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IPMS Nationals Telford 2022


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3 hours ago, npb748r said:

interesting day for my first ever scale model meeting. Not sure I'd do it again, unless it was located somewhere with additional things to see (eg Duxford, etc). It was a long day with a 6 hour round trip but nothing compared to 2K Kilometres mentioned above !!  I thought about the day as I drove home and concluded the following.

  • the food was of shockingly disappointing quality (cold limp chips with an over-cooked sausage roll)- if I went again it would be with a pack lunch.
  • I was jolted into thinking I must finish the kits on my shelf of doom by seeing what people did with their builds, it made me realise that I need to work harder and find some enthusiasm for those kits. 
  • What was really noticeable to me to that the vast majority of aircraft builds on display were in a really flat matt finish, much flatter than I do with my builds which are more of a satin finish (apart from some areas  areas of weathering). Have I got it wrong or is this an aircraft modelling fashion trend ?? 
  • I've realised I'm now an online shopper only - the trade stalls were bypassed after the first couple browsing attempts and I came home with nothing purchased. Tonight I will purchase the things on the list I took with me online and probably cheaper 
  • The biggest issue for me was I left feeling slightly down rather than inspired - the vast majority of what was on display were works of art. I'd say the best of my builds fall into the worse 5% of those on display and that's probably being kind to myself. I thought I might have left inspired to improve but on reflexion I don't think there's much room for improvement after 50+ years of kit building. 
  • The chap from Kotare said they had designed the spit kit with as much of a modular approach as they could for future builds. As others have said, no further commitment beyond more Mk I and Mk Va but he didn't say never for other later marks. 
  • The new HKM Havoc looks simply stunning - they have clearly shifted up a gear or two.  
  • The level of skill of the models in the competition area left me stunned.
  • Finally, a 1/32 Sunderland is big enough to to use as a cross channel ferry. Seeing the one on display was a wow moment for me.
  • Oh, and there was an alarmingly number of smelly people in attendance - I thought that was a joke from earlier in this post but clearly not !


Just a few points:

  • The RAF Cosford museum is a 10 minute car journey down the road from Telford, well worth making it a double-header
  • You might not believe this, but the food had actually gotten better over the years at Telford. It's gone from dreadful to just awful
  • As modelers, we're always self-critical of our builds. Honestly, they're probably not as bad as you think
  • I do think the quality of the vendors is variable - Hannants and Wonderland are usually pretty good, but the second-hand kit dealers tend to be a mess and attract the smelly contingent. I tend to avoid them
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I went to SMW and only purchased from second hand sellers, guess  I'm one of the smelly contingent :angry2:  Why go to a show and pay more than retail??? They have to cover costs of being there in the first place. One of the reasons I won't be going to SMW again. I'm a pensioner and love a bargain, something SMW does not provide. Local shows for me from now on :D

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On 11/12/2022 at 11:33 PM, vince14 said:

And a real show-stopper 




Truly was a show stopper - I awarded the airscale trophy to it too!!


Congrats also to the LSP team on best SIG, very well deserved and long overdue 


Was a brilliant weekend all round and we smashed our own sales records so it really feels like SMW is back to its best :)


Wonderful to see everyone and so much new stuff coming from all sides it seems


Totally worn out, so off for a lie down...



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8 minutes ago, MARU5137 said:

So I think its MikeC, Dave(phartyCroc),Roy and don't know the last one ..

I bet I am so wrong.



You're right in parts Maru - that's not me on the left, but it is another Mike. The photo was taken quite late in the day, I think I may have gone to pick up my models from the Avon club stand and depart on the drive home.

Edited by MikeC
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Here are some photos I took of the superb 32 scale stand, the award was well deserved, I always look at the displays with the thought of the hours of work that they have taken to produce, this one must have been a lot !





And just to prove I was there.






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So in the photo Left to right, Mike Tayt, Me (Dave / Phartycr0c) Roy Meddings and Gary Bellingham. 

Honorable mention to Mike C who brought along two lovely Mustangs and Steve (Stevepd) who brought a wonderful rendition of an RAF Puma. 


Also what Pete (Airscale ) failed to mention was that he scooped best aircraft in show with his 18th Scale Mustang Lopes Hope! missed Best in Show by 1 solitary mark! Truly a sight to behold in the flesh. 

Competition was high this year with some breathtaking builds across all categories but best LSP entry without a doubt was the Lancaster bouncing bomb rendition. simply superb although only awarded a commended.

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Couple more images and i'm including some off piste stuff as the level of modelling is outstanding 

Please dont hate me! 

Firstly the A 20 renders from HK. 



Note the subtle "Oil Canning" on the fuselage where appropriate Really well done.




Mr Probert's incredible Sunderland. And you all thought the Lancaster was big! 




Thats a 48 scale Intruder for size comparison! 


Peters wonderful and now award winning 1/18 Mustang. I tried to take some interior shots but with my phone they could not do the workmanship justice. 




Kotare spitfire, A true beauty




32nd Buccaneer 




This P 51 particularly caught my eye, There was just something about it! 




And now a scratch built 1/35 Tarhe Skycrane! Again, its Huge, just shows how large the forthcoming ICM release is going to be! 




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and now some extraordinary "other stuff" 

The following three dioramas are superlative. the attention to detail and story behind each one is superb. They relly so need to be seen to be believed. 







1/16 Stuart! 








So thats pretty much it. So many displays, so little time I still feel I didnt cover half of the show! 

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Well, not having been for the last three years, I really enjoyed my visit on Sunday.


I made peace with my own abilities as a modeller many years ago, so just really enjoy seeing other peoples' works of art without it knocking my own mojo levels!


I also really enjoy seeing people in the flesh too. This hobby of ours can be a solitary affair and it's lovely to see the faces behind the forum avatars. Seeing Peter on his stand and Dave and the boys at the LSP shrine is always a joy - and getting to speak to the likes of Richard Alexander and Spencer Pollard is great too. (Just hope I didn't come across of too much of a fan boy! :wub: )

The standard of the food passed me by - I just grabbed a packet of sandwiches to keep me going.

I didn't notice any untoward personal hygiene either - maybe I was just lucky!




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