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  1. the initial ZM mustang was released a year after the initial Tamiya one
  2. Theres a rumour going round of a cease and desist against border / american companies advertising the lancaster ? lsp are discussing it , just saying its a rumour but it wouldnt come as that much of a surprise
  3. For **** sake someone ban me from this site, im to ******* stupid and keep coming back to it Wether i cancel or not, its still a poor way of doing things
  4. Do a mk 5 instead, engines are a lot easier to come by
  5. The only reason i said one run is in reference to a previous statement saying they had ordered late in the first run, was simply (but apparently not) pointing out that there is only that run he could have ordered from as there is currently no second run , and how long there still is to wait if you are at the far end of the 500 , some will be november Possibly even later, and then s frustrating that before 95% of customers receive their kit, they want the funds for the learjet … its a poor way of doing things
  6. Emailed and asked and mine will apparently arrive early october… annoying as they want more money from me a long time before that for the learjet
  7. There is only one run,… right now, that has manufactured the 500 kits, second run doesnt exist yet
  8. Theres only one run… but how do you know? I ordered a couple of days after opening of orders but have no idea where i sit in the order…..
  9. So for those from 475 upwards, nothing till october/november if they only shipping 75 kits a week…. i have no idea where in the pecking order mine sits… not being cynical but everone will be coughing up for learjet or round 2 viggen before pretty much anyone has first round viggen kit………
  10. I would suggest that this is a marketing depts design and a profile raiser for the company and that the real aircraft will bear little to no resemblance to it at all BAE did the same with the Tempest the mock up everyone has seen was designed by the marketing dept, the actual Tempest will /looks nothing like it
  11. Hans Zimmer John Barry, Jon Williams, James Horner if music American office English office Derrick extras afterlife Sherlock if i have telly on
  12. That poor fit is because you have detail parts that are a hold over from the resin kit not designed specifically for this new injection kit which obviously varies a little Hence my earlier comment, what people have bought is a resin kit with injection moulded fuselage and wing halves, the irony is the resin halves fit better and are better detailed but people wont buy them because they are resin.....
  13. The images you saw are a poor marketing departments idea of what i might look like,( it was just a profile raiser for them ) they are not even close to a final design yet on a computer let alone producing a pototype
  14. Funny things is, all these detail sets in resin mean you have actually been ‘tricked’ into building a resin kit with an aftermarket injected fuselage....... the eas bit of resin kits is the large components, the tricky bit is cleaning up HPH pool molded components, which on the injected Helldiver kit, are the same as the resin heldiver kit......... if you are someone who doesnt do resin kits...... stear clear of the hph on with detail sets...
  15. Theres no assumptions, only the fact that there is a fixed income from this kit and a set of fixed outgoings and the figures dont tally i am a glass half full person, i paid for my SH whirlwind months ago, my lukgraph L33 weeks ago, this last year, but have also seen things like this fail on many occasions. im not screaming at them for a refund in the hope that it will work but am in a fortunate enough position of mentally having written off the money... you have to ask yourself wy they run their premorder payment thing like they do..... no cash flow? SH didnt ask everone to stump up 70 quid to get the whirlwind going, lukgraph take funds only a couple weeks before delivery, they have cashflow from other projects sales .....
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