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  1. Andy, Spot on matey, your are an absolute star. Just need to get hold of a descent SPAD now and butter up an old friend who has a laser printer and far greater CADS skills than I possess. Hefty discount on the next buy. Regards and good modelling, Gary
  2. Greetings Nick, Many thanks for posting the photo. I already had that actual photo plus another three of four previously posted on the web, including a couple of contemporary ones taken at the front with Lt. Cabruna stood next to his personal aircraft. What I am trying to get hold of is close ups of his personal markings (the second of the two shown on your image) to see if I can replicate it as a decal. Regards, Gary.
  3. Thanks Damien, the comment is appreciated. You are correct it is a surprise the aircraft survived as after an initial flirtation with Fascism in the 1920’s, Carbruna was very active as an anti-fascist to the extent that Allied Intelligence had him tagged as such had him on their radar and he was even provided with a code name for his work in that field during WW2. The more I look into this man’s life the more fascinating it becomes. Undoubtably brave, he was always volunteering and heading where the action was, earning multiple bravery awards both prior to and during WW1 and this
  4. Like may members of this site my modelling interests can appear both 'regular' and (depending on whose looking) a little 'eclectic' and/or 'unusual'. I served for 12 tears in the British Army's Military Police and have retained a particular interest in the history, organisation, equipment and weapons systems (including aviation assets), associated with similar units around the world ever since. Whilst recently conducting research into such units operating across Europe and beyond during WW1 (for a book I am working on), I came across a fascinating article which I would like to shar
  5. Don't know about the US requirements, but in the UK that would be a bugger and a half to get it through its MoT, but I sure would like to see the face of the mechanic tasked with conducting it.
  6. Phantom, My experience differs. I posted a couple of WnW's kits to a customer in Australia a month or so before Xmas and it was surprisingly reasonable. Not sure about the other direction though. Regards, Gary.
  7. Based on Wales performance against England over the last XX years its going to be a looooooong wait before we see a score of that nature. The other way around, yep, can see that alright. Happy days and yakey daw
  8. Pastor John, Consider yourself fortunate. I work in a Hospital and despite the joys of professional courtesy they still haven't found my brain. It was suggested recently by the Head of Emergency Medicine (a good friend) that I consider leaving my head to medical science on the premise that they still haven't found the perfect vacuum! I wasn't sure if he was suggesting I do it now, or wait until some point in the future when I have shuffled off this mortal coil naturally? With friends like that who needs...well you know the rest. Keep up the good work. Stay s
  9. Sorry for coming to the thread late but any of the experts out there know which S-70 variant is used by the Mexican Federal Police? I have the Aztec markings in 1/35 and always fancied building one.
  10. Would love to as soon as I can get away from work at the Hospital and actually do some modelling. Unfortunately, am a tad busy at the moment, although with multiple vaccines just around the corner things might get a lot easier, a lot quicker....here's hoping, on both fronts.
  11. Just sent for one from Amazon.co.uk. Had an unused Amazon giftcard I got earlier this month so it has cost me the grand total of 0.99 pence. I can live with that. Good Modelling. Gary.
  12. Dude, Where's my car? Seriously, I have one for sale if you are interested, as well as a couple of the 2000C's. They sell at £92.50 plus p & p. I don't know where you are in this big wide world, so postage could be a tad expensive if you are on the other side of the pond, or in the Southern Hemisphere but, I recently shipped some stuff out to Australia at a reasonable price, so it might be worth looking at. if you are interested drop me a line at grltrading@aol.co.uk. Gary.
  13. Iain, And a pleasure to meet you ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I think I can state a good day was had by all! Met up with an old friend after I left you and was still back home in time for tea. All in all a solid day out. Just as well as it was managed before any further restriction due to Covid occur on Monday. Still have my ‘round robin’ to do on Saturday, dropping off more WnW kits to individuals... and the occasional Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000; North London followed by Derbyshire followed by SUFFOLK. Could be an interesting trip and at least it saves on all that fiddly ‘
  14. Here's to Captain Ludd and all of his compatriots. Luddites of the world unite.
  15. No, it has to be meat-'n'-potato pie, chips, mushy peas, in a tray with gravy & a can of Vimto. Now we're talking!
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