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    1/35 & 1/32 Law Enforcement and Military Helicopters. The fighter canopy variants of the EE Canberra, Westland Wyvern, F/A-18 & WW1 aircraft
  1. I’m in. Would have preferred it in plastic, but as I doubt that will ever happen, resin it is. Next, bring on a Canberra PR9 or B(I)8.
  2. There is, unfortunately no one is ever going to see them. A number of years ago whilst studying for a degree in War Studies, I had the good fortune to both visit RNAS Yeovilton and be given access to the Archive. I was also lucky enough to allowed free gratis access to the surviving Wyvern TF1 pictured above, which was in the workshops for maintenance. Whilst speaking to the senior archivist I mentioned my life long interest in the Wyvern and the lack of any colour images or surviving examples of the S4 variant. He told me of the existance of a colour images, which due to copyright issues, couldn’t appear in any of the ( limited) written sources on the Wyvern. He then went on to explain that he was a personal friend of the old archivist at Westland Aircraft, who informed him that when the Wyvern was being taken out of service and scrapped at RNAS Ford, rather than go to the expense of shipping the planes off site, they simple dug a hole, dropped the aircraft in and filled in the hole. Unfortunately, on decommissioning of RNAS Ford, the land was sold to the UK ministry responsible for prisons and the site is now Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Ford. The aforementioned ‘hole’ was tarmaced over and constitutes the car park at HMP Ford. Despite a request a number of years ago to conduct an exploratory dig to uncover the veracity of the story, HMP Service flately refused the request. Perhaps one day.....!
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