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  1. Shoggz

    The cold

    My CEO is going through the 'changes', and she often feels like a furnace.. So we usually have all the windows open and heating off even when it's freezing! She's sat there in her tee shirt and shorts and I have a lunar landing suit on.
  2. Family outing again this year Peter, or just your good self?
  3. I was like that for the first couple of visits.. But then I took the plunge and went and introduced myself at the LSP stand and I'm glad I did!
  4. Yes I am. I did build the older Airfix Mk.I too. Which was quite nice but very simplistic compared to the 2017 version.
  5. I've only built the Airfix version.. It's nicely detailed around the cockpit and accurately recreates that 'cage-like' internal structure, but at the cost of being a little fiddly. It does go together well overall and makes a nice model. I've built three of them!
  6. It's a shame you're not visiting Munich at the end of this month John! It's Oktoberfest time. I managed to attend it for three consecutive years, and as my company sponsored a table, it was free beer all night! Fantastic - but probably not very kid friendly, unfortunately..
  7. https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/space/stories/every-solar-system-model-youve-seen-is-wrong?fbclid=IwAR1Gle8TI5WwKl0YltCTzKnMqBDOptIoYv9WzYzCAk2Cs3BS053Azh7atos Amazing.
  8. John, I'm totally with you on the cast in place harnesses.. They just look better to me than PE. I used the Barracuda seat with belts in place for a Revell 1/32 Bf 109 G10 and I really liked them. ..and your cockpit is looking really good! Nice work on that floor.
  9. Excellent. Hope mine comes out half as good as yours.
  10. My wife does not understand my passion for the hobby, but she has no particular problem with me doing it. One thing she definitely struggles with is the need for a 'stash'. i.e. "Why have you bought another one when you already have so many?" It's not the money element either.. (and indeed I could easily have a counter-argument by citing the numbers of shoes and handbags she buys!) She just doesn't understand that you'd buy something if you weren't going to build it straight away. "Not another model?" So, I definitely identify with the cartoon of the 'model detector'! She does however actively enjoy going to air displays with me - which is good.
  11. Being (at least currently) an exclusively hairy stick user, all this discussion is going over my head!
  12. I know it's not in the hallowed scale(s), but having purchased their Bf 109 and new tool Spitfire in 1/48, this one is on my 'must-have' list. (I know - #heresy)
  13. I'm just glad that Airfix have continued to produce 1/24 scale planes. If they can continue the upward trend in quality that showed exponential improvements from Mosquito -> Typhoon -> Hellcat, then even better. As to what they produce next, my personal preference would be for a later Hawker (Fury or Sea Fury) or a P-47.
  14. You should all come! What a great get together that would be on the LSP stand...
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