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  1. California. Roy used to work at (if memory serves) LucasArts actually as a model builder. He worked at 21st Century Toys previously too.
  2. Wow, congratulations sir!
  3. Tamiya stuff seems quite scarce here. (Blighty). I can't seem to find any X-20A thinner The kits seem to be generally out of stock too. (Certainly at my preferred suppliers.)
  4. Indeed, and I'm currently building the 1/48th P38G and it's a thing of real beauty.
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference (if there is one) between this day and Rememberance Sunday in November?
  6. I think the Vulcan is possibly the finest air-display aircraft of all time! I remember a display at Mildenhall in the early 90s, where I go to see that rolling thunder take-off, stick back, vertical climb and then roll at the top. I've never really seen anything like it before or since. Sure, the modern jets can scream around the sky and make a ton of noise, but just the sheer size and unbridled power of the vulcan was like nothing else. It was like it could defy gravity. So sad we won't ever see it again.
  7. I live just to the west of Northampton on vince14's map.. and it's pretty good for aviation locations! One thing you can't see on that map is Cosford, which is just off the left hand side and 45 minutes away from me on a good day
  8. Oh, and here is my stash! https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=15175&p=stash
  9. I use Scalemates. One of the things the site allows you to do is to export your stash to an excel or csv file.. ..which I did and used it as the basis for building a database of all my purchases past, present and projected future! I have also linked in all my AM and paint, so that for any given potential purchase/stock item I know if I have any gaps in my paint stocks and also that I need to go digging in my AM box for the relevant products. I have also included quite a detailed comparison/lookup between all the different paint manufacturers, so if a certain manufacturer is called out in a model's instructions, I can pop it in and the database will come back with the equivalent that I have. As someone else mentioned, maintaining, developing and building the database has become a hobby in itself!
  10. I have been down to Cornwall for a holiday every year since 2015.. ..and on each instance, Mrs Shoggz and I have paid the FAA museum a visit on the way down from our midlands abode! ..and in those visits, I have probably spent 50% of the time looking at this Corsair as it absolutely fascinates me. (The Blackburn Skua 'diorama' is also interesting.)
  11. My criteria is sort of simple. These are my absolute favourite aircraft. GB Spitfire Hurricane Mosquito Typhoon Tempest Sea Fury Lancaster Germany BF109 FW190 USA Mustang Thunderbolt Corsair Hellcat P38 Lightning B17 My ambition is to build as many of each mark of these aircraft in 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 as I can, whilst I still can! Obviously, the spread and availability on some is more than others which adds to the challenge!
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