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  1. Graham are these for sale on your site? Thanks Paul C
  2. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/07/tamiyas-148th-scale-lockheed-p-38-fg.html#more Box art showed up today. Paul C
  3. For sure the 1/72 u-boat in the premier edition was not there. That’s a new release of an older kit with a lot of extras. I agree the only one not showing up is the FW-190 A8 R2. Had to source that one from Germany. Paul C
  4. Any news on these replacements? Thanks Paul
  5. I just noticed that Freetime hobbies has in stock most the recent Revell releases. Example the 1/32 Me-110. Hopefully they will get this kit in also Their pricing on the kits is very reasonable. Paul C
  6. The aftermarket rear turret is doable. But the front Will be much harder as I can’t see how or where to cut the vac as it has no pattern and the single vac clear part has to be cut multiple times and has to match the curves of the front gun mount. Looking at kit kit part vs. the aftermarket ones it’s sad to realize what a poor job the kit ones were at least for the front turret. Totally wrong, in the front. Which is of course the first thing you tend to see the front of the plane. Even if you in frost the front turret it’s missing the large clear section after the metal housing for the guns. But it’s shown correctly in the box art. Paul C
  7. Bigger question is where will you purchase it in the US. Seems all new Revell Germany kits which I believe the 262 is, are it being imported. Their FW-190 A8 R2 has been out over a month now and no US retailer picked it up. Leaves eBay and overseas. UK and Germany sellers see to have good excess supply. Looking forward to the signal seat 262 but not the extra hassle that Revell kits have become with no US distribution channel. Paul C
  8. 24000, was carried with different doors or lack of doors. BTW, my "cookie" arrived today. Great kit, very quick turn around, and a wonderful example of just how good resin can be. The details are excellent. Kudo's to Iconicair. Paul C
  9. I believe the 12000 fit in the normal doors, as it was just (3) of the 4000 bolted together. Seems in many pics from the era that the 12000 was being loaded into the normal doors. Paul C
  10. Looking forward to receipt of mine, looks very well detailed and will be a nice addition to the 1/32 Lancaster. Paul C
  11. Great. Will follow it. Thanks Paul C
  12. I was on their site to order a part but always like to check their 1/32 listings. http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/model-kits-in-scale-132/204-c-47-skytrain.html I noticed the 1/32 C47 was listed as available to order. I did not remember that it was out. Has anyone ordered this kit? If so any pictures? It must be huge. Not cheap at 618 euro. Paul C
  13. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/hkm01e11-os.htm I was surprised to see this in stock already Paul C
  14. Not sure if it’s tariffs from Europe to US. Just seems that since the breakup with Hobbyco or who ever the US Revell importer was no new Revell gets into US. Freetime, Spruebrothers, or Scalehobbyist don’t have any of the 1/32 stuff in stock any more and don’t show any of the new stuff. Paul C
  15. I guess this yet another Revell that won't be imported to the US? Seems to be the norm now for many of their new releases. Paul C
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