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  1. Checking back on this new sheet. Any news on release date? Thanks Paul C
  2. Thanks for the update. I will I’ll pass till the MK103 version is out. Paul C
  3. ZM originally listed a B2 release which has the mk101, 103 or bomb racks. and a B3 release which would have the Pak 40 Hopefully this won’t be changed. This would require 3 separate kits if it was. Paul C
  4. The first shingles shot for myself and wife was really nothing, however the 2nd one (you are required to take 2 of them), was totally different. All joints hurt for a day, ran a fever, and all round felt terrible. 24 to 36 hours of really all round misery. After that, all was good. Having had chickenpox in my youth, I felt it was a necessary thing to get the vaccination. Paul C
  5. Good point. I was not clear that there are differences. I meant to say the H-1 builds into the correct H-1 and H-0 to a correct H-0. H-0 also has excellent box art. I never saw the original H-1 box only the slipstream edition which was the cartoon anime box art. I double checked Volks USA store and they are out of both. Still might be worth a email to them to see if they can check the Volks Japan store. Paul C
  6. If you can find the H-0 version I would go that way. The Slipstream version of the H-1 which was very common a few years ago, was made with different colors of plastic, i.e. wings, Fuselage etc. The H-O has all the same color grey. Either will build into the aircraft you want, I just prefer all the same color plastic. I never found the H-1 in anything but the slipstream edition. Paul C
  7. Just wanted to pass this on. In stock fair price. Glad to see the new Revell Germany kits coming back to the US. Paul C
  8. It's really a bit sad Hobbyboss and or Trumpeter don't spend a bit more time here on this site. There is a ton of info passed on here for free (many thanks), and the supplied knowledge is amazing. The kits in question are not inexpensive as we all know and it just seems that the companies used really bad photos, no line drawings or other type of aircraft info, then inputed it to a Cad Cam system, and them had the system generate the model, then the molds from that. We all know that they did a terrible design on the turrets by creating them the way they did and allowing a seam line in clear plastic, not to mention the large alignment pins inside the turrets. There is plenty of info on this aircraft for free, all of which could have been used by them to formulate a better overall model. Especially one of this size and scale. I guess they could have just paid Hasegawa the rights to up scale their 1/72 versions, as they overall appear to have a better overall look, especially the way Hasegawa did the turrets. The way they were done by Hobbyboss, is a bit of a insult to modelers in general IMO. Paul C
  9. Great, many thanks. Love his stuff Paul
  10. Has anyone found a company that makes a few decal selections for the Bf-109 G6 AS? Have the conversion now which is excellent but can’t find any decals. Thanks Paul C
  11. ZM also makes a huge amount of aftermarket sets for this kit. From wheels, to photo etch, all great stuff. You can find it in places like www.spruebrothers.com or volksusa.com. Excellent stuff. Paul C
  12. Thanks. Looking forward to it. Paul C
  13. Judy, any news on this sheet? Thanks Paul C
  14. Graham are these for sale on your site? Thanks Paul C
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