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  1. I can't get my hands on my copy Max, as I'm at work currently, but I'll have a look when I get in - from memory, there was quite a lot!
  2. That is one striking looking model Mike - bravo sir!
  3. I saw that earlier and thought it was a restrained and classy answer from Kotare - to a question they must have had to field dozens of times!
  4. Cheers Mike! Your build is definitely one of my primary inspirations and reference points .
  5. Thanks Kev - and yes, I was enjoying your P-51 build!
  6. Cheers for the update Kev. It shows how much buzz Laminar Flow's Mk.XIV conversion has caused - Yahu have brought out an instrument panel for it specifically!
  7. Currently going for half price https://www.buchonscalemodels.com/products/1-24-supermarine-spitfire-seafire-lowback-conversion-kit I've snagged one - I definitely want a low back version of the Airfix kit in the collection.
  8. Lots of progress today - though you probably wouldn't guess it from the photos! Lots of filling and sanding! ..and a lot of the background work - painting fiddly bits and masking I also have some remedial work to do on the seat lettering. Flaps primered ready for Metal Cote.
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