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  1. BiggTim

    Finished... 1/32 Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A-9

    Man, that is really nice! Perfect finish!
  2. BiggTim

    Surprising delivery ...

    Fair enough, I guess. I have video of the guy putting them on my porch, so I guess we're watching each other!!
  3. BiggTim

    Make the others jealous

    What exactly is it?
  4. BiggTim

    Apollo 16 Trans-Earth EVA Diorama project

    Just catching up on this, looks really good!!
  5. I had a "bucket list" of kits I wanted, and I recently bought the last one on it, so I've been VERY reluctant to buy any more. I probably will eventually, but I'm going to focus on completing a few before I do. Plus, there are some new things that will come out that I will simply have to buy....
  6. That kit is really tempting me. I've never built a Russian plane, and that one looks very nice. Too bad my stash is "complete".
  7. BiggTim

    Another LHS closing...sign of the times

    Sounds like its time to buy a hobby shop, Richard!! Ready made clientele.
  8. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    I've been using a dremel for years and have never melted one yet. The trick is to use the right wheel. Nothing is safe but the soft cloth ones, in my experience. However, I HAVE ruined them by cracking them and/or shooting them across the room many times doing that, so that's something to watch out for.
  9. ...you call other people strange for freaking out and clearing the store shelves in advance of a winter storm (like we have almost every winter here, duh! ) but you'll drive 10 miles in a blizzard to Hobby Lobby for a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin. Tim
  10. BiggTim

    You know you have a problem when.....

    Us too. There isn't a school open within 200 miles, except ours!! Edit: there are some seriously hilarious threads making the rounds about the pansies people in Seattle dealing with the snow! They rarely get snow there, let alone this much, so they absolutely go batcrap crazy, and it's really fun to see all the goofy stuff people post on social media about it. Try looking up Daniel Silvermint on twitter....LOL!
  11. BiggTim

    You know you have a problem when.....

    You guys are missing out, I Iove snow!! There is a limit, though.
  12. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    Ordered yesterday, on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Polishing-Compound-Coarse-Fine-Finish-Applicator-Sponges-FREE-SHIPPING/123126843363?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=423540561920&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Tim
  13. Wow, that Formlabs printer really has some crazy resolution!!!
  14. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    Ok, I'm ordering that stuff to give it a try!
  15. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    I have done that, and I've had mixed results.
  16. BiggTim

    You know you have a problem when.....

    Yes, I do. I live in central Washington, where you have to own at least one 4x4, by law. I was the only person in the store besides the staff, I think.
  17. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    Here's the stuff I've been using: I only wet sand to about 1200 or 1500, then use the paste (green can) or the hard stick to get the scratches out, then the tan bottle or the gray bottle, then finish with the white bottle of cleaner. The cloth wheel seems to work better than any other disc I've tried (felt, foam, etc.) but it's kind of hard to get inside canopies with it. The key is LOW rpms, I should think 10o0 would be perfect, but just experiment with it. I also often stick my canopy down to a glob of the squishy rubber eraser to keep it from flying away. I'm not saying my canopies are the greatest, but they seem pretty clear to me. Tim
  18. BiggTim

    Canopy polishing

    I'm with you man!! I hate polishing canopies! Lately, though, I've been having pretty decent success with a cloth polishing wheel in my dremel tool on low speed with a stick of plastic polishing compound, or fine grit paste. Meguiars makes a liquid just for acrylic that's not bad, too. Bottom line is that I'm never able to do it well enough by hand, I have to use the dremel.
  19. In the spirit of the 20th anniversary celebrations, I'll kick off the year with this kit for January. I may not FINISH it this month, but I'll give her a go. I may be nuts trying to do this at the same time as a P-38 for the GB, but WTH, right? I had planned to do this opened up with the resin engine, so I cut it all apart last year, then decided not to do that. So I sold the engine and glued the cowl back together, as you can see in the test fit. Here we go! Tim
  20. Has anyone else noticed that all of the canopy masks available for the Stuka G appear to be incorrect, at least for the exterior canopy frames? All of the photos I can find of the G canopies seem to show that some of the frames are on the inside ONLY, not the outside, yet all the mask sets are a mirror of the inside. Am I seeing this correctly?
  21. BiggTim

    Vacuum Chamber or Pressure pot?

    That's exactly what I thought, too.
  22. BiggTim

    Wingnut Wings Albatros B.II early

    Wow, that looks fantastic!! The wood is perfect! I have a Roden Albatros D.1 to put wood decals on, and I am terrified to try it on the curved surfaces. I should have been smart and bought one with flat sides! Tim
  23. BiggTim

    Opti-visor diopter

    I use the highest magnification in my set (not sure what that is, since I'm not home right now), and I built myself a stand out of a small wooden box that I use to put small objects up higher so I don't have to bend over as far. I am tall, and have back and neck problems if I'm not careful. That way my elbows can rest on the table, and the side of my hands on the box while I'm painting, etc. The higher the mag the better, in my case.
  24. BiggTim

    Trumpeter F4F-3 build with rivets and enamels(?)

    Just catching up on this, Woody! Looking great! Can't wait to see how things look under primer!