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IPMS Nationals Telford 2022


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16 hours ago, Shoggz said:

Is there a massive cross-over between model shows and rock band gigs? :rolleyes:

Yes in a way, but in general at least most gig venues In the UK don't allow the idiots who insist on having a backpack on the floor in the venue any more thank goodness. As for for rudeness, there is plenty of that going on, we queue for hours to get barrier at gigs which is our choice and we enjoy it as its nice meeting up with everyone we have made many friends with over the years seeing various bands countless times.  Then you get the p#$sed up idiots pushing forward thinking they are entitled to your space thinking its OK and getting narky when you won't move. I think what is missing these days is common courtesy isn't it? Anyway, Biffy where epic again tonight  and o2 tomorrow  


Regards. Andy 

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Hey Dr Dave, great to know you got in.


Telford aint a cathedral, mosque or synagogue, although I've noticed some of our fellow visitors do exhibit a quasi religious fervour with blinkered or ultra narrowly focused devotion towards particular 'shrines' and climactic moments in the proceedings. Snatural! It's what they come for.


No offence intended, but if you're not genuinely interested in the Avro Manchester prototype SIG, on Boreham Fen's club stand, please get out of the way mate!


Why are some of us ill groomed and smelly? Couldn't tell you - me and Derek reckon we smell OK, more or less. Derek's hooter can detect a chippie at a thousand yards in a built up area, by-the-way. Done it loads of times. 

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On 11/9/2022 at 10:23 PM, DrDave said:

It’s going to be quite mild this year, so remember to pack deodorant and shower gel plus a second pair of Thundercrackers.

We all know how bad model show miasma can be…..

That sort of thing is, understandably, a massive turn off for me.

Can’t they have one hall or one day for smelly old men with no social skills, and then another for those of us who embrace personal hygiene? 



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Sorry to pop the truth here ....It's the smell of middle aged men who don't get much sex anymore and indulge in hobbies to counteract this / don't feel the need to brush up on personal grooming any more   .....go to any stamp club, vintage car club, model train club, militaria fair  etc  they all smell the same .

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On 11/5/2022 at 12:28 AM, mozart said:

I too was hoping to make the (long) trek to Telford this year, last visit was 2018, but we have “inconveniently” won tickets (after 10 years of trying) to the Strictly live show at Blackpool the weekend after! Two trips up the M5 and M6 on successive weekends is just too much I’m afraid to contemplate, so I’ll look forward to 2023! 

I have to poke some good-natured fun at my Brit friends on this one. Next year, the US Nats are in San Marcos, Texas. It will take some people who live in Texas longer to drive to Nats than it takes to drive across the UK. So, when you call that a "long" drive, I must admit that I snicker a little!! ;) I almost drove to Nats this year in Omaha - a 23 hour trip, one way. The only thing that stopped me was fuel prices.


On 11/10/2022 at 9:06 AM, Out2gtcha said:



lol - Is this a real issue?   

Not trying to be flippant at all, genuinely curious..............The Nationals here are usually fairly large yes, but normally in venues with enough space so that only certain areas get super crowded where you are jam packed together.  Although I have to say I've not ever noticed anyone with excessive B.O. at any level of modeling shows, nor any obtrusively foul odors hanging about.

That is interesting. Is air conditioning as common there as it is in the US? I know the IPMS tends to pick the ridiculously hottest possible places to hold Nats almost every year, so maybe that fact is a good thing given the presence of crazy good A/C. Or maybe the crowd is different here? I went to a Lego convention in Seattle some years back, and it was much like you describe - too hot in there, smelly, unwashed, greasy looking nerds everywhere (I am a nerd, so I get to say that). Seattle also doesn't have A/C a lot, so maybe there is a connection.

On 11/11/2022 at 1:48 AM, Phartycr0c said:

I dont think we smell? :hmmm:besides, the stand is a Safe space! 


You know what they say if you can't smell it.... :D


Totally in fun, I love you guys!


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