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  1. aeroscale.net/news/bristol-scout-latest-renders facebook.com/copperstatemodels Juraj
  2. icm.com.ua/aviation/yak-9t Juraj
  3. Congratulations! Really great job done all the way to a fantastic model! Juraj
  4. Hansa Brandenburg Type NW Final Renders aeroscale.net/news/ facebook.com/LukGraph/
  5. Order placed. There's never enough good reasons to buy some more goodies for your stash. Juraj
  6. www.warbirdsinmyworkshop.net/books/mustang-in-my-workshop I've got his Spitfire book and I think I'll get this one as well. Juraj
  7. icm.com.ua/2022/02/06/catalogue-2022 LSP: Juraj
  8. aeroscale.net/news + Very nice! Juraj
  9. klein-vision.com youtu.be - Flying Car Certified to Fly! More info and longer video can be found on their pages, first link. And it drives on the roads of my town in the video. Juraj
  10. aeroscale.net/news/ Hansa Brandenburg D.I Update Juraj
  11. That's really a great looking model of a wonderful airplane. Congratulations! Juraj
  12. Thanks to Kevin and also all the others that joined in. There's never enough fun around. Juraj
  13. Kevin, I've just spotted you have listed RadBaron's offering as Me 262 on the first page. It should be Me 163B, so this time you've got even wrong number of letters there... Although you have still managed getting 3 of them correct. Juraj
  14. Well, this year I'd like to change a thing on my side. This time, I'd like to donate 2 books of choice from Valiant Wings Publishing + shipping. As 2 separate prizes. In special circumstances a different publisher can be chosen, but why would one do that? And put me down on the list as a recipient as well, please. Once only. Thanks for your time and effort. Juraj
  15. It's intended for the paper models, which are produced in 1:33 scale, but it's pretty close, I think: sklep.gpm.pl - HANGAR 1/33-Laser cut model They also do some other things in smaller scales: sklep.gpm.pl - Shop › CARTON MODELS › architecture › GPM Juraj
  16. Yes, it was very relaxing experience... And the official dinner was quite memorable as well... So what do you get when you cut the biggest show in half? Juraj
  17. Telford phone pictures: This one is really terrible, out of focus, but... Juraj
  18. Just a pair of phone shots from Telford. I've returned home like 8 hours ago... More pictures coming soon. Juraj
  19. I've just checked in at the Holiday Inn. I think I'm going to get a pint down to the bar. I'll see you tomorrow, gentlemen. Juraj
  20. I was not aware you've got problems of this kind, Kent. Speedy recovery! And that looks like another great project for your bent. I will follow! Juraj
  21. I've seen it last night. And I can't remember when I had such a fantastic experience from watching a movie. Sometime in the middle of it I've started to wish it would not end.... So, where's the part two? Juraj
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