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  1. Blackbird and Foxbat, for the love of God and all that is Holy. Adam
  2. You win the day, Sir. Great show. Adam
  3. Belcherbits, Good catch. The profile and framing bother me more than the section. If it were my build, I'd sand off all the framing and as much of the pointy bit as the plastic will allow, polish it, and add the framing. If that didn't make me happy, I'd make a solid casting of the piece, sand it to the correct profile, plunge-mold a new piece in PETG and add the framing. Then again, I might wait for an outfit with a good track record in vac-forming or casting in clear resin to take a stab at it, which I think will happen before someone produces full replacements for the turrets and their innards. Adam
  4. Agree that an early G-model would be great. If the new kit is a "variant," I'd expect some new tooling. It'd be really sweet if they could improve the profile of the nose section, acknowledging that it would still be compromised dimensionally by the fat fuselage. Adam
  5. "First aircraft?." Sophie, "First kill" is more like it and I can only see evidence of the "crappy" airbrush on the mottling, because I've been there. I think you've really nailed the varied sheen and color intensities of paint you'd see on an operational bird, and I appreciate your subtle approach to accentuating riveting. Great model. Adam
  6. Per previous comments, I think a single-engine aircraft is more likely than another twin, and a Corsair would make a lot of sense. Used by multiple nations in the Allied Forces (and after WW2) , and they've already taken a stab at an R-2800 engine. Then again, the Thunderbolt carried the same engine, and was also used by multiple nations in the Allied Forces (and after WW2).I agree that another Hellcat variant is most likely in the short term. Personally, I like the idea of Airfix revisiting something previously kitted and bringing it up to current standards. An FW 190A-8 would be welcome. I'll get my coat. Adam
  7. Guy, did you counter-shade depressions in the skin to make them look less uniform, less pronounced? You did, didn't you? I love it. Great work. Adam
  8. Yep, a shot of a Phantom's nose, a shot of a radial engine in a twin-engine wing, and a shot of a jet engine's backside. Adam
  9. Ladies, gents, and everything in between, I love you all dearly, having been a lurker for fifteen years, but, Holy Crap, I swear some of you would complain because your new unicorn has spots and didn't come with a free mermaid. Adam
  10. Beautiful work on the engine, Sophie. What paint did you use for the cylinder heads? The brightness of it looks just right. Adam
  11. I'm with you, Mike. That's a much more inviting prospect than the countless hours it would take me to approximate oil-canning on the HK kit. Adam
  12. Sweet Jiminy Jim Jams, this is great work, Alex. Go, man, go. Adam
  13. That's a beautiful ugly thing. Great work.
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