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  1. oops, sorry. I saw HC and immediately thought 1/48 lol.
  2. Hi Reuben. David Parkins' Flightpath company makes a very good and complete detail set/upgrade for the kit. It includes resin, pe, and white metal parts. Barracudacast makes some upgrades for the Airfix kit that should work for the HC kit also. Regards, Pete in RI
  3. I will repeat what was said earlier, I really don't care where the tooling came from as long as it is a well researched and accurate model in the box. Just very glad Meng have done this, and lets hope sales encourage them to do more. Regards, Pete in RI.
  4. Here in Rhode Island it is mandatory to wear a mask in stores. Not allowed in if you dont. Then we had a very nice weekend weather-wise, and the beaches were packed, no one wearing a mask ( or much else for that matter!)
  5. "I wish to register a complaint!".........
  6. Good one Max, well done. Regards Pete in RI
  7. I am looking for the new Royal Navy range. H&B don't have any. Regards, Pete in RI
  8. well done Jennings, good to hear. Hope all goes well for him. Regards, Pete in RI
  9. I live in Rhode Island, my entire state is smaller than Yorkshire! lol. Regards, Pete in RI
  10. hell, I'm 59 and still do that!
  11. If it's built with the wings folded, will it fit in the bomb bay?
  12. Well, I grabbed all the archive photo's I needed, so I may as well start on the instructions before the site disappears. Well done on achiveing the "hot topic" award Pup, we will host a vitual award ceremony for you
  13. Hi Fred, pop over to the WW1aircraft forum and look under the aircraft information column. We have started a thread on what can be done with the Roden Dr1, and all info is needed. Regards, Pete in RI
  14. Am soooooo totally envious. As every one has said, awesome to see this being built, and gut wrenching at the same time. Regards, Pete in RI
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