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  1. Absolutely beautiful, very clean build. Regards. Andy
  2. Decals on and ready for some weathering before attaching the lower wing. With a long Easter weekend coming up, or is it groundhog day, plenty of progress should be made! Regards. Andy
  3. Basic fuselage painting completed over the last couple of days using Tamiya Nato Black and an off white mix. Gloss coat needed and then to add the markings. Regards Andy
  4. Thank you Dennis, these Wingnut kits go together quite well but you need to be very mindful of keeping paint from creeping on to mating surfaces but other than that just follow the instructions and basically paint as you build. They are fun kits for certain. Regards. Andy
  5. Beautiful work but one weird looking aircraft. Regards. Andy
  6. What a work of art, just beautiful. Regards. Andy
  7. Thank you all for your very kind comments and as Wolf rightly points out, getting the little Fokker to this point takes a lot of care and attention but well worth the effort in the end Managed to get the rest of the fuselage work completed today with radiator and engine shrouds fitted which also takes a lot of care and patience to get a nice finish. Time for some masking and paint work. Regards. Andy
  8. Looks real nice John, that paint lift is a pain but love the whole look. Regards. Andy
  9. Good to hear you are back modelling Mike, so what are you building at the moment to get the juices flowing again? Personally I feel very lucky to have such a great hobby in these times as I know so many people who just dont know what to do with themselves, not a problem for me at all. Regards. Andy
  10. I used to be a fully paid up member but let it slip, a great site full of useful stuff but with my snail like build output I stopped it. Very generous offer from them in these difficult times. Regards. Andy
  11. Superb work Anthony, your attention to detail is really paying off. Regards. Andy
  12. You can definitely have to much of a good thing and havnt really done much modelling this week till yesterday. Now have the fuselage closed up and engine installed Back in to it an enjoying the build and almost ready to paint the fuselage. Regards. Andy
  13. Superb work, very eye catching in the Italian scheme. Regards. Andy
  14. Funnily enough I have this stupid idea in my head to buy a vac Dornier DO-217N, probably my most favourite german twin thinking this would be so cool and then thinking not to be so stupid !! Keep going Max as this will be an absolute masterpiece the way you are going with this. Stay safe and enjoy your extended modelling sessions wont you Regards Andy
  15. Just catching up Max, absolutely exquisite work as ever, those wheel wells are excellent. Loving your work on this big scary vac Regards Andy
  16. Thats a bit of a pain when you are in full flow Tom! However as its probably going to be the longest ever Easter Holidays probably going through to September you could have a crack at getting the even bigger Sunderland back on the bench, always love your builds and what you can do with these scary vac form kits. Regards. Andy
  17. Liking the results from those pretty nasty looking decals, nice tip on the suitcase as well! Regards. Andy
  18. x 2 , Looks very very nice. Regards. Andy
  19. Ooo yes Peter, excited to see this come together as I am really interested in this particular airframe. Regards.Andy
  20. Hey Wouter, Good to see you back on LSP again and thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm working on the 188 but nothing noteworthy to show as I'm trying to work out how to best get the foward framework for the MG151 built up without ruining my transparencies. Regards. Andy
  21. Cockpit assembly completed today, took my time getting this together over the last three days as its pretty fragile while it's going together and wanted various joints to cure in between but is pretty strong when complete. Time to close up the fuselage now. Regards Andy
  22. Superb work, fingers crossed we will have a show at Telford this year so we can see the finished article. Regards. Andy
  23. Progress has slowed a bit in the last couple of days, With the four of us on top of each other for the last 10 days a bit cabin fever kicking in. Anyway, the main cockpit is now assembled and that was a super trying assembly sequence, all very tight but with careful patience all is good. And also remembered to add the canvas ammo belt as kindly pointed out by Wolf. Aviattic French Linen on white decal paper used. Also pre shaded and added the lozenge decals to the back of the rear engine panels followed by a bit of oil spatter on the panels when dry. A couple of little bits to add to the cockpit but hoping to get the fuselage closed tomorrow. Regards Andy
  24. Thank you Max, wood grain done with oils over Tamiya acrylics, I also mix in a drop of Uschi van der Rosten Blitz dry to the oil paint as it cuts drying time to just a few hours. Regards. Andy
  25. As Brian says, you rea need to have a go at a WnW kit or two as they are so damn good, you dont have to dive straight in with a bi-plane, have a good look at their web site and gi fringe there. Junkers D.1 is a great start. Regards Andy
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