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  1. That would be a nice present Cheers Dennis
  2. I have got the HPH La 7 in the stash to keep me occupied but I'm greedy ! Cheers Dennis
  3. Just looked through my Spitfire Mark I/II Aces 1939 - 1941 and there is a photo on Page 59 of Presentation Mark II P8098/PR-Z and its pilot Flt Lt Johnnie Curchin, you can just see the hatch. Googled it and the same photo is here but not as clear as the one in the book. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=LUXDCwAAQBAJ&pg=PT124&lpg=PT124&dq=JOHNNIE+CURCHIN&source=bl&ots=yLuDv14vVP&sig=ACfU3U2NoiXF9eTBn8MejqocXezZZB2rvA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjKjK3qpN_4AhXIk4kEHYRMCAcQ6AF6BAgdEAM#v=onepage&q=JOHNNIE CURCHIN&f=false Cheers Dennis
  4. I can see what you mean, I've just had a quick scan of some of my Spitfire photos and a google search, the hatch seems to be quite elusive, it is evident on some but not all Mk.V's but it does not appear to be present on wartime Mk I and II. It does however seem to be present on restored aircraft, and is there on the Science museum Mk.1a so it could be a later modification. Not very helpful I'm afraid. Cheers Dennis
  5. Easier to fill in one than to scribe a new one I would have thought, especially in resin. Cheers Dennis
  6. Looks great Iain, it really captures the look of the real thing, I'm sure that your friend will appreciate it. Cheers Dennis
  7. That cockpit looks so good I would have to vote for an open canopy, or it left loose. Cheers Dennis
  8. It's coming together nicely, it may not be Tamiya but it's the only game in town if you want a Lysander, a "some modelling skills required" type of build. Cheers Dennis
  9. My UK version (Klear) was getting a bit dodgy, my dipping efforts were not coming out very well, so I took a chance and thinned it with water and the magic effect was restored. Cheers Dennis
  10. What an amazing improvement, nice job Cheers Dennis
  11. That is looking good, though PR Spitfires are not something that I have explored much at all, I just had a quick look though my Classic Warbirds Merlin PR Spitfires book and Spitfire The History and while not fully understanding the PR Spitfire designations from the photos and plans in them you look to be doing a fine job. Cheers Dennis
  12. Great detailed work going on here, so impressive. Cheers Dennis
  13. Another one for the memory bank ! Cheers Dennis
  14. Modelling magic, and it looks great Cheers Dennis
  15. That is so neat and precise, impressive. Cheers Dennis
  16. That is pretty awesome work, I love the effect but I am too frightened to try it, maybe I'll give it a go on a build that I am not too concerned about. Cheers Dennis
  17. That is amazingly good, I could not duplicate it but trying to will improve my skills, I hope ! Cheers Dennis
  18. That Spitfire cowl looks great Cheers Den
  19. Those nice people at Hannants just sent me this, must support Ukraine. Cheers Dennis
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