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  1. I'm feeling old , I remember reading about them shortly after entering service ....and the 1/72 Airfix kit that came out thereafter . The extending MAD boom seem very exotic in 1975/6 , whilst in the UK the FAA Seakings were dunking sonar buoys .
  2. Cashing on the recent Nashorn restoration doing the MV show circuit this year I would guess .....which no doubt will also be picked up by THAT game .....and fanboy money from the "What am Best Nazi Tank???" crew will follow . Meanwhile , be nice if they did a 1/48 Buccaneer ...no seriously ....no one does a one apart from the ancient Airfix offering from nearly 30 years ago . Not sure who would buy it other than 50 something Brits and Springboks but hey...... this is a wish list . And yes that is a Blackburn aircraft , but one I would sorely like for my collection .
  3. Hmmm BSG .. Truly Wagnerian in concept and execution, even down to the use of Leitmotif throughout . Launched in the midst of the Sandpit Wars / War on Terror & hitting home the message about the enemy within who look so like us , and the ambiguity that such wars brings. All that before you get to some amazing performances, clever writing , twisty plots and some very strong female characters and an epic conclusion . Any show whose writers and actors were asked to address the UN regarding the themes of the show* .....deserves a very special place in TV culture , way beyond Game of Thrones and it's sad pathetic ending. Crack on Spacewolf, so say we all , .* yup that actually happened Gratuitous link to the Bear McCreary concert from the series .
  4. Hard to say if dust or a bit orange peel - where the paint has dried to quickly and not flowed out in time . I'm guessing its hot in South Cal . As Iain says a quick fix, you could even gently use a kitchen sponge scrubby with some water to level it down .
  5. Postimage.org Free , simple to use , allows hi res , you can share individual pics or albums etc . Full of ads but then Adblock takes them all out for me , so clutter free. Been using it 18 months or so ?
  6. "Loverly boy ...... ............the rest' ov you'se is a bunch of poo...s" Comedy shows that would get stoned to death these days . +1 on Thunder and Lightnings website.....found that back in the days of dial up and amazed it's still going . Cracking site for cold war Brit aircraft.
  7. Yup............ was the Blue Steel linky used with the V Force , most pics show just one strapped under a Vulcan , I think Valiant had given up the ghost by the time is was in use. . Always liked the idea of the "Green Cheese Missile" myself, as favoured by the "Mouse Force " no doubt , No seriously it existed It's failure gave way to the development of Blackburn Buccaneer as the method of eliminating Sverdlov cruisers, so all in all not a bad thing eh @RLWP?
  8. The Russians did that with a dog over 60 years ago .............hardly "going boldly" is it........... If it's anything like Virgin Trains ..............it will delayed a long time up there .
  9. Great footage and thank you for posting . Re wear, I've yet to meet a serviceman who really "looked after" any bit of issue kit beyond keeping him safe. Engine works , guns clear ....everything else is a bonus ! There was a reason painting everything constantly was such a large task , just to "keep up with it ".
  10. Is it time yet to veer this thread more towards "what will Tamiya's next 1/32 Aircraft be ......???" I'll have a Blackburn Bungalow MkII please .
  11. The 1980's called ....they need their cliches back please ........... EDIT - apparently according to the new ratings I'm "Sectioned".......
  12. Holy Schomoly Gazza - that's wonderful ! And really good photos too . I've been distracted as of late and must have missed the build thread, but hey- that's one really great biplane .
  13. Pm me an adress Ill send you a bit
  14. Yes its the easily annealed / cuts easily that is for me the best about copper sheet. I bought a 0.1 mm roll from China for about a fiver , will outlast me . Also bought some self adhesive aluminium on a roll as well ,sort of thing they use for ducting repairs not duct tape ,is thinner and makes a good hinge .
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