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  1. Great. Will follow it. Thanks Paul C
  2. I was on their site to order a part but always like to check their 1/32 listings. http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/model-kits-in-scale-132/204-c-47-skytrain.html I noticed the 1/32 C47 was listed as available to order. I did not remember that it was out. Has anyone ordered this kit? If so any pictures? It must be huge. Not cheap at 618 euro. Paul C
  3. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/hkm01e11-os.htm I was surprised to see this in stock already Paul C
  4. Not sure if it’s tariffs from Europe to US. Just seems that since the breakup with Hobbyco or who ever the US Revell importer was no new Revell gets into US. Freetime, Spruebrothers, or Scalehobbyist don’t have any of the 1/32 stuff in stock any more and don’t show any of the new stuff. Paul C
  5. I guess this yet another Revell that won't be imported to the US? Seems to be the norm now for many of their new releases. Paul C
  6. Just wanted to follow up and see if these were any closer to going into production? Looking forward to them. Paul C
  7. Thanks to all. Looking at the links now. I have always assumed that as famous as the G6 and G1 were to the war, there would be plenty of interior shots, but as has been pointed out, most of the shots are exterior. But the links have helped. And I will check out the Osprey book if I can locate it. Paul C
  8. I thought this would be an easy search, but so far I can't locate any really good reference books or websites that feature the Ju88-G6 cockpit. I know it varied from the A4, considerably. I have found tons of reference to the A1, A4 C6, but can't seem to find G1 or G6 material that shows good shots of the cockpit. Does anyone have a good book that will reference this that I can find online? or a good website with some photos. Thanks Paul C
  9. The new resin from Aims arrived today. These are the updates to his existing Ju-88 G6 conversion. As always really nice work. The gun bay and new cockpit floor are really nicely done. Excellent details. Paul C https://flic.kr/p/2eDrLiJ
  10. You might also consider the ZM concept Note book on this aircraft, on one of the builds I believe they feature the wood grain decals. Paul C
  11. Great review. Thanks for the painted comparisons. Paul C
  12. https://scontent-dfw5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/50969872_1180182918806966_8254737580235423744_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_ht=scontent-dfw5-1.xx&oh=0d90c22efc9d04727aca6abdd5483336&oe=5D2A55EA Picture from Nuremberg model show. Paul
  13. It's been on preorder at Freetime for a while now. I had hoped Trumpeter would release it in April on the 12th, but so far it's still not known when the date will be. There are a ton of good shots of the model on the Trumpeter facebook page. Plastic looks good, however it does appear to the experts that Trumpeter missed some of the port hole detail on the ship. Plating detail may be over done, and bow too slanted. Not sure on the last issue as most of the cameras involved are giving pretty hard distortion. https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAbEFtr1Ju6Z8vx4gDF8oHeOeO_iqoVeoFOoSi1ck7bC-85gP3Oq3UFaFsZKviKBoUGpZfk3D-_2v5s&hc_ref=ARQ0m3757bZH7_yMEF2SS0-0HacL4a3BOyNY3OwVP3JBx8HAJLrsgK94OF4GFwyuuQU&__xts__[0]=68.ARB2oiEgxfAUfCTjGVRYT4Q511pwtbJKT7mgXdgVlFgLbTNCz5vYDp_Kb1IVdaaGXbrtveVfx5_N1XAuYXbphZCUdP1YjR_iRhoTdKZRhCinlxpHm1_J2KPKVZUcuACV4pkCpvEz687Ueq3oP8PXpcAikelgEGYGjGDDDe5rq46UqV06RIz3IM9-EU1LPnaoO9BfDwn8rBjTNIuCRyHfg-c1ejUGbpB7OB5wlk42IKS7TxDfwb_xna04YVXHqEMa_HKbGkWqSLuj7XCoxxV_Xx7K5X_ZTcOeuG4ZED4FKdIrNgnLH7gxBwFZYgqLmpsV8-wGuRy3oCyem6T0CfGogdfaRg Hopefully this link gets you to their main facebook page, entry showing pictures is in January. It will be around 5 feet long as their Bismark is over 4. Will be a great kit and I wonder how much after market will be made for it, hopefully a wood deck. Trumpeter is showing quite a bit of photoetch already in the kit. Already issues have arisen, as so far it seem Trumpeter mirrored the portholes on both sides, and that is not correct. Paul C
  14. Beautiful work as always. Compliments. Paul C
  15. That's my concern. Revell is issuing a lot of new stuff, Revell Germany. And with the loss of the main US distributor it seems that most of the large US internet suppliers are scaling down all Revell. Ebay has been the main distribution channel for me recently, and all the sellers are in Europe. Note this is not large scale planes, but Revell just released in the 1/72 U-boat series a very nice kit, which has a lot of extras included from photo etch to wooden decks. Kit was out in Late March, showed up in most European outlets 1 week later, and eBay in 2 weeks. Never has made it into the US. Paul C
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