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  1. What an impressive build. Noticed the subtle spiral suggested under the white over spray on the spinner. Which kit did you start with? Surely not the very, very early Revell kit with the large bump under the cowl. Which ever kit, you have pulled off an impressive build. Thanks for sharing.
  2. That is one technique I would like to file in my memory banks for future use. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very nice work. Manfred even has the smile! Impressive and clean build. I noticed that the separation lines of wing colors are not sprayed. How was this done? Thanks for sharing your your work.
  4. Thanks for your response, Paolo. I see how you handled the tape. The result is fantastic, and I will attempt this on my next WW1 build!
  5. Well done Voss DIII ! The represented tape reinforcements are especially nice. They appear translucent, allowing the camo colors to show through. What did you use? Following the Lysander build also, which is coming along nicely.
  6. WOW! Beautiful natural metal finish! That is different than most P-40 builds. By the way, how was the Trumpeter N to build? Considering one, as the Hasegawa version is pricey.
  7. Thanks Dave. Used the Jerry Rutman resin cowls and smaller boom intakes, and the vac canopy windshield (worst part of the conversion). The cockpit was modified, and made the appropriate "steering wheel" from scratch. The hard part is done. Next is scribing panel lines and any other external details that need mod.
  8. Hi all. I am seeking LSP's collective knowledge on exterior modifications required to convert the Trumpeter P-38L to the P38G. I am at the point of final details before painting. I recall reading somewhere that the running lights, landing lights and perhaps some other exterior details are different between the two. The landing gear and wheel well colors may be different as well. What do you all think? Thanks for the help..Bob.
  9. This conversion turned out amazing. A very interesting air frame that you flawlessly recreated. Well done sir, well done indeed...from Bob.
  10. I'll raise you one Firefly. I'll take 3 three P-38 gears if offered!
  11. Best after market landing gear products on the market! I will pickup several for my future P-40 builds. Any thoughts Darius, on offering the P-38 product again. I am in need of landing gear to hold up a P-38G conversion that is full of resin, making for a very heavy girl indeed!
  12. Beautiful work, Patrick. I am curious how you made such nice dzus fasteners for the engine cowling. This is going to be impressive when done!
  13. Thanks for the info, Pascal. I will be watching this when time allows.
  14. Very nice, clean build Michael. I bet this is a monster in size! And, you have opened everything. Makes for an impressive display. I have always liked this air frame. Now I want one too!
  15. Very nice. So that is how you did the back ground. Brilliant, Mike, just brilliant! Entire presentation is stunning.
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