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  1. an Fe2b went for £360 on ebay uk yesterday....
  2. Thats fantastic, many thanks indeed, well above and beyond!
  3. good point, ideally both i suppose, its not for a plastic kit, its for a 1/4 rc model, i need to ensure the ground clearance looks right when they down and they sit in the gear bays properly when up, uncompressed length is i suppose more important as stance can be achieved with spring tension
  4. Does anyone know the length from pivot point to axle of the main undercarrige legs on a FW 190? many thanks
  5. Thats amazing, ive payed more than that for 3 rc models, would like that one!
  6. This topic isnt about the much discussed alleged disappearance of the company but that overnight(literally) almost all WNW kits have vanished from Ebay (uk) theres about 4 or 5 actual kits there right now... its my goto place for getting them so Im used to seeing many many kits there for sale.(the ones that are left have increased in price substantially aswell.... i wonder if they have panic sold like toilet roll and spaghetti in the UK or if vendors have pulled them to allow them to accrue (percieved) value....
  7. theres the Airfix Harrier Failing that then IIRC, in the seventies, I think Airfix released a Harrier but if you can find that and look elsewhere, you might just be able to find a Harrier, Made by a company called Airfix………………………….. other than those 3, its just the Airfix Harrier.....
  8. Its the model thats been sat on the trumpy stands at shows, someones obviously grabbed it at the end of a show, you can tell as one of the cowls is upside down
  9. They are ok. Use nce ou have the right technique, it took me about 3 models to do it the trick is to allow them to soak long enough so that you can SLIDE the clear topsheet and decal off the backing sheet. they then need SLIDING into place on a wet model surface then VERY gently finally positioning and gentle and repeated burnishing over a few HOURS then after half a day or even more, the now very soft and difficult to see clear film can be VERY CAREFULLY removed apologies for the caps but these are really important aspects ... they do look good when done c
  10. Aims will probably sell a few sets of rigging but i bet many dont get used as imho, its not the right material for the job ive rigged quite a few biplanes and careful use of ezline is great, WNW reccomend a slightly different type for british rigging thats about 2nquid for more than you will ever need , it gives the impression of flat (ish) righing etch rigging wires, as evidenced on Trumpys otherwise excellent swordfish, are bloody aweful and just dont sit right, the elasticity of the various thicknesses and colours of EZ line make it very hard to beat
  11. If you have paid for a kit and feel the need to discuss it AFTER you have built it then your review might be worth reading if you have recieved the kit gratis and are reviewing the box contents, its not worth the ‘paper’ its written on if you recieved a kit gratis and build it out of the box, i might read what you have to say but unlikely, theres shocking amounts of bias and bad practice by so called ‘reviewers, best thing, if you like a kit.. buy it.... build it.... enjoy it, build more, ...l.........dont like it, move on to next kit
  12. Got mine last week. Its an excellent kit if you havent tried resin before, it seems to me to be an ideal candidate for an intro
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