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IPMS Nationals Telford 2022


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3 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Although I have to say I've not ever noticed anyone with excessive B.O. at any level of modeling shows, nor any obtrusively foul odors hanging about.


Lucky bastage. Our local nationals has an attached Swap and Sell event that has been rightly dubbed Swap and Smell. It can get quite ... unpleasant.



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On 11/9/2022 at 2:49 PM, Stevepd said:

Change of plan. I’m now car sharing with a mate. If I can find a box I might be able to bring my Puma (Helicopter) for Saturday only. I don’t have any labels etc just the kit, is that alright? Again if I can find a box…….

Thats fine Steve, a Puma would be superb! 

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13 hours ago, MikeC said:

Well, I said earlier I was coming; you'll be reassured no doubt to hear that I've made sure the shower gel and deodorant are ready to be packed ^^^, and I'd like to bring a couple of Ponies along if I may.


You may recall the Revell one I nearly finished for the Blue Box GB:

And one all the way from Iwo Jima:




Thats Lovely will be a great addition.

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Folks Mike, Roy and myself will be tending to the stand throughout the weekend so please do feel free to come over and say hello. within reason if we can accommodate, bags and purchases can be left at the stand rather than carry them around.

If you are lucky you may even get some of the purchases back! 

Seriously, do come and say hello after all its YOUR stand too. 


Kev, iv'e printed a few extra flyers out to act as handouts on the stand. 

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6 hours ago, DrDave said:

There are some absolute tramps at UK model shows. Greasy hair, dandruff, filthy clothes and that whiff of  old wee, sweat, thinners and second hand books.

Then there’s the farts. A weekend away from female supervision, on full English breakfasts, beer and curry. No fruit or veg naturally.

To add to the cocktail, don’t forget to add rudeness and ignorance to the pot, I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve been pushed aside by such people, who feel that it is their given right to be first, just in case the item that they are after, may sell out, in front of their very eyes!


Every year I’d say to myself that it will be my last visit, but that was never going to happen so discovered a voice and amongst other statements, now simple apologise in a very sarcastic and loud manner, for getting in their way!


The Airfix stand, after new releases are announced, the front of the Hannants stand and the Competition area are extremely good at attracting these types of people!


Not to forget those that have back packs, then forget that they are on their backs and just turn around, in a crowd…


…ah, the penny has just dropped, these must be those who part the seas 

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27 minutes ago, ade rowlands said:

Last time I went, I think 2018 I had my foot run over by someone in a mobility scooter the size of a Chieftain Tank. Said person didn't even register the bump from their lofty all terrain perch and continued on their way with reckless abandon.

I think I know who that would have been from a million years ago when I was in a club. See fragrance references:help: above.

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