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  1. Very cool story, I had contact with the ARIA aircraft during cruise missile testing in Canada. They were regular visitors to our base. My only claim to fame with the ARIA is I towed it in our hangar a few times. During one visit an ARIA had an engine fire. During the engine change we zapped all the engine panels with a red Beaver, holding a rather large appendage, waving a Canada flag. When the aircraft was towed outside for its engine run, one of the techs had left a bag of screws in the intake. A second engine was needed after the screws were sucked up the intake during the ground run. The aircraft commander was obviously under a lot of pressure having missed two missions. When he noticed the zaps he flipped out. That didn’t stop us from using that zapper. A few week later Prime Minister Mulroney was visiting our city, when he left on his aircraft the Beaver made a new appearance to the left of the crew door on his aircraft. As he boarded his aircraft and waved, the Beaver was clear as day next to him. It actually made all the news networks. We also zapped all the gear doors. We never did retire that stencil. It would make a good decal addition.
  2. I know three (actually four) shops that have them in stock in Canada. Tamiya has dictated that they are not permitted to release these kits for sale until Oct 20. Three of the shops have them in storage, the fourth has violated this rule and sold theirs. Apparently Tamiya is going to be tough on the distributors if they find out their shops are selling them early. I recall reading the controlled releases earlier in the year, I now know this info is accurate (I didn’t think it was true).
  3. Sorry to hear, I lost my mom just over a year ago.
  4. My mistake, Lockheed. There really is a void of P-38 F/G decals, hint hint hint.
  5. Lockheed kept one at the factory in NMF. It was their demo aircraft. That’s the only one I know of.
  6. Interesting, one of the most requested kits ever. Confirming Tamiya is listening to their requests.
  7. I had no trouble getting my son, who was 11 at the time, to be up and ready to go each day, he was a real trooper. I didn’t dare wait to see what the crowds were like later. It was nice to have the car so close too because I had a cooler in the trunk.
  8. I was at Oshkosh in 2016. Parking was smooth, my son and I showed up each day at 0700, we were row one at the main entrance each day. Getting out each day was easy too because we were one of the last to leave. First in, last out. Straight to the pool to cool down and recover.
  9. I hope it is but the panel arrangement on the engine nacelle makes it look like E/F/G/H.
  10. Of course they will, they are Tamiya.
  11. I was there a few years ago too!
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