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  1. So how did the guy in the article suspend the model above the base in his photos? Did I miss something?
  2. You're safe, it's sold out, last I checked. Edit: My bad, it's back.....may the temptation resume....
  3. They'd sell more if they just made the shipping free.
  4. This thread actually made me laugh out loud few times!!!
  5. Would like to have come down, too, but had to take the daughter to college for the first time!! So much for buying toys for a few years, right? Tim
  6. I don't care about all that, I'm sure as hell gonna watch it, and probably enjoy myself.
  7. Maybe they used the bead sight as a reference when dropping bombs or strafing at low level? Seems like the reflex sight might be a little tougher to use in those roles. Tim PS, you need to make these in 1/32 NOW, don't wait for someone to make the kit. I have at least two conversions, so I'd buy a set for sure.
  8. Honestly, I think you're stuck with brute force, sorry. That's a bummer. Edit: Wait a sec.. could you gently remove the entire engine and cowl from the airframe, and drill through the back of the engine until you reach the shaft? Maybe you could push it out the front once the back is free? That way any damage would be hidden inside the cowl? Just a thought. Tim
  9. He's been heavy into dioramas and figures for the last year or more, and is even writing/drawing a historical graphic novel about a WWII operation!! He can be reached on facebook pretty easily, and I think he's active on some other dio forums. I'll ask him and post back if he has anything to add. Tim
  10. I've always wondered about this, too, especially as the early version I have in progress is intended to be an H model. I am curious which specific planes you guys are looking at doing. Tim Edit: ask Rutman, he knows more about early P-38s than anyone I'm aware of.
  11. This is very cool, Bruce! Nice to see something so different.
  12. I gave you a sad face because of the scale.....
  13. The master that he made the lower half of that probot from must have been a very low quality print, it looks horrible!! I am a total newbie to 3D printing, and my printer would have done better. However, you really turned it into a fantastic build, wow!!! Good on you, sir!! Tim
  14. I would love to see the B-52 happen, but I would not buy one, especially at that price tag. I haven't even bought any of the big birds that are currently available, like B-25, B-17, etc. Just too big and too expensive. But very, very, cool!! Tim
  15. Boy, it all looks awesome, but that riveting set really capped it off nicely! I might have to get one of those. Well done!
  16. Yes, I HAVE seen that, and it's hilarious!
  17. Anyone in the Telford area into metal detecting? I'd sure love to do a bit of that if I ever get to come over. Probably not a selling point to my wife, but it would sure motivate me!!
  18. Yep, that could throw in monkey wrench in things for a bit.....
  19. Can some of you UK chaps give me an honest assessment of what the weather is like over there around SMW in November? My wife and I would like to visit England at some point (not this year), and it would be fun to come see you all at Telford, but if the weather is crap, it will be tough to sell her on that time of year. Tim
  20. One note for those going to TX next year, write this down - it's not far from Gruene, TX, where there is a really excellent BBQ restaurant/bar called the Gristmill, overlooking the Gaudalupe river - http://gristmillrestaurant.com/. Really awesome old historic building re-purposed really well, and in one of the prettiest places in TX. Not to be missed if you're in the area, and it's on the way to San Antonio from San Marcos. It's a great pit-stop should you be going there for a visit to the Alamo or the River Walk, also very interesting. But it's gonna be HOT, of that you can be sure. Last time I was in SA it was late June, and it honestly made PHX last year seem comfortable by comparison. If June was that hot..... Tim
  21. Kev, I want to see some pics of your library, because it HAS to look like the Library of Congress by this point.
  22. That's a bummer buddy, I'd love to hang out again. I'm not a huge fan of Vegas, but it's close enough to reach without breaking the bank.
  23. Heck ya, I'm definitely up for Vegas. That's a pretty cheap flight from the PNW. TX and NE, not likely.
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