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  1. He mentions the book in his post, by the way. Juraj
  2. www.facebook.com/ICM.Models aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Fiat CR.42 Falco Out Soon Juraj
  3. aeroscale.kitmaker.net - Friedrichshafen FF.33L Planned - LUKGRAPH www.facebook.com/lukgraph/ Juraj
  4. The first three shots show the real thing, right? The model looks great as well! Juraj
  5. The marking options updated for 1:32: facebook.com/specialhobby - camouflage for upcoming 1/32 Westland Whirlwind Mk.I kit. Juraj
  6. I'm here again... And traditionally, I'd like to donate something for reading and reference. And it would be 2 books of choice from Valiant Wings Publishing + shipping. As one prize. In special circumstances a different publisher can be chosen, but why would one do that? And put me down on the list as a recipient as well, please. Thanks for your time and effort. Juraj
  7. If that's a problem, just print a few thin (like 2mm) parts and put them between the large parts. You know what I mean, do you? Fantastic fun, Iain! Juraj
  8. You are bringing tears into my eyes, Peter... Juraj
  9. facebook.com - ICM.Models On 22th of November Juraj
  10. A new boxing/version in stock: dorawings.com/shop - Dewoitine D.510J Juraj
  11. Maybe some shopping on the net...
  12. facebook - Italeri Official Account Just released: www.italeri.com - 2513 - Scale 1 : 32 TORNADO GR. 4 Juraj
  13. facebook - Lukgraph Resin Kit Nice. Juraj
  14. Peter, I've found this: Hawker Hart Technical Manual RAF I'm not sure if that helps. But there's a chance something similar exists also for Fury. Juraj
  15. www.specialhobby.inf - 1/72 SIAI Marchetti SF-260 and some more moulds - update October 24, 2020 Juraj
  16. www.hk-models.com - 1/32 Dornier Do 335A-10 Trainer (01E09) themodellingnews.com - Preview: A new arrow in your quiver - HK Models new Do 335 A-10 Trainer in 32nd scale. Juraj
  17. You're welcome. I just don't have time for some real modelling, so I try to be useful somehow and contribute to this great community. Juraj
  18. Two threads (maybe more...) on this already: Juraj
  19. I do only plan my builds... No time for real building, unfortunately.
  20. For a single photo, you can change the settings on its page: Or you can do it for a whole bunch of photos in Organizr: I do this on pc though, but it should be possible on the phones as well, I guess. I can set this (and more) option while uploading the photos with the uploader. However, the photos that are uploaded directly from the mobile are set as "private" as default. And I need to change that if I want to share it. Hope that helps. Juraj
  21. On sale now: www.icm.com.ua - CR. 42 LW , WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Attack Aircraft (100% new molds) - Kit on sale, September! Juraj
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