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  1. Per previous comments, I think a single-engine aircraft is more likely than another twin, and a Corsair would make a lot of sense. Used by multiple nations in the Allied Forces (and after WW2) , and they've already taken a stab at an R-2800 engine. Then again, the Thunderbolt carried the same engine, and was also used by multiple nations in the Allied Forces (and after WW2).I agree that another Hellcat variant is most likely in the short term. Personally, I like the idea of Airfix revisiting something previously kitted and bringing it up to current standards. An FW 190A-8 would be welcome. I'll get my coat. Adam
  2. Guy, did you counter-shade depressions in the skin to make them look less uniform, less pronounced? You did, didn't you? I love it. Great work. Adam
  3. Yep, a shot of a Phantom's nose, a shot of a radial engine in a twin-engine wing, and a shot of a jet engine's backside. Adam
  4. Ladies, gents, and everything in between, I love you all dearly, having been a lurker for fifteen years, but, Holy Crap, I swear some of you would complain because your new unicorn has spots and didn't come with a free mermaid. Adam
  5. Beautiful work on the engine, Sophie. What paint did you use for the cylinder heads? The brightness of it looks just right. Adam
  6. I'm with you, Mike. That's a much more inviting prospect than the countless hours it would take me to approximate oil-canning on the HK kit. Adam
  7. Sweet Jiminy Jim Jams, this is great work, Alex. Go, man, go. Adam
  8. That's a beautiful ugly thing. Great work.
  9. Given how many kits of figures, vehicles and field equipment exist in 1/35th, this makes a lot os sense. Great potential for dioramas, and I hope to see some soon.
  10. Consider my head well and truly spun around, Fancherello. What you're doing is extraordinary. Adam
  11. If they incorporated the interchangeable open/closed engine concept introduced on their 1/48 G-6,, it would sell forever. They'll do what they want to do, when they feel like it. Still, it's clear that Tamiya took a keen interest in raising the bar on -109s in 1/48 and 1/72. 1/32 makes all of the sense. And if they get to enjoy martinis made with ZMs tears, all the better for them.
  12. Lord knows, he is that guy who will always need another Bf-109. Green has a nice symbiotic relationship with Tamiya, so it's possible that he knows something and is dropping a big hint.
  13. I hope the good people of Zoukei Mura see your model. Beautiful work, man.
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