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  1. You do realise that this forum is, technically, social media too?
  2. The bad news for them is that their identity has probably already been stolen. Having an old (or no) cell phone won't protect you from identity theft.
  3. A mate of mine once got to fly in Ed Force One from London to Helsinki with the band for a gig - let's just say that once the seatbelt lights went off, it wasn't exactly what you'd call a normal inflight service...
  4. Little known facts; - Lemmy from Motörhead was a modeller - Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is type rated for the B737 & B757, flies Iron Maiden around the world in their own jet, and also flies replica WWI aircraft at airshows
  5. I'm assuming that metal isn't your music genre of choice...
  6. You'd certainly trip over them at my house, I've got about 90 1/32 WWI kits in the stash. Mind you, I don't have anything too niche in my stash, like a Spiteful or Seafang...
  7. I don't think they have a warehouse full of stock left. After completing the orders placed via the website, it appears they shipped the remaining stock to Hannants and MBK before letting Weta have the remains. The website will be there for a while yet but I wouldn't be surprised if that too eventually disappears. There's no official word on what's happening with the molds but PJ is notorious for not letting others ride off his coat tails - he keeps some of the props from his movies for himself for example, but makes sure the remainder and the sets are destroyed so they can't be use
  8. Funny how some people think that 3D printed cockpit panels amount to the 'death of the hobby', yet the thread on 3D printed seatbelts hardly raises a murmur...
  9. I think the Lukgraph Wapiti is due to be with us by the end of the year.
  10. Also makes you wonder why he's in landing configuration when he's still a good 25 miles away from the nearest airfield...
  11. I'm just pointing out that we all use different add-ons to improve our kits, but using them doesn't make you any less of a modeller. If you managed to read my follow-up post you would presumably have understood this.
  12. But isn't that the beauty of aftermarket parts and decals? If someone finds building cockpits to be less than enjoyable, then it's a positive for them. If you're happy to scratchbuild for hours and hours to make your cockpits more realistic, then that's fine too. There really is no right or wrong here - just whatever suits the individual.
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