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  1. Really Graham, thank you so much for that news!! Very happy indeed and will be keeping a close eye on your site and will be placing an order as soon as possible!! Regards. Andy
  2. Great pics, wish someone would come out with a 32nd David Brown at some point. Regards. Andy
  3. Had a crack at painting the metal work using a base of Tamiya flat aluminium followed by Gunze Mr Metal aluminium and pretty happy with the result. Also build , painted and rigged the undercarriage in readiness for installation. Bob's buckles , Gaspatch turn buckles and mono filament used. Need to paint the cockpit padding on the fuselage, then some weathering before getting on to final assembly. Regards. Andy
  4. Looks fantastic Sophie, going to br a seriously good 190 when finished which doent look that far away! Regards. Andy
  5. Ah yes, the mythical Aviaelogy rail set, so pleased I got a refund on that one!! Regards. Andy
  6. Well, PCM did a couple of really nice Mk1 Hurricanes as well as Fly having a go, personally I prefer the PCM offerings and oh maybe if we are lucky the big T will give use a Mk1 Spitfire sometime soon, however my guess is someone is hoping this thread turns in to another boring ( my view only) Peter Jackson/ WnW what if thing again.......yawn, time for bed. Regards. Andy
  7. So I have managed to get the fuselage blaze colours painted and the few decals on ready for sealing in. Also need to complete the painting of the metalwork and move on to weathering. Planning a heavily castor oil stained finish on this one. Regards. Andy
  8. Now that is a great piece of problem solving Max, can I say the weathering you have added looks spectacular! Regards. Andy
  9. Nice choice, it's a fun little kit to build. Regards. Andy
  10. I was quite excited about this book and then I saw the £60 price tag. Dont think so as I can put that to other more important modelling stuff I am looking at. I will be buying the ZM kit but will make do without the book Regards. Andy
  11. Yup, why would you.......... Regards. Andy
  12. Very nice work Gaz, really like your idea on reproducing the control surface details. I used HGW wet transfers on a previous build for this and had a nightmare, got there in the end but your idea is far simpler. Regards. Andy
  13. After seeing his B-17 close up and in the flesh it looks even better than in a book even if he does have some interior colour wrong. If only I could build to that standard. Regards. Andy
  14. Had a really good week of work and lots of modelling time and made the most of it, things will go back to the usual glacial pace again but still hoping to get it done within the month!! Regards. Andy
  15. Sunday's efforts here with wings painted and decaled. Being and older WnW kit the decals behaved perfectly and settled down without issue. Wings now ready for some weathering and install Gaspatch turn buckles in readiness for rigging. Regards.. Andy
  16. Good call from Brian, I use both Iwata HP-CH and a Custom Micron. The HP-CH which is my main air brush can do pretty much anything and has taken loads of abuse in the last ten years and never replaced a needle at all. The custom micron I use for really fine stuff. For anyone looking for a new air rush Inalways suggest the HP-CH. Regards. Andy
  17. Spent some time getting the rear upper fuselage filled and sanded flat and smooth as I did get a little step towards the rear, when happy I added the tail plane and foward fuselage cowls. So the fuselage is now ready for masking and paint, Also spent his morning having some fun painting the engine. Have enjoyed some decent modelling time this week and just building and painting and not worrying to much about accuracy etc. loads done before being back at work this week and hoping to keep a bit of momentum going and actually finishing a build within a month!!. Regards. Andy
  18. Having a bit of a change from the norm which is usually twin engined WWII types is always a breath of fresh air for me Max and helps re charge the batteries.. If your next jet is as good as your Meteor we will be in for a treat by the way!! Regards. Andy
  19. Buttoned up the fuselage last night with no problems, I wasn't really liking the stitching on the lower fuselage so I sanded it back followed by masking a strip and spraying with Mr Surfacer. When this had dried I added Archer resin stitching decals and under a coat of primer Much happier with the results compared to the kit supplied plastic insert. Regards. Andy
  20. Nice looking base Brian, your 104 will look pretty cool when mounted. Regards. Andy
  21. A little more progress today, first up I completed the fuselage side frames ready for final cockpit assembly. Instrument board and fuel tank assembly also built up and painted as well. I also managed to complete the cockpit assembly today, did I mention I'm enjoying this one? Follwed by a quick test fit in to the starboard fuselage half Very happy with progress, will get the fuselage halves together and hopefully with no nasty steps in the final fit. Regards. Andy
  22. Thank you for looking in Albert, I generaly build WWII twin engined subjects and when I find myself needing a break from a current larger project I always reach for one of the smaller Wingnuts kits as they are such fun to build. Regards. Andy
  23. Thank you Ryan, its a great little kit and really enjoying. Regards. Andy
  24. Many congratulations to you both Brian. Regards.Andy
  25. Didn't realise aims offered the gun bays, you will have fun fitting the quick boost tail wheel set, but it does look nice when fitted. Regards. Andy
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