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  1. ScoobyDoo

    Big Aviation icon Paul Allen has passed

    He didn’t have a wife or kids. I wonder where the money will go? His dedication to history will be missed.
  2. ScoobyDoo

    Spitfire the Movie

    I purchased it online this summer, very good film.
  3. ScoobyDoo

    WNW Lancaster B.Mk.1/III or Dambuster

    I’m buying one for certain. I just read a Dambuster book, I also purchased a new Dambuster book that focuses on the RCAF crews. I am currently reading a book titled, “Luck of A Lancaster.” Yes, bomber crews had it tough. This particular book is about a lone Lancaster that survived its entire time in 41 Squadron. It follows the crews that flew her and their fate.
  4. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    I had a backseat ride in a 104. The 104 is my all-time favourite.
  5. ScoobyDoo


    What did he build, ten full scale Lancaster’s for his Dambuster movie?
  6. ScoobyDoo


    I think this is great, WNWs has had theirs under development for some time now. One will be a more expensive option, the other will be a more affordable option. I want the B III.
  7. ScoobyDoo

    Contact info for Dave Roof

    He’s struggling with something at the moment.
  8. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Actually I think most Russian stuff is junk, at least in quality. But they did that on purpose, quantity over quality. 5. Marines used it today (to bomb a cave), Israelis probably have used it more than they say. Agree on the F-117. 6. Agree on the complacency, shocking they were that dopey. Although this is a common theme in accidents and incidents (I was a Human Factors in Military Aviation Facilitator). We actually used the F-117 incident in our lessons. Not an ounce of offense taken, nor have I intended to not respect your expertise. Cheers!
  9. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    I watched the Mig-29 guys install their wings with a sledgehammer. Rivets were popped all over the place, tires were what you'd find in a dump, worn well beyond limits. We installed a North American transponder in the jets so they could travel around NA. It was the nicest kit on the aircraft. In Cold Lake, I watched and ex-East German Mig-29 pilot swerve off the taxi-way as he was passing my vehicle at the last chance area. It was raining lightly, he had his canopy cracked, closed it. He also had his hand on the front canopy. He chopped a few fingers off. You don't like the F-35, that is known. I appreciate the technology. I learned that part of military aircraft. I have extensive training in EW and avionics. I was lucky to see an F-22 in the air when my squadron was in Tyndall, AFB. It was my last trip before retirement and I had one last back seat ride. We couldn't see the F-22 on the radar, we could see it visually. An the F-35 is an improvement over the F-22. As mentioned, I served with Billy Flynn, one of the current F-35 test pilots, he has flown a lot of airframes, USAF/RAF/CAF. I also have a friend who designed software for the F-35. Yes, it is state of the art that will soon grow old when the sixth generation fighters are built. For now it is the best jet for survivability. There is good reason the F-22 and F-35 rarely take part in exercises. They don't need to. The Harrier has a single engine and it is on ships. I know most the fighter community in Canada want the F-35. They aren't begging for the Super Hornet or multi-engine aircraft. They now recognize that debate is over. I know one pilot who was against it, he changed his opinion after doing his own research.
  10. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    CF-18 attrition due to engine failures actually exceeded the rate for F-16s, and the F-16 had a terrible engine to start. It is no secret engine reliability has increased ten-fold. Which is why airliners are down to two on their jumbos, the engines are twice as powerful and more reliable. These airforce charts show how engine reliability has improved significantly over the years. In fact, currently USAF single engine jets have a lower loss rate than multi-engine. https://www.safety.af.mil/Portals/71/documents/Aviation/Engine Statistics/USAF Single Engine.pdf https://www.safety.af.mil/Portals/71/documents/Aviation/Engine Statistics/USAF Twin Engine.pdf
  11. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Yes, studies have shown engine loss rates they are nearly equal.
  12. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    I know a Hornet pilot who flew a MiG-29 too, he was actually the first western pilot to do so. Pile of junk. We had them at Maple Flag in 2004. A few A-10s even had kills on them. In 1998 we hosted Ukrainian MiG-29s at CFB Edmonton. I watched their assembly after they were removed from the Antinov, scary, rough construction. The F-35 is a good aircraft. The technology is cutting edge. The sensor suite is amazing. Sorry if you don’t like it. The jet is in production and operational now, yes the newer technologies took time to work out.
  13. ScoobyDoo

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Too funny, the aircraft is state of the art. Who knows? I don’t think you do. An ex-CAF Hornet pilot I served with is an F-35 test pilot, he knows.
  14. ScoobyDoo

    F4U-1D, Capt. Phillip C. Delong, VMF-224

    Wow, jaw dropping like all the others and all your future builds.
  15. ScoobyDoo

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Fixed for you.... I will A MAKE room for one.