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  1. Iain, And a pleasure to meet you ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I think I can state a good day was had by all! Met up with an old friend after I left you and was still back home in time for tea. All in all a solid day out. Just as well as it was managed before any further restriction due to Covid occur on Monday. Still have my ‘round robin’ to do on Saturday, dropping off more WnW kits to individuals... and the occasional Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000; North London followed by Derbyshire followed by SUFFOLK. Could be an interesting trip and at least it saves on all that fiddly ‘
  2. Here's to Captain Ludd and all of his compatriots. Luddites of the world unite.
  3. No, it has to be meat-'n'-potato pie, chips, mushy peas, in a tray with gravy & a can of Vimto. Now we're talking!
  4. Don’t have either but I am currently developing an eBay Shop. Unfortunately everything has been put on hold for me as I currently work in the NHS at one if the largest Acute Trusts in the UK in an area of LONDON that has been devastated by Covid. I was due to take early retirement at the beginning of April this year (I did for all of 24hrs) but was asked to stay on for the duration of the pandemic, which I have. As a result, my well thought out plans for setting up the e-commerce modelling shop have turned to rat manure for the foreseeable future. As stated
  5. I have not read all of this thread so I am sure it you are already aware of the following, but for those of you who are UK based Hannants know has the DR1 in stock. Retailing at £69.99, but with an initial discount knocking it down to £63.99. For anyone in the UK who is interested in acquiring one a tad cheaper (I have a wholesale account with Hannants), I can knock them out at £55.00 if you are interested. If you are send me an email to grltrading@aol.co.uk. Not sure how many Hannants have in stock so it might be advisable to do so quickly.
  6. Unfortunately, my attempts at working with resin, rather than IM have proved somewhat disastrous in the last. My bad for not explaining myself, but I was after one in IM rather than resin, although given Lukgraph’s very high quality of production I have no doubt it will be an excellent kit.
  7. In which case happy, happy days. Just hope it arrives sooner rather than later. To many unfulfilled promises from other manufacturers in the past, but don’t want to jinx it.
  8. I would agree with much of what has been written, especially in the pre WW2 side of things (more grist to my personal love of the Spanish Civil War), but how about adding some early 1950’s stuff as well. So, here goes: 1). Westland Wapiti 2). Westland Wyvern (pretty, pretty please) 3). English Electric Canberra (preferably the ‘fighter canopy’ variants) Should any of those emerge before I hit my dotage I will spring off this mortal coil a very happy teddy bear.
  9. Kevin, No, to the best of my knowledge the AMMO kit was a one off. However, the AMMO kit is simply the Takom Panzer I kit with a new turret and armament. AMMO came to an arrangement with Takom to release it before they did themselves. I have set the kits side-by-side and they are exactly the same bar the differences mentioned above. I have a fondness for the Panzer 1 and intend to do a simple conversion of the Takom 1/16 Ausf.B and turn it into one of the types of Ladunsleger explosive carriers used by Panzer Engineers. Sorry for any confusion. R
  10. Iain, Have fun with the Panzer I. It’s a great kit. I have been waiting for this since we first saw armour appearing in 1/16 scale. It’s big, but not a monstrosity like. King Tiger. Even better that they introduced a SCW version at the beginning. I have it and a couple of the follow on Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf. A’s as well and am looking forward to the Ausf.B variant that has been announced. Lot’s of conversion potential. Now if only they would complete the range with pan Ausf.C and. Pz.Kpfw.Ii Ausf.G to follow on from the Luch’s and I would be a very, very, happy teddy. Hope you
  11. I have one of each if you are interested, and i don’t mean at eBay prices. The only issues are postage from UK to USA and the fact that my stash is at one end of the Country and I am at the other whilst I continue working on the pandemic at the Hospital I work at. Drop me a line and I can quote prices to you if you are interested. Regards, Gary.
  12. To Mike, Rick and Kag, Many thanks either for your offers or for pointing me in the right direction, it is much appreciated. I will be going with the Kora Models dec's and just hoping they also produce a set for post end of SCW in 1939 with the red & yellow roundels. Stay safe and well & good modelling. Gary.
  13. Iain, Enjoy. From what I have seen and I have only cracked the lid to take a peek, its a really tasty kit. I hope that the AM guys knock out some markings for the Spanish Civil war and Post-SCW as that would be the icing on the cake. Stay safe. Gary.
  14. Kagemusha, And now its out of stock at Hannant's. It would appear these flew (no pun intended) out of the warehouse at a rapid rate of knots. I just managed to snaffle one before they went. Iain, They are retailing at just north of £36.00. If you are interested in getting your hands on one, I have one for just south of £30.00?
  15. Iain, Now if you were to tell me you had a PCM Macchi C.200 in your stash, AND were willing to do a swap, it might just encourage me to take a day off and head over to the storage facility and see where I left those pesky WNW kits?
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