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  1. I also procured an RAF and a USAAF set as I also am not a fan of PE belts..
  2. There's obviously more to this than these reports are revealing. There seems to be no logic to this. Surely Flying Legends was a huge earner for IWM Duxford, so why stop hosting it? Like others, I'm so glad I've been to over 10 of the previous ones.
  3. The F/G version was a superbly engineered piece of kit. Even a mediocre modeller like myself managed to make a rather presentable finished article! I may buy one of these to sit in the stash to be an ego massage after a particularly troubling kit!
  4. It seems to me that Sea Furies seem to have more prangs than other variants. https://ukaviation.news/vintage-sea-fury-crashes-at-duxford/ This is the two seat silver bird based at Duxford. Very sad news, as I can't see this one ever flying again, but the good news is no fatalities.
  5. Shape-wise, I think all the old Airfix 1/24 scale kits hold up remarkably well. You could certainly pick them up over the levels of detail in cockpits and wheel wells particularly, but the shapes are pretty good I think.
  6. Nice one Kevin. Just one point. The link for the 'Review of HKM Lancaster Nose-Art' actually takes you to the JU87 Valiant Wings book review..
  7. California. Roy used to work at (if memory serves) LucasArts actually as a model builder. He worked at 21st Century Toys previously too.
  8. Tamiya stuff seems quite scarce here. (Blighty). I can't seem to find any X-20A thinner The kits seem to be generally out of stock too. (Certainly at my preferred suppliers.)
  9. Indeed, and I'm currently building the 1/48th P38G and it's a thing of real beauty.
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference (if there is one) between this day and Rememberance Sunday in November?
  11. I think the Vulcan is possibly the finest air-display aircraft of all time! I remember a display at Mildenhall in the early 90s, where I go to see that rolling thunder take-off, stick back, vertical climb and then roll at the top. I've never really seen anything like it before or since. Sure, the modern jets can scream around the sky and make a ton of noise, but just the sheer size and unbridled power of the vulcan was like nothing else. It was like it could defy gravity. So sad we won't ever see it again.
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