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  1. Ok Probably THE worst build thread EVER, I am pretty useless at assessing what is of interest to folks without boring them to death, anyhow the Dambuster is done. The additional parts sprues are very intuitive as to how they attach and convert the previous version, in fact right up until that part the build process is exactly the same with the exception of the inclusion of the searchlights. I have added a small VHF aerial unique to the DB version and that is it. She is complete, made an appearance at the IPMS nationals Telford and she now on display at the RAF Museum Cosford alongside her sibling. Even displayed alongside Mr Gibson, His dog and one of Grahams excellent Iconicair Upkeep and transport trolley.
  2. I too was fortunate to score one of these huge lumps of resin! I can only echo the previous sentiments. Alan has done a wonderful job in producing this kit. It certainly isn't likely to be a quick project and will involve LOTS of dry fitting sanding and re-scribing . That said, the level of detail Alan has managed is superb and for a blank canvas on a wonderful subject £180 is good money, he does have to cover his costs after all. There is a serious amount of resin in the box! HOWEVER, the decals are, for me, really a non starter, this is, i think, a minor point as with such a big chunk of real estate masks would be the way forward for the main markings. The smaller stencils may be a slightly bigger issue. Anyone fancy a go at some Bucc markings? I am too much of a coward to be a trailblazer in building this behemoth so i am not ashamed to say it, I will likely watch developments and plagiarize work accordingly.
  3. On the HKM front, following a brief discussion, it has been recognized that to reach out to the quarter scale market with their current subjects is to increase the funds available for further subject development in 32nd. It is and always has been neils primary scale. The Lancaster will follow into 1/48 as will the B25. In addition they will not just be "scale downs" they will be refined and improved as technology develops. The level of detail for the 1/48 Fortress is incredible. As far as other manufacturers go, it does appear that they are somewhat stepping away from 32nd at present, but hopefully that will be a mere blip in the Matrix That said, i have plenty to occupy my storage capabilites at the moment.
  4. No Kev, Its my photography skills. The kit is unbelievable and spot on in every respect if a little over engineered if there is such a thing. Example, the kit provides two sets of sprues for an opaque engineering model and a "normal" build. Ordering a couple of further sets of ancillary sprues such as undercarriage and armament etc you would get two full aircraft kits.
  5. After and exhausting but enjoyable Telford weekend I just want to say thanks to the following. Roy and Mike running the stand and producing the revetments dio. It went down really well with the spectators with nothing but positive feedback. Chris for assistance in the set up and company throughout the weekend. Assistance to man the stall was much appreciated. Pete for the loan of his superlative 1/18 spitfire build which stopped many a passer by in their tracks which in turn drew more people in to linger at the stand and discuss all things large scale planes. Iain, Mike, John "tigger" Wilkes and Simon for the loan of the beautiful two seat Spitfire, the Romanian Arado the F5 Agressor, German Arado Dio and the Sea Fury respectively. All all those who made it to the stand for an introduction and a chat to chew the fat. Myself, I purchased a Yukei Mura Nick (missed out on the Henschel) and an Icelandic fine art Buccaneer. What have I done???? Next years theme for the stand will be Twin Engined subjects......... The world is your omlette!
  6. Have a go, its a great subject however the Kitty hawk instructions and build process is not without its issues. the baseits on however suffered a disaster as I was "trying something" and used foamboard as a base so I could cut into the base to waterline the float, it dried, contracted and the whole thing curled up. Ah well one lives and learns
  7. Indeed we do, there is such a large spectrum of subjects of all prices and qualoty its amazing. The revetments were hand made by our very own Mike Tayt, a talented guy by any other name.. .
  8. Just stand in front of the entrance guards with the lanc making meooooooow noises they will relent i,m sure well get it sorted on way or another.
  9. Thats exactly what I was talking about... great shot. I sneded both top and bottom of that block of resin sloooowly and it went in eventually. I agree with all off the above comments, I suppose It just comes down to exactly how much effort you want to go into the build process for the display
  10. John, If you have your pass, you might be able to blag your way in failing that, I can help you move your builds to your table if your happy?
  11. I built the fly kit and it turns into a lovely model when built, although it is far from "shake and bake". It is a mix of resin and injection moulding. The main issue in my book is the thickness of the wheel well casting which is one piece. when inslalled it has a tendency to push up into the cockpit space and fouls the other rudder pedal and control rod details. very careful sanding and lots of dry fitting is the order of the day. I had to sand this part until a bright light was just visible through the resin. IIRC there are no locator pins for the fuselage so time needs to be spent in construction. Other than that its a great kit as long as you take your time.
  12. good idea mike, although predominantly i have a face for radio. I will try and get a few videos of the event over the weekend.
  13. Nice work Juraj, With only a few days to go, tension is mounting. Please, those who are attending, feel free to say hi, lighten the load and ill secure any purchases at my house......erm i mean at the stand. Myself Roy and Mike will be only to happy to see you. We are just up the road from the yellow and blue Wonderland models pitch and we have secured 24 ft of goodness. p.s, ther will be another lanc on display!
  14. Bit of a convoluted story, but, the picture i used as a backdrop for the Lancaster display at Telford last year, is currently sat alongside the Lancaster in the RAF museum at Cosford. A visitor from Australia to the museum has approached staff to ask if he could have a copy of the picture to use it in a display of his late grandfathers medals, including his DFC, attained during his service as pilot on Lancasters with 460 squadron out of Binbrook. The gentleman involved has said the image depicts a sight his Grandfather and crew mates would likely to have encountered on a daily basis. Interest piqued, I found the citation in the London gazette dated 24th October 1944. the gentleman involved being Acting Flying officer Neil Hayes Hudson (Aus) https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/36767/page/4926 To say I'm humbled is an understatement, suffice to say it has been provided Gratis!
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