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  1. https://scontent-dfw5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/50969872_1180182918806966_8254737580235423744_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_ht=scontent-dfw5-1.xx&oh=0d90c22efc9d04727aca6abdd5483336&oe=5D2A55EA Picture from Nuremberg model show. Paul
  2. It's been on preorder at Freetime for a while now. I had hoped Trumpeter would release it in April on the 12th, but so far it's still not known when the date will be. There are a ton of good shots of the model on the Trumpeter facebook page. Plastic looks good, however it does appear to the experts that Trumpeter missed some of the port hole detail on the ship. Plating detail may be over done, and bow too slanted. Not sure on the last issue as most of the cameras involved are giving pretty hard distortion. https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAbEFtr1Ju6Z8vx4gDF8oHeOeO_iqoVeoFOoSi1ck7bC-85gP3Oq3UFaFsZKviKBoUGpZfk3D-_2v5s&hc_ref=ARQ0m3757bZH7_yMEF2SS0-0HacL4a3BOyNY3OwVP3JBx8HAJLrsgK94OF4GFwyuuQU&__xts__[0]=68.ARB2oiEgxfAUfCTjGVRYT4Q511pwtbJKT7mgXdgVlFgLbTNCz5vYDp_Kb1IVdaaGXbrtveVfx5_N1XAuYXbphZCUdP1YjR_iRhoTdKZRhCinlxpHm1_J2KPKVZUcuACV4pkCpvEz687Ueq3oP8PXpcAikelgEGYGjGDDDe5rq46UqV06RIz3IM9-EU1LPnaoO9BfDwn8rBjTNIuCRyHfg-c1ejUGbpB7OB5wlk42IKS7TxDfwb_xna04YVXHqEMa_HKbGkWqSLuj7XCoxxV_Xx7K5X_ZTcOeuG4ZED4FKdIrNgnLH7gxBwFZYgqLmpsV8-wGuRy3oCyem6T0CfGogdfaRg Hopefully this link gets you to their main facebook page, entry showing pictures is in January. It will be around 5 feet long as their Bismark is over 4. Will be a great kit and I wonder how much after market will be made for it, hopefully a wood deck. Trumpeter is showing quite a bit of photoetch already in the kit. Already issues have arisen, as so far it seem Trumpeter mirrored the portholes on both sides, and that is not correct. Paul C
  3. That's my concern. Revell is issuing a lot of new stuff, Revell Germany. And with the loss of the main US distributor it seems that most of the large US internet suppliers are scaling down all Revell. Ebay has been the main distribution channel for me recently, and all the sellers are in Europe. Note this is not large scale planes, but Revell just released in the 1/72 U-boat series a very nice kit, which has a lot of extras included from photo etch to wooden decks. Kit was out in Late March, showed up in most European outlets 1 week later, and eBay in 2 weeks. Never has made it into the US. Paul C
  4. Wondering if this will be released in the US? Revell has has had several new releases that seem to not be present in the US. But have been in Europe for a while. And in the Revell on line store. Not 1/32 aircraft per say but several new kits. Paul C
  5. Thanks for review. I purchased the book but was disappointed in limited number of color plates of various aircraft and overlooking the Japanese aircraft. Also limited color plates on the patterns on the wings especially German aircraft. For my liking the pages devoted to the RLM primary documents could have been used for other means. Unless you speak German. Liked the historical material. Flows well well with their new paint line. Paul C
  6. Will you sell just the resin gun tub as an accessory? I have the older conversion but have hoped a resin gun tub would come out. Looks like your new one is perfect. Thanks Paul C
  7. The Eduard tubes for the WR21 rockets appear out of scale due to the thickness of the lip of tube. I have emailed them several times. The metal tubes at least appear to scale at least to me. Looks like Ike a nice set. Looking forward to seeing the clear resin. Paul C
  8. Looking forward to your solution in resin. Hopefully they will carry over some of the details that show up on the kit clear parts. Paul C
  9. Glad to see you got a better answer than he gave me. I find it a bit strange however he gave me a one line sentence stating “No I will not” when I asked him about the previous 109 conversions. More are coming it seems eventually which is a good thing for sure. Paul C
  10. AMUR replied to my email looks like the BF 109 conversions out of stock are done. Too bad bad as they were very well done. Glad I was able to get some a while ago. Paul C
  11. Looks like amu reaver is out of most of their 1:32 BF-109 stuff. Are they still in business? Their conversations are excellent. Hope they still around. Paul C
  12. Not on the USA Volks yet. Just the paint set. Hopefully will show up soon Japanese site for Volks is showing arrival late March. Paul C
  13. It's just strange to me, that you have a kit in the $250.00 price range, the first B-24 ever in 1/32 and they went about the turrets so cheaply, almost like a toy. The glazing is wrong on one, both have seam lines running right down the middle of the clear, then you have the huge alignment pins. As many have mentioned, you can fix the seam with work and sanding (but you should not have to), but you can't take out those huge oversized alignment pins and holes. I realize that for many there are lots of other issues (wing chord, shape etc), but for me I can live with that, sure it could have been better. And it's not like the information was not available to them. On the B-24 J, the nose turret was so unique to the aircraft, so prominent, one of the first things you see when you look at pictures of the aircraft (at least for me). It would have taken all of 5 minutes to look at different kits of the B-24 J or H in smaller scales and realize a better way to work the turrets. And give a bit of respect to both the airplane itself and the modelers who will be building it. I am much more of a build from the box, no scratch build, modeler. I really don't want to pour resin and try to build a turret when the one in the box should have been better from the start. Vacuforming it may work, I personally don't like the look of canopies in vacuform, details never seem to be as crisp. It's obvious to me Hobby Boss, did not care, which is truly disappointing but is also a significant slight to this modeling community. This is not 1950, 60 70, etc. It's a era where all kits are laid out in cad cam or similar processes before any molds are cut. In the end, it's the only game in town and always will be for a 1/32 B-24. Bring on the the D. Paul C
  14. Keep your hopes up that Eduard will attempt something. They did a beautiful 1/48 deck gun for the 1/48 Trumpeter U-Boat. Not many of those sold either. Overall the turrets are a sad state of affairs. And they are pretty prominent. More time and consideration should have been placed on their design. I am am waiting for the D model. Polesti attack hopefully. Will still have rear turret issues possibly but the front will have the greenhouse nose. Hopefully they can make it in one piece. Paul C
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