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  1. outstanding work as usual....... still I wait on my copy
  2. Emailed Jetmads and they assure me this is nothing unusual and that everything is OK and just to be patient. They further assured me that they will be monitoring from their end which they apparently do with all dispatches All good things come to those who wait........... I suppose!
  3. Todays lovely message.... It doesn't bode well. TURKEY, INTERNATIONAL MAIL/CARGO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. İSTANBUL(AVR)-ARNAVUTKÖY, Buyer Center Opened the Bag
  4. Just got off the phone with Royal Mail.... apparently the parcel has not been on a flight. it is still in Istanbul! what the actual.....? I'm now going with this is lost! Emailed Jetmads to see what the next step is....
  5. You are kidding? mine hasn't moved since it left Turkey!!!!!
  6. I'm going for something a little different from the "standard" camo. Subtle but different all the same. Top one of the two.
  7. Superb progress Sophie and particularly timely as i am currently building the HK version of this very beast. HK have thought about the nose weight issue ahead of time as they have included a weight that fits perfectly inside the front engine halves with a second that sits neatly behind the engine firewall and in front of the cockpit tub. The detail in the HK kit is obviously less than the ZM offering but that said the fit is superb. Rather than take the limelight off your build ill likely post photos of the finished article on completion. P.S I too have gone with RLM 02 wheelbays and bomb bay after i started colouring with RLM 66. dont ask me why.
  8. Mark, that is superb! im intrigued as to how you are going about the camo painting, i thought the masking sets were complicated enought but this is next level. It looks superb.!
  9. Don't hold your breath Pete! I was told thousands of parcels arrive at Heathrow on a daily basis, it may be some time before it gets scanned and appears on our tracking system". WTF! Really? Iv'e had another package sent from Prague arrival in 3 days by DHL! Definitely not Jetmads fault but I can certainly see now how Tigger Wilkes's copy ended up destroyed.... Zero movement apparently in 10 days!
  10. Confession time. I have NEVER, no not NEVER!, built a 109. This kit I feel will change that particular status as far as i'm concerned. It looks lovely.
  11. Dispatched 13th Nov, apparently sat waiting for sorting according to our beloved Post Office. May be a while!
  12. Lovely work GIl, I enjoyed the kit when i built mine. Your certainly doing it justice.
  13. Saw the update on FB so thought I would come here and sing your praises! Lovely stuff matey. Will be a most impressive beastie when finished.
  14. Stratospheric modelling going on here, how did I miss this? incredible stuff, keep going!
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