what boxing you have. If it's one of the later 'brown box' kits, then parts for both types are included. If it's one of the earlier, original boxings then the parts are specific to that version.
  22. I'm putting a fork in this one and calling it done. Not a great kit, and not my best effort either, but at least it's now off the Shelf of Doom after six long years...
  23. As far as I'm aware the status from last year hasn't changed - at this stage I'd like to think they're 'on hold' rather than closing down, but I know that Rowan had some health issues.
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