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  1. What a great place! My sort of museum. Living, breathing examples rather than static pristine versions.
  2. Well, another thumbs up from me for Jadlam. My late version P-51D arrived yesterday in a very robust cardboard container that stretched well beyond the dimensions of the actual box. They are very rarely not the cheapest and charge no shipping fees, plus their reward scheme (unlike most!) is actually worthwhile. (One 1/32 plane gives you at least £5 off your next purchase) Definitely my no.1 supplier currently.
  3. Woody, this site may be of interest? https://coastalkits.co.uk/newstore/
  4. I certainly intend to be there. In 2019 I actually mustered up the courage to introduce myself on the LSP stand, so was making progress!
  5. That looks amazing. All that detail is just scrumptious!
  6. Simple in this country.. It's Telford or nothing! (And yes, I know it used to be elsewhere.. )
  7. Bloody brilliant Peter. Can't wait to see it (and you) at Telford at some point.
  8. I so hope you pick this one up again Peter!
  9. I do tend to listen to podcasts whilst at the bench and we have the choice of a plethora of modelling podcasts these days! 'On the Bench' 3 Australian chaps in Melbourne 'Plastic Model Mojo' Southern USA 'Scale Model Podcast' Some gentlemen in Canada 'Just Making Conversation' two fellers from England/UK 'Plastic Posse Podcast' USA 'ModelGeek's Podcast' USA On The Bench has been around the longest and features the legendary grumpy Julian and the affable Dave and Ian. I'm still getting to grips with most of the others, but I do enjoy hearing people talking about modelling whilst I am indulging in said activity!
  10. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get the plastic in hand Jennings! This is the first 1/72 scale model that has tempted me for quite some time.
  11. I’m gutted even though I have tickets - it’s been cancelled.
  12. https://www.scramble.nl/military-news/tempest-roll-out?fbclid=IwAR056M2HepgUzywsddw3-SX4lMI-8XLCeThDt2BWMxg0xdRrIMLDCTGWSXE
  13. They are great! Only problem - which pair to choose...
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