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  1. Exactly. I somehow managed to fit the engine upside down - obviously I misread the instructions. It was the Birdcage version and I do have the -A and -D variants in the stash too, so let's hope I don't repeat my error with them!
  2. I'm currently building one of their 1/48 P-51s, and part A-50 was missing. It's one of the two inserts in the front of the wing that has the gun muzzles. It had probably fallen off the sprue and got swallowed by the carpet monster, but I contacted Eduard anyway, fully anticipating having to pay for a replacement. But no, they sent me the sprue free of charge, which arrived in about 10 days - not bad considering the distance travelled. I'm not sure you can give better customer service than that...
  3. I’ve taken to listening to modelling podcasts while I model! I’ve only just picked up on them, so have quite few ‘back-issues’ to get through. ’On The Bench’ is the one I am currently ploughing through.
  4. Thank you very much for your efforts Kev.
  5. That was more squeaky bum time than a thrashing!
  6. Still find it a hoot watching the original footage from Episode IV before they overdubbed James Earl-Jones's voice over DP's David Prowse had quite a high-pitched voice with a West Country accent. No offence to folks from that wonderful part of England, but it isn't the accent I'd choose for an evil galactic overlord!
  7. John, I must admit I was hoping you’d turn your attention to one of Tamiya’s Spits after your magnificent Mossie! MJ250 in its hybrid NMF/camouflage guise as above is one of the marking options you get in the current Revell Mk.IX offering. I built it using other aftermarket alternatives, so I probably have these markings in my spares box. If I do, you would be welcome to them!
  8. I think those are the best figures I've ever seen. Just superb. (And the rest of the model aint bad, either!)
  9. Some lovely models there chaps. I remember my Dad building this kit back in the 70s and he enjoyed it. Spence Pollard did a beautiful conversion of one of these into a two seat version, which was at Telford a few years back. Was simply glorious!
  10. I love MH434, so applaud your choice! I have a framed picture of myself posed next to her on my wall, taken when my wife bought me a 'fly alongside a Spitfire' experience, and the Spitfire was MH434. I've built representations of her both as she is now and as she was in WWII. The guys have covered the wings, but the other most obvious differences are the fact that the modern day MH434 has the 'later' type long carburetor intake, and she has the '4-spoke' wheels as opposed to her wartime configuration of the early '5-spoke' wheels. Both of these adaptations can be be tak
  11. This is great news for me. I'm 30 minutes away from Sywell! It's a fascinating airfield already. 'Ultimate Warbirds Flights' is based there already, so they are not totally unfamiliar with WW2 hardware.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/Hangar11Collection/posts/1970656829741261 I’ve been following this one for quite a while. Quite a unique addition to the airworthy Spitfire fraternity.
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