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  1. De-riveted eh??? Now THAT would've been a kit to see.....hhmmmm......Mervin O'Gorhams lastest design for an armoured recce or one of the best steam punk kits ever! lolol. Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Red Baron is still the only game i own. Never tried any of the others, and yes, i am an old fart. lololol. still play it once in a while.
  3. yes, taurus are correct. Valve springs are never equal in compressed/ uncompressed numbers.
  4. I've known quite a few interesting British birds. Oh, sorry, are we talking about aeroplanes?.
  5. Lee, send me your address, I will get some cheese for you
  6. Well, this day turned out rather different than expected. Turns out Darlene and I booked a trip home THIS WEEKEND! for my mum's birthday. (90). we fly out friday and back tuesday.
  7. YES IT WAS! And I get it ! well done Lee
  8. lolol....not quite a traitor, I get home reasonably often, in fact just booked a BnB in Redmire for Easter. (Wensleydale). We will be over for about 10 days. BTW, any hobbyshops in the Yorkshire/Cumbria area stock Colourcoats paints? I need to stock up on the new RN series of colours for my HMS Hood. Reunion Island, hhmmmm, I ought to get my maps out and see how many RI's there actually are!!
  9. where are you? USA, Europe? Aus? Then I can tell you where to go ! (lolol). But, yes, I can piont you to the right place. Regards, Pete in RI.
  10. Nice preview of the book, it looks like a good one. Thank you for posting this. Regards, Pete in RI
  11. LOLOLOL..... I have just realised that this thread has generated the most replies/ interest of ANY that I have posted over the years! Thanks Guys! oh, yes, WELCOME BACK STEVE!
  12. Well Max, I can relate to that experience on a couple of other sites( not LSP), but I felt that it was just the flow of the replies people posted to threads, rather than disinterest or exclusion. For instance, over on Modelwarships, I have a WIP on my 200 scale Hood, which barely gets a comment compared to a rather exceptional scratch built 350 scale Hood. And that's ok with me because, quite honestly, the 350 Hood will end up being the most accurate, detailed, Hood model on the planet. ever. Also, my rate of work on a kit ( never mind a build thread!), is so geologically slow that people problably just get bored, lolol.
  13. Hhmmm.... having said that, and just read Tony T's post, yes, he has a point. Everyone has had loss, pain, misfortune. But I beleive that when Jennings posted the original paragraph he was hurting, and needed freinds to talk to. We are his friends, we are a community, and we should be able to express feelings when we need to, and to have the support of our friends. Hopefully, Jennings, you have recieved the support and friendship you need. Regards, Pete in RI.
  14. Yuup....can relate. Took over a year to learn how to walk again.
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