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  1. First of 2022 ..... Built in the 1970's, Czechoslovakia's (as was) Mig 21s were showing their age after 20 years of Cold War defence duty . Kept limping on until retirement in 1998, outlasting the younger Mig 29's which ran out of spares , they were well past their glory days , and yet were dragged out for further duty until 2004 as delays in sealing a deal with Sweden for Saab Grippens dragged on . Eduard kit , Alclad 'n Flory finishes etc . More of the NMF trials , another scorched dirty bird from me. Overall not a bad fitting or detailed model from Eduard.
  2. he he Brian I might just be a little tongue in cheek , as although its a bit of a plant based thing , it is an interesting jet to model for all the good reasons you give Never used in anger though . As for being unique - are you kidding man ???, every third thread on this forum is about this model this autumn , including 965 pages of "where's my Vegan at?" I shall cease and desist on this thread now , other than to post this rather disturbing Mi10 pic .....eeeeeuuuwwwh ...
  3. Is that the one where the night workers accidentally put the wings on backwards ...you know they sacked that shift at Forth Worth after that particular stunt back in '76 Still more interesting than a Saaaaarrrb Vegann IMHO . #number7perhaps?
  4. On the bright side though , given enough pressure Pete, it might start to look like .............a much prettier fighter .
  5. Ah glad to hear they are still going , I need to get up there an give them some money , I worry about the smaller friendly air museums and that one is a peach . Covid hit a lot of them hard .
  6. The consensus on a thread on here 4 years ago was that the guy might had died . Thread was titled jig stands of any benefit .
  7. Cracking stuff Peter , I hear what you say about flying something created before you were born , In the UK today, 18 year old soldiers can drive APCs ( FV432) that were originally built in the late sixties/early 70's Grandad drove it in the 1970s, dad in the 1990's , grandson into 2020's . Um ...and yes ...........I noticed you've snuck off to a new B24 thread .....
  8. Thank you for the kind comments peeps ....I'm working my technique up to have another crack at a 1/32 NMF. A long way to go for me though , to come near some the RFI's I've seen lately .
  9. It's a shame in a way 1/25 never took off . They take up more real estate on the shelf , but do project much more "presence " . For me all the ones still being knocked out are now so old in tooling that they are just a bit too far gone now , bit like this old Cent III . I've built few motorized 1/25s as presents for non modelling folk , who seem to enjoy the rug runner aspect over a glass of wine . I'm sure they can be cheered up with some scratch building , but the lack of anything else, figures , accessories means it just a nostalgia or labour of love build . People seem to want silly prices for them as well these days . 100% agree AFV Cents are the way to go for that tank in 1/35 .
  10. Sorry but I have to admit 1/16th Tanks do nothing for me , they just look too "toy" . Same as RC tanks, which don't move like real tanks or have any mass, or worse RC tanks with airsoft guns wedged inside them. They look just like what they are to me, oversized lumps of plastic , and like Mrs PW , I prefer my entertainment not to be requiring batteries I've done the 1970's 1/25 Tamiaycademywhoeverthisweeks tanks........... Panther ,JadgP , Su 100 etc , again ok ish , but it doesn't float my boat, although could have been a better scale than 2/AABattery if thats the way it had gonve in the 70's Appreciate a lot of peeps on this forum like them, and that's fine- please have fun making them , but for me, less is more, just my opinion.
  11. Right , too many nice Mig21's on RFI for me to ignore mine much longer , so off for another NMF extravaganza .. ........... Mk11 Cent is still sat at the end of the bench and Kurt's giving me "that" Germanic look again ...bless him - he's 40 next year , getting a bit old for this game .
  12. For many a long year the main / only show in town for this iconic tank . This is the third time I've built this one , and was bit of a "fun" build and to play around with pre and post shading , most of which doesn't come though in the pics. We now have numerous AFV Club Versions ( my Mk 5 / will become MK 11 is slowly grinding along), Amusing Hobby's direct copy of the AFV but less "good bits " ( no metal barrel , clear parts , or separate tyres with the strengthening ribs , or any parts to make other versions etc ) . Putting the MK V WIP next to the MK 3 , the MkIII correctly has a slightly shorter hull . Having more than a few Cents knocking about , I "upgraded" the Tamiya with an AFV Club 30 cal and rubber tracks; the front drivers hood bin on the glacis from the AH kit; some resin stowage and odd scratched metal bits . Apparently in Korea , Brits used them to bolster infantry positions , generally on the mountain tops , where the 20lbr would "snipe" during the day , and the North Koreans bombard back at night , hence bins track guards etc getting blasted off with fair regularity . Simon Dunstan's primer book "British Battle Tanks Post War 1946-2016" has some interesting reminiscences.
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