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  1. Damian Andrus reviewed the H-0 in box for LSP. He reported that surface details were more refined, among other tweaks, but the overall engineering appears to be the same as the earlier H-1. I have read on another forum that at least one issue, the uneven surfaces produced by the modular wing design, was inherited. Worth noting that Damian Andrus reported that the re-tooling effort extended to the H-1 as well. Hope this helps. Adam
  2. Glad ZM changed their mind about re-issues of older kits. Weren’t these some of their first 1/32 aircraft? Is this a hint of future re-issues? I’d love to have their -152H-O. The H-1 seems to bite a lot of good modelers in the face, repeatedly. The Shinden is mighty tempting.
  3. Great work, Grunticus. The colors you've chosen look right compared to the color photos, which look a lot like the series of color (not colorized) photos taken of the NASM TA-152H-0 during its time at Wright Field. They can be found in Thomas Hitchcock's book about the TA-152. I particularly like your take on a late war RLM 76. What did you use for that? Keep it up, man. Adam
  4. A super detailed Lancaster with stressed skin effects would do the trick. Not gonna happen, but I would die laughing if HKM pulled off that (legal) heist.
  5. Yup. I've described LSP to non-modeling friends as "Mystery Spectrum Theater 3000."
  6. There's no cheating in art. Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Adam
  7. Thierry, it seems that the Infinity brand kits will be plastic, not resin as in the HPH C-47. A Blackbird would be expensive, but there's not much of an interior to replicate and, if they updated the approach Testors took to its 1/48 Blackbirds, they could kit both an SR-71A/B and a YF-12A. If Infinity can keep the cost down to somewhere in the middle of the 1/32 heavy bomber range and do the Blackbird justice, I will quit smoking. Adam
  8. That's been my dream build for years, Tony. I remember how amazed I was when I saw Mike Young's 1/32 scratch-built SR-71 at the National Air and Space Museum. Link to it here for those who haven't seen it: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/model-static-lockheed-sr-71a-blackbird Adam
  9. Shameful. Jennings, it's a good thing you're not in the decal business for the money, because I won't give you any of mine. Adam
  10. Seems to me that a1/32 Do-17 could be produced if it were a collaborative project involving talented and knowledgable artist-historians. Like, you know, us. Adam
  11. Ha, I had a similar thought: "This would be a great way to make people think we're doing a Betty LOL." Adam
  12. Blackbird and Foxbat, for the love of God and all that is Holy. Adam
  13. You win the day, Sir. Great show. Adam
  14. Belcherbits, Good catch. The profile and framing bother me more than the section. If it were my build, I'd sand off all the framing and as much of the pointy bit as the plastic will allow, polish it, and add the framing. If that didn't make me happy, I'd make a solid casting of the piece, sand it to the correct profile, plunge-mold a new piece in PETG and add the framing. Then again, I might wait for an outfit with a good track record in vac-forming or casting in clear resin to take a stab at it, which I think will happen before someone produces full replacements for the turrets and their innards. Adam
  15. Agree that an early G-model would be great. If the new kit is a "variant," I'd expect some new tooling. It'd be really sweet if they could improve the profile of the nose section, acknowledging that it would still be compromised dimensionally by the fat fuselage. Adam
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