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  1. Paul2660

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Split ball turret will also be a mess. Strange the way they chose to manufacture them. Could have looked at either the older 1/48 Monogram fit (not sure they did the J or H) or the 1/72 Hasegawa. The low base price, whatever it comes out to be, just means that the kit is a canvas very basic. Then you are waiting on Eduard's upgrades or other brands, which will come, like engines, cockpit, guns (already out there) But not sure how anyone can fix the turrets and like previously posted they will stand out like a sore thumb. Vacuform would not be much better IMO. Clear resin? With all the updates, price will easily get to 350 to 400. or more. Still, it's a 1/32 Liberator. But at this size, it does scream to me (I need more details). For me, I just wish someone would make a 1/48 B17 and B24 updated from the older kits out there, just much more manageable. Paul C
  2. Paul2660

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Has anyone else looked at Emerson nose plexi Moulding? There appears to be a seem running through the entire piece which is not covered by framing. Nose turret is 2 piece clear plastic but the join looks like it will be hard to cover. Paul C
  3. Paul2660

    1/32 Fw 190A Sturmbock

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/fineartofdecalsimages/CED32069.jpg Fine art of decals still shows it available. I have used them many times over the past couple of years. They take a bit, but have always come through. You might try them. Paul Caldwell
  4. Paul2660

    HK Models 01E021: 1/32 Dornier Do 335B-6

    Thanks for review. Any updates on release date? Had thought it was coming last month. Paul C
  5. Paul2660

    Contact for Trumpeter for parts

    I just wanted to pass on, that I did hear back from Jonna or a contact at Trumpeter. It took about 2 weeks from my email, but they did respond with an email with a link to send payment via PayPal. Today, I received shipping confirmation, so the email address I posted in the first post does work, just takes some time. Paul C
  6. Paul2660

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    Another no vote on clear plastic. The ZM 335 have way to much. Sad they can’t make 2 versions for those who want it. Or supply both both clear and non clear like Rye model did on the 1/35 Panthers. And they did for a very reasonable cost. Just a thought. Paul C
  7. I wonder what happened to release last week? Wonder if it did get released or it's going to be a while. As mentioned, Freetime has their pre-orders up now, but if it is going into full release there should be plenty around. Paul C
  8. I have sent several emails to "joanna@trumpeter-china.com, attempting to order extra parts for a 1/32 kit. Does anyone have a different email address, and or contact info to reach out to Trumpeter to order a extra part. Thanks Paul Caldwell
  9. Paul2660

    Wow HPH 1/48 B-36, Spruebrothers,

    Someone grabbed the one at Spruebrothers. Already gone. Paul C
  10. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/hph48049l-os.htm For 1K, most expensive model I have seen in a while. The must be huge however. I have seen it on the HPH website, but never in US before. Must be huge for sure. Paul Caldwell
  11. Paul2660

    Is Fly Model retooling the Ar 234?

    My problem with the MDC kit, is warpage. The main fuselage pieces on mine have both twisted and rolled back at the top. The wings both have warped, but were easy to fix in warm water, (noticed the other day, one has returned to it's warp). The fuselage pieces being solid really IMO can't be heated and returned to correct form. I notice this with a lot of resin, that over time pieces either shrink a bit or warp/twist. The work to glue fix the fuselage halves will most likely remove the fine engraved details, so they will have to be redone by hand to match. This kit has been kept indoors. I was surprised to see the amount of change, as I had taped the two fuselage halves together when it first arrived. I tried to order 2 new halves but MDC no longer is making the kit it seems. As for the Fly kit, I agree it may issues, but it taped up nicely. Paul Caldwell
  12. Paul2660

    Did anyone ever make a 1/32 Fw190D-11 conversion?

    Here is a link to the ebay store for grey matters: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GMAJR3207-FW190D-13-HASEGAWA-REVELL-D9-CONVERSION-JERRY-RUTMAN-FOCKE-WULF-/221805821550?hash=item33a4a83e6e As already pointed out, Grey Matters, took the original J Ruttman resin and re-worked it. JR took his mould directly from the Hasegawa kit, and did a great job, adding the correct cowling bulges. His resin was amazing. Now Grey Matters offers it, and they I believe have reworked the mould a bit as it appears very clean. I have put mine up against the Hasegawa fuselage halves and they line up perfectly. Panel line detail is all there. Grey Matters uses a different resin, which is softer and IMO easier to work with. I ran into a shrinkage issue a couple of years ago, but they were great and replaced my set. No problems since. Just for the record, Grey Matters also has the 1/24 update set for the Trumpeter kit. It is also from a JR original. Trumpter's kit was a D9, but they for some reason curved the cowling hinges on the top of the engine. Strange. The JR/Grey matters update fixes this and also allows for the D11/D13 conversion. I will say this update is beautiful in the Grey Matters resin. All of the rivet details are there and the work is very clean. JR did great work and I have many of his original conversions and full kits. If you are interested in a large clean D11/D13 look to the Grey matters update in 1/24. It's a work of resin art. If you get it, recommendation, is place the 2 fuselage half together and tape them in place for later construction as they might twist a bit in storage. One last note, the Grey Matter resin responds very well to warm water baths if you need to straighten it out or pull a warp out. Edit, forgot to mention, if you are looking at D11 or D13 Eagle editions www.eaglecals.com has both excellent decals for many different versions but several good reference books. J Crandall has a lot of personal knowledge on this one of the D13's that made it to the US and wrote a great book on it. Yellow 10. I guess it's out of print but it was available at Eagle Editions 2 years ago. Here is a link to Eagle Editions decal sheet on Yellow 10, one of the most famous D13's since it survived. http://www.eagle-editions.com/aircraft-decals-for-the-modeler/32/fw-190s/eaglecals-59-fw-190-doras-yellow-10-and-friends.html LInk to the book on Yellow 10 on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/YELLOW-10-Story-of-The-Ultra-rare-FW-190D-13-Luftwaffe-Focke-Wulf-Crandall-Book/222897775737?hash=item33e5be2479:g:gXAAAOSwodlat5Lq Paul Caldwell
  13. Paul2660

    HK Lancaster.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/145468296@N05/28267210878/in/dateposted-public/ This shot, from "The Modeling News" shows a good profile of the Lancaster, note the person towards the right of image. NOTE, sorry that I have to post a link, as it appears that this site can't embed links from flickr, (not sure what that would be). Paul Caldwell
  14. Paul2660

    HK Lancaster.

    Not to take anything away from the Land, but love the look of the 335 B6 also. IMO one of the best variants. Looking forward to seeing both the Lanc and B6. Paul Caldwell