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  1. Just noticed the site seems to be down or gone? Love their info, and hope it’s only a short term issue. The the main address, www.themodelIingnews.com believe the double ll is correct. Paul
  2. Similar problem to the oblong scuttles on the 1/299 Bismark. Paul
  3. Looks like it was called Mr Resin but it’s been discontinued in both rattle can and jar. Paul
  4. I would like ideas from others on a "best" primer for resin parts. My current process is to wash the parts with Westley's Bleach Cleaner, sanding them with 800 grit, then spray them with Mr Surfacer 1000 or 1500. Paint I am using is either Mr Paint, AK real colors, (lacquer type), Mr Hobby (lacquer type) and Mission Models Acrylic Problem I have is when masking, the paint will lift off when the tape is pulled off, down to the resin. This seems to happen with any of the paints listed above, more often with the pure Acrylics. Just painted a Eagle Parts FW-190 Cockpit set, used AK real colors RLM 66, and when I pulled off the tape where I was masking the demarcation between RLM 02 and 66, the 66 pulled off down to the base resin. But it also happens on other resin parts I have worked with (veterans models, Barracuda parts etc). I am holding off working on a larger resin kit until I can find a better alternative to the primer solution. Are there other primers, that will bind better to resin, even rattle can brands? Thanks Paul
  5. I would have to vote for the Ta-152. Wonderful lines and the elongated wing is elegant. Paul
  6. Wondering how long the aftermarket will take for this one. Trumpeter’s photoetch is not the best too soft and very thin. Hard to cut without bending or tearing. I base this one all their other 1/200 ships. Just saw Pontos upgrade set announced for the 1/200 Enterprise @ $560.00 US. $200.00 more than the actual kit. I can only wonder on cost for the Yamato upgrades. I will hope a wood deck comes out sooner than later. The 1/200 Scharnhorst has been out almost 2 years and so far nothing has been released. Not even a deck. Paul
  7. I believe the Volks Japan store charges at time of order. They only take credit cards or some unique PayPal like system. But No PayPal. I was not willing to give out credit card info to a overseas vendor. Glad to see Volks USA will also be taking pre orders. But kit won’t be shipping till December. Paul
  8. Hope the VolksUSA store will have a preorder window on this. Paul
  9. Alcald II makes a beautiful finish and can be sprayed directly from the bottle no thinner. Their basic Aluminum “aircraft aluminum “ is the one I use the most. I would recommend using their glossy black base first. And give the base a good period of time to cure. Also consider Mr Paint aluminum or super silver. Only have issues with resin kits. While masking I get consistent pull off even with the gloss black base. Still looking for a better primer. Paul.
  10. Just received a email from VolksUSA. My preorder will not ship until late August. Preorder entered 01-15-22. I have to admit I am a bit disappointed by that delay. Kit seems very well received so far. Edit: Appears that on the main ZM Japanese site, the kit is order able, for a short period of time though the 17th of July, however they have very limited payment options, i.e. no use of PayPal. Credit card only, (not for me) Paul
  11. Can you elaborate on this? Did MBK make additional clear sprues? Or did they get them from border. thanks Paul
  12. Glad you found this, it does confirm the changes from the original statements. However for me it’s crazy to have to purchase 3 kits, to get all three versions. As the only difference between 2 is the MK 101 vs MK 103. I would have preferred to see them just release the first kit with both versions. Note the BF-109 G6 appears to have: bombs, 20mm gondolas included in the kit, even though they are not part of the Hartman build. And in the Old Man blog, they clearly make a point of mentioning the extra parts. It also appears that the MK 103 version of the HS-129 will not be released for at least 6 to 8 more months? The 75mm cannon version appears to be next. Paul
  13. It's an impressive kit. The packaging is similar to all of the Trumpeter 1/200 ships, with individual boxes for the various sprues. Hull has several metal supports, which is unlike any of the other 1/200 kits at least the ones I have purchased. Hull is not one piece, but two halves. The photo etch appears to be the same type as other Trumpeter/Merit kits, in that it's a bit soft and tends to bend easily. As the price of this kit is in the US dollar range of 575.00 to 663.00, I wonder where the after market sets will price in (if any will be made at all). The 1/200 Scharnhorst as has been out now almost 2 years and no after market has been released. Not to mention what the cost will be. The new releases in 1/350 from Pontos are both in the $250.00 range. For this kit, I am hoping a wooden deck will be released in the future along with a set of metal barrels. Hopefully Veterans models will create some new sets and or release some of their existing 1/200 JN sets. Paul
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