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  1. I have finished painting and decals are all on - It was a bit of a challenge to put together the decals as nothing exists for a Moroccan F-16. I went through a couple of 1/48 sets of Moroccan jets and a 1/32 sheet supposed to go on an F-5.. Biggest challenge however was the red "Ejection Seat Warning" triangles - I challenge anyone to come up with a single F-16 in the world with red warning stencils!! - I found one in the end though - the F-16 "Wraith" aggressor - so I got 2 sheets of decals only to get to the 4 decals I needed. The lettering is transparent on the decals but white on the jet so I had to paint tiny white triangles where the decals would go. It all went fine and I think it really catches the eye on this paint job. The remaining black colored stencils where sourced from a sheet of Polish F-16s. The numbers are from generic USAF sheets. It received a wash with Flory Models "Dark Dirt" and a layer of MRP Super Clear Matt Varnish. It has a slight "silky" sheen to it that makes it my favorite varnish for modern jets. All that remains is to finish up the landing gear and I can start attaching all the smaller bits and clear parts - she will soon be up on her legs and in the display cabinet. The more I work on it the more I like the camouflage. I think its a really cool looking F-16 for sure.. /Niels
  2. Uh - that sounds promising. Please consider making pilots who stand outside the Helicopter /Niels
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing those pictures Chuck - I am green with envy of you going to that airshow The F-16 is a fascinating aircraft and there are many updates to keep track of. It is afterall almost 50 years old by now - and all of a sudden I feel very old myself being born in the same year as it flew for the first time - Having followed the Danish F-16 fleet for many years we had the luxury of having the updates in stages as the aircraft went through the Mid-Life Update program (MLU) and were updated from Block 1, 5, 10, 15... so you could see the external modifications being added.. Congratulations on your retirement - I will very much look forward to see even more models "kicked up a notch" /Niels
  4. I am really looking forward to seeing you tackle this paint job ;-) - Are you going to make masks on a cutter or by hand? Niels
  5. That is the beauty of modern JASDF aircraft. They often paint them in very colorful liveries Niels
  6. I have been wanting to do this for a while - I even had DN Models make a custom order for the paint masks. They have since then released them in 1/32 Who knows - If I am fast enough I may even squeeze in the F-15DJ Green Dragon before the deadline Niels
  7. Hi All I will chip in with this one.. It will be the Tamiya F-4EJ kit, Wolfpack "Kai" conversion set, Kopecky Exhaust & rear end, DXM Decals, DN Models paint mask - and what else I can put together I need to finish my ongoing F-16 build before I can get to this one so I will likely not start until 2023 /Niels
  8. This is going to be great /NIels
  9. I will surely build the Phantom as I recently got my hands on the Wolfpack Conversion set to build an F-4EJ Kai... Just not sure it will be for this Group Build.. But it looks amazing.. /Niels
  10. Very cool video - I wonder why they are flying with 2 ACMI pods on the right-hand pylon? You would think that 1 would be sufficient.. Also I wish someone would make a set of 1/32 AAM-5 Missiles /Niels
  11. Yes - That one is a funny looking Eagle isn´t it?... /Niels
  12. I think I am in too - Not sure which one I will build as I have 3 options I have been wanting to build for a while.. I am leaning towards the "Green Dragon"
  13. Great project Pete - I am working on a similar jet but in different camo. I am combining the front end of the F-15E Tamiya kit with the rear end of the F-15C. Its a rather expensive way to go but the parts fit of course - And I will be left with enough parts to build an Israeli F-15C Baz with conformal fuel tanks.. Take a look at this: http://partsrparts.homestead.com/F15parts.html - Bruce is selling some conversion parts to make an F-15D (instrument panel etc) well worth the money. /Niels
  14. Great looking Intruder Mike - another one! I also immediately thought of Flight Of The Intruder when I saw that Pilot figure - Cmdr Cole in Devil 505 going "downtown" /Niels
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