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  1. One of my favorite liveries for the Me109
  2. Another great one - I really like your style! One question though - where do you put all these models? :-) /Niels
  3. MBK have it for £ 105.00 or 122.00 EUR - that´s not bad at all I hope the weapons bay is much better than the Italeri kit. If it is I might "steal" one and put it in an F-35A build. Actually, I cannot really believe that nobody has released a resin or 3D printed upgrade to the Italeri F-35A kit /Niels
  4. Thanks! Thanks a lot - It is actually simpler than it looks. Pre-Cut masking sets are the way to go but you still need to pay attention so you use the right colors Thanks Jack Thanks a lot Matty - I am glad you like it Thanks a lot Chuck! Thanks Jay - I have a few other models in the RFI section if you want to have a look Thanks! Thanks. I really appreciate it Thank you so much!
  5. That looks really cool! Great to see another one built. If you don´t like the green missiles, they only painted the training rounds that color. You can easily add some live-missiles in more traditional colors /Niels
  6. Thanks guys... And Yes, that Viggen is awesome. After my Jetmads build I was really looking forward to see it in action and it didnt disappoint. It made a super short landing followed by It's trademark reverse 3 point turn on the runway using It's thrust reversers.. And took off again in the shortest possible distance.. Very loud and very cool
  7. I got mine delivered this morning and have just spent a couple of hours going through the sprues - just wow! - I am quite blown away to be honest - And I am not just saying that to justify to myself spending that kind of money. It really is incredibly detailed. I cannot wait to get started on it /Niels
  8. I am still going though my 2000 photos from the weekend but there are few that stand out already so I thought I would share them.. Hope you enjoy them - but please don´t use them or distribute without my permission, Thanks
  9. I don´t have the 1st edition but this one also have plenty of 1/200 scale drawings - I was hoping to get a clear picture of the rigging (in case I buy the kit ) and it seems to do the trick. /Niels
  10. Thanks guys I never heard of that OLIMP set - but seems a stretch to get my hands on it. I can see that Phase Hangar Resin have some really nice stuff in 1/48 that he keeps saying will be coming in 1/32 as well... but nothing yet
  11. Thanks Thierry Unfortunately that is only the cockpit - I was more looking for all the external differences.
  12. Mine just arrived from MBK - and they have done the same as AndysHHQ. The have inspected the clear parts before shipping it to me... Great stuff and what a great day Cheers Niels
  13. Hi Are there any conversion sets or individual parts available to convert the 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A to an A-10C? Thanks Niels
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