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Infinity Models schedule of new releases in 2022-2023, Me-410 and Kate incl.


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Don’t get me wrong …


I LOVE the list!! I was under the impression that they were going to be releasing a Do.17z or at least a “German WWII” bomber … so I wonder when that one is slated for release??


makes sense to release IM kits based on kit designs that have been formerly in the resin line up like the 410 … a lot of the research and design work has already been done …


maybe they’ll do the Tigercat and fix up the dodgy panel work while they’re at it?


Rog :)


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This little lot will tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people like me.

Well done Infinity and I know we will all look forward to seeing them released in due time.

I was excited about the Vampires, now I'm mega excited about these listings ........what a great start to 2022.  :clap2:

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I’d be in for a B5N and a D3A if they clean up their fit and detail issues.  That Helldiver looks good but it’s not my idea of fun to have to wrestle with ill fitting and sloppy detailed plastic parts.  I don’t have enough patience for the “limited run kit” basis of kit manufacture…ESPECIALLY at the cost of the kit these days.  

Having said that, I’ll reserve judgement until the kits are released and someone does an actual build review of the kit.

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I am sorry, that no one is specifically mentioning Z-37... (I know, that this can be related a very specific group, or modelers from a specific region, but...)


That plane is my really favorite. 

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