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  1. Wow! That is an absolute beauty !!
  2. That is an absolute beauty, Lightpainter! Your every effort seems to have paid off. It is also very good to see that resin kits supplemented with 3D printed detailing is offering new modeling possibilities.
  3. Just learned about this. The design looks promising, imho. Interesting intake for 5th gen aircraft, reminds me of the X-32. What do you say?
  4. 1/32 Huey would be great, and why not after an AH-1G... But it's only a few figures showcased here and I'd need more proof to believe it's a Huey for the next chopper release.
  5. JMcD

    ICM Wishlist

    Kind of, I think... Unfortunately... That would be on my top shopping list if it ever came out, but I do not think it ever will in styrene. That's a big aircraft, meaning the tooling will cost too much to justify the investment. Kit makers nowadays are running away from such projects. Sad but true!
  6. Kinetic shutting down?? Really??
  7. Normally one would assume that a designer would have possible versions in mind throughout the design process, but I am not sure how good that applies to the Italeri F-35A release. Producing the B version from the A sprues seems to be way more expensive than bringing a TF-104 out of F-104, mainly for it is a new fuselage that the F-35B requires. Impossible? Of course not if economically viable. Totally depends on how successful the A release has been.
  8. Amazing Intruder! Very subtle weathering...
  9. Looking at the poll at their website about the price of the kit, I wonder if it is a demand issue as well. The number of people that have bothered to cast a vote is somewhat discouraging. Sure it is just a fraction of modelers who would eagerly buy the kit when it is available, but it is real thousands and not hundreds that would justify such investment. Still, there is good reason to hope that it will surface someday and maybe under another brand now that the hardest and most expensive parts of the release are completed.
  10. Yesss. Waiting in excitement!
  11. Cool! Could be even better maybe a bit dirtier, underside especially. Those stripes must have been a headache abd you have just nailed them, congratulations. Apparently no one had low-vis concerns back then
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