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  1. I had the great pleasure of first hearing and reading about Colonel John Boyd when I read the book ‘The Pentagons Wars: Reformers Challenge the Old Guard’ back in the early 1990’s whilst studying for my Degree in War Studies. If you can get hold of a copy, you won’t be disappointed. I have been fascinated with the man and the challenges he faced ever since easing the book. It left me with a deep and long-lasting admiration for man who, whilst by no means being perfect, showed not only great and undying affection for his Country and his profession, but a white hot intellect and honesty missing in great parts of most military organisations. A polymath of superb foresight and range, he is sorely missed.
  2. That is great news about the Fiat G.55. Any news about the Macchi C.200 that was also promised? I do love WW2 Italian Fighters.
  3. Actually the word you (and others) have used was ‘abomination’; defined as ...’a thing that causes disgust or loathing, a feeling of hatred’. Plus, to quote you from an entry reference the recently released MiniArt Triflugel kit “there are a lot of aircraft people who hate that scale and refuse to give it more impetus.’ A quick perusal of entries on the same subject shows a number of individuals, including yourself, who use terminology that I ca; only describe as bordering on apoplectic when mentioning the unholy of unholies, 35th scale. As I have said before, everyone is fully entitled to an opinion, enjoy whatever floats your boat, but based on what I have read some of these comments are bordering on being utterly childish and close to pathetic. It is after all just a hobby. Why would anyone want to deprive someone else of a harmless hobby, just because they don’t like one element of it. I simply don’t get it.
  4. As I have stated before on this (& other forums) I am happy to model in any scale and model any subject providing it piques my interest. After all, it’s only a hobby (although by some of the comments I have read it has apparently taken on the form of a quasi-religious undertaking). As for my previous ‘niche’ comment, whilst it is true that 32nd scale was the ‘grandfather’ of large scale modelling, it was overtaken many, many, years ago by 35th scale. Whilst some may not like it, it is true. When it comes to the variety and numbers of kits, the numbers of manufacturers, the aftermarket providers, etc, etc, it is obvious 32nd scale was surpassed some time ago. The recent rise of new manufacturers and release of kits, the likes of which we never thought we would see, in 32nd scale is to be both applauded and admired; WNW, HKM, ICM, Zoukei-Mura, etc, etc, produce superb offerings and occasionally less than superb offerings (Hobby Boss?), but produce them nonetheless. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten this is a very recent phenomenon. It wasn’t that many years ago when 32nd LSP modelling was in the doldrums and I can fervently remember talk of its demise. Whilst 32nd LSP modelling has, just like but not on the same scale (no pun intended) as 35th scale entered a golden age, however compared to 35th scale it is a niche product. That does not mean it is a lesser product, simply that based on volume of goods produced, smaller. I wish there were far more 35th scale LSP models produced, which, by the way, doesn’t mean I want to see fewer 32nd LSP models, there is room for both. I congratulate MiniArt (and before them Bronco and Hobby Boss, nee Tristar) for trying, or at least attempting something different - more power to their elbow IMHO. If you don’t like it or don’t want it fine, you are fully entitled to you view and opinion and you can show your disinterest, or dislike, by refraining from doing so. But hatred....for a modelling scale! That sounds more like a fundamentalist zealot than an enthusiast.
  5. You and me both. Nice to see more aviation subjects in a proper scale, rather than in a somewhat niche scale.
  6. John, It's a pity you couldn't have waited until 1st April before putting this out there....I must admit to being genuinely and utterly gobsmacked that people took this seriously though.
  7. Great idea. However, whilst not wanting to start a riot, I do think it more appropriate to produce it in 1/35 rather than 1/32. After all, given the size, you won't loose much in the way of either definition or detail and with the zillions of 1/35 figures out there, it would fit perfectly.Any idea if they are producing them in other colour schemes, plus it gives the aftermarket guys, especially the decal lads, a great opportunity to work their magic.
  8. Maybe they will do something really out of left field! A ‘between the wars’ option would be really nice; P-26 Peashooter, Fiat Cr-32, Hs 123, etc, etc, (gleefully awaiting the ICM Gladiator), especially if they really went out of the way to upset the apple cart and produced it in.....shock, horror, 1/35 scale.
  9. A very pleasant surprise from Mini Art, more power their elbow (and anyone else that wants to join the party) It is nice that manufacturers are producing more interesting and unusual kits of this nature. Not just because the hobby is crying out for some 'out of left field' items, rather than the 'same old, same old' items, but because it has the entertaining secondary and added benefit of sending the nattering nabobs of negativism into a paroxysm of whinging about the scale used. Just enjoy the experience. More power to Mini Arts elbow.
  10. Until such time as you go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Got my bike licence at the same time as my vehicle licence (the joys of being in the Army) and did one major Exercise on the North German Plain in the dead of Winter and said never again will I willingly sit astride two wheels. The last 10 years working in the NHS Acute sector, particularly in A & E has only re-enforced that opinion. Boring (plus still being in possession of both arms, both legs and both dangly bits still attached as a result) all the way for me I’m afraid.
  11. Yes, that certainly is a shame. It is a classic cab that is missing from the line-up, along with a Scout/Wasp and a Gazelle, although preferable in a sensible scale, i.e. 1/35 rather than 1/32!
  12. In which case I am surprised it is Miniart that are producing this rather than, say, Amusing Hobby, with their large stable of ‘46 What If’ kits. I can see the logic after dipping their toe in the water with the Kolibri, even Bronco tried this with the Piper Cub, Fi-103, Horsa and DFS-230 gliders, whilst Hobby Boss (nee Tristar) still have the Fi-156 in the inventory, all nice logical complimentary items to their mud pluggers. Anyway, more power to their elbow and hopefully we will see more of this type of kit. On a similar note if a manufacturer, any manufacturer (pretty, pretty, pretty, please), were to produce a Canberra B(I)8, PR9, or B-57 I wouldn’t care if it was in 1/32 or 1/35, I just would like one fore I shuttle off this mortal coil (sacrilege I know to some, but what is life without whimsy?).
  13. Hear, hear. I don’t see what the issue is. I like all scales, but prefer 1/35 & 1/32 for both different reasons and different subjects. That said, I have built in others over the years but now prefer the former. I don’t see the need to ’hate’ a particular scale, a highly emotive phrase, nor see its demise just because one doesn’t like it themselves. It makes no sense for any number of logic based reasons. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s fine, nor was I calling anyone out (I have never seen the need to in relation to what is just simply a hobby), All I wanted the get across was simply put it into perspective for gawds sake, it’s just a model!
  14. Oh please, get a life. It wasn’t too long in the dim and distant past that 1/32 nearly went the way of the dinosaur. No chance of that occurring in 1/35. Does it really matter if they produce it it 1/35 rather than 1/32? Just enjoy the fact that something unusual is produced. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
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