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  1. I only had a small window of time and really wanted to have a look at that Corsair again, so some of the things you mention weren't such an issue for me. I take your point about the carrier experience, but, as I understand it, they are bringing it up to be more representative of current extant aircraft - they haven't flown Phantoms for some decades after all, and the last time I went and it was operating, it was looking a bit tired. It's the ages old conundrum for museums - how do they keep 'business as usual' as captivating as possible when they are modernising big chunks of their estate. I'm hopefully going back in November - I'll report back then!
  2. I have a feeling that Mr John1's humour is flying over a lot of people's heads!
  3. You need to upscale to 1/24 - that Airfix kit looks pretty good!
  4. I as there 8 weeks ago too! I was the one obsessing over their brilliant 'time-capsule' Corsair.
  5. Yes, but a IIb as opposed to an earlier Battle of Britain variant!
  6. Possibly not what you are specifically looking for, but might be of interest anyway! (Maybe for the second kit. ) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KW124001 And welcome to the forum.
  7. Mine arrived today from Jadlam!
  8. Just listened to the latest episode of the above - and enjoyed the boys having a interesting long conversation with none other than our very own Kevin - K1 about his great KLP Publishing!
  9. Spitfire - beautiful P-51D - equally beautiful ..but just ahead for me is the Mosquito FB VI
  10. Loved it. As did Mrs Shoggz. Just sheer fun, with dollops of nostalgia for good measure.
  11. You're right - the D/K is a great book.
  12. Been looking forward to a build story of this kit - and this one sure doesn’t disappoint - and extra marks for subtle Pink Floyd lyric insertions.
  13. You got me excited there T&D! I have a voucher for Jadlam and the Kotare Spitfire would have been the ideal usage..
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