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  1. LSP has been a wonderful resource for me. The members are knowledgeable and have no problem sharing. I agree finding other similar sites is not easy. Someday it it would be great to see LAP do a spin off site for the smaller scales. Paul C
  2. I missed the part of shipping for 5.5K, Still amazing eBay would allow such a listing. Paul C
  3. While looking for one of these, I found this on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-32-Focke-Wolf-Ta152H-1-SWS-modeling-village/254171907746?hash=item3b2dd386a2:g:BNoAAOSwCINckx4n 5.5K for a 1/32 Ta-152. Wow. Paul C
  4. ZM sometimes will put out just a upgrade set, like what they did on the Horten 2 seat option. I wonder if they will just release a MK103 upgrade, i.e. sprue S, or I guess it's possible they just won't release it all, however the brass barrel set including the MK103 makes me think something is coming in 2020. It would be nice to know this in advance, but I guess it's like many thinks out there now, why show a future plan which would possibly slow sales of the current kit on the shelves, i.e. folks passing to wait on the MK103 version. Paul C
  5. Thanks Dave, I am curious also. Not being that familiar with the Hs-129, I always thought the MK103 was the more supplied cannon. It seems the first release is more oriented to the African Campaign, where the 101 was in use. I believe the 75mm and MK103 were more common in Russian combat. I wonder if the "B3" version will have the MK103 and 75mm. The 75mm is a kit in itself. Paul C
  6. Surprising ZM left out the 103. As pointed out above their original literature claimed both would be available. Guess they will telease 3 sep boxing? As the 75mm version was always a sep kit. Paul C
  7. Jennings, thanks very much for the wings. RBrown, thanks for the painting tips. One question, you mentioned RLM Grey 04, did you mean RLM 02? Paul C
  8. Thanks to you guys for the help, couple of other questions. Is it safe to assume wings are 74/75? expect for the black part along wing roots. Top of fuselage is also 74/75, Under neath 76 What would the mottling be? I have seen some photos (I guess colorized) that seem to show a green here, but in 43 (when this aircraft was around), I am not sure if they were using any greens yet, so would be the mottling be a mixture of 75/74 or possible another color? Thanks Paul
  9. I found one. I have the AMUR conversation which has the mentioned bulge. Paul C
  10. Jennings do you have a pic showing the added bulge on the right side? I only have one where I can see the right side but all I see is the standard gun bulge. Thanks paul c
  11. No I was not and thanks for the info. So so far found a ton of the same b&w shots where the crew is rolling it out. But few color profiles. Paul C
  12. Does anyone have color profile or completed model of the Bf-109 G6 black 12 (black 12 has the black outlined in yellow). Looking for for a top view and nice side view with the mottling. Thanks in advance. Paul C
  13. HS-129 is now open to normal orders on the VolksUSA site. Shows in stock. Do do wish this version had the other 30mm option as was originally shown by ZM. Paul C
  14. Looks like SprueBrothers is shipping as of today, preorders for it. Paul C
  15. You might try this email: joanna@trumpeter-china.com Takes a long time, but she did send me a quote and a email address to get an additional part for a 1/16 King Tiger. Entire process about 4 months. Paul C
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