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  1. Two photos of the same part, one shows no sign of printing lines while the other casts some light in a deliberately chosen angle to overexpose the printing lines. To have a better judgement, I have checked both my X-3 kits in flesh. First, I can say that the photos of the original post is way closer to what really meets the naked eye. One would need maybe a x5 magnifier to see the printing lines. Second, I must add that the faces of the parts that are most visible when the kit will be finished have quite smooth surfaces. That should mean some testing must have been made and the most appropriate positioning of the parts during 3D printing must have been chosen. The part 18 here for example, which is a supporting structure for holding the pedals in the cockpit, is totally invisible when placed under the IP, according to the instructions. As for part 20, print lines will be covered when the IP panel (part 24) will be inserted onto it. There is a very useful main topic for this 3D printing stuff on the forum and before I totally digress, I would note that f one has some experience with 3D printing process and how it works, one should admit that there will always be some visible lines no matter how high the resolution goes with this technology. Because the parts are formed by curing the resin layer by layer, no matter how small the thickness may be. The important issue here is how the parts are positioned when printing. Complex shapes with many surface angles and normals will give mixed results even on the same surface and some trade off may be expected. When I have a closer look at the printed parts, I see enough evidence that their positioning are not arbitrarily chosen. Anyway, I should personally thank Jetmads for their effort for bringing such niche subjects that no one else seems to bother producing. The kit is absolutely beautifully produced, detail parts are gorgeous. I agree with Thierry that the pitot tube maybe could have been of different material, turned metal or something like that but I will check and test one of the three copies given in the kit in my earliest convenience to see if it will work finely. This is one interesting kit and build I've been waiting for some time, so I'll be around to watch closely Neil
  2. The shape of the spine just aft of the cockpit on the Revell kit is visibly off, meaning that so is the canopy width and section at that point. There is no way of correcting it, so I left it unbuilt in its box. Having built two Trumpeter Super Bugs, I'd say this is a way better option in spite of a few glitches but which kit does not have!
  3. I'd want a MiG-25 and MiG-31 in 32nd scale, had it been like 15 years ago when Trumpeter released a new kit almost every month. So much is gone under the bridge during the past years and I can hardly see any manufacturer getting into such adventure now, with all those incredible prices and cost of everything around. Still, I am inclinded to believe that a MiG-25 should not be a lesser seller than a Lancaster in 1/32, so who knows...
  4. No you are not, such a kit exists indeed. With all the respect for the endeavours and effort for producing vac kits, I mean a "real" kit with all the details and surface.
  5. Awesome! Japanese Eagles are always colourful and I love this one too, first time I've seen the scheme and it's a great model, congratulations!
  6. My condolences to his family and friends, I'm sure he will be missed.
  7. Quarter-inch in scale, true. But the kit is about 2 feet x 2 feet! Half-downpayment is quite inducing I must add.
  8. Just placed the pre-order, three kits this time. How many times does a Neptune kit come in 1/48th after all??
  9. Good news but I need something more concrete to credit their word. Every manufacturer has "plans" to release something but what really counts is what we see in flesh and bones, or at least some CAD drawings at any level.
  10. Nice views and responses indeed, as Alan put it. With his kind courtesy to divert from the original post and while this may be another topic, would it be possible to hear what everybody thinks about a 1/32 B-58 Hustler? That would be the holy grail of modeling for me and I have been dreaming of one for years. About 90cm in length, still very big for many maybe but hell of a model would it not be ?
  11. Bigger a kit, any kit, better it is. This is LSP forum after all. Likelihood? Never in styrene, less than one in a million in resin and only twice as possible of that in vacform. But a bigger RC one is more likely, maybe even exists already, with fibreglass parts in all. Building such a model would be hell of a job, though. Price? I could not even make a guess!!
  12. I'll have an eye on the W4 and J4. On the other hand a truly ambitious schedule indeed to fulfill during the rest of the year.
  13. Not surprised. This is the "new normal".
  14. This thing is 0.0007 km long!
  15. I don't know if it is the right topic to discuss the Neptune under or even the right scale but $466 price for is a reasonable one, I'd say. It includes shipment which is $82 and payment can be split in half. The plane is a very big one even in 1/48th so to me it sounds ok in every way. I have reserved three copies, given the rarity of the subject in that scale and the fact that their second hand market is a juicy one, though this is not my priority.
  16. Good suggestion by the way... kills the joy however!
  17. I built it several years ago when the kit first came out, even before correction sets showed up. Not a bad kit overall, enjoyed building it but would not do it again now without proper aftermarket pieces. Scratchbuilding the intake is beyond my modelling skills so I definitely not start without a proper inake today, while dealing with the canopy would be easier. I would on the other hand agree it may be easier if 3D printing support is available. And if the said shape issue is not really an issue for you, I'd say just go ahead.
  18. The shipping of the kits would start on 7th, according to the project update I received about ten days ago.
  19. Is this the old Fliegerhorst one or have I missed a recent 1/32 AlphaJet
  20. I had somehow missed the Gina from DayGlo, it appears to be a nice kit. I hope someone else produces another one in 1/32, if DayGlo should not return someday.
  21. Incorrect shape from every angle. Doing it so false in today's technological capabilities must be more difficult than doing it right! Hats off to the tooling craftsmen of '70s and '80s, who had to do almost everything by hand and still were able to achieve way better and accurate shapes than this, Hasegawa kits being good examples.
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