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  1. having put two of these together now I can say I concur with your comments. Its a great rewarding kit that builds up into a stunning subject. You Sir have done this more than a little justice. Great work!
  2. Iain, wallet accidentally slip open again did it? seriously good hit of WNW kits there. !
  3. Got to be one of these or several in fact and slyly i'm going to throw in a shout out to the Heinkel 111.
  4. Havoc no but a IM and resin version of the DC3 now THAT would get my monies!!!!
  5. and all this just after I bought the full resin version!
  6. Hi folks, Thanks for all of the positive comment re the UHU. Been away for a while on other things, mainly planning operation man shed and the movement of production from the dining room table to what will equate to the skunk works, (well not quite) so builds are on hold for the timebeing. Anyhow for those who have expressed an interest here is the build thread for this (if you can call it that) as im rubbish at them Camo is explained in the thrad itself but in short, Tamiya standard RLM colours (or near to them) with the squiggles being applied using an acry
  7. Superb work as ever Brian, I have this kit and will get round to it eventually along with other builds after the hiatus caused by project man shed. Yep Ive been kicked off the dining room table finally! It will be like the Skunk works! Looking forward to the resumption of Tigercat production!
  8. I clambered aboard and paid up. This kit looks incredible to say the very least. Hope 1. i get one and 2. it delivers on all fronts. Heres waiting for March!
  9. what a cool set up! have a great time.
  10. yep I got one,although i think im actually on the reserved list so its a case of wait and see if im successful.
  11. Probably the only practical decision that could be made in the circumstances. Roll on 2021
  12. B24 not really a favourite of mine but you are knocking this one out of the park with your build. Love the the work so far.
  13. Thats Nice Pete. Glad to hear both you and she flies again!
  14. Because this is the place to be!
  15. I suppose I could always display a Sunderland in the bath! oh, no Wait, the wings wouldn't fit in! although it would certainly beat the rubber ducks!
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