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  1. I still think Red Baron had the best campaign mode of any flight sim. Nothing since has come close.
  2. Great news, Microprose was a huge chunk of my '20's! B-17, the Grand Prix series, X-COM, 1942: The Pacific Air War, Falcon, Knights of the Sky...
  3. It’s definitely a re-box of the Special Hobby kit.
  4. To be honest this whole thread now just drifts aimlessly...now no-one knows what it was originally about as the OP keeps editing the title and original post, and it just keeps getting bumped for no real reason other than to keep it going. It's like that episode of Friends where they keep throwing a ball to each other, but because it's been going on so long no-one knows why they're still doing it.
  5. Jeez, we used to have a 'pop van' round my way in the '70's and early '80's when I was a kid selling these - he'd turn up once a week and sell them, and you'd hand back your empty bottles. How times change.
  6. So if you generally might not notice or care about the issues, why waste time fixing them?
  7. The 1/12 Lancia Delta HF is good news - currently if you want one of those, you're looking at shelling out over £650 for the MFH kit.
  8. Not saying that Barker wasn't a great pilot, but I wouldn't put too much stock in what Billy Bishop said - the man had, shall we say, an interesting relationship with the truth...
  9. I've found that there are three rules when it comes to Britmodeller... - If it's not 1/72, it's not real modelling - Airfix make the best kits ever bar none - The 'Inner Circle' (i.e. the opinionated clique) must never be questioned or doubted Which is why I no longer frequent the place.
  10. Sure, there are a few trucks etc. in 1/32 that Fujimi make - but the fact remains that Airfix would sell a hell of a lot more of their car kits if they made them in 1/24 as opposed to 1/32. The simple fact is that there are more car modellers looking for 1/24 car kits than there are LSP modellers looking for a 1/32 car to pose with an aircraft model.
  11. The Japanese companies (and everyone other mainstream manufacturer apart from Airfix) settled on 1/24 for cars many, many years ago - there's not a single car in either the Tamiya or Hasegawa catalogue that's in 1/32. 1/20 became the standard for F1 cars, and that's stuck too. The only car kits widely available nowadays in 1/32 are all either Airfix or re-pops of decades old kits. I know why Airfix stick with 1/32 for cars - it ties in with Scalextric, which they also own - but it severely limits their potential pool of buyers. All the car modellers I know won't touch them, because they're in the 'wrong' scale.
  12. Indeed - and that's a scale used for cars by...absolutely no-one else. It's 1/24 for everything except F1 cars (which are 1/20).
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