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  1. Which is why I'm currently building a 189 coz no one knows nuffin!!
  2. GOOD GRIEF MAN! your scratchbuilding is outstanding. This will be one superb Wessex when its finished...
  3. Slow progress on this build, I am relying heavily on Jan Gabauer's build of this kit as depicted in Kevins excellent KLP ebook which highligghts many of the pitfalls this kit holds. Easy it aint. That said the detailing in this kit is first class and worthy of taking ones time. One of the big issues with these resin kits is that overuse of CA (superglue) on the larger areas of the kit (wing joints, tail booms, fuselage etc) produces brittle joints whereas the HPH epoxy almost produces a flexible joint and also fills any gaps only problem is curing time. As a result of this I am approaching the build almost like a series of smaller kits building sub structures as i go along. Anyhow, heres where i am now...... I took a long time dry fitting, dry fitting and dry fitting again to get the geometry of the wings and tail booms right. It took a loooooong time and I still think im a little out but not sufficient for it to be noticeable. Result, As in Jans build, there are a few gaps to be addressed. Many of these joints are covered with PE so no biggie really.. Engine parts done, with props and veins completed. Tail booms showing clearly the gaps to be addressed. Rear undercarriage has been completed and now some washing and on to the cockpit.
  4. Just picked up on this. loosing a pet and best friend is awful. so sorry for your loss. remember the time together with fondness.
  5. just stumbles across this as Missouri may be a project for me at some point in the future. Wonderful work and very inspirational.!!
  6. put on notice of possible furlough and probable redundancies at the end of it! ....not great!
  7. Not much of an exciting update really as those who have gone before me will attest, HPH kits deserve attention to detail in terms of the cleanup of parts involved as it will pay dividends later or so I would like to think! I have found that switching back and forth through the different parts of the kit allows an effective workflow as while one part dries another can be pieced together. This kit somehow allows that to take place probably due to its unusual design. Completely new methods of working are also required and extreme care should be taken when removing the pour blocks especially from the larger pieces. Some photos. Tail booms and the gaps requiring attention. x2 of these put together now awaiting the wheel well internal parts. the engine representation is made up of an "engine block " and 12 cylinders each one of which is made up of the cylinder and the rocker cover to produce this. I wont be spending too much time as they will hardly be seen inside the beautifully case engine cowlings, talking of which i put together the spinners and left them removeable due to HPH providing tubing. Diffusing a bomb may be easier than cutting the moulding blocks from the clear resin parts. I was apprehensive to say the least mainly as they are cast really nicely with lots of rivet detail which would be hard to replace I would imagine. Anyhow cut they were and a nice dip in clear produced some amazingly clear parts I imagined the clear parts to be really brittle but I need not have worried they are in fact quite soft and malleable which is probably why HPH provides full internal frame detail for the centre section of this lovely greenhouse. Bit of a boring update with not much going on really but there you go Resin Kits! my first time by the way!
  8. That really is stunning work keep it up. Careful as you get close to the end as these things have so many lumps bumps and aerials there is almost nowhere to hold it. Most of all dont end up dropping it like wot I did.
  9. I got some scans if the wheel comes off....
  10. not quite so.... What I was getting at is that this build is engineering in miniature which I honestly believe is more difficult than the real thing. what with calculations and all. What I do is assemble pre engineered plastic parts in a set order.There is a huge difference. I consider myself fortunate to be competent at it but to do your level of stuff, I seriously wouldn't know where to start. I honestly cannot scratch build for toffee which I why I will never attempt a vac form. I enjoy what I do and I am proud that some of my builds have provided a spark of inspiration for others, In a similar fashion there are many builds on this site that are incredible, which is why I appreciate the time effort and above all skill that goes into producing beautiful representations of the original. This is one such build. hence the re evaluation... an attempt to improve if you will! keep up the inspiration
  11. As always Kent, lost for words. The ability to turn a normal kit into a unique subject is astounding. Keep up the great work.
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