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  1. Tongue in cheek here , "why not the Typhoon." Because it sucks ! It is an aged mediocre design, built for an air superiority war against Russia in the late 1990's it probably could not have won. Now been "re-purposed" to carry a bomb or two as the RAF have deliberately dispensed with all the other more useful ground pounders , Tornado, Jaguar , Harrier .....which would have been far more useful in the past 10 years of sandpit wars. Yes you can flip it around the sky like a Spitfire , but the Taliban's air resources didn't require that dogfighting capabil
  2. 2 pages and no one thought to say ... PURRRRRRfect ! Allow me !
  3. Did one back end of last year , mainly to have a crack at some NMF paintwork . The fit of wings to fuse was ok , not great but just about ok . If I built another I'd probably pay a bit more attention to that area. The rest of it seemed fine but TBH I've not a huge number of LSP builds under my belt to compare it with .
  4. That was quick off the mark ! She's a very dirty bird ( shame on you RAF) & love the choice of "Danger Mouse" markings. Not intended as criticism , the background, is it back " in Blighty" as it doesn't look very Kuwait?
  5. Roll with the times maybe? ... Large Scale Robots Forum ..... at least no cockpits to fret about ..
  6. Too true ...The early ones were rellly like that , I have some VW air cooled ones from the 80's that were almost to the level of "sneak into the kitchen and find the wifes cullender for the next bit " The more recent ones were just ofter cut down versions of the manufacuter's workshop manual and suffered for it . @MARU5137 The real joke of that manual is the car they are sat it , more likely to be owned by an elderly enthusiast rather than the you couple depicted .
  7. Thats is a great fun diorama , the finished pics really bring it out more that the WIP log. Cracking result and +1 on the 'tache !
  8. If they ever get together with Kev Wheatcroft their armoured force would outnumber the British Army's current fleet
  9. Cheers yes , I'm aware of some of the differences , I'm modelling by eye from photos rather than any huge in depth knowledge of the aircraft . The 30mm I was aware off and are not on there , & the kit comes with an unarmoured canopy , but the armour plate I can do less about . TBH the swap to a "Priller" aircraft was a little capricious & mainly because I wasn't feeling the kit offering and they were both A8's . I suppose in future it might be worth me asking all this up front on the forum before setting off with glue
  10. Went to Hendon , before , during and after the refurb , it was definately better afterwards in my opinion, & as said all the aircaraft are still there. The de Havilland musuem at Enfield is also good . 3 Mossies, a Rapide, some nice early jets all for the price of one ticket ! Plus you can get up close and personal with the aircraft . I've not been there for a few years since they refurbed it again, looking forward to going after the great plague . Linky to Website
  11. They look really good together , it's great that you've built the same aircraft twice and yet ended up with two very distinctly different models. Look forward to seeing the mythical Chinook sometime in April ......
  12. That's another nice Spad , liking the bomb texture as well as the depth of weathering . As ever the photos on the piano are good too. Look forward to seeing the Chinook, and congratulations on the winning of your succesful election campaign, I'm sure the gentleman concerned was well chuffed with the result .
  13. .......& back after a little while a brief update Some progress, as predicted the engine I spent some time building , caused no end of problems when it came to attaching the cowlings and frankly will never be seen again . Slight misalignment of the mounting was the main culprit . With hindsight , I could have just built the front cylinders , would have been an easier fit and since I was 99% certain it would be covers closed........, meh . So engine in , covers on , some filling around and about but a reasonable fit. Decals from Peddinghaus arrived as w
  14. Fewer and fewer people engage in home mechanics these days, and Haynes manuals over the past 30 years have got less and less useful, as so much in the modern ones now just say - "consult dealer for diagnosis." The proliferation of "the Haynes manual about a grain of sand " & "the Haynes manual about a peice coal" sorta ( and yes the one below is genuine from their wesbsite not a knock off ) pointed to the fact they were scrabling round for sales. A pity, but a sign of the times I guess .
  15. I'll have one of those please , not sure if that is a mark 3 or 4 ?
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