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  1. Caproni Ca.60 Caproni Flying Barrel And this barrel actually flew
  2. Horatio Phillips 1904 Multiplane Abrams P-1 Explorer
  3. I like open canopies, dropped flaps etc so open airbrakes would look good however that would not be accurate as all photographic references show them closed. As I mentioned, they were even cancelled on the JA37s, which must be why Jetmads revised their design, if that is the final version of the part. There's nothing wrong with it being closed and in fact it is more accurate this way.
  4. Yes, I know that. The airbrakes seem closed and integral to the part now, for only the panel line is visible. Othewise there would be a recess with some details if it was designed openable, and with a separate cover of course.
  5. The thing about the arming lever on the seat is that it has a strong spring and may cause injuries if untrained people, like museum workers or visitors, somehow try to close it. That's why it is always kept closed.
  6. The cad drawings on their website show the brakes openable but looking at the aft fuselage part, Jetmads too seem to have changed their mind.
  7. As it was in 2013, when I saw it. The paint was kind of fresh then, it is not the original painting and colors. Eight years of natural weathering seems to have given it a better looks, as the dark green is now more natural, but the light green and the tan need maybe another decade or so to come close the real thing
  8. Very nice Hornet model and the level of weathering is just spot on, very good job.
  9. That's good! I love open canopies and panels, they have made this beautiful aircraft even look better. You have done a lovely job on this Aggressor, Sundowners tails are the best of all Aggressors!
  10. Great news! I'm mostly a jet modeler but I want this one, Helldiver is my favorite of all WW2 planes of that size and type !!
  11. You're great people! Saab engineers themselves couldn't have put those better
  12. Yeah, I received that too, great news and update
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