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IPMS Nationals Telford 2022


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Well, i will change this side of the big pond (europe) to state side, to visit the Airforce Museum at Dayton with my son, call it a bucket list if you want (i've been there before years and years before) and just to be able to see ALL the aircraft on display and enjoy aviation history.......you all enjoy Telford!!!

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Wish I could go, but it is a very long drive for a disabled person with constant back pain (made worse by long journeys) + the road works on the way down make the journey slower, thus longer. (got first hand account of 2 people who made the journey down for a Bonsai show, and that made me decide against coming down this year)


Ah well, maybe next year...

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On 8/30/2022 at 9:37 AM, Suresh Nathan said:

Hi Dave. This will be my first time to the show and I'd like to bring something portable for the table.


What is the process?

Hi Suresh, really sorry for the late reply. Just bring what you want to display and pop it on the table. We will make room. LSP / 32nd SIg. 

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