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  1. “Ohhh, great modeler. Models not make one great.”
  2. Great work, John. Considering the conditions this P-47 flew in, a little bit of gloomy overcast seems appropriate. cheers Adam
  3. That’s really, really good box art. Among other things, the artist captured how high humidity obscures landscapes. Subtle effect but very true to life. I can make out a Valery in the signature. Anyone know the last name? Adam
  4. Hi Tommy, Oh, what, Reedoak’s 1/32 “Miss Santa laying 1” wasn’t enough for you? Cheers, Adam
  5. Hi Ray, This will never get old: One of a series. A few were directed by the Scott brothers, Ridley and Tony. Cheers Adam
  6. Plus one, Stokey Pete. Matching the sheen and finish of markings with the airframe is tricky to do with decals and transfers. Sometimes variations are more accurate, though. Depends on what we’re modeling. I’m planning a black Uhu build and the prospect of using decals or transfers on that much acreage is a little daunting. I hope these new products are as good as this 1manarmy stencil review (Britmodeller) suggests. Looks like pretty hot stuff to me. Cheers Adam
  7. Oh, yeah, that too. Nice to see one artist recommend another’s work be incorporated into their own. Adam
  8. Thanks, Kevin. This set is definitely a nudge for me to buy an HKM nose section kit. Beautiful looking work from Robert Mrozowski. Cheers Adam
  9. Hi RBrown, Hmm. Could be. “Other aircraft” includes some of the best, most beautiful fighters Italy produced, using Daimler engines produced under license. I’d kill for a ZM Macchi Veltro. A guy can dream, anyway. In the meantime, I’ll just drum my fingers until the FW-190 series drops. Cheers Adam
  10. Great stuff as usual, John. Cheers Adam
  11. Hi Aviacom, Thanks for finding those options. I’ve noticed that those stampings on real aircraft are often irregular, sometimes only partly legible. I’ve thought about how to replicate that look and I think some “random” light over-painting with the base metallic color would work, but stamp decals that had flaws baked-in would be welcome. Good luck with your build and thanks again. Cheers Adam
  12. Hi Mathieu, Extraordinary work happening here. I think you’ve nailed the riveting, especially the density of the riveting around the undercarriage bays. Difficult to do but it adds greatly to the authenticity of the model. Cheers Adam
  13. Hi John, Or they could build a huge new museum where they could show the things that won’t fit in the old building. Crazy talk, I know, but I am crazy. Adam
  14. Hi Jennings, True story: when the Parthenon’s statuary was “delivered” to England, the curator, who liked smooth, white marble, ordered them to be scrubbed with iron wool and metal files. All traces of the original paint were obliterated and some marble itself was lost. He thought they looked better that way. Adam
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