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  1. Thank you for these photos of Alan Clark’s work, Jo. I remember staring at pics of his Martin-Baker MB5 and being wholly amazed by it. Adam
  2. Hi Gary, IIRC, someone on Jetmads’ FB page asked if the gear would be strong enough to support the model’s weight and Jetmads’ answer was yes. Adam
  3. Well, it’s all academic, since Kotare has said the kit will not include apples or oranges, but it might include a kiwi, so that’s that. I said, that’s that. THAT’S THAT, DAMN IT. Guys? Hey guys, where are you going? Guys? Hello?
  4. Password changed. I guess this explains why my repeated searches for “Aichi” were auto-corrected to “Sochi.” That actually happened, but it was a few months ago. Thanks for taking out the trash. Adam
  5. Thanks for staying on topic, man. This thread drifts harder than a continental plate. Adam
  6. So many experts on business models, so few new model businesses... It is a puzzlement. Adam
  7. I read on Facebook that one guy’s cousin’s friend got a test shot but then his testicles swelled up and he became sterile and his fiancée called off the marriage but she burned his stash first. True story.
  8. Hi Francis, Looks like a few Tasman 1/32 Erla canopy for Hasegawa are available at aviationmegastore. Can’t vouch for their quality as I’ve never used a Tasman product, but they might be worth a shot. Cheers Adam
  9. I know that, Mike. Fly didn’t kit every mark, did they?
  10. Good points, Rick. I agree that an early mark Spitfire would be a good choice, yet the Hurricane really deserves special attention, as a kit and a battle winning aircraft that never quite got its due. Adam
  11. I suspect that whatever it is will have some special significance in New Zealand, flown by Kiwis of distinction. Mixed metal and fabric construction, a classic that has yet to be kitted to the highest modern standards of accuracy, detailing and engineering. I’m thinking Hurricane. Adam
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