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  1. I could watch these JASDF Eagles all day. Some of the best colour schemes to ever adorn the most beautiful (in my eyes) jet. Thanks for sharing the video. Strange choice of background music though....
  2. @Shoggz, that’s awesome news. Well done. When do you plan on getting started?
  3. Fascinating and civilised discussion. A pleasure to read. Thanks. It illustrates to me that although people have differing opinions on topics it is possible to convey their message without trampling over opposing viewpoints. Bravo all.
  4. Hi Ali. This is a project that has the potential to be popular depending on a few factors. The most obvious would be price. I have literally no idea where this would need to be for it to be financially viable for you but I have a price in mind that would make or break the project for me. The next would be shape. Unless it looked like a Chipmunk it would be a pass for me. Anything that needed completely re-working would just be too much effort these days for me. If, however, the above two factors were within reason I’d be in for one. Good look with the project and please keep us posted on any progress. Cheers.
  5. Interesting Max. Would you say that they are detailled enough to use for a scratch build?
  6. Nice work Ben. Reedoak figures take some beating. They’re sure to bring your dio to life.
  7. Hi Max. That’s a WIP I’d be very interested in. With so many youngsters enjoying their first air experience flights in a Chipmunk it could be a popular product for a manufacturer. How could we persuade Airfix to bring one out in 1/24th? . Afterall, they’ve done all of the research for their smaller scale offerings. Shall we start a petition?
  8. It can be done but some jiggery pokery will be necessary. Some elements of the lower engine and front of the engine are utilised so they would need fabricating. It would take some careful lining up of the cowlings too plus some way of locating the prop correctly. But, it's doable. Edit* One thing that does need checking is whether the prop shaft is modelled with a splined end in a similar manner to the Tamiya version. (I think it might be) Can someone with the kit please confirm this either way? Thanks. @Stokey Pete, sounds like a great plan. Alternatively you could wait for the next release, the mk VIII @Jim Barry, great to hear you're impressed and smashing photos. Please feel free to share more if you are inclined. The more the merrier
  9. Such a beautifully finished Spitfire. Magnificent job on both the model and the photography. Great job, well done.
  10. Hi Squizzy, just going through some F-15 builds and wondered if you finished this big bird? Cheers.
  11. @scott_t fancy posting up some detailled sprue shots here? It would be great to see how some of the smaller cockpit and engine parts look close up.
  12. Hi folk, For anyone modelling Spitfires and Lancasters there might be a video or two of interest here. Hth
  13. Anyone know the story behind the Boeing aircraft above the Raptor? Manned drone prototype? More great photos @Jack, thanks for sharing. Looks like an awesome place to visit
  14. Any thoughts on creating an 8x10 of this to sell Peter?
  15. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them @One-Oh-Four
  16. Thanks for the link Smokey. It looks like a Hurricane to me. The cockpit interior looks nicely busy straight out of the box. Nice one.
  17. Awesome artwork Peter! (I prefer it to the Airfix box top artwork)
  18. Hi Peter, that looks great, thanks for the cool preview. I anticipate orders rolling in as soon as folk get their kits. Please keep us all in the loop if you think there are any other elements that you can improve on. One tiny detail that could be worth considering might be replacement Dzus fasteners for the cowlings. Airfix have modelled these as quite bold, raised details. On the full sized aircraft I think they were largely flush when closed. In essence the etch would be a collection of tiny discs with a central slot. They could replace the kit moldings and give a neater appearance to the nose area. Any other suggestions folks? Possibly the canopy release handle that mounts to the upper inside hoop of the canopy? Edit* First build I've seen.
  19. Thanks for the update MARU. Good to hear of Gregg’s progress and glad he has support from his family. cheers
  20. Hello folk, With the recent release of Airfix’s latest 1/24th scale Spitfire mkIX I’ve been watching some in box review videos and one of the hot topics is the exhaust stubs. Airfix have attached the stubs to the sprue in an awkward spot apparently. This may take some tricky clean up but it got me thinking. Tamiya offer two different styles of exhaust stub in their mkIX offering. The same ones as Airfix and circular, tubular openings. Is there some way of telling which airframes had which style? It might be that the round versions could be reasonably easy to replace the kit parts with? Ideas anyone? Cheers
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