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  1. Advantage to the HK version, is the addition of the nose weight. I assume they will include it with this kit as it's in all the others. And it's not clear plastic. Not a fan of that. Paul C
  2. Their box art has really gotten impressive. Glad to see this one is out. Paul C
  3. The problem with most Youtube videos is they break the 3 minute rule for videos. Most people will lose interest after 3 minutes and move on. And many people talk too much and take too long. The idea from Kevin is a good one of just using text captions. Many times you can get the entire message across just fine that way. Paul
  4. Just wanted to post a thanks, to the various members who posted the info on the David Union grinder. It's a wonderful addition and the 300 easily takes the standard Dremel bits. Was able to find one on eBay in the US. The variable speed is so much better than a Dremel. Amazing amount of control and slower speed. Thanks again Paul
  5. Not sure what you are looking for from RB productions, but Sprue Brothers has a lot of their stuff "in stock". You might look there. If they show it in stock it really is. Love their site. Paul C
  6. Looking forward to this. Is a Grand Slam 22000 coming later? Paul C
  7. I was able to get my order in from Safari. But glad to help out. Looking forward to the products. Paul C
  8. I have used this one with no problems. Will hold all 1/32 fighters and the Do 335, much larger and you need to paint in segments. Comes with fan and filter and I use a standard drier hose for exhaust Paasche HSSB-22-16 Hobby Spray Booth https://www.midwestairbrush.com/pahospbo.html
  9. For the kit over 2200 euros. Which would be around 2500 us. The Trumpeter 1/48 VIIC is not a bad deal at 359.00. The old Accurate Armor kit as I recall was waterline only. And it was over 6 feet long if I remember correctly. It was for sale 20 years or so ago. I remember Squadron had them but can’t remember the price. The quay was extra. They also made a 1/35 V1 launching lamp and V1. Paul C
  10. IPad and iPhone will have totally different interface for the web. Website needs be mobile friendly for iPhone. This is why all iOS iPhone apps and iPad apps are different and not interchangeable. One of the big pains when developing a website so that it’s both mobile friendly and browser friendly. Since vast majority of web access is based on phones now and this your google ranking it’s more important then it used to be. Paul C
  11. Just a heads up, Their website when viewed on a iPhone appears to have an error where you can't get to the checkout. Odds are it's a "Mobile Friendly" problem. Works fine on PC/Chrome. Paul C
  12. I would love to see it. much more up to date than current Tamiya kits which are quite old. Display of 1/32 4 engine bombers is pretty difficult. Just too large. I loved the idea WNW was going to use in theirs in 1/32 with wings. Paul C
  13. Hope the “buy model” goes live soon. What a great plane with such history. glad to see this is coming sometime in the future. Paul C
  14. Can someone please share a website wheee this kit can be ordered? Hph site is down, the Infinity Models site appears to be both down and only in CZ language. I have searched but can only find links to the older resin kit. Thanks Paul C
  15. All the books I have read on the BF-109 seem to point to the F model as the best overall. It was the favorite of many of the Aces including Galland. Only problem was lack of offensive weight of firepower. G6 had better firepower but overall flight characteristics suffered and only got worse as more firepower was added. I am a big fan of the G family look forward to anything new. Would not expect anything new from ZM till end of 2021 however. They have yet to release the balance of HS-129. And they still have the FW-190 our there somewhere. Paul C
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