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  1. Weren’t you one of the guys that paid for one of the 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1Ds Corsairs last year from the scammer?
  2. It doesn’t always guarantee money back, if a buyer is delayed past the claim deadline the seller can keep the money. These guys are con artists and know how to scam the gullible.
  3. No, this is a scammer. They always build their feedback with trivial cheap items.
  4. He knew about the Mosquito, I know that. But it also was the worst kept secret in Tamiya history.
  5. The 1/48 F-16s were hot sellers. I know the 1/32 F-16 was popular, I’m not sure if it sold in similar volumes as the 1/48 kits. If Tamiya wanted to print money they’d release a 1/72 Hercules.
  6. That actually occurred with the Spit MK IX, the release info appeared in the back pages of a Japanese magazine, all in Japanese. Up until that time those at Vintage Wings (where the Spit was extensively researched) were sworn to secrecy. We did keep quiet for nine months.
  7. I read the same over at Britmodeler.
  8. Not true, When Tamiya was measuring the aircraft at Vintage Wings I knew well in advance of the releases in 1/32. It was kept quiet until the official announcement. The only leak was on the Mossie by Avspecs. Even though owned by Avspecs, it was first researched when it was stored at Vintage Wings. All is quiet now though. The only thing I spilled the beans on is the FAA Corsair boxing, which hasn’t come to fruition yet. Although the Sutton harness is on the fret.
  9. I should add, I’m in Canada so the distribution may be different than what was just posted. Although the shop did say a North American distributor.
  10. My shop just informed me there is now a North America Distributor and the kits should be flowing in within a week or two.
  11. Kind of shocking they haven't. They have tooled the 720 so there is hope.
  12. We had it at an airshow on our base in the mid-nineties. We had to re-position it and I wound up driving the tow vehicle. So I can say I towed the largest plane in the world. I still remember the flooring on the flight deck, you could feel it flex. The flooring was made out of titanium and therefore very thin. It was a good climb to the cockpit. During the actual airshow I was working the flightline. I was called to the 225 because people were climbing the main gear. No duff, I counted 11 people as I kicked them out of the gear, they were climbing the gear like it was a tree. It still visits my city yearly as it does a lot of work moving oil field equipment in and out of Canada.
  13. Quite a bit of sheen on the underside of the aircraft too, very noticeable when the armorers are loading the weapons. Excellent find!
  14. Very nice! Love the variation in the paint!
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