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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do the review Iain. Although the subject has little interest for me, it seems to be an improvement on the helldiver which by all accounts was far from a replacement for the resin version. Perhaps it is this aspect that has goaded Infinity into cancelling the 410, which would have been up there on my list, because the standard has been set in resin as it were. The Vampire should sell well as its a popular subject all over. I do hope that infinity dont become another "kitty Hawk" so to speak.
  2. yes but one is larger than the other.... and theoretically we can talk about one but not the other....
  3. stunningly beautiful! congratulations on a superb build.
  4. Love the viggen . I’m right with you on this kit, Lovely work well done!
  5. I'm more than conscious that I have been somewhat absent from the forums recently but rest assured i have been building albeit at a very slow pace. Anyhow, my latest one off the production line, as it were is the Jetmads Viggen, built pretty much out of the box. I didn't post a work in progress thread as Aigore had that more than covered with his superlative build so I quietly carried on in the background. Not absolutely perfect but I think she will stand up to the 3 ft rule if you squint. She will be making an appearance at Telford all being well. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the absence of the antenna immediately behind the cockpit which is now ready to go on together with the boarding ladder and exquisite tow bar. So there you go. A great kit all told but not without its issues. some of the 3d printed parts are extremely fragile but respond well to careful handling when removing them from the printing blocks. The main gear door supports are to long and as a result they foul the Skyflash missiles when they are in position. I deliberately left the sidewinders off as I personally don't like the bright green colour the Swedish airforce painted them so I went with just the Skyflash. I may add them in future although i'm not sure at the moment. The canopy is removable as Iv'e added a small magnet to keep it in place. I tried to do the same with the main tank but its just a little too heavy / magnets were too small. Feedback is more than welcome.
  6. Tom to add to the positive comments of the collective, this build is superlative. To take a blank canvas in such a way and turn it into this beautiful build is beyond amazing. Congratulations on completing this, a showstopper for sure.
  7. More than a little convoluted in that i'm not sure why the storyline had to be written as it was. I suppose in the greater scheme of things it was just there to allow Maverick to continue doing what he does. (written so as not put out spoilers)
  8. I went with the better half to see it last Thursday. Since we have been together she has been subjected to aviation crap in one form or another, in fact we discussed the original Top Gun as one of our first nervous "look we've got something in common" chats. Fully taking on board the fact that TG has more than its share of Hollywood licence (Final Countdown anyone) the relase of Maverick with all its enhanced graphics was much anticipated. Fast Forward to last Thursday without issuing a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it, in one scene my good lady curled up in her cinema seat into what could only be described as a foetal position and at the top of her voice screamed "EJECT!" I must admit I half expected all of the seats around me to disappear through the roof! Possibly an indicator as to how immersive it can be, and that was in "normal" mode. Next up Imax!
  9. Nice! I too have this particular beastie and am looking forward to building it although after my viggen ill go back to "traditional" plastic or a while
  10. Have to ask Thierry, are you going to be building using the HPH kit or are you just researching schemes?
  11. I so need to come out there and get you to show me around Pete. One day maybe, one day.
  12. Peter I am very late to this party as i'm playing a little catch up. I can only look in awe at this build. It has such presence and detail its difficult to drink it all in. Hopefully it will be accompanying you to Telford this year where I look forward to admiring it in the flesh! . Congratulations on another outstanding build!
  13. Although not my "bag" i look forward to seeing some of these built.
  14. Aigore, Superb build, outstanding thread detail and inspirational to boot. Mine is not far behind at decaling stage. ill pop some finished photos as soon as I cross the line!
  15. Gorgeous! inspiration, given I have a copy of the Missouri on the go at present!
  16. The loadout detail work is superb. This is a real head turner.
  17. Ill be watching along with this as I have one of these beasties somewhere in my stash.
  18. I know a lot has been said about this kit which makes me wonder why trumpeter got is so wrong. A real shame for such an iconic aircraft. Keep up the great work, its looking superb!
  19. That is incredible considering you only started 3d printing a relatively short time ago. Go big or go home Eh? The constellation now looks like a contender for the 3d printer?
  20. The whole situation beggars belief. Hopefully Ukraine will emerge greater and stronger. Stay safe and best wishes to you, your family and countrymen!.
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