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  1. Marder III - sort of ...... This was just as it was nearing completion - all pix by me . John's Marder Page on FB Johns Stug III D page on FB
  2. Reasonably prescient there Chris ! Now in April 21 , being offloaded in their clearance section in Jadlam's website in the UK for £99, Ebay UK showing lowest at £95 , Amazon still £110 .
  3. I hope this is the first is a series of cello works , I look forward to Yo Yo Mah next , or maybe Jacqueline du Pre ?
  4. Shaping up very nicely - will this cockpit include an English / German phrasebook so the pilot can launch a string of foul language at les Boches whilst waiting for the Senior Service to work out how to put a machine gun on an aeroplane ?
  5. .............a 12 year old's bad kitbash of leftover parts in different scales .
  6. Ain't she just ? Here's the development of it ..... even more stomach churning ....F120 Jabiro ...
  7. You're on fire now Richard .... I give you the Farmen F3 Bis ....
  8. Hans Kammler just called .............., he's wanting to know the progress on this !
  9. I see your French guitaroplane ,and raise you a flying pancake
  10. Phew I'm being out Blackburned tonight ....
  11. That's a Guitar ....you're cheating now . Needs to have at least 1/2 a wing . You're right on the original post all a bit dull , although you could see two of those at Bruntingthorpe on a good day , and the Crop duster thing was used in the Mad Max films .
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