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IPMS Nationals Telford 2022


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Forgot the Airfix Spitfire pictures.




And this from the competition tables really impressed me, from a real life event in 1946, a DC3 crashed into a house while tring to land at RAF Northholt








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My own haul was quite modest - a new Airfix Anson (wrong scale I know); Roden Bird Dog; ICM AH-1G early; and a book on SAC in the UK.  For some reason I find myself wondering what an AH-1G would look like in British Army 1970s camouflage and markings - think Westland Scout in green/black disruptive camo.  :hmmm: Perhaps I'll just have to indulge in a bit of what-iffery on this one and find out (with no disrespect intended to the US Army, particulary AH-1 crews).

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3 hours ago, MARU5137 said:


Thank you for those Fantastic photos..

Some really outstanding  models.

The Dioramas  are sublime. 



You look good Dennis. you haven't changed one bit since I last saw you !!


And who is that Japanese gentleman.. it's not ZOUKEI-MURA  San is it???





Hi Maru, 

No Its Neil from HK


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On 11/13/2022 at 8:47 PM, Phartycr0c said:

WE DID IT!     finally after a good few years of trying Best in Show SIG! 







Many thanks to all involved, my ONLY gripe, the awards were presented late in the day (around 15.00 ish) so wa were denied the opportunity to really rack up those gloat points. 


Highlights ?, the win (obviously),  Kotare Spitfire is simply beautiful and HK A 20, who, have again raised the bar. The new release even includes subtle oil canning.


I have a test shot to build I will report more as I go. 


I will post a few of my photos up when I get 5 but I must say Im creamed! it was a really busy weekend and soooo nice to catch up with everyone.  


@npb748ryou are likely being to hard on yourself. build for yourself, if you get positive comments on your work then thats a bonus, if someone provides constructive criticisim then that too is a bonus. if you get negative comments without context then they are not worth worrying about so wins all round really. 

I would encourage you to bring one or two of your builds to the table, I think youll be surprised. 


Congratulations!  Well done and a big thank you to the 32nd SIG team   :clap2:


(hope to attend SMW in 2023)

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What a great display.  The whole world seems to know something of the Dambuster raids.  There have been movies, the whole thing.  I have read the books on it, so I know of the development, and the back biting politics behind it, as well as the mission itself.  I never tire of it - the whole thing was a great example of the bold audacity of the various secret missions carried out by the British in response to the Nazi threat.  Not to mention the bravery of the flight crews involved, many of whom paid the ultimate price.

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