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  1. And if something is correct, he's quick to sort it out too!
  2. But surely, the fact that Jon Snow could ride a dragon is due to the fact that has Targaryen blood and hence that was sort of a sign of his heritage?
  3. I love it! Someone described it as 'Dallas with Dragons', which I think is pretty apt. It is the twists and turns of the storyline and the wonderful scheming characters that make the show so unmissable for me.
  4. The outcome of the show is as easy to predict as The Grand National! And, sadly, with as many casualties... I genuinely have no idea how it will turn out. Every time you think you know where things are going, they throw a curve ball. It's what makes it so good I guess! Last night's episode seemed to be a collection of uncomfortable re-unions/meetings. My favourite was probably The Hound/Arya.
  5. I subscribed to the print version of that magazine. It has John DIbbs on board, so you're always guaranteed some gorgeous photographs.
  6. We all yearn for new 1/32 models from Tamiya. (Me as much as anyone else!) But the reality (for me) is that the number of Tamiya 1/32 kits in my stash is probably enough to last a lifetime And they have already done a lot of my absolute favourite aircraft, so if they didn't do any more I still have enough subjects and kits to keep me going for years at my build speed. ..but, but, I really would love a Hawker Hurricane, Sea Fury or an Me109/FW190!
  7. Yes, definitely one to add to the 'to try' list.
  8. I met the chap who built the Hellcat at Telford. He seemed remarkably relaxed and chilled out, all things considered!
  9. I got stung by customs/the post office to the tune of £13.05 for a small package from Barracuda the other day....
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