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  1. Figures look absolutely spot on,even down to the chipped helmets ! I thought you reckoned you couldn't do them ?
  2. It's a shame Tamiya always do the Korean 20lbr Mark 3 ....IMHO the later marks especially the Aussie LR varients in Vietnam or the Marks 10 -13 with the IR gear and the 105 gun make more interesting / relevant subjects , and thats before we go near the Israeli Army modifying antics with Centurions . So from Tamiya .. 1/35 MK3 ...1/25 Mark 3...now 1/16 Mark 3 .....having built the old 1/35 three times now I'm glad AFV Club decided to make many of the other marks. The old 1/25 did have a full interior at one point though , which you can check for accuracy when next at Bovington as they have the "old cut in half Cent" back on display
  3. Given Trumpeters last "Lightning" effort , is this going to need some 5mm plug and a butt job to make it look like the F35 ? Just asking for a disappointed Brit....
  4. Sounded more like............ "ALARM ...ALARM" to me ....
  5. Engine room engineers tend to be below decks most of the time only emerging portside ! Scenes here of the man himself amongst the arrival ceremony of HMS Centuar at Singapore Jan 1960 . Cheers All
  6. On the advice on another LSP thread... apparently this one was worth a go ....the decals are a little fragile ....it's needs a fair amount of unspecified weight in the nose, but otherwise a pleasant model to make that didn't need it's own tube of filler, so thanks for the advice fellas . Mostly OOB , masked serials for this one , odd bit of plastic replaced with metal but not a lot to it otherwise. So 1959 - 1960 my father served on HMS Centaur on it's cruise from Devonport to Singapore via Shri Lanka . He would have been a 32 year old PO at the time . Not a huge number of pictures... however this one that took my interest , crew sunbathing on a baking deck . The Seahawks of 801 RNAS sat waiting . Always liked Seahawks from 1/72 Airfix days ...and EDSG ....well ..? & so
  7. Ropey Dope ....looks more like a flying frankenfurter to me
  8. Jokingly called "puppies" in FAA service , as they leaked wherever they were left .
  9. Amen to that brother ...what it actually needs is another 1/35 German tank .....Tiger I ....... presumably with a link to the Whack-of Tanks franchise . Personally I hold out hope for the Blackburn beauty that is the Dart .....that begot of a wildebeest, some drainpipes and a tree.
  10. Always a treat watching your craft and skills .
  11. Nice dio , though I am sure the Speiss would rip them a new one for having an open fire near the front . Nice going with the pines too , if you can find an asparagus fern they make great pine branches .
  12. That's a mighty darn fine Lightning - a great silk purse from a sow's ear of a kit . I assume you know the real XN776 survives in Scotland these days .
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