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  1. I agree with the comments submitted here, Another site to consider, and i do mean consider is not so much a forum but a subscription site which includes a forum, is Florymodels.co.uk. Whilst it can be a little cliquey it does cover all subjects and all of the popular scales. i find myself gluing my fingers together with some of the video builds running in the background on my iPad.
  2. lovely work. yet again, Silhouette cutter is mentioned. Looks like I may have to invest in one of these.
  3. Lovely selection of builds. Great work
  4. Indeed, the quickest and easiest way of producing these markings is to obviously upscale sheets already in production and with KW having the greatest variety of markings they were the first place to visit. I know there is an amount of re jigging required in terms of sheet layout but to develop a brand new sheet would, I imagine, push up costs so dramatically as to be not worth the effort. There are more sheets to come, but making a comparison of KW producing decals for the new HK 1/48 and sheets for a limited edition specialist kit, the money is obviously in the former. On that basis, I don't want to push Nigel too hard for fear of him not wanting to bother at all. Softly softly catchy monkey!
  5. Nigel has indicated that that will be the case.
  6. OK decal update, Nigel has just sent me these images of the first upscaled sheet that will become available with more on the way! I will pop these on as I am sent them. The bad news? each set consisting of 3x A5 sheets will cost £34.99 rather than the £25 first advertised. This first sheet is an upscale of this https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=5&SUB=23&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=433&STKNR=433&STRH=3808&ORDN=2585&RNZ=238674
  7. I'm back with a short decal update, Nigel i currently prepping for new years trade shows and as such has indicated he will finalise the details of decal ordering as soon as things calm down. In the meantime, the work going on here is superlative. it will be great to see the end results of Alan's project come to fruition. Keep up the great work!
  8. scored a HK b17 E/F for £180...... Costal command bird here we come!
  9. Max, just caught up with this build, excellent work, and whilst biplanes aren't my bag i appreciate the work your putting into this, Bad news on the fuse chequers considering youve done such a great job, quick fix though, can you display it in flight inverted? ( i shall now leave ) Seriously superb work, I must invest in a silhouette cutter at some point, although i'm rubbish with graphics.
  10. As per the title, with our antipodean cousins kicking off new years celebrations, wishing everyone on LSP a very happy new year with some great modelling adventures for 2020 and the new decade. Keep making LSP the great place that it is......
  11. Congrats Thomas Lund, The Eurofighter is en route as of Monday, and many thanks Juggernut for the donationof the Ki-44 Shoki. Many thanks K2 for yet again pulling off a seamless event. well done
  12. I am attending a photoshoot with the Buccaneers at Bruntingthorpe on 22nd feb if anyone wants / needs specific photos. Ill try and spot the curves as discussed above. On decal note, I asked nigel about methods of ordering / payments for the sheets discussed and whether the gulf war sheets are an option. I am awaiting a reply but I will chase him up after the Christmas holidays
  13. How did I miss this? This is a great build. I bought this kit on a whim at Telford and haven't yet finished thumbing through the reams of plastic..... Keep up the great work..
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