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  1. Those are nice. Combining the strength of metal with the details of plastic is a great idea! Awaiting the P-38 set, which I will be getting for sure.
  2. Thanks Karl. That is the raid that I was referring to.
  3. Thanks Karl. Very nice, detailed view of what I am looking for. Am backdating Trumpeter kit to p38g, Miss Virginia, S/N 43-2264. This S/N # would indicate likely nose mounted camera. Speaking of cameras, has anyone heard of film of the famous raid? I assume there was NOT any film, as there was the controversy about the mission afterward.
  4. That appears to be the details I'm after, Karl. Gun camera on port side pylon only ? This manual appears to be "restricted" by the way !
  5. There the answer is! Thanks Bigg Tim.
  6. Thanks for reply, Juggernaut.I believe you are correct. Would my thoughts that the pedestal would remain on the wing be correct? Found one picture of tank being installed on the pedestal, but no adequate detail seen of the pedestal itself.
  7. Hello all. I have been searching the interweb for details of P-38 drop tanks. In particular, the shakles without the tanks, after the tanks have been jettisoned. The tanks appear to be mounted on a pedestal, that I suppose remained on the wing. The details I am searching for would be the detail of the remaining pedestal. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
  8. Will definitely be after the Val. This one for me has long been overdue! The plastic Helldiver was to have bomb bay molded closed. I have two resin kits of Helldiver in stash. Believe bomb bay open on resin kit. If so, maybe will keep them to enhance plastic kit if compatibility reasonable. If no more resin, maybe these kits will become collectible at any rate?
  9. Thanks Bill, my thoughts entirely. No tanks it is!
  10. The conversion to G has been doable. The cowling was straight forward.The short fuselage section that is placed in the middle of fuselage is the tricky part. Had to widen the resin halves by placing thick plastic in between them, then align by building the tail unit first and matching fuselage ends to the boom width of tail. So far so good. The model I am converting was previously built, cost $40 on E-bay, and was built straight from box. The thing came apart as no wing bracing had been added. After taking model apart, I added two brass square tubes extending from cockpit tub to as deep as possible into wing tips ( v shaped). Now, the plane is as stiff as aboard. Highly recommend adding wing spares to this kit.
  11. This is the only website for me. If not 1/32 or larger, I'm not interested. Dates back to the Revell P-40, which was a new release when I got it. I recall the cost being $5, which for a young boy was a lot of money. Happily, I have never looked back.
  12. I am a long time avid viewer, but new member with LSP. This is my first post on any website. Hope I have done this correctly. Currently in the middle of backdating Trumpy P-38 to build Miss Virginia, the plane Barber used to shoot down the Betty carrying Yamamoto. My intention is to show the plane just after landing, with the landing gear high to represent empty fuel cells, spent ammo, etc. The plane used the 2 external tanks to make this long interception. My question is this, wouldn't these tanks have been jettisoned before the engagement, and therefore would not be on the plane upon landing. What do you all think. Thanks for input...Bob.
  13. bobster


    If I am understanding correctly, the b-17G kit would need the back half of a B-17F grafted on, plus (the best we currently have) Martin turret from the B-24. Seems kits are parted out on E-bay all the time, making it reasonable to get fuselage and turret separate. Maybe could get parts from manufacturer as well. Don't give up. What an awesome idea. The result would be impressive !
  14. I have been under the impression that the main difference when modeling either the German made Oberursel or the British made le Rhone was the color of the piping found behind the cylinders. As I recall, copper color for British and sliver for German? Are there other external cues to consider?
  15. The fifty year anniversary of moon landings makes me nostalgic for a T-38 in NASA markings! No 1/32 T-38 yet?
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