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  1. I hope the good people of Zoukei Mura see your model. Beautiful work, man.
  2. I've used a similar product at work and thought about modeling applications. Maybe? Worth trying.
  3. Worth thinking about. First challenge that popped into my head was the likelihood of air bubbles collecting on the interior details. Could vacuum extraction work? I don't know. There might be some freaky optical distortions, too.
  4. If they all spent $25 on a crowdsourcing initiative to offset some development costs? $124, 975. I would gladly invest $25 in the development of a KI-46 "Dinah." Hell, I'd chip in to fund a B-29, to make 5,000 people happy and see what some of us would do with it.
  5. Not to mention the Tupolev copy, the Tu-4, and its variants.
  6. An opportunity to please modelers in smaller scales as well. The market's there. If viable companies can specialize in gun barrels and landing gear, there's room for dedicated turret makers.
  7. If the wings are that much thicker than the correct profile, wouldn't that bloat have knock-on effects on the dimensions and shapes of the cowlings and nacelles?
  8. I've been thinking a lot about how this kit could serve as a starting point for a Ta-152. Buckets of blood, sweat and tears, but I can see it.
  9. I don't know, man. Seems that models in 1/24 and 1/18 are consistently among the most-followed WIPs, and the models are often crazy great. The interest and the the market exist, and I think it may grow pretty rapidly.
  10. An iconic American aircraft that was also flown by other air forces and navies does make a lot of sense.
  11. Warbird, this is a real mic drop. One of the best -262 models I've ever seen.
  12. Those renders might be CGI models made for the film, and some of them look like shots to me, the angle on the Upkeep bomb in particular. So, they may not reflect what the kit will deliver.
  13. Saw that model in the SAC Museum in 1999. Hell of a thing. (Great museum, too.)
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