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  1. Absolutely first class work. Stunning Pete.
  2. Landrotten Highlander you have a message... Pete can you check your PM'S im not sure they are getting through.
  3. well shes a beaut, no doubt!
  4. Incredible, simply incredible!
  5. As this kit is like powdered unicorn horn, mine will be straight out of the box!
  6. I to will be passing. I have an original Kinetic boxing. It stares at me when I walk into the man shed. ironically only cost me £35.00 when I bought it new!
  7. Get in! Not long now! +1 0n the postage.
  8. Hi Ross, Both Paddle and Needle blades are included in the kit so you can build later MK aircraft. Its a great kit, Enjoy!
  9. Pete, it’s literally a case of turn up at the table and place her on display. You don’t have to be an IPMS. Member but membership allows you in an hour earlier before the general public and access to the kit swap if you want. Whatever the condition of that beautiful aircraft come November, bring it it’s not about perfection, far from it.
  10. Thanks everyone for your prompt payments. The mask sets are on their way to Belgium as we speak.
  11. If you can get down the Buccaneer would be a phenomenal addition. Kent, that would be great if you can get accross. Anything would be most welcome. The stand was going to be themed but under the circumstances ANYTHING will be gratefully received.
  12. Is GO! All being well I am looking t o take LSP / 32 sig to Telford and was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in displaying / helping out?
  13. That does look good, Just a thought though around painting the yellow ring over dark blue. Would it be worth having step 1 as a paint white ring then yellow then blue if that makes sense? Im just thinking about the darkness of the blue bleeding through the yellow especially if we are trying to keep the paint layers as thin as possible? That said, My experience with masks is a little limited in this regard.
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