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  1. you can keep a close eye on your errant pilot figure!
  2. Here you go Graham, https://ipmsuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SMW-2019-Hall-1-floor-plan-V1.pdf https://ipmsuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SMW-2019-Hall-2-floor-plan-V1.pdf https://ipmsuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SMW-2019-Hall-3-and-Foyer-floor-plan-V1.pdf Your in hall 3 by the catering area, where you were last year, We LSP 32 sig are in hall 2 with what looks like 24 ft!!!!
  3. looks like ill be getting a Buccaneer. Im on the list!
  4. here you go https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2872824819398644&set=gm.1291507137695236&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  5. The talent just ooozes from your every pore kent. this is amazing work. how you keep the momentum of accuracy and detail throughout such a big project is beyond me. Is this likely to come to Telford cos i would dearly love to see it in the flesh at some point!
  6. Just seen the RRP for this is £115.00, A site over here in the UK. (Mike at Model kits for less) is taking pre orders for £98.50 Not Too shabby!
  7. My god its an Update! Firstly let me apologise for a complete neglect of this thread. Two main reasons, My mojo has wavered a little recently what with life getting in the way and a change of working hours together with a new motorbike vying for attention, but now im getting the urge again. In line with the other Lancaster builds here, the Dambuster version is no different, in fact you can build both versions of the Lanc from this kit, the conversion comes with an extra sprue with the Dambuster goodies which are applied a little further on in the build. A supplementary instruction book points out the different build steps and parts required, so here is the update. The airscale panels have been completed together with the nav and radio operator stations. I have added some eduard belts for the highly visible pilots seat and will use the kits photo etch belts for the navs and radio ops seats together with the gunners positions. I really am not going overboard on the other interior detail from the wing spar back as it simply will not be seen, the main focus should be quite rightly be on the upkeep mine and associated gear, to that end, none of the engines will be exposed, the hatches will be firmly shut together with the flaps being in the up position. I have also adopted a somewhat modular approach. The wing structures are complete, the fuselage is just awaiting a light wash in the cockpit area before being buttoned up. The front and rear turret structures are in progress and the relevant bits have been cut out to accommodate the additional DB parts to include the searchlight assemblies, the front one of which sits in the aperture of the bomb camera of the bomber version. Just visible in the photos. On with the show. excuse the huge hair in this shot, it has since been removed!
  8. Not good news Iain although i do understand. The builds I promised are not materialising as other stuff has got in the way, in fact the only thing new i have for the Navy theme is the Kingfisher although hopefully the DB lank will be making an appearance.
  9. Having had to abandon my Cat for the time being, I love the work thats gone into this so far! Those engines are absolutely outstanding, kits in their own right. Keep up this great work
  10. There has been some glacial progress on this but I thought as its mostly cockpit work I would wait until its nearly together as I feel I would be repeating many of the other builds, i will however concentrate on the upkeep mine carrier and mods when I get round to them. Photos to follow
  11. Isnt this a case of the tail wagging the dog? surely then the US distributor is putting itself forward to handle all of HK's marketing? I must be honest, I do think HK has missed a trick. The announcement would have only needed box art or test shots to surface and boom! the hobby would go crackers with publicity and speculation, followed up by a short lead in, would have been ideal, I think!
  12. Please send my best wishes to your mom Chris, I know exactly how you feel with my 88 year old mom breaking her hip last year. She repaired well and is back up and about. Hopefully see you in Telford then Chris. To my US cousins, have a great convention and send lots of pics. I will try and get there one year all being well.
  13. Just found this Brad, Bad luck on the waiting round. On the up side, it will be all over in a flash and youl be on tehr oad to recovery making up for lost modelling time! Get well soonest!
  14. Great work on this monster of a kit. I do agree with Brian, The engineering that HK have put into the wing joint is great. Having built this kit, I found that the wing fitting did indeed produce no gaps particularly when the model is resting on its undercarriage. A little sanding and dry fitting was required but it went together well. Keep up the great work. Its all worth it.
  15. Wonderful work on this superb subject. Very nicely executed. Congratulations.
  16. That looks such a beast! great images Thanks for posting!
  17. Well this has certainly blown a few skirts up. I know absolutely NOTHING about the subject but the interest has in turn piqued my interest, especially seeing the images Iain posted. I cant see why a company would go to the trouble of developing something that far for it to not be released? I know Trumpeter have had the SBD in the catalogue forever but I don't think anyone has ever seen test shots of that project, this on the other hand appears close to release into the wild. I may just have to start researching the B26 series, It certainly looks a nice subject.
  18. Never get tired of seeing this model. Its a masterclass in miniature modelling. The article represents very well the work that has gone into this. Congrats again Peter. Will she make an appearance at Telford this year?
  19. A little late to this party on account of just returning from stateside last week! Congratulations to you both Brian, those photos look stunning. such a wonderful location to get married. Thats what memories are made of!
  20. "We all make mistakes" said the hedgehog climbing off the toilet brush. years ago i built an Academy blackhawk and trying to be clever, i used offcuts of tape to mask the large clear windscreen. Of course we all know where tape lays over the next piece there is a slight "thickening" Any Hoo... as time went on and masking was completed, i went to trim the tape to the window frames using an extrempy sharp scalpel, mistook the "thickening" as said frame, removed tape and found that not only has i trimmed the tape half way down the actual windscreen, but i now had a lovely unmistakable cut mark right accross the windscreen. You are NOT alone!
  21. That's such a shame for that to happen on such a great build. Its too good a build to write off, the repair option has to be worth it?
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