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  1. Paul2660

    Surprising delivery ...

    Yes, especially if USPS is delivery method. Picture proof. Seeing it very often now with Amazon. Paul C
  2. Paul2660

    Vallejo RLM Confusion

    Just wanted to say, many thanks for the photo. I have hundreds of the 335, but not this one. Excellent color and light. Paul C
  3. Paul2660

    Zoukei Mura Ki-45 up for preorder at SB

    Lots of parts. Got mine from Volks today. Paul C
  4. Paul2660

    Got my Ki-45 Toryu..

    Have had mine on pre-order with Volks USA, for a few months. they are still stating should ship around the 6th of Feb. As does Spruebrothers. Probably, should have just waited on them. Paul C
  5. Paul2660

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    Hope Revell stills gets the FW-190 strumbock out. 2019 catalog looked promising. http://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/01/revells-new-releases-named-for-2019.html?m=1 Paul C
  6. Paul2660

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    Hi Jennings What was the disaster on the Lanc? It it took longer than anticipated but it seems to be up to the QA of HK’s other releases. The DO-335 B6 was more frustrating IMO. Paul C
  7. Paul2660

    Real Colors of WWII Aircraft book

    Should be a great addition for sure. Looking forward to it. Paul C
  8. Paul2660

    Real Colors of WWII Aircraft book

    Looking forward to getting this book, seems to have a lot of back end research. Hopefully it will be shipping soon? I have it preordered, and it was supposedly shipping mid December. So far impressed with new paint line. Mainly interested in WWII Germany and Japanese interpretations. So far the only color that has added some confusion is the RLM83, which appears to be a blue tint. Previous books and paints I believe show this color as some form of a green. Hitchcock showed it as a bright green very late war (light green Lichtgrun) and Eagle Editions show it as a darker green, very similar to RLM 81. In fact with the Eagle Editions color patch, unless you are in good light, you can't really tell the 81 and 83 apart, at least to my eyes. It appears that the Real Colors research is showing RLM83 was a dark blue and used mainly on late war Ju-88's in the Mediterranean? Also like that AK has worked to match the variations of RLM76, especially the 3rd variant. which has always been written about in many books, and appears in many photos to have a similar look to the British Sky (under wing color on Spitfire), but lighter. Paul C
  9. Paul2660

    Lanc has landed

    Arrived today. Thanks to to the good folks at Freetime Hobbies. Amazing kit. Hopefully the Do-335 B6 is following soon. Paul C
  10. Paul2660

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Split ball turret will also be a mess. Strange the way they chose to manufacture them. Could have looked at either the older 1/48 Monogram fit (not sure they did the J or H) or the 1/72 Hasegawa. The low base price, whatever it comes out to be, just means that the kit is a canvas very basic. Then you are waiting on Eduard's upgrades or other brands, which will come, like engines, cockpit, guns (already out there) But not sure how anyone can fix the turrets and like previously posted they will stand out like a sore thumb. Vacuform would not be much better IMO. Clear resin? With all the updates, price will easily get to 350 to 400. or more. Still, it's a 1/32 Liberator. But at this size, it does scream to me (I need more details). For me, I just wish someone would make a 1/48 B17 and B24 updated from the older kits out there, just much more manageable. Paul C
  11. Paul2660

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Has anyone else looked at Emerson nose plexi Moulding? There appears to be a seem running through the entire piece which is not covered by framing. Nose turret is 2 piece clear plastic but the join looks like it will be hard to cover. Paul C
  12. Paul2660

    1/32 Fw 190A Sturmbock

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/fineartofdecalsimages/CED32069.jpg Fine art of decals still shows it available. I have used them many times over the past couple of years. They take a bit, but have always come through. You might try them. Paul Caldwell
  13. Paul2660

    HK Models 01E021: 1/32 Dornier Do 335B-6

    Thanks for review. Any updates on release date? Had thought it was coming last month. Paul C
  14. Paul2660

    Contact for Trumpeter for parts

    I just wanted to pass on, that I did hear back from Jonna or a contact at Trumpeter. It took about 2 weeks from my email, but they did respond with an email with a link to send payment via PayPal. Today, I received shipping confirmation, so the email address I posted in the first post does work, just takes some time. Paul C