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    If I am understanding correctly, the b-17G kit would need the back half of a B-17F grafted on, plus (the best we currently have) Martin turret from the B-24. Seems kits are parted out on E-bay all the time, making it reasonable to get fuselage and turret separate. Maybe could get parts from manufacturer as well. Don't give up. What an awesome idea. The result would be impressive !
  2. I have been under the impression that the main difference when modeling either the German made Oberursel or the British made le Rhone was the color of the piping found behind the cylinders. As I recall, copper color for British and sliver for German? Are there other external cues to consider?
  3. The fifty year anniversary of moon landings makes me nostalgic for a T-38 in NASA markings! No 1/32 T-38 yet?
  4. Good to know. I am in the middle of 1/28 Revell Dr-1 build, and had considered purchasing a hand carved prop, as the prop is the "face" of a WW1 aircraft. Might instead try the 2 tone paint with streaked oil wash finish on plastic prop instead.
  5. Beautiful castings of diamond tread tires. Is cost noted somewhere?
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