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  1. True, and it's amazing how the 'Bomb in a Pickle Barrel' myth still exists to this day. During 1943 the USAAF heavies were only able to put 16% of their bombs within 1000ft of the aiming point - which was actually lower than the RAF was achieving at night. By 1945, and even with the benefit of the Norden Bombsight, something like 40% of bombs dropped failed to land within 1000ft of the target.
  2. It's fine for me, and I've tried on multiple devices.
  3. Not really the time or place for an arguement, but if someone you loved bought a ticket for a 70 year old fairground ride and it caught fire and killed them, I'm pretty sure you'd be wanting recompense for your loss.
  4. Looking at this, I'm amazed anyone survived at all.
  5. Both kits are exactly the same plastic in the box and, IIRC, there's only one part which is used on one version and not the other.
  6. It'd be completely inappropriate for any RFC aircraft - as others have pointed out, the technique didn't come into use until the mid-1920's.
  7. Well, I think the picture is of a Le Rhone 9J, so... - No point listing the Dr.I as we already know that's coming, I can't see them releasing three versions at once - Can't be a Hanriot HD.2 because that was powered by a Clerget 9B - I suspect that if it was a Comic they'd just announce it as it's essentially another version of the Camel - You've missed the Avro 504, Bristol M.1, and RAF F.E.8 off your list - The fact they specifically mentioned 'French' would lead us to the Nieuport family, the Hanriot HD.1 or the SPAD SA-2 - But 'French' does not rule out the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter - IIRC the French built and operated more Strutters than the British did
  8. Well I was right with guessing that the Brandenburg D.I was coming, so I'm going to say that the 'French le Rhone' kit is going to be the Hanriot HD.1...
  9. Indeed. The old Revell 1/72 Fokker D.VII has been released over the years with Goering's aicraft as a decal option as well. I also seem to recall that there were murmurs of discontent from various quarters when WNW released the W.29 without including decals for Friedrich Christiansen's aircraft - and he turned out to be a Nazi war criminal too. So much discontent, in fact, that WNW went with his aircraft as the sole option for the W.29 in the Felixstowe Dualists set...
  10. People build kits with Swastikas on them, so I don't really see the difference. If you're going to say that a kit depicting Goering shouldn't be made, then logically you should also be opposed to any model of anything German from the period 1933-45.
  11. They're using a proxy address in the US to make Paypal work. Trust me, Paypal remains banned in Turkey.
  12. Well 3962 West Canyon Avenue in San Diego is actually just a patch of wasteland opposite the HQ of a biomedical company, so I'm going to say it's the latter! It's a common tactic used by people in countries where setting up a Paypal account is problematical.
  13. Don't hold your breath. Paypal has been banned in Turkey since 2016, because the local financial rules dictate that all IT systems used for financial transactions must be completely based in-country.
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