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  1. Fascinating and worthy project Kent. I am enjoying this already and like to see the contemporary modifications. Cheers.
  2. That's looking superb so far. Great adherence to real details creates reality in miniature. Please pass your message on.
  3. Great to hear that you got to go to the show Kev. Thanks for sharing your photos. Have fun
  4. Interesting topic. Whilst I lean towards a static only model I admire the skills and tenacity required to make working parts on scale plastic models. One question nags my tiny brain though.......after the first time it's operated, when is it ever used again? There are so many little bits sticking out of or dangling off my models I can no longer remember where or how to hold them to pick them up safely let alone operate fragile undercarriage or control surfaces etc.
  5. I think you'll get plenty of opinions on this. A very skilled modeller on here uses the "paint what you see" approach and his models are always outstanding. It's just what it sounds like. Use a colour that looks right to your eyes. Try not to be too constrained by full size paint codes etc. The actual panel is indeed carbon fibre so it can range from a medium grey in appearance to virtually black. Try experimenting on an old scrap kit or even the parts tree to see what you like. Cheers.
  6. That is one of the best exhaust collectors I've ever seen in model form and makes the model stand out for me. Great job
  7. Holy smokes Are you kidding? What a fabulous model. That first picture.........just WOW Really, really great job. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creation
  8. Good to see this one float back up to the front of the queue Max
  9. Phenomenal I'd say that video worked wonders. Your crew look amazing. Brilliant start.
  10. A challenge but something that brings life to your model, especially in this scale. Is this a feature you'll create firstly in the plastic skin before you apply the metal or will you wrinkle the metal as you apply it? One tip I can think of is you don't need alot of depth for the effect to be apparent and it's easy to overdo it. The Hawk has quite exaggerated wrinkling behind the cockpit. When I built mine it only took a quick pass with a curved blade followed by alot of smoothing out to give a neat effect. Have you done this on your models before Pete? Very much looking forward to seeing how you tackle this.
  11. If you dressed your parts with a little blue ink they'd look identical to the reference picture above. Tremendous work, well done Good luck with the remainder. I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.
  12. Epic build that turned out beautifully. Even more remarkable given the humble beginnings. Quality
  13. Aww, my ISP won't show your images
  14. That's alot of work but the result speaks for itself. Very convincing
  15. She's taking shape nicely Pete. It's weird but from that angle she almost looks like a single seater. Those polished cans look amazing. Is that photo of a T-bird jet? Looks like a smoke pipe between the nozzles. If so, were line jets just as brilliant? Very much looking forward to seeing you tackle that feature, keep at it.
  16. Beautiful job Quang. Was it this build that first highlighted the differential exhaust staining based on prop direction and subsequent prop wash? If so, I'd like to thank you for educating me. That was never something I'd even thought about in the past but I'll be sure to study my references much more intently from now on. Lovely model. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Wow Dan! Given the raw finish of some of the printed components you're doing a tremendous job turning out such polished parts. Great job.
  18. Thought you might find this pic interesting See here
  19. Lovely looking Greek Phantom The heavily soiled and weathered Aegean Ghost scheme is a true favourite of mine. Nice one
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