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  1. Yes, the Japanese examples have a stark look that, to my eyes, accentuates the Nimrod's lines. There might be kit or aftermarket Hinomaru decals and masks for other Japanese aircraft that would be appropriate. Adam
  2. I nominate the Fieseler Fi 167, Germany's slightly sleeker "Stringbag." Adam
  3. Huh. The early WW2 RAF roundels visible onscreen have me wondering if there might be an option for one of the Whirlwind prototypes in the offing. Zooming in, there are codes for multiple aircraft. Cool. Thanks, Jan. Adam
  4. Well, that's a fine-looking test shot, isn't it? Surface details look really subtle and fine, the sprue gates impressively small and I have an impression that the trailing edges are quite sharp. Thanks, Jan. Adam
  5. Craig, I think there might be ways to mitigate the bulges the beading tool leaves around individual rivets. I've worked a lot with MDF as a painter, and it it more susceptible to denting than many woods. The lithoplate might deform less if if were backed by a denser material, with enough "give" to allow for the embossing. Another option might be to coat the MDF frame you have with products that would harden it; my go-to product for sealing and hardening MDF is a shellac-based primer. Adam
  6. My gob is well and truly smacked, yet again. Great thought and artistry at work. Adam
  7. I know a gal who knows a guy who had beers with a giant sloth that did CAD work for a 1/32 Lockheed YF-12A but she's gonna deny it and I'm gonna deny I ever talked about it. See you later, pal.* Adam *Adapted from one of Matt Groening's old "Life in Hell" comic strips.
  8. I’ve read that Kubrick did the same after completing “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the same reason, but with a snooty twist: he didn’t want the models re-used for “inferior” films. A few items survived, fortunately. No matter how badly Jackson might wish to be like Kubrick (he’s got the hairy and rumpled look down pat), I tend to think he’s not so controlling that he’d put the molds to the torch, and might not have that authority anymore. Who knows? Decades from now, LSPers might be hotly debating a rumor that the WNW molds went down with a sinking cargo ship. Adam
  9. "Come for the cheese and port, stay for the pecan pie fight." Adam
  10. Good questions. The fact that someone posted these on Tamiya’s magazine page shouldn’t be taken as proof that this is a Tamiya project. We’ll just have to wait for the answers. Adam
  11. Right there with you. I know how to make and mark tiny things, but bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome imposes certain limitations. Any option that frees me to focus my efforts on things still within my abilities is welcome. Adam
  12. Agreed. Besides stenciling, a lot of aircraft had hand-painted notations, labels and markings, done to different standards. You see a lot of it in Second World War aircraft, particularly of the German variety. It’s extremely difficult to replicate, especially in areas dense with instruments and switches. I’d be glad if printing technology could fill that void. Adam
  13. Antonio, this is one hell of a good start on an ambitious project. Using lengths of plastic sprue to fill an area that'll take a lot of shaping is a great idea. Good show. Adam
  14. What I’m suggesting is that silicone moulds might be made of the printed wing folds, to produce cast resin parts in HPH’s “wafer” style. Adam
  15. My guess is that we’re looking at printed masters for resin moulds. Yes, some more clarity about versions would be good. Adam
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