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    1/35 & 1/32 Law Enforcement and Military Helicopters. The fighter canopy variants of the EE Canberra, Westland Wyvern, F/A-18 & WW1 aircraft

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  1. Gentlemen, For those of you in the UK and Ireland [it's getting too damn exspenive to ship elsewhere I'm afraid], you might be interested to discover that I managed to get hold of a reasonable stash of WNW kits before they went under [pure fluke as I had no idea it was going to occur]. Below is what I currently have left of that stock. P & P would be on top unless you are ameanable to me dropping them off in person on one of my regular Essex to North Cumbria and back again trips....the joys of working in the NHS! [trust me I don't bite, honest...as some on this site, including some of the moderators, can well attest]. WNW32901 - Albatros D.V "Jasta 18" £95.00 WNW32903 - Albatros D.V "Wooden Wonders" £95.00 WNW32904 - Albatros D.V "Camoflaged" £95.00 WNW32905 - Albatros D.V "Flying Circus" £95.00 WNW32907 - Albatros D.Va "Black Beauties" £95.00 WNW32040 - DFW C.V Mid Production £125.00 WNW32062 - Halberstadt CI.II Late Version £95.00 WNW32049 - Halberstadt CI.II Early Version £125.00 WNW32079 - Hannover CI.II Early Version £125.00 WNW32605 - Fokker D.VIIF 'Herman Goring' £100.00 I also have the following available as well: Kitty Hawk KH32020 - Dassault Mirage 2000C x 2 £95.00 [each] Kitty Hawk KH32022 - Dassault Mirage 2000D/N £95.00 Anyone interested just drop me a line on here and I'll get back to you asap. Warm regards, Gary.
  2. Paul, Yes it does and it may surprise you to learn that the quantity, variety and quality of kits produced in 1/35 far outstrips that in 1/32....which just goes to show what customers/modellers want. Go figure! Happy in all large scales. Gary.
  3. Paul, Whilst I agree with the majority of what you have written [as well as the seasoned and logical position/arguments of Thierry + others], I would take issue/argue with your point concerning 'armour' guys hating and/or refusing to build a 1/32 jeep [or other soft skinned or armour in that scale]. My experience of talking to fellow armour modellers and customers both in the UK and around the world is that the majority wouldn't give a flying monkeys [no pun intended] or give two hoots if a kit of that nature appeared. Most are utterly indifferent to the prospect and if the subject appeals, they would build it. Personally, I build soft skins, armour and 'civilian' vehicles in all of the larger scales, upto and including 1/6 scale. That is not a criticism of smaller scales, but given the joys of getting old; slowly failing eyesight, old injuries to both hands and a touch of arthritis in my right hand, it's just a simple issue of practicality. If truth be told, the only screaming zealots I read and/or hear from on sites or at shows/meet's when discussing the heresy of kits being produced in scales they disapprove of is centred on the LSP community, with one or two exceptions in the car/truck community when discussing 1/24 and 1/25 scales. Why has always eluded me, but each unto their own. For me I sincerely hope that a manufacturer eventually produces more 1/32 vehicles to compliment LSP's, but I am also keen to see Border and others produce more 1/35 LSP, just to see what they come up with. But if the first company to produce say a Westland Wasp or Scout or a Ka-52 Alligator was in 1/32 rather than 1/35, I'd happily snap it up and start building, not start bleating, whinging, moaning and throwing their teddies out of the pram like a stroppy 4 year old with no emotional control of compass. Live and let live and enjoy what you do, life is way too short not to....and leave the moaning and berating to politicians....it's what they get paid for. In the meantime, good modelling and stay safe. Gary.
  4. Hell YES, with knobs on and smothered in Strawberries and whipped cream [makes me feel a tad peckish]. To plagiarise an old song of my youth, "keep on truckin baby, you gotta just keep on truckin".
  5. Ah Shucks, you missed the word ...'not'...from the end of the sentence.
  6. Brilliant. Am looking forward to this. Now, if only they [or anyone other decent manufacturer] would add a 1/35 Lynx [any version will do to begin with] one would be ecstatic.
  7. I think the topic was sex, drugs and rock-'n'-roll,. but not necessarily in that order. Or did I miss something?
  8. When I referred to the 'gnashing of teeth' et al, I wasn't referring to any of the specific posts bemoaning an LSP in 1/35 in this thread, but to many, many, many, comments which would adequately and accurately fit that description, that have appeared in many other threads on site whenever the subject of LSP's and 1/35 scale crops up, some of which, if you cast your mind back a wee bit, came from your good self, as I responded to them at the time. As I said in my post, if you don't like the idea of 1/35 scale LSP's, then fine, if you do, then fine. For some, and I get this, they want a constant scale for their collection. Absolutely zero concerns/issues or whatever, with that concept, makes perfect sense. But what I have never understood is the vitriolic language that some use to pour scorn on something so unimportant and innocuous as a modelling scale. Given all of the travails of life on this planet at the moment, I just find it, well, sorry to say, pathetic. That said, if Border didn't provide us with a Hs-123 in 1/35 [or any other LSP in the scale] and another manufacturer did in 1/32, then I would be equally as happy, just so long as we eventually get one. I sincerely hope the potential Fw-190 [if that is what it turns out to be] is accurate and well made, regardless of the scale involved and that they continue to add good kits to their range. Good Modelling, Gary.
  9. Count me in your side of the fence. As I have said before when the fundamentally unhinged wailing and gnashing of teeth commences on the perceived 'heresy' of producing LSP's in 1/35th spews forth, just chill out and 'live and let live' You don't like it, for whatever reason, just fine, you like it, equally just fine carry on enjoying what you do on the hobby front and let others crack on with theirs. As fir the apparently proposed Fw-190 it would be interesting to see if they do a fighter or ground attack variant. From my perspective I would love to see a Hs-123 in 1/35th. Outside of an expensive resin kit [which I personally do not like as a medium....see we all have our foibles I just don't go off the deep end or have a meltdown when someone produces a kit in that medium], I do not know of any kit manufacturer who has bothered themselves to produce one in plastic in 1/32nd, ergo I live in hope that Border will do the decent thing and produce one. Regards & good Modelling [regardless of scale] Gary
  10. They are based in Hindley Green, a small village close to Wigan. Gary.
  11. Yep, that should have read Ka-29 & Ka-52, not as originally printed above. The joys of being all fingers and thumbs!
  12. Yea, but think how much fun it would be if it was in 1/35? I have seen the images, but never had the chance to see on my one and only visit to Japan 30+ years ago, of the 1/4 scale Museum model of the IJN Ship Yamato. Insofar as the Ks-29 is concerned, I am all for it but would have preferred a Ka-%2 alligator instead considering what is going on in the world. However, we live in hope.
  13. if you are interested and have no luck with the Kinetic's I have more than one of two of both the Academy D's and the C's tucked away for a rainy day. It's been a while since I posted out to Australia, so I am unsure of the p&p costs, but if you get stuck drop me a pm and we can sort something out. Gary.
  14. Tony, Are you specifically after the Trumpy Mirage 2000C or would a Kitty Hawk one suffice? I have a couple of the latter in stock and available if you are interested? If you are send me a message and we can discuss a price. Gary Living the dream in the Kingdom of the Rheged
  15. Unfortunately, he was also despised by large numbers of senior military personnel and politicians, particularly senior generals, within his own Service and never given the recognition he deserved by the USAF. despite saving the F-15 project. Whilst the Army fed off (and butchered and cocked-up) some his ideas, it was the Marines that took to Boyd's concepts with gusto and it changed how they fought and fight conflicts to this very day. Boyd was a polymath and a genius, as well as an ornery and antagonistic sod, but despite his faults, he was brilliant and IMHO on a par with and one of the greatest great military theoreticians the world has ever known. If you haven't already done so and ever get the chance, read his two biography's; 'The Mind of War' by Grant Hammond & 'Boyd' by Robert Corum as well as 'The Pentagon Wars' by Col James. G. Burton.
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