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  1. Vincent…has never been the caretaker, sir.
  2. I checked the next year’s “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2022 Releases” poll. Out of one hundred-seventy respondents, six asked for aircraft in 1/32nd scale. The P-47D, Bf-109G-6 and E-4 and F6F Hellcat were requested. Again, the great majority was for stuff that rolls on the ground, with a small uptick in wishes for aircraft in 1/48th and 1/72nd scales. Adam
  3. Assertive, yes, and in a politely enthusiastic way, as Mr. Tamiya and his company deserve. Cheers, Adam
  4. Here’s an international Tamiya agent list, including email addresses and phone numbers. Adam
  5. I mentioned this in another thread recently, but this “Guesses and Wishes For Tamiya 2021 Releases” post on Tamiya’s Blog is pretty illuminating. The post dates from December 2020. Out of one hundred fifty-seven responses, only four respondents asked for new aircraft in 1/32nd scale: Ki-43, Ki-45, P-51B, Bf-109K, Bf-109E or F, and Fw-190A. Another respondent asked for 1/32nd aircrew figures. The overwhelming majority asked for cars, trucks, motorcycles and armor, and many of those requests were for re-releases or new-tools of older subjects. A handful requested aircraft in 1/48th, and their lists were longer and more diverse than those asking for 1/32nd. Tamiya has said that they listen to the market place. They aren’t hearing much from us. If they ask again this year, I’ll vote for a P-38, and I’ll post a link to the Tamiya Blog so more of us here can have a say. Cheers, Adam
  6. Bullies are always hypersensitive. The sad irony is that he was an anesthesiologist who couldn’t tolerate being pricked.
  7. Maybe when the Great Scale Replacement conspiracy theory gets invoked. “They’re coming for everyone’s scales, man! There’s only gonna be one scale! And it won’t be OURS!”
  8. Same thing happened in the first thread on this subject. Just another episode of Mystery Spectrum Theater 3000. Adam
  9. I looked at a reader’s most-wanted poll Tamiya took on their site last year, and out of over a hundred wish lists, only a handful of requests for 1/32nd aircraft were made. The vast majority asked for more cars, trucks, motorcycles and armor, with most aircraft requests in 1/48th scale. It’s what it is. Adam
  10. Announced, will be 1/35th scale, like their Ju-87 and Bf-109. The project was revealed and early CAD shown by The Modeling News about a month ago. There was a thread about it somewhere around here. The kit will include a wing folding option in the box, which I don’t think has been confirmed for Infinity’s 1/32nd effort. Adam
  11. Pro-tip from someone born in Buffalo, educated in Poughkeepsie and tested in NYC, with very old New York State roots: the worst “New Yorkers” are actually from Vermont. Adam
  12. Kotare would knock the Walrus out of the park. Another Supermarine classic, historically significant and dear to New Zealand, tons of cool configurations and schemes, and an aircraft type Kotare team members did brilliantly in the WNW days. In 1/32nd scale, it’d also be a rare flying boat model that wouldn’t require its own hangar, especially with folded wings. It’s a wish, yes, but I bet they’ve thought of it. Adam
  13. When I looked at that box art and recognized the view, I thought, “They invaded Jersey City? Bad ——— idea, man.”
  14. Plastic is more expensive, cardboard is more expensive, shipping is more expensive, all twists in the cost spiral. I’m sure there will be gradual reductions in the price for the F-35C.
  15. It looks really exaggerated to me on the D3A. Check out this recovered tail section at John Gerber’s Pacific War Museum. Even in a wrecked state, the joints on the rear fuselage are quite smooth and taut. The Infinity B5N surfaces look more restrained, at least from the glimpse Jan posted. Adam
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