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  1. Really sorry to hear this Jennings..
  2. it's a world phenomenon! The loo-roll shelves in our local Morrisons (Coventry) are like gaping maws of emptiness... It's like the lemming mentality. Once someone does it, then all the rest follow.
  3. I got me one of these last week. These new 1/48 offerings from the big T are lovely models. ..and good practise/experience for the large stash of Tamiya 1/32 kits I have!
  4. They are probably just placeholders, but the artworks used for these kit reissue announcements are all the original Roy Cross illustrations. Takes me back to my youth when my Dad built the original 1/24 Spitfire in the early 70s. #nostalgia
  5. I'd never buy a actual kit from Hannants. All their prices are full retail, whereas if you shop around you can get up to 25% off from other sources (including Amazon.) Where they win for me is stuff like Barracuda or Eduard AM products, where buying direct (if you are in the UK) is prohibitive.
  6. This is great stuff (again!) Thanks for taking the time to catalogue your great builds so meticulously Chuck.
  7. I built the HobbyBoss Mk.V and enjoyed it.. it's by no means perfect, but it's the only choice for us less skilled/non-Tamiya-converting modellers!
  8. They're probably still mopping up our drool at Telford, near where that was!
  9. I'm currently building the Bf109G-6, with two more in the stash alongside the three Spitfire Mk.Is in there too. They are a lot of fun!
  10. Thanks for posting Max. Gosh, it has certainly come on since my Dad and I went to see it 15 or so years ago.. it was just a collection of geodetic shapes back then!
  11. Brilliant pictures - thanks for sharing. Those smoke rings are insane!
  12. I think there are two conversations going on here! My understanding of these 'days' were they that they were intended to highlight individuals or sections of society that hadn't necessarily had a fair crack of the whip. On a holistic scale, women do fall into that category, but I'm afraid it's hard to make an argument that 'men' per se, have ever been underdogs. Hence, I agree with Jennings, an international mens' day seems a bit odd to me. I think the point that others are making is that as individuals we all deserve to look after ourselves and be looked after. And obviously, we do.
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