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  1. Really really nice work on those engines and well done for persevering with the seam. A great inspiration. Keep it up.
  2. Not only that but with the greatest of respect, at least with the Lancaster B17, and many of the HPH kits you can see some value for money, With the best will in the world, line up a CE / Wild Hare converted phantom amongst a bunch of other Phantoms, Im not so sure.
  3. By the way, release of the atrwork for decal production has been discussed.
  4. Part 2 Sublime, Aint it? Anyhow following the presentation, both aircraft were re positioned for more photos Next In for paint will be the 493rd F15 C The markings will be similar with the exception that the rudders gun port and other detail will be blue, similarly the 494th will be yellow. Enjoy!
  5. Yesterday I had the great privilege of being present at RAF Lakenheath for the unveiling of the first of the 48th Fighter wing heritage aircraft. One aircraft from each of the based squadrons will be repainted in WW2 heritage squadron colours to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D Day, all three taking part in the flypast on 6th June in Normandy. First taxi off the rank is the scheme for the 492nd Fighter squadron the "Mad Hatters" Firstly, I must point out that the schemes have caused a little argument amongst both the based squadrons and aviation enthusiasts alike because the Hatters squadron colour is a blue tail stripe with thecatch phrase Bleed Blue So why has it been painted in red? 492 aircraft sported red tailed aircraft at the time of D Day. Likewise 493 (currently yellow) were blue and 494 (currently red) were yellow. All 3 squadrons were flying p47's at the time of the landings. Anyhow, back to the event. The existence of the repaints came completely out of the blue, one of the best kept secrets, no rumours, nothing. Also attending the reveal was the 492'd squadron marked P47 "Nellie" which was used as a backdrop behind the gathered throng of senior officers and civillian dignitaries including representatives from the Imperial War Museum. The presentation began with two short videos depicting archive footage of 48th FW Thunderbolts on operations, followed by a time lapse video of the 10 "bulldogs" (the nickname of the 48th FW corrosion prevention squadron ) at work on the repaint. Following the visuals, each of the painters received a commendation and award from the base commander from where they filed off stage left. A short while later following a further speech the paint shop doors were drawn back to reveal a stunningly painted F15 E. Words were difficult to find. The quality of the detail that has gone into this repaint is incredible. Worthy of note is the beautiful Mad Hatters logo together with the Liberty on the tail fin. The design mimics perfectly the markings worn by 48th FW aircraft during WW2. Anyway enough chat, its time for you folks to make your own mind up. On with the show! Part two follows
  6. Soz to Clarify, Typhoons in general. not the 3 sqdn special tail aircraft
  7. Dan, if you want any reference phots of the 1:1 scale, PM me iv'e got loads. Oh and +1 for the Revell kit. Cheaper and a lot more accurate.
  8. Received Shawn's DH 2 in fine order. Many thanks. I know my Hunter has landed with Mick and the Mig book with Maru, just awaiting an update on the B1 book. Thanks again for organising this great event.
  9. Erwin, that's great very imaginative The colour scheme is spot on.
  10. Brilliant work Brian, That cockpit looks amazing and the Ruhrstahls will look superb. The camouflage pattern you've chosen will add some real interest to the 335. With so few real examples ever having been produced variation is not exactly prolific, so other than basing builds on available references, builds of this subject would be a little "samey" which is why the subject lends itself so well to your "whatiffery" concept, In fact come to think of it, arnt the nightfighter models"What if''s in their own right? Keep up the good work, and Im glad your feeling so much better after your op.
  11. Thats not modelling, Its precision engineering! I think ill give up. If you think you had an idiot for a teacher, ill introduce you to mine, you wont like him.
  12. Hi Ron, In all cases, the barrels were fixed before the glazing was secured. There is plenty of wiggle room for this method of construction as I masked and painted the glazing before they went anywhere near the turret bases. On another note, the gun bodies did require drilling to secure the barrels properly.
  13. Hi Nick, Great work in progress, I built an F3 a few years ago using Meindert's F3 conversion. The Revell kit can with a little effort, as you've found, can be beaten into submission I was quite pleased with the results
  14. Get well soon Mark, wishing you a speedy recovery.
  15. You do like a challenge don't you Kent? What a project, The work going on here thus far is outstanding. Im sure youl figure the conversion out successfully. Are you intending doing another cutaway build i.e fully detail the interior and show off the wood panels, or will it be a fully sealed build?
  16. And I thought a Lancaster or Catalina was big! that is Mahoosive! The hard work youv'e put in on the portholes is superb, the alignment on them is perfect. Lovely work!
  17. Interesting concept Erwin. I'm intrigued as to how this will turn out. Quick build!
  18. I can only agree, the B25 kit really is superb, One thing I would say though is grab a set of 50 cal brownings from master barrel, you will be glad you did.
  19. Incredible work. Probably one of the best Tornados I have seen. I have to agree with Rich, when I first saw the phots I thought it was real Well done.
  20. Yep Kent, I make no apologies for using your build as a reference and I will be plagiarising it heavily, then again, what is it they say about imitation being the best form of flattery? Looking into the Black Cats, your absolutely right, most were indeed PBy's and also most had the eyeball turret upgrade to boot. I will have to pick very carefullt the subject if I go down this particular path. Thanks for the reference, ill look into them
  21. MMM A Bronco! good choice and great start.
  22. People in Dubai don't know about the Flinstones but those in Abu Dabi do! nice work.
  23. Brian, thats great news, (cue forwards roll with a double fist pump!) have a happy and healthy 2019
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