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  1. Thanks for the Viggen praise Geedub,, great to chat and it certainly looks like you covered all of the things I didn't manage to, thanks for posting these especially the comp entries as I didn't really manage to get round the show as I wanted to.
  2. and it was great to see you all again and spend a little time chatting about stuff!
  3. Well that went by quickly. The weekend felt like the millenium falcon on hyperdrive. The show was that busy this year I didn't really get the opportunity to see as much as i would have liked.... I was fliting between the 32 Sig stand and the West Mids Police modellers club stand and both wer busy with interested parties. We had 24 Ft of table under our control this year and we filled the lot. When I get 5 I will post a few of my minimal photos up. There were some superb builds going on, and overall, it seems the standard of modelling has gained momentum since the dreaded pandemic.
  4. And it will great to meet you when you do.
  5. If you renewed on line there should be an electronic version of the membership card with the confirmation email...... print outs of these are being accepted.
  6. I think an email confirming receipt of your subscription payments will be ok. I can try and check if you want?
  7. It will be great to meet you finally, Back in the day I used your resin Tornado F3 conversion, I may just bring it along...
  8. As usual Iain It will be great to see you!
  9. It will be great to meet you finally, Back in the day I used your resin Tornado F3 conversion, I may just bring it along...
  10. FYI we are in Hall 3 this year by the main entrance and cafe so expecting 100% footfall also taking into account Four Corners modellers are our neighbours...
  11. Given the demand, surely this would be a cert as not to do a second run would be a financial opportunity missed....
  12. I'm in with number 12960. I must admit, just like the Viggen, i'm looking forward to this kit, something different. I do wonder whether there will be the same level of printing lines on 3d parts as the Viggen given that the specification / resolution of printers has moved on in the 2.5 years since the Viggen was announced?
  13. small earth magnets readily available from the bay of the E any size you want!
  14. I believe the RAF tried to do similar with the Roundel stating it was a trade mark until it was pointed out its an identification mark not ta trade mark. This seems to smack of jobsworthism.
  15. LSP / 32 SIG will be in attendance again this year so if anyone is around come and say hi. In addition, if anyone would like to display something on the stand you will be most welcome. Hopefully see some old friends again this year.
  16. The free entry to Telford and the fact that I have to be a member to set up the LSP / 32 Sig stand at Telford, which, by the way, we will be attending again this year so anyone around, come visit or even better bring something for display if you fancy it?
  17. I'm registered and confirmed. I must say, I'm looking forward to this one.
  18. To be fair, that was also my thinking, however, is that possible with licencing issues etc or is it a nefarious activity? If this was the case, whoever scanned the airframes (assuming permission), surely did not have subsequent carte blanche to distribute the files to all and sundry. I'm sure this is not necessarily the case as i would have thought there were copyright and other licencing issues to be taken into consideration? I am of course speculating as i don't fully understand the processes involved. What I do know however, is that currently w have never had it so good in terms of large scale aircraft kits.
  19. I really dont get it, what is it exactly that has triggered 4 companies to produce kits for the same airframe (caveats apply) . The market for AH 64's surely cant be that that huge? Anyhow, I've taken delivery of the Takom Guardian version and am extremely pleased with the quality of the kit. Im sure it will build into a perfectly passable Apache.
  20. The grand slam is a specific version of the kit. As far as I can remember the sprues for the original version are not included although I cant be sure . I've built all 3 versions and it gets confusing. .
  21. This is absolute s**t. You've been in a house 5 weeks and this happens. Somebody is obviously jealous of what you have worked so hard for. some people are just A**holes. Do you have any idea as to who would have a grudge against you or is it simply car jealousy? either way the guy is an utter scumbag
  22. Again Tom, an absolute masterclass in Vac / Scratchbuilding Im speechless and cant wait to see it in the flesh!
  23. Stunner! thanks for sharing!
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