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  1. I have one of each if you are interested, and i don’t mean at eBay prices. The only issues are postage from UK to USA and the fact that my stash is at one end of the Country and I am at the other whilst I continue working on the pandemic at the Hospital I work at. Drop me a line and I can quote prices to you if you are interested. Regards, Gary.
  2. To Mike, Rick and Kag, Many thanks either for your offers or for pointing me in the right direction, it is much appreciated. I will be going with the Kora Models dec's and just hoping they also produce a set for post end of SCW in 1939 with the red & yellow roundels. Stay safe and well & good modelling. Gary.
  3. Iain, Enjoy. From what I have seen and I have only cracked the lid to take a peek, its a really tasty kit. I hope that the AM guys knock out some markings for the Spanish Civil war and Post-SCW as that would be the icing on the cake. Stay safe. Gary.
  4. Kagemusha, And now its out of stock at Hannant's. It would appear these flew (no pun intended) out of the warehouse at a rapid rate of knots. I just managed to snaffle one before they went. Iain, They are retailing at just north of £36.00. If you are interested in getting your hands on one, I have one for just south of £30.00?
  5. Iain, Now if you were to tell me you had a PCM Macchi C.200 in your stash, AND were willing to do a swap, it might just encourage me to take a day off and head over to the storage facility and see where I left those pesky WNW kits?
  6. K2, You don't have to. I have some and am selling some off at below RRP, the only problem is postage. I haven't sent anything to the US before but my understanding the cost of p & p kills it if being sent from Europe or the UK. Same with Albatros's if I could find a way to get them to you. Gary
  7. Tom, If you want a break from dealing with children come and work in the NHS, especially as where I work is the major trauma Hospital for Kent (+Surrey and Sussex) so we are 'just up the road'. Actually don't bother, I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed to find some of the children, unfortunately, didn't get any wiser, they just got bigger. Good look with the kids (whenever you can get back to work).
  8. Iain, Not a fan of Scotch but I do have a bottle of 25 year single malt Bushmills looking at me right now if you are interested?
  9. Mike, How long are you expecting to live? There is more than a couple of lifetimes work in there for me if only I get past this pandemic. Good luck and enjoy the stash.
  10. Iain, Yep I'm game for that providing you're buying...mines a guinness (or two or three for that matter)! I remember as my first RSM said to me on one occasion, before pummeling the s...e out of me for refusing to play a game of rugby (huge 6ft 10ft ex-Glasgow copper who wore his SAS wings with pride on his mess dress), DLTBGYD..... if not obvious acronym I'll PM you with the details.
  11. Yea God's they went fast. I have been regularly checking Hannant's wholesale site over the last 72hrs and you could literally the stock levels dropping in real time. Never seen anything like it.
  12. Tony, As I had a wholesale account with Hannant's for many years now I managed to get hold of some of the recently re-released Albatros kits in the plain(ish) brown boxes a couple of months go. I placed an order in early February before we heard about the closure and intended to sell them off to local club members and anyone else that wanted one. Although I do run this as a business, I have a full time job in the NHS and therefore don't need to sell them at retail prices (and definitely not at ebay prices). I will be selling them at £65 a pop excluding p&p. if you are interested drop me a line, or send me a message and I can send you a list of what I have and see if your interested. The only issue is that I am mullered at work (as you would expect at the moment) and hardly have a few hours off, let alone a day off and cannot currently get to my storage facility to retrieve them. However, if you are willing to wait a few weeks let me know. Regards, Gary
  13. Grief8 - I don’t know where in the world you are but take a look at Hannants website. They still have approx 200+ WNW kits in stock, although they have been rapidly reducing in numbers in the last 24 hours alone. They are still showing 20+ Sopwith Triplanes in stock at the standard retail price; might want to take a look, as I have no idea how long it will be before they have gone (any/all Albatros kits literally went in the last 24 hours).
  14. Iain and RLWP Many thanks, it’s appreciated. Although my role in the Trust as a NHS Criminal Investigator means my work is as nothing compared to the Doctors and Nurses doing the hard stuff. My team (32 in-house security officers) and I are still dealing with much of the crap we always dealt with at what is regarded the most violent Acute Trust in the UK; violence, aggression, Mental Health patients etc, etc, plus the now added joy of moving/escorting both live Covid positive patients around the Hospital (due to the private contractor Porters refusing to do so) as well as the deceased, means it ain’t a lot of fun. That said, we did get a nice result last Sunday when my lads detained and I arrested a local scrote who entered the Hospital and stole some PPE from one of the units. The result was a swift visit to court and a three month custodial in Brixton Prison, plus the result and his image being broadcast across nearly all of the UK written and electronic media, it even made the NY Times.... nice result and a pat on the back for all concerned. Anyway, thanks again for your thanks, it’s appreciated.
  15. However, as per another (now closed) thread on the subject, isn’t CSM starting to move away from 1/32 aircraft and concentrate (horror of horrors for some) on 1/35 armoured vehicles instead, simply because it’s a far bigger market and they have had better take up on their excellent kit In this scale compared to the 1/32 aircraft. It would be a shame but despite what many may think or feel 1/32 is still very much a niche market.
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