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  1. Greg VanWyngarden ( a noted WWI aviation historian) has stated that D.VII F 5125/18 was almost certainly painted white at the Fokker factory at Goering's request.
  2. Valom do a nice range of 1/144 WWI types, including a Camel.
  3. Yes, 'willy' is probably the least offensive slang word going in Britain. I think every boy in the UK from the ages of 2-10 (and probably their parents as well) refer to it as a willy.
  4. It's just British slang for someone who is a bit of a show off about their possesions - 'No WNW Gotha G.IV in your stash, chap? Well, I have two...'.
  5. Just announced by MikroMir - a 1/144 LZ 13 Zeppelin. Comes out at just over 1 metre long (a tad over 39 inches) https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/posts/3707898525954523
  6. Meng doesn't have any of the other WNW molds, only the Dr.I, and the chances of anyone re-popping the remaining WNW kits in the foreseeable future is remote. As an aside, the seller managed to find someone to buy the kit for £850...however, someone is now trying to flog one for £1,100! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-32-Wingnut-Wings-Gotha-G-IV-32005/293830961787?hash=item4469b0aa7b:g:ZPYAAOSwnNtfrvXG
  7. That's way over the top, but a reflection on how stupid WNW prices have become. There's even a Pheon decal sheet on Ebay for £150! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pheon-Decals-Rare-OOP-32011-Albatros-D-V-Va-Vol-1/324349744080?hash=item4b84c053d0:g:hjoAAOSwEwdfl16H
  8. Sad news indeed, but if I can offer any advice I'd say keep on building for as long as you can. Keeping your mind active not only helps you maintain key skills, it also gives you motivation to get through the bad days. I introduced someone with PTSD to modelling and it's been a discovery for him. As he says, the simple act of sticking pieces of plastic together eases the mind.
  9. There may still be some decals/sprues etc. lying around in the old WNW offices (so if you're in need of a spare it might still be worth emailing WNW to see if they can help), but I've been told by someone with very good knowledge of the situation that all of the remaining stock of boxed kits was shipped in the summer to the likes of Hannants and MBK.
  10. There is no remaining stock, it's all gone.
  11. And yet, as this thread has proven, Japanese manufacturers have more modern versions of a variety of Japanese WWII aircraft in 1/32 than the Ki-43.
  12. That's true of almost all single seat fighters of WWII to a casual observer- the P-47 is a fat P-51, the Hurricane is a chunky Spitfire etc. It still makes no sense why Tamiya or Hasegawa haven't released an updated version. Their primary market - by a very long way - is the Japanese modeller. All I can think of is that American WWII aircraft hold a similar fascination to the Japanese modeller that the Luftwaffe does to the Western modeller i.e. the bad guys seem cooler.
  13. I'm still confused as to why we don't have a 1/32 replacement for the Ki-43 - it's such an iconic aircraft of the Pacific War.
  14. I guess they are the exception to the rule. I used to know a commercial pilot who wasn't even interested in aircraft or flying that much - he just wanted a 'glamorous' job when he was young and airline pilot fitted the bill. This guy might have earned a living in an A320, but he couldn't tell you the difference between a Spitfire and a Camel and would turn his nose up at the idea of flying a Cessna for fun. IIRC he spent most of his spare time thinking about yachts.
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