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  1. Hmmm... maybe I should adapt my Klimov P-40 conversion for this kit. What do you think? Tim
  2. Its father's day, so a dad joke thread is more than appropriate!!!
  3. I don't know if this is the right section for this, but it does relate to a kit I just purchased on ebay (though not an LSP), so I will tell this story here. Mods can move it if they see fit. I have been looking for a particular kit for over a year now, finally found someone selling one on ebay, and with a ton of AM stuff to go with it, and at a healthy discount, so I pulled the trigger and bought it. I was excited when it showed up in 3 days, and it was everything I'd hoped for....except it was missing a critical sprue!! It was a used kit from someone clearing out their stash, so no problem, it happens sometimes. I let them know about it and the seller agreed to look for the missing sprue. A couple days pass, and I dropped them a note saying that I located replacement parts for about 25 bucks, and if they would be willing to refund that much, I'd buy the parts and be good to go. Very nice seller, great communication. To my utter shock, they did not refund the 25 bucks.......they refunded the entire amount!!! I sent a note and made them aware of the mistake, and I got a very nice note back saying that it was not a mistake. The seller explained that her husband had been an avid model builder, and had won many awards in the past, but was going through some sort of "mental decline" that prevented him from building anymore, so he asked her to sell off his collection. Occasionally parts go missing and he doesn't recall where they are. So she refunded the whole thing because she just wanted me to be happy with it. Needless to say, I was blown away at her generosity, and said that I would put in a plug on the forums and possibly help generate some more sales. At any rate, she said they have a ton of other kits to get sold off, so please look them up on ebay and see if they have anything you might like, and maybe help support these awesome folks. SellerID is "sellingmymodels10". Here is a link to one of their auctions:https://www.ebay.com/itm/254594214787. Thanks, Tim
  4. Nice job, sir, and a unique scheme, too! Looks really sharp!!
  5. Not that I think this is the appropriate forum to discuss this, but I will only contribute this. I found this an interesting read, and was surprised by some of it. I'm not saying which side of the issue I'm on, just that this was thought provoking: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/question-and-answers-hub/q-a-detail/q-a-on-covid-19-and-masks I'm out, good luck.
  6. You could always convert it to a Russian P-40E Klimov M-105 engine version!! (shameless plug for my conversion set) There's only been one built so far, ever, so it would be very unique! Tim
  7. Looking good, Bill! Worth the effort, for sure! I would have fixed it, too, so don't feel bad. Tim
  8. Almost like a lathe without the motor. Maybe if you made some sort of block to rest the scriber on like a lathe, it would help hold it steady. Tim
  9. I honestly couldn't give a flying rat's ass about WNW anymore.
  10. Good to know you're still kicking, Tim!!
  11. What the heck are you guys talking about?
  12. If you bought it because you really liked it, and would miss it if it were gone, then build/use it. If you truly wouldn't miss it when it's gone, sell it. I know it seems oversimplified, but that's the question I ask myself every time I think of selling something. So far, I have never regretted the results using that criteria.Good luck with whichever you choose. Tim
  13. Agreed. I'm wiling to vac some, but not if it steps on GMF. Is one of you in the UK, and can give them a phone call directly? They don't seem to be responsive by any other method.
  14. A clear resin canopy would really be nice. I actually have a clear resin front windscreen from the old Cutting Edge backdate set, and it's quite nice. I like the scale thickness of vac parts, though, and the relative ease of vaccing them.
  15. Man, that is fantastic!! Reminds me of a couple of details I forgot, too. Tim
  16. Wow, cool story, and fantastic build! That finish is absolutely perfect! Was Cottrell awarded the DFC?
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