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  1. Adding a larger air intake for the engines like PPP said earlier with the TA152 style and larger diameter exhaust pipes would really help the beefier look.
  2. Mike, by making the con-rods larger/ beefier, then the small end wrist pin ( gudgeon pin) diameter would need to be enlarged, making larger pistons neccessary. At the crankshaft end the rod journal would need to be wider, and have a larger crank journal diameter, making the crankshaft longer and heavier. Resulting in a larger engine block. It is a very careful balance between cylinder pressure/force and the structural integrity of the moving componants so things don't break under max pressure. Aircraft engines are designed differently to car engines due to weight concerns. Car engines are usually overbuilt as weight is not that important, whereas an aircraft engine is kept as light as possible, so there is not much room structurally for increases in performance without internal changes. Regards, Pete in RI
  3. Now THAT looks like a radiator! Well done Mike.
  4. Google images of VH-ASC, an Australian Moth in Tiger colours. Awesome paint job. Sorry, but I am crap at posting pictures. Look for when it was painted in tiger stripes, not the overall red finish
  5. Nice! you should do a Tiger Moth for comparison
  6. Plastic surgery?? I'll get my coat.
  7. So...How did the reissue of the kits go? Did SW get a good supply of orders? I hope so.
  8. maybe they just wanted to see how it would compare to the Spad 7 sales in real time with no additional marketing?? Or is that a "way off the mark" thought? Regards, Pete in RI
  9. Alan's models always were showstoppers. My favorites are the Victoria and Singapore.
  10. I think you are right, Jan, the WNW price wouldn't have been far off that.
  11. This is awesome news, as it bodes well I hope for the eventual release of the Handley Page kits!
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