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  1. Thats Nice Pete. Glad to hear both you and she flies again!
  2. Because this is the place to be!
  3. I suppose I could always display a Sunderland in the bath! oh, no Wait, the wings wouldn't fit in! although it would certainly beat the rubber ducks!
  4. I think you get the choice. clear or solid. I think kitsworld will by busy!
  5. In all fairness, I think this is a "banker" for HKM as it will be a popular seller, added to this are the nose art decals from the likes of Kitsworld etc that can vary the actual kit contents and Master barrel guns, Airscale dials and HGW belts. Certainly an alternative for those who cant store or don't want a full Lancaster.
  6. beautiful work and great attention to detail as always. Next years Cosford show?????
  7. Entering into the foray of my first full resin kit build, I decided on the 189 as its an unusual subject very rarely modelled in any scale let alone gods own 1/32. I have to say, I really enjoyed putting this together and while I did have a few issues of my own doing, generally, if the clean up is done correctly, it goes together well with few fit issues. The problem areas i encountered were around the following areas. Where the booms attach to the underside of the wings, a gap needs to be dealt with. The glazing at the rear of the fuselage where the transition from square to round took me an age to deal with. its still not spot on but this was more likely a me issue rather than the kit itself. The section of upper fuselage was undersized and needed considerable shimming and re alignment to mate with the glazed areas. Again its not spot on but its good enough for government work as they say. First time with a HPH kit. The glazing was weird, being soft and maleable polypropelene (i Think) they gould be bent easily without cracking or other damage. There are other mistakes I have made but for anyone who is thinking of building this kit, do it, just ensure you take your time and dry fit multiple times before committing to glue. Anyhow, on with the show. Based VERY VERY loosely on this colour scheme, Here we go.
  8. Well mate, you beat that one into submission. Congratulations on a superb job well done. your tenacity is to be commended. Mine hasnt come out the box since I bought her.!
  9. I admit it I am completely rubbish at WIP threads. Suffice to say I am now at this stage which is actually a finish. More photos in the completed section.
  10. OH MY GOD! that is stunning words fail me! My first thought is that it looks "heavy" and "right!" It seriously looks like it could start up and fly off. I was right on one thing though.... It actually is a masterpiece!
  11. Not exactly a work in progress but a disjointed few photographs. I do have a few other phots available and forgive the photobucket corporate swallowing of my images. other completed photos. Keep up the good work!
  12. Dunno but the wait is killing me!
  13. Still got yours in my stash Derek, just waiting to move into my new man cave.
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