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  1. I will do work in progress in the multi engine GB
  2. Taffyman, the lanc is scheduled for a full release and widely available imminently if not already here, it will be around £350 I would imagine.
  3. Pt 2 Dont know why but I personally love this shot.
  4. A little late to the party but on 4th June I attended Duxford for the Dakota event. A great memorial to the Normandy veterans, it was the largest gathering of DC3's and C47's since WW2 I took around 800 photos of the event which i seriously thought would come to nothing as the weather conditions were really overcast, featurless sky with drizzle and blustery winds. On subsequently reviewing my work, I managed a few decent shots, some of which I share here. Many of the Daks, made the journey from the US to attend, subsequently flying on for a paratroop drop on 5th June. On with the show. Part 2 to follow
  5. Been riding bikes for more years than I can remember. My 91 900ss is and always will be a keeper. Te Multistradas are a very comfortable, but no less capable, version of my 996, which I miss dearly but the good lady wife Loves the Multi so if shes happy i'm happy.
  6. you can, just that it wont last very long!
  7. Nah, bikes all the way with me im afraid, for all their disadvantages (weather load capacity etc) many of my best memories have been made on a bike, and Brian, this is my 5th Ducati including a 006 which unfortunately had to go for uncomfortable pillion reasons. The Multistrada was the replacement and in many ways didnt disappoint other than being slightly uglier and much less of a classic. Kev, the Lanc build for the GB is the intention. Should be able to start it in the next couple of weeks.
  8. Iv'e been away from the building scene recently due to life in general and a new addition to the household which has taken my attention a little. As a result, my build of the Catalina in the multi engine GB has taken a massive hit. I know I have plenty of time until the end of the GB but I wanted it complete for Telford which I dont think will happen with something so complex. I do however have another distraction on the modelling front so thats two distractions in total. firstly A new to me 2014 Multistrada Pikes Peak to replace my current model in the middle. For a few Hours I had 3 Ducatis in the stable I was well happy. Now the Catalina has taken a back seat because THIS! This will now take over from the Catalina in the GB as I have made a promise that it will be at Telford in November. Happily I will have more that 5 weeks like the last one.
  9. Nice work Chrish, Gotta love a lightning. You got any plans to extend the fuselage by the 5mm? makes the finished product sooo much better.
  10. Brian, Its really strange that KH produce the fillers as clear bulges. I must admit I took it as read that they were indeed lights. Not enough research on my part!
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying, my computer room is undergoing a re decoration and viewing the forum on mobiles is rubbish. Anyhow, yep the paint sprayed really well. I thinned it a little with some Tamiya thinners and job done. Thanks for all the positive comments folks it all helps.
  12. Just finished this build really as a test bed for my own skillset. 1 try the Mig US NAVY ww2 paint set, First time with Mig paints. 2 Try and build a Kitty Hawk kit. The subject interests me so Why not? 3. Have a go at producing a water effect base as cheaply as possible. 4. practice a little weathering of dark colours. I have to say I quite enjoyed this build with the exception of the engine of the Kingfisher. Its the KH kit with the Big Ed set and Master barrel .30 cal. Base is bog paper, foamboard, diluted pva, cheap acrylic paint of various "water" shades and a tin of water based hi gloss varnish Excuse the photography On with the show very loosly based on this internet image Needs aerials and a little rigging but its done.
  13. Nice work dean, will hopefully be having a similar project sometime next year.
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