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  1. I know Gaz has had huge issues with the tail of his build so was interested to see what the tall tail on my kit was like and initial fit was awful. My first problem was the two halves of the vertical stabilizer wouldn't close together properly at the bottom Thus was due to the locating tab inside being to big and bottoming on the recess in the other half so off it came The horizontal stabiliser halves fit nicely together but fits poorly when offered up to the fuselage also the part is skewed and not fitting squarely On closer inspection the cause of this was the top of the tailwheel bulkhead fouling the horizontal stabiliser inside. So this was trimmed back as well as a tab between each stabiliser as well for good measure That then gave me a nice square fitting part when fitted to the fuselage A test fit of the vertical stabilizer fit with the horizontal away from the fuselage and all looked good And then fitted to the fuselage As you can see it needs a shimmathe front fuselage joint but that's the best I fit I can manage, although not using it I'm interested to see what the early vertical stabilizer fit is like as well. Regards. Andy
  2. I can confirm it's a shocker, pics later when I've worked out whars going on with it but ZM have definitely dropped the ball on this area! Regards. Andy
  3. Hey Gaz, knowing how damn good the fuselage fit is, this is nothing but very disappointing for such an expensive kit. Not really acceptable at all but I guess the guys designing the thing felt it was satisfactory but if it is that bad on such an obvious area them shame on them for letting it through. Will be interesting to see other comments as people start building this one. Regards. Andy
  4. I've thinned them at both 50/50 and 60/40 and not a lot in it to be honest. My first build with them was a Bf 108 Regards. Andy
  5. Thanks for looking in Tom, it is a pretty simple conversion with just the wheel wells being a little tricky but I think I have a plan in mind now Regards. Andy
  6. The AK Real Colors spray beautifully Ade with low ideas Ade, I use their own thinners and they do perform very nicely indeed. As they are not pre thinned you can brush paint as well for touching up and equally perform very nicely. I always used to use Tamiya acrylics with no problems but got fed up with home mixing colours. Started using Rea Colors this year and very happywoth the way they perform. Regards. Andy
  7. Have the basic cockpit colours done today and so ready for washes and detail painting. Also modified the instrument panel further to replicate the F series using Airscale instrument bezels. You can just see the G-14 panel above which is quite different. Regards. Andy
  8. Managed to get some basic colour on the cockpit ready for washes and detail painting Also now glued the fuel tank in place as it makes like easier to hold while painting So I'm again using AK Real Color on my current builds and here is a very interesting comparison of their two different shades of RLM 66 with the late version having a kind of greenish tint to it. Not so taken with it compared to the colour of the F-4 above but I will continue with it as I'm intreaged to see how it looks after weathering. Regards. Andy
  9. Thank you Radu, I will be using the clear instrument panels on this one and thank you for pointing out the panel difference on the F which I have now modified! Regards. Andy
  10. Not got that far yet Gaz but are you for real on that tail fit as its absolutely appalling, will tell you next week my experiences in this area. Hope its not like that as it will be very disappointing Regards. Andy
  11. Excellent progress Gaz, just checked mine and suffers from the same sink marks, bit of a shame! Regards. Andy
  12. Have the cockpit sub assemblies primed and was planning on using the Barracudacast G series instrument panel which is designed for the Revell kits and features very nice detail, I can confirm this isn't really an option as there is quite a difference in general shape and size so will stick with the ZM kit parts. The last picture shows the panel I'm using on my F-4 build but as you can see some clear differences, however I will still be using the Barracudacast placards as they are so good and always give amazing results. Regards. Andy
  13. Thanks Gaz, I do kind of like the Revell 109 kit but if you are looking to spend a load of money on aftermarket on these then with the ZM G series now here then I really do think it makes the Revell kit obsolete as you pretty well get all sorts of alternatives in the ZM boxing except belts! Back to my F-4 build and the last major hurdle will be getting the round wheel wells sorted. Regards. Andy
  14. Beautiful work Derek, that cockpit is a work of art! Regards. Andy
  15. Lovely looking cockpit, belts look just right! Regards. Andy
  16. Very exciting stuff, they clearly have multiple boxings planned and I'm sure other Mk's of the Spitfire which will sell like hot cakes and then couple that in with new undisclosed "kitsets" less the paint and glue they have in the pipeline Kotare are going to be, hopefully very successful. Regards. Andy
  17. Me too and you can be sure they will be in the delightful end opening boxes which really eases getting the plastic in and out of the box Revell like to use. Regards. Andy
  18. Pleased you approve Antonio and thank you for pointing out my error Regards. Andy
  19. Thanks John, The an is to paint and decal this one and my G-14 at the same time hopefully! Regards. Andy
  20. While working on my ZM G-14 I realised I had the earlier G-6 footrest available to me to use so after much trimming I managed to squeeze it in the the floor space of the Revell kit which definitely improves the look. Annoyed with myself after Antonio kindly posted the picture of the early starboard side wall I swapped the completed part with one from my unstarted G-6 and modified it accordingly. Much happier with that and time for painting now. Regards. Andy
  21. Thank you for that Radu, absolutely tremendous kit by the way thank you! Regards. Andy
  22. Great picture Antonio and thank you for sharing, the Revell G-2 boxing only comes with the later footrest as the sprue that carries the early version has been swapped out unfortunately. Regards. Andy
  23. Looking very sharp indeed Max, superb workmanship! Regards. Andy
  24. Hopefully I can pull the conversion off reasonably well Gaz, Funnily enough Barracudacast do the same resin bulkhead assembly with moulded belts as well and they look pretty good. Regards. Andy
  25. Completely agree Gaz, did find it strange that a different bulkhead wasn't supplied on the same sprue which includes the tall tail and tailwheel. I've checked through several times and can't find anything but was easily sorted. Regards. Andy
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