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  1. Shoggz

    Make the others jealous

    Nice haul K2!
  2. Shoggz

    Melbourne Model Expo question

    ..usually called 'Peter'!
  3. Nicely put Peter. As a Marillion fan, this argument is very reminiscent of the endless debates about which of the two singers they've had across their history is the best! It's a personal thing!
  4. Shoggz

    Buccaneer 60th Anniversary

    Sorry, yes, it's in that tiny scale.. Shame
  5. Shoggz

    Buccaneer 60th Anniversary

    Airfix have just released a new tool 1/48 version haven't they?
  6. Yes, and have you seen how many folks 'rubberneck' when driving past an accident on the motorway!
  7. Shoggz

    1/18 Fw 190a8

    Go for it Brian!
  8. It's a shame, as their 1:48 stuff, in general, is damn nice.
  9. Shoggz

    Amsterdam bound

    I'm Amsterdam bound in March.. My favourite band has a bi-annual convention down south at Port Zelande (at the Center Parcs site) and we always have a night out in the 'Dam before travelling down. It's always a lot of fun! One thing that always strikes me is that the Dutch people probably speak the English language better than us English people!
  10. Shoggz

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Altogether amazing.
  11. Shoggz

    Handley Page Halifax in color

    Nice. I like the Halifax a lot. It was the bomber equivalent of the Hurricane.. i.e. eternally eclipsed by its more glamorous contemporary counterpart. (Though I actually like the Stirling more than both the Lanc and the Halibag!)
  12. Shoggz

    Year End Review

    I’ve had a year of clearing loose ends - i.e. all examples of ‘lesser’ scales! So: 1/72 Airfix kits Spitfire PR XIX Spitfire Mk.22 Hurricane Mk.I Mosquito FB.VI FW190 1/48 Airfix Spitfire PR XIX I did manage a couple of LSPs earlier in the year Revell P-51D-5 Revell Spitfire Mk.IX
  13. Shoggz

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Same to you Chris! Looking forward to hanging out on the LSP stand at Telford again next year.
  14. Shoggz

    Lanc has landed

    ..and the Mosquito!
  15. Shoggz

    Lanc has landed

    First thumbs up. The paint call outs have AK Interactive, Tamiya and Gunze/Mr Hobby values attached. Nice.