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  1. It would seem to me that the cowls are slightly the wrong shape and that the fuselage is a little too round , having worked within the industry over the years, i will suggest that what yo see here is what you will get in the kit. injection tools are costly to make and costly to mod and the sad thing for many here is that if everyone who is offended by the mistakes enough not to buy the kit writes them an email or letter saying they wont buy it unless the tools are fixed,........ those 20, maybe 25 peoples letters will be binned as they know full well they will sell 2000 to everyone else at no more effort or cost...... i will have one, might fix the issues, might leave them...But if you dont like it at this stage, forget about this kit existing and plough you efforts into a kit that meets your standards, ....
  2. That practice has only just started in the uk,, used to be ‘illegal’ but rules were relaxed a couple of years ago
  3. they have no website either and I cant find anything about them . for a large potentially important and as yet unrepresented mark, I would have though a company would have released a teaser or two or trying to hype its release, I am going to pretty much ignore this as I would suggest its vapourware at this stage with no news... a company that had invested enough money to create a tool of an aircraft as large as an SU57 would want it being seen and raising interest
  4. Funny thing is, IMHO, they arent even examples of the better builds i have seen for these kits ....
  5. you were hoping they were going to retool all the wings and and associated components on a simple re release??????
  6. Will this be a continuation of the HK convention announcement fiasco?
  7. looks excellent, the pitch on your prop looks a bit brutal …..
  8. the intake trunking can be tweeked and brought forward to close it up or the order of construction can be changed (and mods made) and the intake bullet added after the gap is filled with P38 or Bondo and rubbed down
  9. I have to be honest here and say i totally disagree with you, i recon the kits are the same and its the assemblers that are at issue , i see it quite a lot here and on BM, 50 people build a perfectly good model from a standard kit but number 51 seems to thing theirs is a different tool or similar silliness the amount of people i see moaning about ‘warped’ parts that wouldnt need so much as breathing on to straighten them frightens me....
  10. Out of round crankcase or warped fusege is NOTHING AT ALL to do with the tooling, it will be the temp that the plastic was removed from the mold , the issue will only be with the plastic and therefor would be simply solvable with some hear at best....... believe me Airfix didnt tool a bent fuselage or eliptical cylinder so these excuses are unrealistic at best, it just needs a bit of modelmaking
  11. I wwould have thought someone so amazingly good a enough to get prerelease builds might have had more than 12 posts here or shared more work recently rather than just posting moans on a subject others dont seem to be stuggling with at all..... need to put your money where your mouth is.........
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