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  1. Mine came through today as well - many thanks LH!
  2. Things about this incident that are true; The pilot did an excellent job of ditching a big, heavy aircraft with minimal damage The pilot is incredibly fortunate that he wasn't responsible for causing any deaths or injuries to people on the ground Rather than arguing on here without all the facts I'll wait for the NTSB report to discover whether the pilot had any choice on where he came down, and was therefore a result of circumstance or of decision. Certainly my instructors always drilled it into me that in the event of a forced landing in an area where there are likely to
  3. Haha, me as well! Mine's the one to the OX25 postcode
  4. There's also a global shortage of glass, as suddenly the world needs to find enough to bottle 20 billion vaccine shots. Zero Paints are moving from glass to plastic jars for the foreseeable future (I won't be buying until they change back, I've had bad experiences of long-term paint storage with plastic jars). Even brewers are getting impacted, there's not going to be enough glass to bottle alcohol this year so we're likely to see a rise in prices for things like whiskey.
  5. It'll be funny when the kit drops and the naysayers suddenly start complaining about the 'inflated' prices on Ebay.
  6. Well that will save some effort on detailing the gear bays!
  7. I think multi-screen support for MSFS is on the development roadmap.
  8. Hidden away in the secret WNW labs was this beauty that never got to see the light of day. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  9. Pretty good, and reminds me of a similar story. Sled pilot asks ATC for clearance to 60,000ft. ATC, not realising that he's talking to an SR-71, sarcastically responds "FL600 is yours if you think you can get there...". Pilot responds "Roger, DECENDING to FL600".
  10. I have one problem with FS2020 - it's too good looking. So much so that when I play DCS, and even the new IL-2 Great Battles, I can't but wish that they had the same level of environmental detail. For the same reason I also think that the airliners are a bit pointless in FS2020 - when you're cruising at FL350 you really can't appreciate the scenery too much. FS2020 is way better when you fly GA. Having said that, there's no 'pew pew pew' in FS2020, so I use DCS, IL-2, and Rise of Flight for when I feel like putting a few rounds of tracer into something.
  11. That's great news. I already own the Baby, the FF.33L is coming and there will be more WWI kits from Lukgraph - happy days indeed!
  12. What are the other WWI models? Have I missed it, or have they not been announced yet?
  13. I've ordered the Premium kit...can't wait for it to arrive!
  14. I've done well over a thousand transactions on eBay since 2004, both buying and selling kits, and I can honestly say I've only ever had one problem. That was a buyer who claimed his kit never arrived, despite the Post Office saying otherwise. I took the hit (it wasn't a huge amount of money) and then blocked him from ever bidding on my items ever again.
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