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  1. I think one of those build threads was by Ernie who, along with a few others, left in a bit of a huff a while ago after the handbags came out. I suspect as part of their departure they wanted anything they had ever done on the site removing.
  2. I'd take those comments with a pinch of salt. At this point in time no-one outside of WNW knows whether that area is going to be detailed or not.
  3. I can. In fact, I can afford to get two of them if I wanted. Not sure what it proves. In any case, the Lanc will be a bargain compared to MFH's 1/12 scale car kits. Their Ferrari 250 TR sells for about £800 a pop.
  4. Weirdly enough, the only Australian in the UK that I know is also the only person I know who drinks Fosters!
  5. I reckon WNW will regret kitting the Lanc. From now on all they'll get is bombarded by people telling them that they're utter, utter idiots and total amateurs because the diameter of the screws on the compass housing is out by a millionth of an inch, and therefore the kit is completely unbuildable (all whilst conveniently ignoring the various issues that crop up in, say, a Tamiya kit). Should've stuck with WWI. As we all know, the only surviving record of any WWI aircraft is Snoopy's Dog House so they could have carried on flogging kits of fictional aircraft like the Gotha UWD, and no-one would be any the wiser.
  6. I asked, and they're not making a Mac-specific version so you'll either have to have a dual-boot system or run it in a VM.
  7. These are pics from Microsoft's demo at E3 (link to the video in the first post), and funnily enough Microsoft had to keep on emphasing that it was genuine in-game footage and not something else. True, you're going to need a beefy rig to get it to look this good but from what I saw it makes Il-2's graphics look like they're made with crayon.
  8. Bear in mind that the vast majority of these racers are heavily modified from the original aircraft - it's not just a new coat of paint!
  9. What gets me is that the Trumpeter management then say 'This is subject that is very, very well-known by many people. Let's give it to the C Team to do, whilst the A Team concentrate on the 1:144 Fairy Fruitfly'.
  10. Good news for PC fight simmers - Microsoft is releasing a new version of their Flight Simulator next year, and it looks pretty darned good! Launch video on You Tube
  11. I can't agree with that statement. There's a wide body of knowledge about WWI aircraft, which includes such things as factory drawings in many cases. Just because there are no ancient Egyptians left alive today doesn't mean we don't know how the pyramids were built.
  12. Wait, you don't even put your own decals on them?!?!
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