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  1. Nice work inspirational to say the least.
  2. I know but my damn autocorrect said otherwise and I didn't correct the autocorrect correctly.... Embarrassing as I'm trying to learn a little Italian!
  3. This is great work and inspiration for my spitfire builds!
  4. The kit itself comes with marking for a RAAF grey green option but as Mike says there are loads of options out there.
  5. Chris, glad to see your still att it with these wonderful upgrades. I built a Flanker a good while ago now and used your nosecone canopy and intake conversions. I can (as im sure many others can ) vouch for the qulaity of your stuff. New site is superb, keep up the great work! Jim, Chris is in the US.
  6. HPH FW 189 HKM Lancasters (note the plural) Tamiya F4C Tamiya F15 Trumpeter Flanker with Zacto conversions Fly Wessex and my HKM B 17 Thats not to say my others went enjoyable, and Im proud to say Ive only one kit in the shelf of doom that being a revell F117
  7. Sad news. ATA were pivotal support structure for the RAF. Wonderful people.RIP and Blue skies.
  8. Isn't it a bit early for ICM to be handing the reins of the Gladiator over to Revell for a rebox or are they just using Revells production power? I don't know how this reboxing thing works. Likewise Kinetics Hawk.
  9. Bizarre choice especially as I'm still waiting for the 1/27th FW 200 Condor!
  10. The HB kit is underway at least until the HPH conversion arrives!
  11. Ill be in for a set for the E wing definitely. Have a great Christmas Jan.
  12. Joining in the greetings. In these strange times, I hope everyone has the best Christmas they can and looking forward to a happy and healthy 2021 when all this crazyness calms down.
  13. Rick Cutting is not necessary. too much of a risk. I didnt do it with either of my builds and to be honest you cant tell unless you really look.
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