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  1. Day one purchase, i love the FAA exotics.
  2. Really hope the Hornet gets re-popped in IP as i've had this on my want list since it came out but have never had the spare funds to purchase it.
  3. If this is indeed a rebox of the Special Hobby kit, both the Hi-Tech & basic versions are still available on their web site so how does this benefit them as the Revell price will be undercutting them surely ?
  4. Just came across this piece of info thats backed up by Valiant wings FB page stating that you may want to purchase their book to compliment it. I've not seen anything mentioned here about it and i did a search but nothing came up. I wonder if this is a rebox of the Special Hobby kit or a new mould ? https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/aviation-kits-c4/revell-1-32-hawker-tempest-v-aircraft-model-kit-p16824/s17184?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7_ur-8fK5wIVF-DtCh19IAHOEAQYASABEgJhVfD_BwE
  5. Thanks, i'll keep that in mind, i've been following your build (shame it's currently stalled) look forward to you getting back to it one day.
  6. This hits the spot for me big time, i'n not bothered about the fact its 1/35 as i don't limit myself to a scale if the subject matter appeals to me. Only minus point for me is that it doesn't appear to come with "Hydra" decals as an option but that's easily resolved. Put me done for two at least.
  7. If a recall correctly, when the BMW engine was being restored for the FHC Fw190 they found that rag had been stuffed into the some of its oil channels which eventually led to the engine seizing and the subsequent belly landing. I think this is the only documented occurrence of aircraft sabotage found to date.
  8. Hi all, i don't post here very often as i'm a very slow builder and domestic stuff is always getting in the way of building time, but i wanted to share with you my latest purchase. It's a resin garage kit that i've been after for a couple of years but have had to wait for the caster to bring it back into production as he has been concentrating on some other projects. Well, at long last it's finally mine and boy is it a beauty ! Gentleman & ladies i give you the Mike Salzo original series "Battlestar Galactica". This is the front section casting with a coke c
  9. You probably already know but just in case you don't "Legends" is advance ticket only this year, nothing available on the gate.
  10. What a great subject, it "hits all my modelling & film buttons". I may have to invest in one of these myself, looking forward to your build thread. "Hail Hydra!"
  11. I'd be all over a Sea Fury like a cheap suit, ditto a Griffon Spit, Seafire 47 & DH Hornet. i've long since given up worrying about where to put things once built, probably because I'm such a slow builder these days the issue doesn't arise too often.
  12. This is in my stash as well so will follow this topic with interest.
  13. According to a recent post over on "WIX", "Flak Bait" is next in line for conservation & display at UH, work is to start later this year now that the Helldiver is complete. I imagine that it will be a similar exercise to that carried out on their P61 rather than a full restoration which is no bad thing as it's a real time capsule.
  14. Really nice job, you can never have too many refit builds. I have one of the original releases (without the Aztec decals) plus the Trekmodeller lighting kit in the stash awaiting enough time to do it justice. In my opinion the refit was the best of all the Enterprise designs and set the trend for lighted starships. The original model was also probably the best movie miniature ever built although not the best to film.
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