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  1. Yep, I've never understood why people think kitting their pet favourite aircraft would be a 'licence to print money'. By and large model companies are designed to make profits (well, with the exception of Wingnut Wings - and we all know how that ended up), so if producing a 1/32 Fairey Fruitbat Mk.XVII was indeed a 'licence to print money' someone would have done it by now.
  2. Hannants will dispatch it very quickly - after that, it depends on whether you have angered the Mail System Gods or not.
  3. A LaGG-3 would be great as well.
  4. He's picked the wrong day to do it - almost everyone in the UK will be paying attention to something else instead...
  5. A Model 10 Electra in 1/32 would be cool.
  6. Edited - just realised you're in the US so a UK supplier might not be any good!
  7. That's a good point, actually. Whilst the older amongst us might not care for such things, anyone of a younger generation joining up will expect to see some sort of badges/achievements in place.
  8. The thing is, though, the previous system of 'kill markings' and titles like 'Hooked for life' under our avatars did exactly the same thing - divided us into categories and displayed it on our avatars for no apparent benefit - and no-one thought that was silly and divisive. If we get rid of this revamped system we should also get rid of post counts under avatars.
  9. I'm not bothered by them, but I'm at a loss as to why people are so upset by them. As far as I can see the only impact they have is slightly covering up a small portion of your avatar. Essentially, it's just a different graphical representation of the 'kill markings' which used to sit under your avatar denoting how may posts you've made, and that didn't seem to annoy anyone.
  10. There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest the cowl was yellow. Alex Imrie did an interview with Karl Timm, who was Voss's mechanic, in 1961 and showed him a few photos of F.I 102/17; "Herr TIMM states that this aircraft was colored grey, the foward part of the fuselage and the engine cowling were a very dark grey, to use TIMM"S own words an "earth grey", while the shade used aft of the cockpit and on the tail unit was "silver grey", all under surfaces were coloured light sky blue, and the top surfaces of the main planes were streaked in dark and light areas with various shades of grey. Herr TIMM has no recollection of doing any additional painting on this machine, he maintains that it was flown as delivered.". On top of that, the Jasta 10 colours at the time were yellow noses and tail. However, in all of the photos of 102/17 the rudder is clearly white. If the cowl was painted yellow, as per Jasta colours, then why wasn't the rudder and tailplane also painted yellow? If there was time to paint the cowl, then there was time to paint the rudder. Also, the three F.Is were effectively prototypes - only two were sent to the front to be evaluated by Voss and von Richthofen. There was never the intention that they would remain there, so there would seem little point in painting them in Jasta colours as they would be returned back to Fokker after the short evaluation. As it turned out, both had been shot down within a month of arriving at the front. Finally, the 56 Squadron Combat Reports from Voss's final flight make no mention of a yellow cowling, but do mention that the Fokker was 'silvery grey'.
  11. This is why I always laugh when I see companies advertising their products as 'military grade'. Military Grade just means it was built as cheaply as possible by the lowest bidder to a poorly thought out project scope.
  12. Hiroboy offer a wide range of wires, pipes, tubes etc. https://www.hiroboy.com/Wires_Cables_Hoses_etc--category--151.html
  13. Who did you buy it from? If it wasn't directly from MIG/AMMO, then I'd return it to the seller for a refund or replacement.
  14. So it was going to be an official WNW kit? That's interesting. I thought Richard had done some work on a 1/24 Dr.I as a side project that morphed into the Meng kit.
  15. WNW were never developing a 1/24 Camel (or any 1/24 kits, for that matter). Whilst the 1/32 Meng Dr.I is indeed the WNW kit, their 1/24 kit is all their own work.
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