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  1. That Spit decal set is one of the finest decal sheets every researched and produced.
  2. I have two of these on pre-order, I can’t wait, I served 8 years of my Airforce career on the Herc, love it. Finally a new tool and it looks great. The first suggested retail prices were out to lunch, $246 Cdn. Happily that has been corrected, suggested retail is 1/3 of that.
  3. Awesome, I was finally able to find some of these decals from Canuck models, they were hard to find given David is out of business now. My first fighter jet ride was in a CF-104, love the jet.
  4. Nope, they haven’t been around since. They never researched their P-40. They did promise a FAA Corsair release, but I suspect that is like the F-16D release that we will never see.
  5. I knew about the Spit at least a year in advance, the Mustang & Corsair about six months. The Mossie was the worst kept secret. I had friends at Vintage Wings who tipped me off, all four aircraft were researched there. So was the Mustang.
  6. Awesome work! Love the open panels.
  7. Awesome build! Did many GR7s carry that scheme? I really like that scheme, I knew GR5s carried it and it was one retirement scheme. My Hornet squadron hosted an RAF Harrier squadron in Canada during Maple Flag, we had good times with our RAF brothers. I even zapped a Harrier with our Lynx logo. Are you familiar with the Hasegawa Harrier? What do you think of the kink in he wing? I don’t feel it is all that bad, a GR7 underwent and engine changed in our hangar and I thought the kink was well pronounced when I saw the wing off. Cheers, it is always nice modeling
  8. Wow, beautiful build. I followed these Zero’s when they arrived in Canada.
  9. Salmon primer was only on very early Birdcage Corsairs and the primer itself was not in visible areas, the only area that may have been visible was inside the tail wheel, which was not always overcoated in underside color, and inside the cowl flaps.
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