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  1. Now THAT is how a model should be built! Awesome. Well done Chuzam, and welcome to the forums. Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Hi BZN, I just went to Hannant's site and put 1/32 in the scale box and French in the keyword box on their advanced search. It came up with a bunch of decal sheets with French roundels. All listed as other a/c, but you might find something of the right size. It also listed a French/Nowegian version of Lukgraphs Sopwith Baby, so you might want to contact Lukgraph and see if they will sell you just the decal sheet. HTH, Pete in RI
  3. Absolutely buy the kit and sort out it's feet after. The kit is Lukgraph's best kit yet. Very well made.
  4. This is devastating for Sabine, we wish her all the best. The Hobby has lost a driving force.
  5. Oops! forgot to mention the Felix, sorry about that Kev, it's a great book too. A new WNW book eh?? any hints as to the subject?
  6. Yep, Wives are THE BEST! Darlene gave me almost all of my WNW's collection over the years as Bday and Xmas gifts. Dutik, check out KLP publishing, they do a great ebook on building the AEG and Albatros.
  7. Will do! And that Dragon is AWESOME!
  8. Dang! That is indeed sad news. I always enjoyed our conversations. Are we allowed to know why?
  9. Hi Brian, mine arrived yesterday, but is 5" long. I think I will need a bigger boat (bowl!) lolol. Thank you SOOO much for the inspiration.
  10. When you mask her up Max ( stop it, I'm talking about your model aeroplane!) don't forget that little bit of the fin is yellow.
  11. This subject really does deserve a well thought out study to figure out a readily useable and accurate solution.
  12. Interesting dilema here Max, I have the DH2 on the bench as we speak, and I have knocked up a working jig to test ideas and thoughts. Got a few WNW's waiting in the "wings" for a viable and credible solution to the eternal rigging problem. Not helped by the two types of wire, RAF and stranded cable.
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