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  1. The one thing I DO like about Squadron is some of their True Details goodies. They are pretty nice, and their resin PSP display base is great, as are some of the others.
  2. You're right, my bad, that IS a pretty good deal, I just didn't notice it as I was looking for things I wanted. Just bummed it applies to something I don't want. Sorry to be so negative, I''ve become pretty soured on Squadron.They seem to be rather out of touch with the market, and with a few exceptions, don't seem to realize it. Tim
  3. And you can buy a 1/32 Tamiya Zero for the bargain price of 98 USD plus shipping!!! (but you can buy one every day on Amazon for 72 USD, and lower on ebay sometimes) Their "sales" are not very enticing.
  4. Its actually linked in my signature. I built it a couple years ago, and only just entered it.
  5. Some great stuff, thanks, Ray! That paper Berg biplane was very intriguing, and such a cool paint scheme. I'd like to see WNW do that one. Tim
  6. He must have been a funny ****er!!!
  7. The paper one was VERY cool, but no, the one that placed was the Eduard E-4 kit, I think. That paper 109E, and the paper WWI biplane in 1/32, whose type I can't recall, made me really want to try one of those paper kits.
  8. I already did. Twice. I have a box of diapers ready for when/if there is confirmation.
  9. Holy Smoke! Couldn't resist the firefighter joke, sorry. All joking aside, that is truly a tragedy to see this happen to such a historic structure. I hope all the occupants are safe and the firefighters can stay safe as well. Fires like that are extremely difficult and dangerous to fight, as old (and very tall) buildings are notorious for killing firefighters due to collapses. Tim
  10. Nope. I've avoided it this far, as I don't have cable TV, and don't ever plan to.
  11. I apologize, but I'm not much for taking pictures. I know the Seattle IPMS guys took tons to post on their website, so I'll send a link when they are posted. Bummer that I missed you, Ray! I even wore my LSP Phoenix shirt in case someone spotted me, but no one did. In the 1/32 prop category, the top three were: 1st:TBM Avenger RCAF (also got best Canadian subject), 2nd:Me-109E, 3rd-P-51D Mustang, if I recall correctly. Honorable mentions went to the 190D-9, the Do-335, and the Raiden. Tim
  12. What a cool way to do this! And +1 to scratchbuilder's question.
  13. So I went to the Seattle show yesterday, and it was pretty well attended. Lots of vendors, including the guys from Barracuda studios (from whom I had to purchase a few goodies), and I got to try my hand at judging for the first time. Of all the categories to be assigned to judge, my team got the 1/32 aircraft. There were some very nice entries, so it was very tough to choose the winners. I feel for those who do it a lot. The only category I entered was the scratch built aircraft, and to my surprise, my Fokker DVII skeleton took first place! Granted, the competition in that category was not stiff, but it was nice to get it anyway. I think folks appreciate seeing something a little different. Oh, and I didnt buy any kits! Tim
  14. Man, I hate to start another build before finishing one, but I want to put my hat in the ring!!
  15. You see there, Brian? I've said it so many times, that it's beginning to spread!! My plan is working perfectly..... Keep beating that P-38 drum, Chris!
  16. I actually used the rear canopy section from the kit, and poured resin inside it to make two rough "plugs". Keep in mind that doing that destroyed the kit part (due to the heat generated by the resin as it cured, I guess) but I did not care as I had already cracked it while trying to modify it. I then re-shaped the resin plugs and primed them, and sanded them perfectly smooth. The general consensus was that the clear plastic would probably stick to the primer (happened to me before), so I made rubber molds of them and poured final plugs in resin to use for pulling the actual canopies. The resin worked perfectly, and the plastic did not adhere to it at all, so the multiple steps proved to be worth it. If you do decide to go the same route, and pour resin or push milliput or something into a kit canopy to use as a master, then I would advise picking up an extra one because the kit part will likely be damaged in the process. Otherwise, you'll have to carve your own master from scratch. Tim
  17. I brought up the same question in my Stuka build thread, and got some good advice. Might be of use to you. Tim
  18. This sale is really killing me. I want to buy some stuff, and I just can't right now. I start re-roofing my house tomorrow, the truck cost me 2000 USD in car repairs last month, the kitchen faucet leaked and ruined the cabinets, and my wife''s recent medical bills have conspired to eat up all the budget, including the "mad money" I earn from the part time fire dept job. Oh well. At least I don't have to go into debt for any of it, right? PS: I forgot to mention my daughter's senior prom, graduation party, and then college this fall. Sigh.
  19. Just by way of recommendation, I've done business with that seller (cpyzz, his real name is Mark) and he's been quite nice to deal with.
  20. I'd be afraid to even enter that room, for fear I would soil it with my very presence.
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