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  1. Never did hear back. But now the H1 is totally off their site. Old page which I had book marked gives a 404 error so they took it down. I wonder if the H1 re stock was a bust. Shin den did happen. It still shows on VolksUSA main site but links not longer to the kit. Had sure hopped to see the H1 come back. did anyone get an order in? The window for me was never opened as as soon as I tried to order it in the 29th (first day of ordering) it was out of stock. Paul C
  2. Posting as a new thread so it won’t be at the bottom of previous thread. Freetime has the A26 in stock as of this afternoon. guess they will soon show up at the other internet retailers. Paul C
  3. On the VolksUSA site where I order most ZM stuff they are saying the pre-order window for the H1 is from sept 19rh 2015 through October 19 2015. Have to assume the 2015 year is a typo on their part as all of the rest of the information is current as it talks about the re-release of the kit. I have emailed them with a question on this. Paul C
  4. Just stared seeing a bunch of listing from I Love Kit. Many seem to be previous Merit or Trumpeter kits. Can anyone shed light on this? New company ? Or something else? Paul C
  5. Wow already sold out. will have to wait for another run I guess. Paul C
  6. I never really understood the arrangement between Trimaster and Dragon. Dragon ended up Bringing the long awaited Ju-88 G6 to market under their name. It has been listed by Trimaster for years. Dragon also re-released the original Trimaster kits under their logo without all the Trimaster extras. I believe the last Trimaster kit was the TA-152 C which was in a white box with a black and white drawing of the aircraft. All in 1/48. As I recall Trimaster’s Fe-190 D9 used the full wheel wheels from the FW-190 kits and did not have the rear of the engine exposed. I know the Dragon D9 has that error at least the early ones did. Most of the Dragon re-releases are still around. Paul C
  7. Are there any engine updates available now? Kit ones are really lame. still keep hoping for aftermarket turrets at least for front. Paul C
  8. The HO is moulded in all grey plastic. The H1 comes in silver and grey and black for various sprue. The engine is moulded in silver plastic which IMO does not look as crisp as other parts in grey or black. Still a great kit and only one I know of besides the limited run From Pacific. Can’t order from VolksUSA til 07/29/20 Paul C
  9. I sure did. Way too big. At least for display Sure glad they did the 1/48 version. Paul C
  10. Is this the new mystery model? With a place holder on their site? it’s a big too big for me. The 1/48 version is huge. Paul C
  11. Wondering when Spruebrothers Bro’s will get this. Paul C
  12. Would love a 110 G4. But not holding my breath. love all their stuff so whatever it is I am sure it will be a nice kit. paul C
  13. Note, they are no longer shipping directly to the US due the current situation. I ha e ordered from them in the past. Good service and produces. Paul C
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