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  1. For small round balls I use the top of insect pins. At the top of the push pin are very small balls of a hard material, and the smaller the pin the smaller the ball is. They come in different gauges, and the actual left over wire of the pin is useful for scratch building as well.
  2. Everything went together very well, and thanks for asking. Very happy with the quality of the resin. I plan on doing at least 2 more backdates using Rutman resin. The canopy is the last hurdle, then on to paint. A CLEAR RESIN canopy designed for the Trumpeter kit would be ideal, and could be easily modified to fit the Revell kit as well. But not ever attempting to use clear resin, this might be a chore to do. If resin canopy ever comes available, I would definitely be in the market for some.
  3. Looks like there is a need for a back dated canopy. As mentioned earlier, I have proceeded to use the front vac wind sheild from GM, and find it does not fit the Trumpeter kit well at all. There is a step- down on the side walls on the vac part, as is present on the Trumpeter fuselage. After a week of work, I think it will fit. If not, the kit part, which fits nicely, will be modified by adding plastic over the front flat, followed by sanding and then vacuforming a new part. This should be fairly easy.The GM part was intended for the ancient but nice Revell kit, and does NOT fit the Trumpy k
  4. Thank you all for replies. Last evening I went through resin parts I have. Some of my stash is indeed second hand, without canopy. When I looked in the one set I purchased from GM, I found a single front canopy! Until so kindly mentioned here by D Bellis, I did not know one was included, as it is not seen in photo of contents. So this project has moved forward. Would be interested in 3 more canopies for future projects, if some will be available...thanks again...Bob.
  5. Thanks for response. I have already installed all of the resin parts provided by Grey Matter for the conversion, and have three more GM resin backdate kits including props, but no vac canopies to be found. Is the canopy available separately?
  6. I have been working on backdate of Trumpy P-38 L to a P-38 G. The front canopy wind screen is rounded on the early version G, and the kit supplied front canopy is flat. Will either need to modify and polish the L front wind screen (doable if enough plastic is there?), or an aftermarket canopy will need to be found. I am certain this problem has been faced before. Has any one successfully modified kit part, or am I stuck finding aftermarket part. Thanks for help...Bob.
  7. NOT good news! I am awaiting $1400 (US) order placed in September, 2019! From what I gather there has been some type of problem with New Zealand Postal. My order was apparently found, only to be placed on indefinite hold due to COV-19. Now I am concerned that I am screwed. Had been contemplating ordering the DR-1s, but will not likely be doing this now. BUYER BE WARE! Very sad.
  8. Those are nice. Combining the strength of metal with the details of plastic is a great idea! Awaiting the P-38 set, which I will be getting for sure.
  9. Thanks Karl. That is the raid that I was referring to.
  10. Thanks Karl. Very nice, detailed view of what I am looking for. Am backdating Trumpeter kit to p38g, Miss Virginia, S/N 43-2264. This S/N # would indicate likely nose mounted camera. Speaking of cameras, has anyone heard of film of the famous raid? I assume there was NOT any film, as there was the controversy about the mission afterward.
  11. That appears to be the details I'm after, Karl. Gun camera on port side pylon only ? This manual appears to be "restricted" by the way !
  12. There the answer is! Thanks Bigg Tim.
  13. Thanks for reply, Juggernaut.I believe you are correct. Would my thoughts that the pedestal would remain on the wing be correct? Found one picture of tank being installed on the pedestal, but no adequate detail seen of the pedestal itself.
  14. Hello all. I have been searching the interweb for details of P-38 drop tanks. In particular, the shakles without the tanks, after the tanks have been jettisoned. The tanks appear to be mounted on a pedestal, that I suppose remained on the wing. The details I am searching for would be the detail of the remaining pedestal. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
  15. Will definitely be after the Val. This one for me has long been overdue! The plastic Helldiver was to have bomb bay molded closed. I have two resin kits of Helldiver in stash. Believe bomb bay open on resin kit. If so, maybe will keep them to enhance plastic kit if compatibility reasonable. If no more resin, maybe these kits will become collectible at any rate?
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