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  1. ScoobyDoo

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Good choice Jennings!
  2. ScoobyDoo

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Kind of shocking they haven't. They have tooled the 720 so there is hope.
  3. ScoobyDoo

    Revell Antonov An-225 Mriya - Big in 1/144th!

    We had it at an airshow on our base in the mid-nineties. We had to re-position it and I wound up driving the tow vehicle. So I can say I towed the largest plane in the world. I still remember the flooring on the flight deck, you could feel it flex. The flooring was made out of titanium and therefore very thin. It was a good climb to the cockpit. During the actual airshow I was working the flightline. I was called to the 225 because people were climbing the main gear. No duff, I counted 11 people as I kicked them out of the gear, they were climbing the gear like it was a tree. It still visits my city yearly as it does a lot of work moving oil field equipment in and out of Canada.
  4. ScoobyDoo

    Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk.I underway

    Quite a bit of sheen on the underside of the aircraft too, very noticeable when the armorers are loading the weapons. Excellent find!
  5. ScoobyDoo

    Spitfire Mk.IX Hasegawa 1:48

    Very nice! Love the variation in the paint!
  6. ScoobyDoo

    Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D, VBF-84, 12/26 update

    Main gear bays were painted underside camouflage. Some early dash 1s had the main wheel well bays undercoated in salmon, it was not the final coat. All wrecks with salmon confirm this. A few dash 1s didn’t have the tail wheel well finished in the underside color.
  7. ScoobyDoo

    André ''Dora'' Dorion past away.......

    Very sad news, sorry to hear.
  8. ScoobyDoo

    Great Canadiana Fighter Pilot biography

    Another that I can think of is Russ Bannock, I was a member of 418 Squadron and I have met him several times at reunions and at museum events. He is the RCAF’s top scoring night fighter ace. He turned 99 two weeks ago. I sent him birthday wishes.
  9. ScoobyDoo

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    I just did one for a friend too who lost his home two weeks ago. Had I known about your gofundme page I would have donated.
  10. ScoobyDoo

    Great Canadiana Fighter Pilot biography

    I have the same book signed by him. As we both mentioned, he is a man that instantly becomes your friend. I couldn’t believe how he treated all my 416 Squadron mates like family.
  11. ScoobyDoo

    David Aiken has passed

    Very good guy, full of passion, sad to hear. We are losing too many.
  12. ScoobyDoo

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    A friend of mine lost his house two weeks ago. Lost everything and yes they had insurance. Regardless, I started them a GoFundMe page, within a week it was over 10K. It is still growing but it has tapered off. Insurance can take up to six months to put money in their hands. Glad to hear Paul made it out with his family and pets. The same was true for my friend.
  13. ScoobyDoo

    Great Canadiana Fighter Pilot biography

    Here it is:
  14. ScoobyDoo

    Great Canadiana Fighter Pilot biography

    I know Stocky, great guy. He was my Squadron’s Commanding Officer during the Second World War. I’ve built him a Spitfire and I presented it to him at our Squadron mess dinner. I’ll see if I can dig up that picture and post it. When he was 87, we picked Stocky up in a Hornet and flew him to our base in Cold Lake from Comox, BC. The boss took him for another flight and pulled up to 6 G. Not bad for an 87 year old. He told me a story that on VE Day he flew a formation of 110 Spitfires as part of a Victory Flypast. As they were completing the flypast he heard over the radio someone criticizing the Canadians for ruining the flypast because two Spitfires collided (both pilots bailed out safely). Stocky was more concerned about his pilots than the flypast! My Squadron would often deploy to Comox with our Hornets, we did regular quick reaction duty there. His house was always open for us, we could visit Stocky and his wife anytime we wanted. Very kind and caring man. My Spit was there too in a display case, I had worried it didn’t survive the Hornet flight back to Comox!
  15. ScoobyDoo

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    The truth. They make beautiful castings but they seldom fit, if ever.