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  1. Be a nice shelf queen , if ...er ...you had some really big shelves
  2. Splash out Max , you know you want to ......huge Chipmunk ......
  3. For my money ?...good ....I hope he has to sell them for pretty much what he paid - or worse , why not actually go and build them and enjoy modelling . Not everything in life needs to be a rip off, we've got multinationals and governments for that . Too many good hobbies have been ruined by people deciding its a route for their "investment" fantasies. Taken from the hands of those who do it for love, and then bought by people to make a quick buck .
  4. This one is a real peach - do you think having a "nicer" ( and more expensive) kit in the first place encourages you to take a finer approach to the build ?
  5. I do like a good Flogger . Is this the first of a series or just a deviation ?
  6. Might be a meds thing ? I remember Dale, bless him , used to occasionally get a bit fruity when he was changing med regimes. Anyway , unleash Pinhead and the rest of them is my thought ...we already know you have the cube !
  7. More traditional is to put a model ship in a bottle , jus' saying , maybe that's where your struggling ?
  8. "Honey , every day you come home can you bring back just one piece" .
  9. Cute truck !! Tools stacked in the back is a nice touch
  10. So big will probably plummet off it's shelf to it's doom like the original ones did in the Sicilian Straits in '43 Way to go SAAF !!!
  11. For me all of this modelling is an expression of peoples Art . And the liking or not of art is entirely subjective to the eye of the beholder . Each to their own , don't like it , it's ok -don't look at it ! So lets line up some art in a gallery and award prizes . 1st prize to Da Vinci, his brushwork better than Van Gogh .......etc .no that clearly is nonsense beyond kindegarten . So sorry peeps, but, to me, what won at some IPMS show somewhere is completely irrelevant, I appreciate I may be in a minority , just my opinion .
  12. FYI I took the first vid and also "how to park a lighting" , the second one in your post . You can tell from my logo top left. I think I've posted both here before.
  13. I went a couple of times to Brunty's CWJ days , absolutely fantastic days out . I'm glad they got the Buccs out , but the Victor , the Guppy destroyed , the others all crowded in now . So very sad, on a par with XH558's decline . Anywhere else but the UK they would be treated as national treasures not ignored . Watched as they taxied the VC10 through the crowd ( proper grown up 80's stuff not a road cone parade or H&S idiot in sight, just "stand back a bit there " ) , felt the power of the Avon engines and the look on my face says it all . Took me 40 years to get in that seat . Magical .
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