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  1. Hi Bill, The H-0 is listed as “Awaiting Restock” at Volks Japan. I signed up for email notification if/when it becomes available again. I think the H-0 was an improvement over the initial H-1, more refined and accurate. Cheers, Adam
  2. Gorgeous work, John. FWIW, I think all the elements of the cockpit are so clearly defined that closing the canopy wouldn’t hide much…except for the mask, which is too good to bury, IMHO. Cheers, Adam
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks and how it goes together, and that goes for Infinity’s new Vampire, too. I hope that Infinity has improved the shapes and dimensions of the power plant and cowl over an early mock-up they showed. It looked a little underfed, to me. I’m eager to see what experts make of the kit. Adam
  4. Rest assured that the base kit has IM wheels, with tires and hubs molded separately. Dunno about ordnance. Based on the list of resin and PE enhancements announced for the Vampire, it does not appear that Infinity will be repeating the mistake (my judgment) of providing essential assemblies and details as expensive add-ons. No more bombers without bomb-bays, one hopes. Adam
  5. These are add-on detail sets. Another Infinity post lists detailed flaps, ordnance options (rockets, bombs) and other small details in resin and photo-etch in the works for the Vampire. Adam
  6. There are more blokes down the pub who actually do know the Queen than blokes who actually know what Kotare’s plans are.
  7. “Hey, guys! You know that ship you built that we sank? I made a new one for you! Pretty cool, huh? Whaddaya think, guys? Guys? Why are you looking at me like that?”
  8. I think it’s worth noting that speculative remarks overheard at an IPMS meeting fall well short of being a “public announcement.” Adam
  9. Kotare posts updates on their FB page. Spitfire still slated for later this year, global issues notwithstanding. We’ll just have to wait patiently, I guess. Adam
  10. It’s you. Kotare posted an update on their FB page on May 27th. Spitfire Mk.Ia still on track for release later this year, but persistent supply chain issues, etc. prevent them from being more specific. Adam
  11. In this case, given the current circumstance, “artillery” may also be a euphemism for “Russian.” It’s a tricky moment to kit an iconic Russian design. Emphasizing the Yakovlevs that operated in defense of Ukraine is of a piece with that, I think. Adam
  12. And give up the chance to lead the Sea Org’s CAG into battle? Never! Adam
  13. Simple answer, Thomaz: that wing isn’t real. Look closely at the lines, textures and the wing to cloud boundary. It’s a crudely doctored image, overpainted badly. Good enough for cheap wartime newsprint, I suppose, but definitely not part of the recorded image. Back to this build, I’m looking forward to seeing this one, John. If I were doing a Dora now I’d probably give it a rest, myself. Raise a glass to Jerry Crandall. Cheers, Adam
  14. I read that, too. Terrible news.
  15. Does every Zoukei-Mura thread here have to devolve into an airing of grievances? It ain’t right. Adam
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