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  1. For all the hard work that this kit is ( and you are doing a fantastic job of it) i think the depth of thegearbay is excellent and it looks to potentially have the best most accurate gearbay of any hornet kit, to the point where i want to build it just to work on the gearbay as you have,,... brilliant stuff
  2. Would have thought you were aware of the level of detail inside, firstly as you paying £ 700 quid, and secondly as theres lots of infor all over the net aboutthis kit, cant say ive ever heard anyone complain theres too much detail in a kit... HPH wont make you a clear part as it needs a different mold you could leave the bits out if you cant see them....... or just build it as it was meant to be built...
  3. Lovely piece of work, well done indeed, wish that was a kit in 32nd!
  4. Ditto, great work, although who doesnt love a nice steam locomotive ....
  5. The only reason People cant do something is because they never try, some through lazines, some through lack of adventure. Anybody that has a go at something and pereveres will eventually succeed if they put effort in , i only mentioned my job as a way of pointing out that i work for a living all week (i could be a bin man, its not the point) and my spare time is too precious to spend making stuff for others. no one is good at making models straight away on our first attempt, you get better the more you build practice makes perfect, waiting for someone else to do something will teach you nothing and advance your skills not one little bit, dont look for entreprenurial spirit in others, find the adventrous spirit and effort within yourself im not better than anyone, and there are far far better on here than i , but i can assure you its because they have put more effort in than me and done more and tried not because they were perfect at it immediately , or waited for others to defend them or do it for them.
  6. Im a modelmaker and solved it exactly as i said it could be done, i modelmake for fun because when i get home from working on real aircraft design, no momey in the world could buy my spare time and i dont care to use it making parts for other people...
  7. Problem these days is that most in the hobby are just kit assemblers and painters and not modelmakers , the clear parts are an easy fix with a little milliput to take casts, polishing of said cast and vac or plug molding, trimming and assembling said parts to whats left of the trimmed off part is tricky but good results can be had . Its not just modelmaking though, these days everyone wants an instant fix with no effort... patience for others to produce whats needed or effort yourself is the only answer, bemoaning the fact that others havent done what you wont or cant but need is a strange show indeed..
  8. Because some people misunderstand things or mis measure things and its quite the best approach to take everyones opinion with a pinch of salt until i can see visual proof for myself, im aware of what a stuka should measure lengthwise, both a b model and d/g model etc but there have already been misunderstanding here with nose length which isnt in question, in my earlier post on this thread i made a feature of saying im happy to beshown ive missed something and that the op may well be correct but want to see vidual,proof, not someonene throwing dimensions around who initially thought thekit was scaled wrong and didnt suffer a dimensional error...
  9. I have one of them, the other is not at my local shop yet so will indeed when i can...….BUT the onus isn't on me as a reader of the post to prove it, the onus is on the OP to offer evidence of his assertions before accusing things of being incorrect …
  10. still no useable evidence at all that the trumpeter kit is wrong...…. the fuselage from the point of the wing TE to the point of the tail strut centre , should be the same on both kits, the photographs we have had so far are neither use nor ornament.....
  11. Not wanting ro be antagonistic here but no proof of this fuselage being 3cm too long has been given,, theres a photo above that shows idont know what,..? And then everybody seems to be agreeing that the kit is wrong... have i missed something(entirely possible)? can someone show me a photo of the Airfix 24th Stuka next to this Trumpeter kit please ( regardless of mark, they are the same from the wing root back ... and this is where the supposed problem lies...?)
  12. They make nice kits and i enjoy building them and going off past form i look forward to building their fgr2 in 2022, 2 weeks after Tamiya or WNW have posted images of their fgr2 that has more detail........;)
  13. I like eby for buying but have heard so many horror stories from friends who sell on there about unscrupulous buyers claiming refunds etc, wouldnt even consider selling on there
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