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  1. I'm in, I have one of hese kits to build so will steal all the good bits in the thread. Cheers Dennis
  2. Nice to see this one back, looking good. Cheers Dennis
  3. My finger will be on the "buy" button straight away if a Sea Hurricane appears, which looking at the sprues is highly likely. Cheers Dennis
  4. Could definately get lost for a couple of days there at least. Cheers Dennis
  5. Great insights into the kit which will be very handy for my build, I have read that a lot of the internel detail can be left out. Cheers Dennis
  6. Nice one, will be following with interest as mine is sitting on a shelf just above my head and I have 3 Yaks in my display cabinet (2x1b and a 3). Cheers Dennis
  7. Great photos, would love to visit there, but a bit far for me. Cheers Dennis
  8. Fabulous result and the link to the photo is the icing on the cake. Cheers Dennis
  9. As a Hurricane fan it is great to see Troy posting here, he certainly helped with my PCM fabric winged Hurricane and all things Hurricane in general. Cheers Dennis
  10. Help, I have lost the instructions for my Re2005, lost in the depths of my study, If anyone has the kit would they kindly copy the instructions for me ? Cheeers Dennis
  11. Wow the lengths some people will go to always amazes me, that is fantastic, just need a bigger house. I had not seen that other nose section, it looks fantastic. Cheers Dennis
  12. I have waited years for a modern accurate well designed easy to build Hurricane kit for years, I have PCM Hurricanes and FLY Hurricanes in the stash as well as a built old Revell Hurricane Mk.I. I fought my way through the PCM fabric wing kit and liked the end result, however a modern easier to build kit would be nice, I was also pleased with the old Revell Mk.I kit which is still accurate in outline, note the old Mk.II is not accurate, it is just the Mk.I with cannons added no nose extension. The new Revell kit at the normal Revell price is definately worth a punt so I will be buying one regardless. Cheers Dennis
  13. Then again it does not have a IIb wing armament, so maybe it's not representative of the new kit. Cheers Dennis
  14. This is handy, after I have finished my current builds I have 2 P-47's to build a razor and a bubble top, so I will be highly interested in what you find on your build. Cheers Dennis
  15. Here's a photo of his display showing the awards. Cheers Dennis
  16. Forgot the Airfix Spitfire pictures. And this from the competition tables really impressed me, from a real life event in 1946, a DC3 crashed into a house while tring to land at RAF Northholt Cheers Dennis
  17. Thank you Maru, very kind and just for you here is Viv when we initially arrived at Telford yesterday. Cheers Dennis
  18. Some more of my favourite pictures from yesterday, not all LSP's just stuff that took my fancy. From the blue table cloth competition area. Wish this was available in 1/32 Still sorting out more Cheers Dennis
  19. Thank you very much for the kind words, I am very much back on it now and really want to get it across the finish line. Cheers Dennis
  20. Here are some photos I took of the superb 32 scale stand, the award was well deserved, I always look at the displays with the thought of the hours of work that they have taken to produce, this one must have been a lot ! And just to prove I was there. Cheers Dennis
  21. As usual had a geat day, still no kits for me to buy, just some modelling supplies to stock up, took loads of photos so will be organising them to post. The Dam Buster Lancaster was probably one of the most impressive models I have seen. Here is another photo from a different angle. And another build that I liked. I will post more when I have organised them. Cheers Dennis
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