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  1. If you have paid for a kit and feel the need to discuss it AFTER you have built it then your review might be worth reading if you have recieved the kit gratis and are reviewing the box contents, its not worth the ‘paper’ its written on if you recieved a kit gratis and build it out of the box, i might read what you have to say but unlikely, theres shocking amounts of bias and bad practice by so called ‘reviewers, best thing, if you like a kit.. buy it.... build it.... enjoy it, build more, ...l.........dont like it, move on to next kit
  2. Got mine last week. Its an excellent kit if you havent tried resin before, it seems to me to be an ideal candidate for an intro
  3. Whilst the above methods do work, scaling up to 1:1 from 48th or up to 32nd from 48th will in both instances mean any issues with the 48th part are also scaled up...., small measuring mistakes will be exacerbated when enlarging and then reducing, best option is to scale down from 1:1 dimensions or larger scale parts, just divided any 1:1 linear dimension by 32
  4. Nope, saw no need, not saying anything that others havent said before and wasnt trying to get anything out of it just disappointed in the lack of quality on something so expensive, would have posted the same and had the same opinion had i contacted them,
  5. I posted it here in their vendors forum in the hope that they would read it, complaining wont solve anything and they have already said they are moving to IM its a shame as i have built all their other 1/32 kits and loved most of them (fw189 is may fave) i was about to order the b52 but wont now , im aware that resin kits have pitfalls and have built many as i said and there are issues but i was even happy with and got a good result from the Tigercat that many hated for one reason or another. this c47 kit is a different matter , perhaps my resin parts had been cured or mixed incorrectly but the shrinkage was ridiculous making aligning and fitting of interior parts impossible,
  6. Have been a fan of HPH and enjoyed building their kits, EXCEPT their Latest, the C47, i bought it, (from Hannants , £750 plus extra £80 for flaps) i wouldnt say the kit was unbuildable as i pride myself in tackling anything , it is almost unbuildable and frankly i wont expect to see many if any completed , the c47 has exquisite surface detail but terrible fit of interior parts that are badly designed. And seem to suffer from terrible shrinkage compared to fuselage halves, (in total the interior floor is over 1cm short, the formers re too small, the quilted sidewalls at least 6mm short etc etc) if this was a 50 quider, i would get on with it and shut up, if it was a hundered quider, I would be annoyed, at 830 quid im reall peed off with it and after building all the other kits in the range expected some issues but nothing as bad as this the etch in the kit is too thin and has been annealed and 80% is too soft to use for the tasks required and consequently needs binning , the 80 puond extra etch flap is made of material that is too thin and is unusable and a waste of money and efffort, my resin parts are batch 62 where the fuselage is batch 70 though this shouldnt really make a difference i hope their move into injection kits improves this poor over priced performance as i wont buy the b52 based on this now as i gave a 830 pound kit sat on the shelf of unfinished crap..
  7. I have some experience of wooden ship kits ……..Lists is shortened version of Listelli noce this is Italian for Walnut strips Listelli ---- Lists, is short for strips to me it says glue 'walnut' (or whatever type in kit) strips 5x5 across the ship under the deck
  8. Tamiya: Mosquito Hasegawa: Me109 g6 Revell: Lynx Trumpeter: A6 Intruder HKM: Lancaster ZM: He219 Special Hobby: Whirwind (i expect) Hobby Boss: P61 Roden: Cessna WNW: Felixstowe(soon to be Lancaster) Airfix: Mosquito HPH: Catalina Fly: Wessex Academy:Sufa
  9. Excellent choice as you could use the 1/18 merit kit at 60 quidish and save fortunes on the expensive hph model (as good as they are)
  10. The fuselage gets taller and wider as the jet pipes end in order to maintain a similar cross sectional area to reduce variations in airflow speed , it is called (as a generalisation ) area ruling of an aircraft , ive boiled it down to its absolute basic description here but hopefully the principle should come accross.. if it helps, other aircraft that use it to a lesser degree perhaps are the f102 and f105..
  11. put SIMPLY the bulging will be Seers hack style body to help keep a more constant cross section on the aircraft to increase Mcrit (critical mach) and the shockwaves associated with it in other words, the more you can maintain a similar cross sectional area along the length of the plane, the better it is aerodynamically, the fuselage gets fatter after the engines to make up for the lack of cross sectional area of the engines at that point.
  12. They dont appear to be at telford this year from the available floorplan etc so assume we wont get to see this in person....
  13. It would seem to me that the cowls are slightly the wrong shape and that the fuselage is a little too round , having worked within the industry over the years, i will suggest that what yo see here is what you will get in the kit. injection tools are costly to make and costly to mod and the sad thing for many here is that if everyone who is offended by the mistakes enough not to buy the kit writes them an email or letter saying they wont buy it unless the tools are fixed,........ those 20, maybe 25 peoples letters will be binned as they know full well they will sell 2000 to everyone else at no more effort or cost...... i will have one, might fix the issues, might leave them...But if you dont like it at this stage, forget about this kit existing and plough you efforts into a kit that meets your standards, ....
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