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HpH news - 1/32 Kate, Marauder, Ventura and 1/48 B-47


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3 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

$270 plus tax is TOO ouchy for me!  Sad day indeed

Yeah, it's a little too steep for me also, Don't forget the shipping on top of that. To me ,scale is a personal preference[ doesn't bother me ] but the price sure does. 

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9 hours ago, Bill M. said:

                  ....I don't have an interest except for the selfish reasons that I want a 1/32 Kate

That would be a good reason for me too. I am selfish but I guess I don't want a Kate that bad.  :shrug:

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I received word today that Hannants had received my back ordered 1/32 HpH Nakajima B5N2 Kate, along with the 3D printed engine, cockpit and bomb sets. So I went ahead and purchased it all— it wasn’t cheap, but I did get 10% off for back-ordering it. The shipping by air across the pond to the USA cost a whole lot less than I was expecting and budgeting for— which was serendipitous.

So, I’m finally getting a long-awaited 1/32 Kate! If someone else hasn’t done so first, I’ll plan on submitting a report of sorts on this kit when I receive it. 

In one sense, I can’t believe it is on its way….!

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2 hours ago, Eli Raphael said:

Are there any photos showing cockpit details?

To be honest , I've been looking for YEARS for such photos and there's just not much out there. The best that I've been able to find is the Kagero #79 , there are some pics of the interior but not too much, certainly none in color. There's some on the internet but they're of a  '"Jill"  ,how close that is to a "Kate" I don't know.

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I really don’t know of cockpit photos, except for the aforementioned Kagero book. I guess I should start looking.

I doubt there are many, if any color photos; just because there aren’t many complete surviving Kates. The only one i know of is the salvaged remains of one on display at Pearl Harbor(?). 

HpH offers a very detailed 3d printed cockpit, one of which should be on its way to me. I don’t know what they used as to a source. I suspect they used original plans, but that is just an uninformed guess. As to colors, I’ll have to get my Kate kit and accessories to see if they offer any guidance on colors.

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