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  1. Been there, seen it, done it ..in 1/32 M/Box (my first ever post here 10+years ago ) and 1/48 Airflups Just need a 1/32 Kristen Scott Thomas .....
  2. We doing this one again ? I think it was toss up between Hunter and Spitfire last time Moi ....cooobaroooo
  3. Airfix did a braille scale one back in 1868 .....probably still sell it under their "nostalgia" pretense .
  4. Watch out for the swing arms they aren't all the same ( ask me how I know .....! )
  5. And here we go again !( Just "minor" modification ..you're kidding no one !) Your work ethic / drive is 125% admirable . I have a few LSPs ...they are up there .....gathering dust ......yup still up there .... exhausted now . Look forward to this one Pete , we all love Tomcats.
  6. Most of my stuff is built with a view to shipping . I like building more than collecting . Tanks as far easier , dioramas the same if you glue everything down firmly ....aircraft ..... I use ezy line for any rigging etc as that will have a degree of stretch . Pitot tubes etc , replaced with brass tube so they can be slid off the plastic stub of the kit part , propellors unglued and packed separately, I've even started to leave stores unglued so the new owner can choose what to load up with . To ship 1/32 or 1/48 aircraft I use cheap foamboard to make a cage. One large piece for the base , hot melt glue four uprights -for wings, tail and nose, then upholstery foam slices where the edges meet the model so they don't cut into the paint . Finally "clamping" the model down to the board using more foamboard dovetailing the uprights. 85% of my models get sold on aBay to locations outside the UK and only 1 has been destroyed , pretty sure by bad unpacking after it arrived. I also send a picture of the model fully caged when ready to ship to the buyer , so it "proves" to them/ eBay etc it wasn't just thrown in a box . Sounds a lot of effort but then I only ship 1/2 a month. Sorry no pix , next time I do one I'll take a few,
  7. The OCU for UK wokkas is just 3 miles from my house. Watching them fly over the house is a mixture of awe ...and ........also .........."you realise he is on Learner Plates with his 10 tonne helicopter at 300 feet " Last winter one had problems and landed in a field in an emergency a few miles away .. the story continues here . ...I'm sure he failed the conversion course ....
  8. Heya Ryan There's is bunch of stuff here* discussing AFV clubs Scorpion /Scimitars vs the various upgrades they went through in service ( and with Scimitar ....continuing for a while longer) Anyone who wants to make Alvis vehicles in any scale is welcome for dinner at my house ! & if it weren't for AFV club and Bronco you'd have thought the UK produced no armour at all . Good luck with this build there will be cross pond requests I'm sure. CVRT for the win ! *here
  9. Cheers Water seems to be often a bit of "the final frontier" and yet both of these were kinda straighforward .Resin is a bit all or nothing though , if it goes wrong there is not much coming back . Guy ah ...my secrets out !
  10. I read the book (Das Boot) a few years ago, apparently Lothar-Günther Buchheim was a bit of a grouchy sod in later life, walking of the set of the film and declared it a travesty of his book.....despite it being the highest budget German production of all time . Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock was the captain on U96 when Buchheim was aboard.
  11. Great Bearcat .......and even better Avalon Hill collection - SNAP ! Fancy a quick 9 hour game of SL ?? !
  12. Been watching the "new" Das boot .....and had this lil thing tucked away . At 60 ish pieces it was a quick build , and then built the seascape same method as the S Boat earlier this year - decoupage, paint , lots of liquitex and then sticking cotton wool to your fingers with liquitex. On the whole think I enjoyed the S boat more . So "watery thing" part deux for July. Cheers PW
  13. That's what loaders are for I always thought !
  14. he he he as we speak it's on my bench . yes liquitex is what I use for sea scapes over paper I'm not sure how many layers it would take to get to 15 mm although your Huey scene seems quite deep . TBH I'm happy to learn how to use epoxy properly as "do something different" is my modelling creed
  15. Cheers - 2 part epoxy resin .....which is a whole bunch of fun to work with ....not . I've tried before only to see it all eat through the foam and disappear under the bench ...wrecking the whole thing . So was a bit of trepidation I approached this one .....went better this time . Woodland Scenics provided the "ripples" for the waves.
  16. I read a review about this model when it came out that said , "this is so good , go out and buy half a dozen" . I 100% agree , it's a great mix of subject, detail, buildability....even the wubber twacks worked fine for me . Reckon there's a snowy Pz III for later....maybe a Kursk one.........and a ..and a .... Anyhoo , been doing "water" stuff this month , (number 2 will be along shortly ). So :- Take a Chance ? Panzer III , 18th Panzer Division , 2nd Company commander weighing up the risk of using a ford , Case Blau advance in central Russia during the summer of 1942 . Cheers PW
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