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  1. And organs ready for transplant. Heck, some of them have already been donated to Meng. Adam
  2. I hope that the excitable person who announced this exciting event is happy about getting people excited for...a remainder sale! Under a dark, sad tent! For people who have already spent a good chunk of change to get into the airshow! I know that advertisers are gonna advertise, but c’mon, man. Now, about these x-ray spectacles I ordered... Adam
  3. I agree. Reminds me of the art for Airfix’s big Hellcat. Same artist?
  4. Some of the extremely fine details visible in Meng’s digital renderings, particularly on the engine, suggest this could be a mixed-media plastic/resin/etch kit like some of their other offering. I don’t see how those cooling fins and bolt threads could be produced without resin casting or resin printing. Very promising looking, to be sure.
  5. ICM’s announcement of Vietnam aircrew figures in 1/32 is welcome evidence. Good times. Adam
  6. The 1/48 SR-71 was announced as a newly-tooled kit at last year’s Nuremberg toy fair. Much as I loved the old Testors Blackbird (and the YF-12A), I’ll be very happy to have a new kit. HPH may yet deliver a resin Blackbird in 1/32, but I’d have to sell one of my kidneys to afford one, and I don’t think the remaining kidney could handle the liquid courage required to build it. Adam
  7. John, the rolled-up screen looks great. Foil from a candy wrapper? Who knew? Great idea. Adam
  8. Brian, I salute your artistry and courage. Great work. Adam
  9. Hi John, I'm really enjoying your builds. Thanks for sharing. The D-13 in Seattle underwent two "scoop jobs" when it was owned by Doug Champlin. The first replica looked like a thick wedge with a hole in it. There are pictures of that iteration in Shigeru Nohara's book on the Doras. The second replica was better, as shown in Squadron's walkaround book. I think that's essentially what's on Yellow 10 now, after the overhaul by Goshawk. What's clearly missing from the restoration is the distinctive fairing around the junction of the scoop and the cowling. The scoop on the
  10. Jan, those are good points. HPH's DC-3 has a detailed, full-length interior and a lot of surface texture, neither of which are necessary for the BV-138. Without, as you said, undercarriage, gear bays or exposed engines, it ought to cost less than some of HPH's comparably sized kits. Adam
  11. Brilliant approach to the scratched surface, Chuck. Have fun experimenting with it. Looks great. Adam
  12. In the images posted, do the paper plans under the prototype model look familiar? There's a color photo of a BV 138 visible too. Thanks for nudging HPH. Great photo of the preserved wreck. Adam
  13. Really great work, Fabio. Great skills and great problem-solving, and thanks for providing information about the foil you're using. Adam
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