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  1. Can’t wait to see some builds of this beast by some of you talented folk.
  2. Shoggz


    I know someone who has done this! He's also (amongst a number of amazing things) just finished a challenge to go round the world on commercial flights in less than 80 hours..
  3. Good Heavens Dean, imagine the size of the stash if your interests extended beyond 1/32 pre-jet aircraft! I'm loving watching the den's progress, so keep the pictures coming.
  4. Great images and a great occasion. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Not enough time after all the Nigel Farage publicity..
  6. I was welling up watching the news last night when they were interviewing the veterans. I'm amazed (and grateful) that we do have a number of survivors still...
  7. I do have four or five models on the shelf of doom, but I also have some that are technically finished, but there was a degree of 'dipping for the line' involved to get them there! i.e. I spent three months meticulously perfecting all details, but with the lure of a new subject getting strong, those standards went out of the window and the last push wasn't quite as perfectionist!
  8. What city's properties are on the Monopoly board that you play? It's London here, but I'd guess different countries will have more localised locations?
  9. This is an interesting read. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/hellcat-exclusives-for-centenary-edition My (first) Hellcat is on pre-order with Hannants for the 10% discount.
  10. Well, I rather liked it. Didn't see the Jon bumping off Daenerys twist, which was a good one. ..and I predicted Bran getting the throne - so just called me The Three Eyed Richard! WIth regards to the bigger picture, I do feel the whole 'Jon is a Targaryen' slant was underused.
  11. Well, Hannants have them listed as being available from the 26th June, and all my other usual sources still have them on 'pre-order', so gunpowder's LHS must have smuggled them in somehow!
  12. I’m looking forward to following your progress on this one! Looking good so far.
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